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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 



volume 33 

the university 

of southern mississippi 

hattiesburg, mississippi 

editor / marie stauss • associate editor / ellen mccurdie 



truth . . . 



: 0hf* ^%. : 

through skill, 

both natural and learned, . . . 

and knowledge 
from knowledge . . . 

■ '■ . : - ..■ ,:;,'"" : - S 




yields achievement 

and hope for a geometric progression 

called the future. 









now change, 
as must every living thing, m± 
and grow. ! | 







the changes to come . . . 

alone, together. 

there is some discrepancy whether 
it was he or his brother who liked pie 
better, but thad was stuck with the 
name, a name that is called out 
among the "winningest" coaches in 
football, a confidence in his boys, an 
interest in the growth of a program, 
and an aversion to losing are record- 
ed in a I 39-55-2 score. 

to the spectators ("mama" was 
always one), he was silver-gray hair, 
to his boys, he was a stern discipli- 
narian, he worked them hard, but if 
they came through, maybe they 
wouldn't have to wear pads for the 
next practice, he had a special inter- 
est in their progress, not just foot- 
ball, but individual development of 
each, he was dedicated, cricket- 
careful on thursday's, always keep- 
ing a promise, always returning with 
the team; he was "all-pike county." 

his teams brought home numerous 
and frequent awards: 1958, 1962 upi 
"best in the nation"; 1963, 1965, 
1966 no. I' in total defense in the 
nation; 1967, no. 6 in total defense 
and no. 3 in rushing defense, though 
1968 was probably his most disap- 
pointing season, after the last game, 
he rode back with the team — a win- 
ner, to these 20 years as head coach, 
to coach thad "pie" vann, the 1969 
southerner is gratefully dedicated. 


opening section 



student life 












student government 














senior biography 













kay mayfield 
jim pratt 

gross scruggs 






1 ^^B 




■ I 

x "- 


we came from petal, new Orleans, 
bentonia, pensacola, gulfport, que- 
bec, rolling fork, hong kong, lima, 
bukatuna, pelahatchie, Syracuse, tu- 
pelo, selma, kaohsiung, raleigh, and 
hattiesburg. we came seeking . . . 
changing . . . seeking change . . . 
and changing what we seek. 

most came seeking a university, a 
city of universal, we came to one 
located in hattiesburg, behind the 
longest straightest street in the 
world, but pick up your survival kit 
before venturing off hardy, to the 

I I*' . 



experienced southerner, hattiesburg 
is the home of the oaks, north 
heights, town house, kamper park 
(the zoo), gibson's, and berger town, 
(we're not going to say anything 
about shoney's because they went 
up on their prices.) the hub city even 
has ghosts at burnt bridge and a for- 
tune teller at palmer's crossing, but 
on the 2700 block of hardy street 
are those who drink the , devour 

the hamburgers, feed the animals, 
buy the soap and haunt the ghosts, 
on this block is southern. 

southern hall has been here for- 
■er — the administration b'ld'g al- 
ost that long, mississippi, forrest 
>unty, and hattiesburg halls are 
jld up by a bunk in each corner 
id a lot of masking tape that's not 
pposed to be on the walls, the 
jditorium guards the rock, you've 
5ver seen the rock? wsh is modern; 
ie other buildings span a 2,000 
3ar gap of architectural design, 
<cept for east hall and house q. 

returning students accepted these 
lings, freshman adapted or went 
) state. 

the moss on the air conditioner on 

the administration building was still 
there; the street in front of the hub 
was not. an exclusive (of men) 
women's club was planted in the 
parking lot behind panhellenic. and 
to take its place, a new parking lot, 
which took longer to build than a 
dormitory, filled in behind the li- 

new and old merged and seasoned 
southerners watched the freshmen 
sort their values and choose their 
paths, we returned to the old and 
saw the new, and tried to distinguish 
which was which. 


you can always recognize a fresh- 
man; he has no hair, this year there 
were no freshmen, just new faces . . . 
puzzled faces, and everyday that 
you're on this campus, you will see a 
face or two you've never seen be- 

everybody has to move in. no 
matter how you punch the button, 
the elevator never comes back, at 
the men's dorms, any way you look 
at it, the room is still three flights 
up. once all the junk is in, it takes at 
least through fall quarter to evolve 
a "room." 

freshmen learn quickly, they ab- 
sorb a tremendous diet of facts, in 
addition to their regular course load, 
one must master a student number, 
a course schedule, a set of directions 
to the pits, the death-trap intersec- 
tion at hardy and 49, and commons 
food, once oriented, the search for 

your advisor, surely a phantom, be- 
gins, with the perfect schedule in 
hand, we wait in the first of many 
lines, there's a line for hist 101, one 
for math 100, and two lines for eng- 
lish 101. but you are the one that 
must have the best "line" in order to 
pull a card for a class that is already 
closed, "keep your orange cards." 
after being ". . . hung down, brung 
down, hung up and all kinds of mean, 
nasty, ugly things . . .", when you're 
looking and feeling your best and 
left defenseless, they take your 
money and your picture, you leave, 
thankful that you're able to eat lunch 
once a week, and a little bit leery of 
"dr. staff." rain and umbrellas, p.o. 
box combination, lines at the book- 
store, writing checks and 8:00 
classes must all be brought into con- 


the i.d.'s come in at the turn of 
the century, you trade your gravy- 
splattered, chewed-on, white stub 
for a bright, shiny, laminated identi- 
fication card, but who's the gimp on 
mine? this i.d. gets you past the 
raisin counter and entitles you to a 
specified number of "meals" at the 
ptomaine emporium, even though 
they went up on prices, it's still the 
only place you can eat dirt cheap, 
for the first time in recent memory 
something has improved about the 
commons: they've added perma- 
nent, chunky snow to their flower- 
beds — snow which is systematically 
scattered from the library to wim- 

rush comes a week before classes 
start, for those interested in the 
greek system, it's the first adjust- 
ment to college social life, the end- 
less chant: "what'syourname, where- 
reyoufrom, what'syourmajor?" the 

week results in tears and laughter, 
smiles and handshakes, and a room- 
ful of new friends. 


classes start at southern, the edu- 
cation process cranks up and clatters 
along at a dull lecture, idling only on 
official holidays and the weekends, 
eight o'clocks come altogether too 
often; as do lab assignments, term 
paper deadlines, juries, and finals, if 
one is not careful, day to day pro- 
crastination creeps into years, four 
years, surely that's enough time to 
accomplish all we must, yet, the dis- 
tant days rapidly become yester- 
days, never returning or allowing 
time for undone tasks, we try to put 
classes, study, dates, bull-sessions, 
sleeping, and eating into a single 
day — still, something gets left out. it 
is for each to decide what must be 
left behind. 

this year, spirit was not left be- 
hind, the campus throbbed with "ah 
beep-beep quack-guack and give me 
some slack" as students congregat- 
ed in front of the commons for 
thursday's pep rallies, too bad the 
rules say the team with the most 
points wins — but they do, even in 


alabama. the season was one long 
story about the scoring opportuni- 
ties that got away, no matter — the 
student body enjoyed the spirit and 
the thrill of athletic competition with 
an enthusiasm heretofore only imag- 
ined on this campus. 1968 saw 
homecoming on campus for the first 
time, the perpetual cloud lifted and 
the sun shone, queen amacker 
reigned; but the weather didn't, and 
it was John's birthday. 

the atmosphere at southern in 
68-69 was less formal than ever be- 
fore, relaxed dress codes allowed the 
individual to dress according to his 
personal taste — without fear of 
catching administrative hell. 

a surprising portion of the male 
population tried facial foliation, if 
only until their girl friends or 
mothers got tired of it. it was a pain- 
less change. 

speaking of painless changes, nat's 
nook closed down despite support 
from vikings, saxons, princesses, and 
frogs, paul anka was here, and now! 
— coming to you live from high atop 
the bandstand in the northwest cor- 
ner of the commons . . . this was 
the first year for live entertainment 
in the commons, every friday night 
there were movies in wsh. but no- 
body went. 




J? ■ 

t *«% 

J* 4 



nobody was here "to went." 
southern upheld its tradition as the 
state's foremost "suitcase college." 
a very obvious solution to the park- 
ing problem is to have more week- 
ends, on weekends the entire 
university either goes home or 
changes into slacks. 

it's quiet, it's studious, the educa- 
tional migrants get out of the way, 
allowing the seekers to evaluate, as- 
similate, create, and then ask more 
questions — refining learning into 
wisdom. learning is absorbed 
through mere attendance, but only 
until you amass 14 cuts — then it 
doesn't matter how knowledgeable 
you are. wisdom is a function of at- 
tentiveness, rather than attendance. 

Sundays must be magic because 


they bring the people back . . . and 
joy to the hearts of the merchants of 
hattiesburg! . . . but they still won't 
cash a check. 

the clinic, or "pill palace," has be- 

come firmly ensconced as one of the 
most interesting do-it-yourself insti- 
tutions on campus, they're not sure 
what will cure it — but they'll try any- 
thing you will. 



-1 : ' 

T* «. , 


" , 


Jt'' ft 

Slit W 


t* -^fe-: 


v». Xa. 

rain, nothing spectacular, just con- 
tinuous, it brings soggy feet and a 
wave of stolen umbrellas, the rain 
drizzles when you're getting ready 
to go to a formal, downpours when 
registration is in the coliseum, and 
quits an hour before drill begins on 
Wednesdays, in any other place, 
when you wake up and see the sun 
shining, you know it's going to shine 
all day; in hattiesburg, you can't be 
sure, whether there are clouds or 
not, it somehow manages to rain. 

and finally quarter break gets 
here, seven thousand people leave 
southern; seven thousand people 
break for the quarter; seven thou- 

sand people arrive in new Orleans, 
hurricane season is here! — and it's 
not raining, for signing out purposes, 
everybody has relatives in new 

the christmas lights were up on 
the dome when we came back from 
thanksgiving, they were turned on 
for a little while, and then taken 
down sometime before the next 
quarter break, during christmas holi- 
days, history was made, special news 
bulletins relayed the message that 
the appolo 8 astronauts and the 
pueblo prisoners had all returned 
home safely. 




shortly before or after christmas, 
no one is sure when, why, or how, 
wimpy's was caught red-handed rob- 
bing the students by charging 15c 
for some ice with coke poured over 
it! (the graffitti on the seats in 
wimpy's will soon appear in paper- 
back.) this is after you come out of 
the bookstore where your checkbook 
has been thoroughly ravaged, mo- 
nopoly is extremely profitable and 
good for business, now, try going to 
the post office, the post office is 
crowded every hour on the hour ex- 
cept when it's closed, and that's 
when you have a package and can't 
get to it. anytime you can't see the 
floor for the brightly colored pieces 
of paper, you know some campus 
organization is sponsoring an activ- 

sds, csa, up, hew, kudzu, dd, pot, 
rote, Isd, uac, sga, scope, susga, mic, 
gpa, aws, ifc, wd, scf, bsu, pda, nat, 

"freedom is nothing more than 
the opportunity to exercise self-re- 





elections come twice a year, twice 
a year a carnival atmosphere pre- 
vails, all the noise, bad puns, and 
green-red-yellow posters tend to 
overshadow whatever platforms may 
exist, for the first time, recognition 
of issues and the candidates' stand 
concerning them, were important 
factors in determining who won. 

spring quarter, this is the one they 
talk about, freshmen know what's 
happening and seniors don't, a lot of 
people go to the zoo in the spring 
. . . till they get run off. yeah, but 
they still go . . . till they get run 
off. if there's not more going on, it 
seems like there is — during spring 
quarter, spring smells different: pine 
trees, cut grass, coppertone, honey- 
suckle, popcorn at the drive-in, and 


other intoxicating aromas, when the 
sun comes out, so do blankets, tran- 
sistor radios and bodies, when the 
sun goes in, so do blankets, transistor 
radios, and scorched, red bodies. 

finals come in bunches — like 
grapes, with seeds, this is your last 
chance to prove that you really do 
know what is going on. during this 
final week the coffee pot works 
overtime, the people next door make 
too much noise, and half-the-night 
study seminars become more and 
more frequent, graduation is both 
the end and the beginning, the be- 
ginning of what is up to you. 

"what are you doing for the sum- 

"each person's discovery of a 
framework of commitments within 
which he can live with meaning and 
satisfaction to himself is a far more 
difficult task than developing the 
talents with which to earn a living." 
— dr. John a. howard 











\ 'II' 




" x m ~ 

«. ' 


"^fc f 





Tl» "*» 




K4| T 



jeannene mcmullan 


president w. d. mccain 


dean of women, lawhon 1 

dean of men, grantham 

administrative assistant, Johnson 

dean of student affairs, durkee 

research and assistant to the president, stout 


director of admissions, langdon 

director of student counseling, lucy 

secretary of alumni association, ogletree j 


director of research and projects, peters 

director of public relations, Cleveland 

director of latin american institute, siver 


ibrarian, tracy 

dean of division of continuing education, morgan 


board of trustees 

thrash, holmes, stevens, stone _ 

cook, turner, shoemaker, hederman, roberts, izard, sibley, bnster 

morgan, haynes, lowrey 


college of arts & sciences 

seated, carter, a. kelly, nau, j. f, walker, t. davis, dean fike. stand- 
ing, orange, van hook, chisholm, van aller, hatcher, bowen, lane, 
tucker, burrus, cliburn, morgan. 

school of education & psychology 

seated: gunn, welker, dean mcquagg, bonner. standing: mccarver, 
tracy, hunter, musgrave, boroughs, mcphail. 


school of business administration 

seated: brent, williams, dean green, hardm, stegenga. standing: 
|ackson, vreeland, kinamond, grubbs. 



school of fine arts 

lolc, dean mannoni, gower, harfwig, pound, foltz. 


school of home economics 

seated: rogers, wilgus, dean weaver, humphries, hesson. standing: 
drain, golden, lancaster, mccarthy, dickerson, faulkenberry, milner, 
owens, chichester. 


school of nursing 

york, dean harkins, balmot, bain, dupuy, benjamin, rabin. 


basic college 

dean weatherford 

graduate school 




faculty and staff index 

abbott, waiter; biology department; b.s. , tulane; 
m.s.i texas a&m; ph.d., rice institute. 
aby, carroll d., jr.; finance department; bs, louisi- 
ana state university; m.s., university of southern 
mississippi; ph.d., louisiana state university. 
alcorn, John douglas; guidance department; b.s., 
m.ed, ph.d., east texas state university. 
alien, conrad merritt; guidance; b.s., university of 
alabama; m.a., university of houston; ph.d., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

alien, John horton; dean of university; professor of 
sociology; b.a., southeastern louisiana college; m.a., 
louisiana state university; ph.d., Pennsylvania state 

ambrose, charles edward; art department; b.f.a., 
m.a., university of alabama. 

andersen, paul david; music department; b. mus., 
drake university; m. mus., Syracuse university; ph.d., 
Washington university. 

anderson, bobby; education department; b.s.e., 
arkansas state college; m.ed., university of missouri; 
ed.d., university of tennessee. 

anderson, h. glenn; accounting department; b.s., 
m.a. university of southern mississippi, graduate 
study at university of alabama. 

anderson, i. mathildan zeyss; foreign language 
abitur; bayreuth, germany; abschlussexamen, dolt- 
metschersherle, coberg, germany; m.s., university 
of southern mississippi. 

anderson, william hilton; english department; a.b., 
wofford college; m.a., ph.d., university of south 

ashburn, arnold grayham; associate professor of 
educational research; b.a., hardin-simmons uni- 
versity; b.d., th.d. southwestern baptist theological 
seminary, ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
atkenson, gary m.; department of religion and 
philosophy; a.b. college of holy cross. 
babin, wayne louis; department of health, educa- 
tion, physical education; b.s., m.s., ed.d., university 
of southern mississippi. 

bahr, howard wilson; english department; a.b., 
oberlin college; graduate study, ohio state uni- 
versity, oberlin college; ph.d. university of north 

bain, flora lee; school of nursing; b.s.n., university 
of mississippi; m.a., george peabody college for 

baine, James e.; finance department; b.b.a., m.a., 
university of georgia; j.d., university of mississippi. 
baker, nancy laurence; psychology department; 
b.a., texas college of arts and industries; m.s.w., 
o.s.w., louisiana state university. 

baldwin, mabel mae; business education; b.s. in 
ed., central missouri state college; m.a., university 
of iowa, graduate study at Columbia university 
balmat, cora elizabeth; school of nursing; b.s.n., 
louisiana state university in new Orleans, m.s.n., 
university of California at san francisco. 

barfield, douglas newton; assistant football coach, 

baxter, James edward; director of placement 
bureau; associate professor of education; b.a., 
millsaps college; m.a., duke university: ed.d.. uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

bedenbaugh, angela o.; chemistry department; b.s., 
university of texas, ph.d., university of south Caro- 

bedenbaugh, John holcombe; chemistry depart- 
ment; b.s., newberry college; m.a., university of 
north Carolina; ph.d., university of texas. 
benjamin, elizabeth guthrie; school of nursing; 
b.s.n., university of tennessee: m.s.n., emory uni- 

benner, trances elizabeth; music department; arthur 
Jordan conservatory, butler university, soloist di- 
ploma in piano, fountainbleau school of music; 
b.m., mus.m. in voice, Cincinnati college of music. 
berry, James alton; b.s., assistant football coach. 
bishop, gennelle; business education; b.b.a., evan- 
gel college; mba and doctoral study, indiana 

bizzell, daniel I.; admissions counselor: b.a.. uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

bonner, annell; chairman of business education 
department; b.s., m.a., university of southern mis- 
sissippi; ed.d., indiana university. 
bonno, John andrew; economics department; b.a., 
kentucky wesleyan college; m.b.a., university of 

borojghs, herman; guidance and counselor trainer; 
b.s., texas college of arts and industries; m.ed., 
ed.d., university of missouri. 

bojnds, william theodore, jr.; finance" department; 
b.s., b.a., m.b.a., university of southern mississippi. 
bourgeois, laurence louis; sociology department; 
a.b., loyola university; m.a., louisiana state uni- 
versity; ph.d., harvard university. 
bowen, richard lee; geology department; a.b., uni- 
versity of north Carolina; m.a., indiana university; 
ph.d., university of melbourne, fulbright scholar to 

bowers, richard hugh; history department: b.a., 
m.a., ph.d., mississippi state university. 
boyte, carlos I.; industrial arts department; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
bozeman, colon atwood; military science; b.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi; lieutenant colonel, 
u.s. a. 

brand, rosalie darkin; assistant cataloger; b.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

brandt, louis k.; chairman of finance department; 
b.e., Wisconsin state university; m.a., ph.d., uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. 

brantley, william oscar; education department; b.s., 
m.ed., university of southern mississippi. 
braun, Julius c; education administration; b.s., 
buffalo state teacher's college; ed.m., university of 
buffalo; ed.d., columbus, ohio. 

breland, lois true; english department; b.s.. m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
brent, charles ray; assistant dean of arts and 
sciences; professor in chemistry department; b.a., 
university of southern mississippi; m.s., ph.d., tu- 
lane university. 

brent, robert arthur; history department; a.b., 
gettysburg college, m.a., ph.d., university of ne- 

brinegar, bonnie carter; english department; b.a., 
university of mississippi. 

brister, hilda lynell; home economics; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi, graduate study 
at eastern kentucky state college. 
broom, g. joy; health, physical education, recrea- 
tion; b.a., judson college; m.ed., university of ne- 

brown, b. waiter; geology department, b.a., uni- 
versity of omaha; m.s., ph.d., university of ne- 

brown, fred waldo; science education; b.s., georgia 
southern; m.a., university of alabama; ed.d., uni- 
versity of georgia. 

brown, katherine india; coordinator of armed 
forces education; b.a., m.a. 

brown, Iva d.; science education; b.s., georgia 
southern college; m.ed., ed.d., university of georgia. 
brown, marianne; health and physical education; 
b.s., delta state college; m.a., university of southern 
mississippi; graduate study at university of ala- 

brown, marice collins; english department; a.b., 
mississippi state college for women; m.a., university 
of southern mississippi; ph.d., louisiana state uni- 

brown, ruth b.; english department; b.s., m.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

breendage, william g.; biology department; b.s., 
m.s., northeastern state college; ph.d., university of 

buck, richard a.; field coordinator of media serv- 
ice center. 

bullard, george edwin; marketing; b.s., university 
of arizona; m.s., mississippi; m.a., george peabody 


burnham, robert laurence; english department; 
b.a., m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
burns, william b.; industrial arts; b.s., m..s., univer- 
sity of southern mississippi. 

burns, zed houston; industrial arts; b.s. in arch., 
m.s., auburn university; ed.d., university of Cincin- 

burrus, John newell; chairman of sociology depart- 
ment, a.b., university of mississippi; m.a., ph.d., 
louisiana state university. 

butler, hillman herbert; math department; b.s., 
b.a., m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
cameron, d. colleen; finance department; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi; doctoral 
study at indiana university. 

Campbell, bruce h.; chemistry department; b.s., 
university of kansas; m.a., university of south da- 
kota; ph.d., university of texas. 

Campbell, claude louis; education department; 
b.s., university of southern mississippi; m.a., ed.d, 
george peabody college. 

Campbell, william h., jr.; english department; nat- 
chez resident center. 

carmichael, mary ann; elementary education; b.s., 
m.ed., ed.s., university of southern mississippi. 
carnovale, august norbert; music department; b.m., 
louisiana state university; m.a., Columbia university; 
advanced study, Colorado western state college, 
Oklahoma state university. 

carpenter, James ray; health and physical educa- 
tion; b.s., m.a., university of southern mississippi. 
chadwick, lieutenant colonel harold m.; military 
science; b.a., louisiana state university. 
chichester, elsie b.; home economics; b.s., delta 
state teachers college; m.s., university of tennessee. 
chisholm, thomas thornton; chairman of depart- 
ment of foreign languages; b.a., university of mis- 
sissippi; m.a., university of texas; fulbright fellow- 
ship sorbonne and university of Strasbourg; 
doctoral study at university of texas, louisiana 
state university. 

dark, eugene warren; assistant basketball coach; 

clarke, gladys corleton; school of nursing; b.s.n., 
university of alabama, m.s.n., duke university. 
elements, Joseph hardin; finance department; a.b., 
university of kentucky; m.b.a., university of mis- 
sissippi; ed.d., university of Oklahoma. 
Cleveland, lemuel roscoe; research professor emeri- 
tus in biology, b.s., university of mississippi; sod., 
John hopkins university. 

cliburn, Joseph william; chairman of biology de- 
partment, b.s., millsaps college; m.a., university of 
southern mississippi; ph.d., university of alabama. 
clinton, billie jean; english department; b.a., mis- 
sissippi state college for women; m.a., university of 
southern mississippi. 

coker, william sidney; history department; b.a., 
university of Oklahoma; m.a., university of southern 
mississippi; ph.d., university of Oklahoma. 
conerly, donna I.; business education; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
conn, waiter o.; director of student aids and schol- 
arships; b.s., m.s. 

cook, charles h.; assistant football coach; b.s., m.a. 
cook, jane h.; education department; b.s., ohio 
university; m.a., appalachian state university. 
cook, captain ronald; military science; b.s., c.e., 
university of tennessee. 

cooley, betty gillis; cashier; business office; b.s. 
cooley, jack carlers; accounting department; b.s., 
m.s., university of soufhern mississippi. 
cooley, nellie earl; education department; b.s., 
m.ed., university of southern mississippi. 
cooper, billy lamar; counselor and instructor in 
guidance; b.a., meneese state college, natchez resi- 
dent center; m.s*., university of southern mississippi. 
cotten, paul david, sr.; special education; b.m.ed., 
m.m., ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
craddock, george e., jr.; accounting department, 
b.a., university of north Carolina; m.a., ph.d., louisi- 
ana state university. 

cromwell, Virginia katherine; speech department; 
b.s., mississippi state college for women. 
cummings, robert r.; accounting department; b.b.a., 
m.b.a., memphis state university; doctoral study 
at university of mississinoi. 

Cunningham, david f.; education department; b.s.e.; 
arkansas state teachers college; m.s., george pea- 
body college; ed.d., university of houston. 
dale, colonel John herbert; director of student 
housing; b.s., mississippi state university; m.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

dana, arthur I.; department of physics and astron- 
omy; b.s., Colorado college; m.a., biander's 'uni- 
versity; ph.d., state university of new york at 

d'aquilla, Sylvester; math department; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
davis, bonnie; education department; b.s., m.s., 
ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
davis, James louis; management department; b.s., 
m.s., ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
davis, James tredwell; chairman of history depart- 
ment; b.s., memphis state university; m.a., ph.d., 
vanderbilt university. 

davis, iulia; speech department; b.a., m.s., north- 
western state college of louisiana; ph.d., university 
of southern mississippi. 

dear, James e.; b.s., northeastern louisiana state 
college; m.b.a., ph.d., louisiana state university. 
de grummond, lena young; library science, b.a., 
university of southwestern louisiana; b.s., in library 
science, ph.d., louisiana state university. 
de ratmiroff, gregor n.; geology department; b.s., 
central university of Venezuela; m.s., ph.d., rutgers 

dickerson, gale sanders; home economics: b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
dickerson, horace byrd; assistant dean of men; b.s., 

donohue, John robert; music department; b.m., 
m.m., louisiana state university; ph.d., michigan 
state university. 

donovan, jack pollard; music department; b.s., 
m.mus., university of nebraska; ph.d., university 
of southern mississippi. 

doumas, christos leonidas; political science; b.a., 
m.a., ph.d., university of California at los angeles. 
downey, raymond v.; english department; b.a., wil- 
liam carey college; m.a., university of southern mis- 

drain, lois a.; home economics; b.s., northeastern 
state college; m.s., Oklahoma state university. 
drake, alan hart; music department; director of 
bands; a.b., university of miami; m.mus, ph.d., 
florida state university. 

dubard, nettie etoile; speech department; b.s.. 
hardin-baylor university; m.a., george peabody 
college, ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
dudley, horace Chester; chairman of department of 
physics; a.b., southwest missouri state college; 
ph.d., georgetown university; post doctoral study 
at oak ridge institute of nuclear studies, university 
of California, brookhaven national laboratories. 
duke, James rogers; art department; b.a., university 
of California at santa barbara; m.a., university of 
California at los angeles. 

dunigin, nancy c; math department; a.b., greens- 
boro college, m.m., university of tennessee; doc- 
toral study at northwestern university. 

dupuy, linda h.; school of nursing; b.s.n., university 
of mississippi; m.s.n., university of alabama. 
easterling, henry b.; chairman of department of 
educational foundations; b.s., university of southern 
mississippi; m.a., university of alabama; ed.d., duke 

echols, colonel James ewell, jr.; chairman of military 
science department; a.s., university of southern mis- 

edwards, James alien, jr.; foreign languages; b.a., 
university of southern mississippi; m.a., university of 

essary, alice wilkinson; math department; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
etzold, david Julius; management department; b.s., 
mississippi state university; m.b.a., rollings college; 
doctoral study at mississippi state university. 
eubanks, mason leon; english department; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi; m.a., university 
of mississippi; graduate study at george peabody 

■falkenberry, mary e.; home economics; b.s., texas 
woman's university; m.s. Colorado state university; 
ph.d., texas women's university. 

felder, Virginia i.; math department; a.b., mississip- 
pi state college for women; m.s., tulane university; 
ed.d., Columbia university. 

felsher, edwin harley; major usa; military science; 
b.s., m.s., east texas state university. 
■ferrell, baker mooneye director of university com- 

field, richard marshall; director of personnel serv- 

fike, claude edwin; dean of arls and sciences; a.b., 
duke university; a.m., Columbia university; ph.d., 
university of illinois. 

fischer, barbara ann; biology department; b.a., 
university of missouri; m.a., university of California 
at berkely; ph.d., st. louis university. 
fish, arthur geoffrey; biology department; b.s., 
carleton university; m.s., mcgill university; doctoral 
study at university of british Columbia. 
fitch, hubert; music department; b.mus., m.mus., 
university of michigan; doctoral study at Columbia 

flowers, |ohn morgan; science education; a.b., m.s., 
university of alabama; m.ed., ed.d., drake uni- 

floyd, lee paul; b.a., head basketball coach. 
flynt, madeline Virginia; library science; a.b., wil- 
liam carey college; certificate of library science; 
university of alabama; m.a., george peabody col- 

folse, raymond f.; physics department; b.s., loyola 
university; ph.d., louisiana state university. 

fontecchio, giovanni; foreign languages; b.s., north- 
ern michigan university; m.a., louisiana state uni- 

frinlt, inez; music department; b.s., northern michi- 
gan university; m.a., louisiana state university. 

galbraith, robert n.; contracts and grants officer. 

gates, carl j.; guidance and counseling. 

george, albert donald; speech department; a.b., 
m.a., ph.d., louisiana state university. 

gleaton, thomas j., jr.; health, physical education, 
recreation; b.s., m.a., university of alabama. 

golden, jewel; home economics; b.s., auburn uni- 
versity; m.a., Columbia university; ph.d., florida 
state university. 

gonzoles, John edmund; history department; b.s., 
m.a., louisiana state university; ph.d., university of 
north Carolina. 

gore, bill wes; director of natchez resident center; 

b.s:, m.s. 

gore, Jesse austin; manager of university book 


gottleber, henry a.; management department; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi; m.b.a., boston 
university; ph.d., university of arkansas. 

gough, lena yarbrough; psychology department; 
a.b., alabama college; m.a., george peabody col- 
lege; ph.d., university of alabama. 

gower, albert edward; music department; a.b., Sac- 
ramento state college; m.m.. university of Oregon; 
ph.d., north texas state university. 

gower, william t.; chairman of department of mu- 
sic education; b.mus., m.mus., university of denver; 
m.f.a., ph.d., university of iowa. 

grafton, lola ross; english department; b.a., north- 
western state college of louisiana; m.a., northeast 
louisiana state college. 

grantham, william radar; dean of men; b.s., m.a., 
university of southern mississippi; doctoral study 
at louisiana state university. 

gravett, ray alexander; major usa, military science; 
b.s., eastern kentucky university. 
green, billy leon; supervisor data processing; b.s., 
university of southern rmssissippi. 
green, Joseph arthur; dean of school of business 
administration; b.a., berea college; m.a., ph.d., 
university of iowa. 

gregory, John b.; speech department; b.a., m.a., 
morton state university; ph.d., university of illinois. 
grubbs, kenneth reno; chairman of economics de- 
partment; b.s., m.s., north texas state university; 
ph.d., university of texas. 

grubbs, sybil w.; school for children with language 

guilbeau, newts e.; music education; b.mus., m.m. 
ed., north texas state university, 
gunn, erie mccoy; chairman of department of sec- 
ondary education; b.s., m.a., university of southern 
mississippi; ph.d., george peabody college. 
gunter, gordon; biology department; a.b., north- 
western state college of louisiana; m.a., ph.d., 
university of texas. 

gutsch, kenneth u.; guidance department; b.m., 
university of miami; m.ed., university of mississippi; 
ed.d., florida state university. 

gwinn, Stanford p.; speech department; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi; ph.d., univer- 
sity of florida. 

halliday, roberta mae; health and physical educa- 
tion department; b.s., m.s., university of missis- 

hamman, altra howse gill; department of home 
«;onomics; b.s., university of southern mississippi; 
m.s., university of tennessee. 

hanson, James thomas; mississippi librarian; b.s., 
louisiana state university. 

hardin, rector roemilt; coordinator of graduate 
studies in business administration and professor of 
finance; b.a., berea college; m.a., ph.d., duke uni- 
versity; c.l.u. the american college of life under- 
writers; post-doctoral study at harvard university, 
hare, alton lamar; department of mathematics; b.s., 
northeast louisiana state college; m.s., louisiana 
polytechnic institute; graduate study at auburn uni- 

harkins, mary remegius; dean of the school of nurs- 
inq and professor of nursing; b.s.n.e., st. mary col- 
lege; m.s.n., catholic university. 

harrington, earnest lawrence; track coach, trainer, 
equipment manager, and instructor in health and 
physical education; b.s., m.ed., university of south- 
ern mississippi. 

harris, marilyn kay cheney; department of health 
and physical education; b.s., alabama college; 
m.a., university of iowa. 

harrises, antonio efthemios; biology department; 
a.b., saint anslems college; m.s., university of new 
hampshire; ph.d., university of notre dame. 

hartwig, gilbert frederick; chairman of department 
of theatre and professor of theatre; ph.d., m.a., 
marquette university; ph.d., university of Wisconsin. 

harwood, alan edward; art department; b.s., uni- 
versity of tampa; m.a., university of mississippi. 

hatcher, robert dale; university forester and pro 
fessor of qeography; b.s.f., doctoral study at uni 
versity of georgia. 

hatcher, william hamilton; chairman of department 
of political science and professor of political sci- 
ence; b.a., m.a., university of arkansas; ph.d., duke 

hays, robert denecke; department of music; b.s., 
m.s., university of Oregon; d.mus., indiana univer- 

hesson, fern rogers; department of home econom- 
ics; b.s., m.a., university of southern mississippi. 

hickman, robert Jesse; department of business ad- 
ministration; keesler afb resident center; b.s., 
m.b.a., university of southern mississippi. 


hildman, lee kennedy; department of psychology; 
b.s., m.s., florida state university; doctoral study at 
university of florida. 

hill, roger harvey; department of music; b.m., 
m.m., Indiana university. 

hill, Virginia s.; department of business administra- 
tion; b.s., m.b.a., university of southern mississippi. 
hille, dorthy beasley; assistant to the dean of 
women; b.s., m.s. 

holden, clarence charles; department of education; 
b.s., m.ed., ed.s., ed.d., university of florida. 
hong, sherman; department of music; b.m.ed., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi; m.mus.ed., north- 
western university. 

huclc, Joseph francis; department of music; mus.b., 
m.m., american conservatory; graduate study, 
american conservatory, chicago musical college. 
huckabee, malcom wayne; department of psychol- 
ogy; b.a., mississippi college; m.a., texas christian 
university; ph.d., university of southern mississippi. 
humphries, betty sue; department of home eco- 
nomics; b.s., university of southern mississippi. 
hunter, elvin max; department of industrial arts; 
b.s., m.ed., ed.d., university of missouri. 
hutchinson, ola mae; social science librarian; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
imbragulio, george eugene; music department; 
b.m., m.m., michigan state university; summer study 
at aspen, Colorado; st. cecilia conservatory, rome, 
italy; florida state university; michigan state uni- 

iwanusa, vladimar; head cataloger; l.l.m., univer- 
sity of Ivov (poland), m.s. in library science, Co- 
lumbia university; jur.d., ukranian free university 
(germany) . 

Jackson, howard oliver; assistant dean of business 
administration; b.s^, m.a., university of southern 
mississippi; graduate study at university of ala- 

James, lewis frank; director of office of education 
and psychology research; b.a., m.ed., university of 
Oklahoma; ph.d., university of texas. 
Jerome, r. frank howard; music education; b.m., 
m.m., north texas state university. 
jesse, donna; speech department; b.a., m.a.; uni- 
versity of florida. 

Johnson, alvis clayton; director of keesler air force 
base and harrison county resident center; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi; l.l.b., university 
of alabama; m.a., university of mississippi. 
Johnson, henry a.; communications; b.a., university 
of Virginia; m.a., university of florida. 
Johnson, marion clower; health, physical education, 
recreation; b.s., university of southern mississippi; 
m.s., louisiana state university. 

Johnson, robin; health, physical education, recrea- 
tion; b.s., university of southern mississippi. 
Johnson, sarah s.; foreign languages; b.a., m.a., 
university of south Carolina; study at institute of 
touraine, tours, france; escuela normal superior, 
bogota, Colombia; perdue university; sarbonne, uni- 
versity of paris. 

jones, annie bell, r.n.; supervising nurse, student 
health services. 

jones, Jacqueline; accounting department; s.s., 
m.b.a., university of southern mississippi. 
jones, martin; department of philosophy and re- 
ligion; a.b., university of Virginia; m.a., tulane uni- 

jordon, bryce donnell; finance department; b.s., 
mississippi state university; m.p.a., harvard uni- 
versity; doctoral study at university of alabama. 

karolyi, william b.; mathematics department; b.s., 
m.a., university of southern mississippi; graduate 
study at university of alabama. 

kay, Wallace grant; enqlish department; b.a., south- 
ern methodist university; m.a., ph.d., emory uni- 

kelley, arthell; geography; b.s., university of south- 
ern mississippi; m.a., university of missouri; ph.d., 
university of nebraska. 

kenamond, fredrich d.; accounting department; 
a.b., shepherd college; m.s., university of southern 
mississippi; doctoral study at university of alabama. 
kenney, thomas w.; economics department; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
kiess, norman holvar; physics department; b.a., 
swarthmore college; m.s., university of maryland; 
ph.d., John hopkins university. 

king, robert william; mathematics; b.s., m.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi; ph.d., florida state 

klutts, cecil marshall; b.s.; purchasing agent. 
klobe, elaine e.; librarian i; b.a., our lady of the 
lake college. 

knight, david w.; education department and di- 
rector of reading center; b.s., university of florida; 
ph.d., florida state university. 

knight, harold v.; education department; b.s., liv- 
ingston state college; s.ed., northwestern state col- 
lege of louisiana; ed.d., university of southern mis- 

knight, sherry I.; education department and direc- 
tor of the film library; b.a., southwestern at mem- 
phis; m.a., university of southern mississippi; ed.d., 
indiana university. 

koeppel, John c; psychology; b.s., m.a., memphis 
state university; ph.d., Oklahoma state university. 
koos, philip dwight; geography department; b.s., 
indiana university of Pennsylvania; m.a., doctoral 
study at university of georgia. 

lackey, arthur e.; sociology; b.a., m.a., university 
of southern mississippi. 

ladner, alma saucier; b.s., m.a., m.ed.; assistant 
director of correspondence. 

lancaster, edith; home economics; b.s., m.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

landskov, norvin I.; education department; b.a., st. 
olaf college; m.a., ph.d., university of minnesota. 

lane, charles elmer; chemistry department; b.s., 
ph.d., university of chicago. 

langdon, James gilbert; b.s., m.s.; assistant regis- 

larimore, m/sgt. donald w.; military science. 

lebsack, sharon elaine; music education; b.a., b.m., 
m.a., Colorado state college. 

lee, kil wook; economics department; b.a., seoul 
national university; m.a., doctoral study at van- 
derbilt university. 

lewis, arnold david; biology department; b.s., louis- 
iana state university; m.s., auburn university; ph.d., 
louisiana state university. 

lok, waiter James; chairman of art department; 
b.des., m.des., university of michigan; ph.d.,'- uni- 
versity of alabama. 

long, James scott; research professor emeritus; b.s. 
in ch.e., m.s., lehigh university; ph.d., John hopkins 

lorton, |ohn w.; elementary education; b.s., ander- 
son college; m.ed., university of florida; ed.d., 
university of southern mississippi. 

lott, barbara marshall; health, physical education, 
recreation; b.s., university of mississippi. 

lowe, James douglas; psychology; b.s., m.a., ph.d., 
university of alabama. 

lucas, aubrey k.; registrar and education professor; 
b.s., m.a., university of southern mississippi; ph.d., 
florida state university. 

lucy, herbert eugene; director of student coun- 
seling and professor of psychology; b.a., william 
carey college; m.ed., ed.d., university of southern 

mccarty, mary margaret; home economics; b.s., 
m.a., university of southern mississippi. 

mccartney, jesse f.; english department; b.s., Okla- 
homa state university; m.a., doctoral study at uni- 
versity of arkansas. 

mccarty, kenneth graham; history department; b.s., 
m.a., university of southern mississippi; doctoral 
study at duke university. 

mccarver, clarence edward; chairman of depart- 
ment of health; physical education and recreation; 
a.b., howard payne college; b.s., m.a., george Wash- 
ington university; ed.d., university of texas. 
mccraw, harry wells; english department; b.s., mas- 
sachusetts institute of technology; m.a., tulane uni- 

mccollum, jerrald d.; music department; b.m., 
florida state university; m.m., university of southern 

mcdaniel, linda rose e.; english department; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
mcduff, laurence h.; accounting department;, 
university of mississippi. 

mckee, jesse oscar; geography department; b.s. 
in education, clarion state college; m.a., michigan 
state university. 

mcphail, James harold; education department; b.s., 
m.ed., university of southern mississippi; ed.d., bos- 
ton university. 

mcquagge, carlton lamar; dean of college of edu- 
cation and psychology and professor of educa- 
tional administration; b.s., university of southern 
mississippi; m.a., university of mississippi; ed.d., 
university of texas. 

mcquiston, James merwyn, jr.; economics depart- 
ment; b.s., university of southern mississippi; doc- 
toral study at university of Virginia. 
mcraven, patricia anne; english and literature de- 
partment; b.a., little rock university; m.a., univer- 
sity of arkansas. 

madsen, theodore; music department; b.a., Colo- 
rado state college; m.a., university of iowa. 
mahaffey, robert bruce; chairman of department 
of speech and hearing sciences and associate pro- 
fessor of speech and hearing sciences; b.s., m.a., 
ph.d., ohio state university. 

mannoni, raymond; dean of school of fine arts and 
professor of music; b.s., dansor state college; b.m., 
university of michigan; m.m.ed., northwestern uni- 
versity; ed.d., chicago musical college; study at 
u.s. navy school of music; university of chicago; 
kansas university. 

maples, martin dago; math department; b.s., m.s., 
mississippi state university; doctoral study at Okla- 
homa state university. 

martin, david m.; theatre department; a.b., st. 
bernard college; m.f.a., doctoral study at florida 
state university. 

martin, thomas Stanley; director of student health 
services and assistant professor of health and physi- 
cal education; b.s., mississippi college; m.ed., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi; m.d., university of 

mehearg, lillien erl; psychology department; b.a., 
millsaps college; m.a., louisiana state university; 
ph.d., university of_ southern mississippi. 
mendenhall, richard Junius; history department; bi- 
loxi resident center; b.s., livingston state college; 
m.ed., university of southern mississippi. 
merrifield, vernon euq_ene; art department; b.f.a., 
m.a., university of alabama. 

milam, jesse lloyd; health and physical education 
department; b.a., louisiana polytechnic institute; 
m.a., ed.d., Columbia university, 
miller, John w.; music education; b.m., oberlin col- 
lege; m.m., university of southern mississippi. 
miller, leo reynolds; elementary education depart- 
ment; b.s.ed.; kansas city, missouri teachers col- 
lege; m.s.ed., university of kansas; ed.d., Pennsyl- 
vania state university. 

milner, ghovella gill; home economics department; 
b.s., m.s., university of southern mississippi. 

mobley, lola pennyan; political science depart- 
ment; a.b., m.a., george Washington university; 
doctoral study at university of kentucky. 

moffett, david byrd; director of special services; 
division of continuing education; b.s., m.s. 

morgan, ashley grantham; chairman of department 
of science education and professor of science edu- 
cation; b.s.ed., university of georgia; m.ed., uni- 
versity of Virginia; ed.d., university of georgia. 


moore, grace lewis; credits counselor, registrar's 
office, b.s., m.ed. 

moorman, charles w.; assistant dean of graduate 
school; a.b., kenyon college; m.a., ph.d., tulane 
university; guggenheim fellowship. 
moorman, ruth glindmeyer; foreign language de- 
partment; a.b., agnes scott college; m.a., univer- 
sity of Cincinnati. 

morrison, Jessie hagler; executive secretary, office 
of the president; b.s. 

munn, jack douglas; mathematics department; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi; m.a., university 
of alabama; graduate study at Oklahoma state uni- 

munsell, donald t.; music education; b.m., univer- 
sity of miami; m.a., doctoral study at state uni- 
versity of iowa. 

murchesion, richard alan; military science depart- 
ment; b.a., university of southern mississippi. 
murphy, shirley; reference librarian; b.s., university 
of southern mississippi; m.s., louisiana state univer- 

musgrave, ray sigler; chairman of department of 
psychology and professor of psychology; b.a., 
bethany college; m.a., ohio wesleyan university; 
ph.d., Syracuse university; post-doctoral study, uni- 
versity of Cincinnati; Columbia university. 

myers, barbara ann adams; english and lituraturn 
department; b.a., m.s., university of mississippi. 
nace, donald ross; finance department; b.s. in busi- 
ness administration, university of southern missis- 

nazurney, frank L; computer science; b.a., rider 

nau, John fredrick; chairman of department of re- 
ligion and philosophy; b.p., concordia seminary; 
m.a., tulane university; ph.d., university of south 

nesbitt, howard Carroll; health and physical edu- 
cation; b.a., Washington college; m.a., ed.d., Co- 
lumbia university. 

neumann, elizabeth; foreign languages; b.a., uni- 
versity of berlin; m.s.w., university of pittsburg; 
doctoral study at tulane university. 
neumann, karl; music education; II. d., prague uni- 
versity; m.f.a., university of alabama; ph.d., george 
peabody college. 

newell, george a.; latin american institute; b.a., 
mississippi state university. 

newsome, carl ray; chemistry department; b.s., 
millsaps college; m.s., university of alabama; ph.d., 
george peabody college. 

nisson, edward; computer science and statistics; 
b.s., m.a., university of kansas; doctoral study at 
texas a & m university. 

norris, martha trances; assistant cataloger; b.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 

norseworthy, John mccall; psychology department; 
b.s., m.ed., mississippi state university. 
nowakowslci, marion z.; music department; perform- 
ance diploma, conservatory of music and fine arts, 
Iwon, poland. 

orange, linwood elden; english department chair- 
man; a.b., m.a., ph.d., duke university. 

oubre, willie vernon; director of campus security; 

owens, donald fredrick; assistant football coach; 

owings, fannie ozell; home economics; b.s., univer- 
sity of southern mississippi; m.s., university of ten- 
nessee; graduate study at university of kentucky; 
michigan state university. 

owings, ralph s.; dean of graduate school; a.b., 
m.a., wafford college; m.a., ed.d., Columbia uni- 

padgett, clifton o.; education; b.a., william carey 
college; m.ed., university of southern mississippi. 

patten, rodney lyndel; military science; b.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

parker, bernard; philosophy and religion depart- 
ment; b.a., duns scotus college; m.a., university 
of chicago; ph.d., tulane university. 
parker, patricia; music department; b.mus., m.mus., 
university of michigan. 

paulson, oscar laurence; geology; b.s., m.s., mis- 
sissippi state university; ph.d., louisiana state uni- 

pearson, dennis I.; art department; b.f.a., univer- 
sity of southern mississippi. 

pearson, roger; sociology department;,, 
university of london. 

peddicord, paul Wallace; educational foundations; 
b.a., furman university; m.ed., university of hous- 
ton; ed.d., duke university. 

pessoney, george f.; biology department; b.s., 
m.a., sam houston state college; ph.d., university 
of texas. 

peters, robert william; director of research and 
projects; b.a., university of minnesota; m.a., ph.d., 
ohio state university. 

philllippi, bryan; computer science and statistics; 
b.s., university of southern mississippi. 
phi Nips, henry Stanley; english department; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
ph ill i ps, oliver otto, elementary education; b.s., 
m.a., doctoral study at university of southern mis- 

perle, robert christopher; english department; b.a., 
hampden-sydney college, m.a., duke university; 
doctoral study at auburn university. 
penison, James wesley; chemistry department; b.s., 
william carey college; m.s., ph.d., university of mis- 

poole, george barney; b.s., m.ed.; assistant foot- 
ball coach. 

poirier, william howey; art department; b.s., east- 
ern michigan university; m.a., ed.s., george pea- 
body college. 

porter, carrie louise; english department; a.b., mis- 
sissippi state college for women; m.a., university 
of alabama. 

posey, flora mae; nursing department; b.s.n., in- 
carnate word college; m.s.n., university of texas. 
posey, floyd; education department; b.s., univer- 
sity of alabama; m.a., ed.d., george peabody col- 

posey, John phillip; history department; b.s., m.a., 
ph.d., university of georgia. 

pound, gomer Jeffrey; music department; mus.b., 
michigan state university; m.mus. ed., ph.d. in m.ed., 
florida state university. 

presser, william henry; music department; a.b., 
alma college; mus.m., university of michigan; ph.d., 
university of rochester; post-doctoral study, george 
peabody college; university of the south. 
rabin, avis beauchamp; assistant professor of nurs- 
ing; b.s.n., emory university; m.a., Columbia uni- 

rabin, morton herbert; assistant professor of psy- 
chology; b.a., new york university; m.a., Columbia 
university; doctoral study at Columbia university 
and florida state university. 

ratcliffe, charles a.; b. mech. eng., georgia tech; 
b.s. math., mississippi state university. 

ratcliffe, ruth ann; assistant professor of mathe- 
matics; b.s., mississippi state university; m a., doc- 
toral study at university of alabama. 

reck, frances elizabeth; assistant professor of busi- 
ness education; b.s., kansas state teachers college; 
m.a., state university of iowa; graduate study at 
new york university, Indiana university, university 
of Colorado. 

reeves, jerry bennett; instructor in management; 
b.s., m.b.a., university of southern mississippi. 

riley, donald eugene; part-time instructor in com- 
puter science and statistics; b.s., m.s., state univer- 
sity of iowa. 

riley, myrah norine watkins; instructor in english and 
literature; b.a., m.a., graduate study at university 
of southern mississippi. 

robbins, bryan lynn, captain, u.s.a.; assistant pro- 
fessor of military science; b.m.ed., university of 
southern mississippi. 

rogers, howard noah; instructor in history; biloxi and 
harrison county resident centers; b.a., franklin 
college; m.a., indiana university. 
rogers, louis leroy; director of office of student 
teaching and professor of education; b.s., m.a., 
university of southern mississippi; ed.d., university 
of tennessee. 

rushing, carol I.; accounting department; b.s., mis- 
sissippi state college for women; m.b.a., doctoral 
study at mississippi state university. 
saetre, gilbert theodore; music department; b.s., 
m.a. in mus. ed., new york university; graduate 
study at julliard school of music. 

salinas, ysidio; industrial arts departments; b.s., m.s., 
university of southern mississippi. 
sanderlin, robert reed; department of english and 
literature; b.s., m.a., memphis state university; ph.d., 
university of north Carolina. 

Scarborough, william kauffman; history department; 
a.b., university of north Carolina; m.a., Cornell uni- 
versity; ph.d., university of north Carolina. 
scheel, eduardo; foreign language department; b.a., 
m.a., doctoral study at university of texas. 
schroeder, mary j.; speech and hearing science de- 
partment; b.s., east tennessee state college; m.s., 
the Pennsylvania state university; doctoral study. 
schwarz, ira p.; music department; m.m., university 
of south dakota; ph.d., state university of iowa; 
a.b., morningside college. 

scoggins, James andrew; education department; 
b.a., vanderbilt university; m.ed., university of 
southern mississippi. 

sendell, jack houston; military science department; 
b.a., university of chattanooga. 

shaw, lucretia; music department; b.a., northeastern 
state college; m.mus.ed., north texas state univer- 

sievers, charles aubrey; education department; 
b.m., louisiana state university; m.mus.ed., univer- 
sity of Colorado. 

simpson, John david; english and literature de- 
partment; b.a., university of southern mississippi. 

sims, janey carnell terreson; english and literature 
department; b.a., m.a., university of southern mis- 

sisemore, david alien; psychology department; b.a., 
m.a., doctoral study, university of arkansas. 

siverio, ralph manuel; director of the latin ameri- 
can institute and assistant professor of foreign lan- 
guage; b.s., louisiana state university; graduate 
study; louisiana state university, san francisco state 

skates, |ohn ray, jr.; history department; b.b.a., uni- 
versity of mississippi; m.a., ph.d., mississippi state 

slay, billy borden; health and physical education 
department; b.s., m.s., university of southern mis- 
sissippi; doctoral study at louisiana state university. 

smith, byron colman; biology department; b.s., 
indiana state university; m.a., de pauw university; 
ph.d., university of georgia. 

smith, kenneth elmo; chief accountant; b.b.a., m.s., 

smith, jack; english and literature department; b.s., 
troy state collecje; m.a., doctoral study, auburn 

smythe, burdette wilson; music department; b.f.a., 
m.ed., ohio university. 

sonnier, isadore leon; science department; a.b., uni- 
versity of southwestern louisiana; a.m., louisiana 
state university; ed.d., Colorado state college. 

spurlin, fred william; education department; b.a., 
m.s., southern Illinois university. 

Stafford, beverly louise; health and physical educa- 
tion department; b.s., southeastern louisiana col- 
lege; m.s., doctoral study at louisiana state univer- 


st. clair, william feagin; physics department; b.s., 
university of florida; m.a., university of alabama; 
graduate study at university of alabama. 

stegenga, martin; chairman of department of man- 
agement and professor of management; b.s., m.s., 
mississippi state university; d.b.a., indiana university. 
stevens, robert e.; marketing department; b.s., ar- 
kansas state college; m.b.a., doctoral study, uni- 
versity of arkansas. 

stewart, delia weddington; director of dixie darl- 

stocker, leonard don; music department; a.b., uni- 
versity of michigan; m.a., Columbia university. 
stocks, peter konrad; biology department; b.s., 
millsaps college; m.s., university of southern mis- 
sissippi; ph.d., louisiana state university. 
stout, polly; instructor in english and literature, re- 
search and educational assistant to president; a.b., 
concord college; m.a., university of north Carolina. 
strebeck, ray; instructor in english and literature; 

tannehill, donald street; english department; b.a., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi. 
taylor, celestain Joseph p.; assistant director and 
head baseball coach. 

thames, shelby treland; chemistry department; b.s., 
m.s., university of southern mississippi; ph.d., uni- 
versity of tennessee. 

thomas, harry milton; b.s., m.a.; supervisor of build- 
ings maintenance. 

thomas, orviil malcom; industrial arts; b.s., univer- 
sity of southern mississippi; m.a., university of 

thomas, robert payne; education foundations; b.s., 
Oklahoma state university; m.s., southern illinois 

tinnon, Joseph eugene; math department; b.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi; m.s.c.s., university of 

tomaszwiskejj, jaroslaw; foreign languages; b.s., 
ukranian school of economics; m.a., new york uni- 

townley, James aird; health and physical educa- 
tion; b.s., m.a., university of southern mississippi; 
doctoral work; louisiana state university. 
tracy, warren francis; librarian; a.b., earlham col- 
lege; b.s. in library science, western reserve uni- 
versity; m.a., ph.d., university of chicago. 
tuchak, william; political science; II. m., casimer 
university; i.a.m., Columbia university; ph.d., uni- 
versity of Colorado. 

tucker, forrest dale; chairman of department of 
communications; b.a., university of wichita; m.a., 
ph.d., Cornell university. 

turner, frank leroy; history department; b.a., south- 
western at memphis; m.a., ph.d., university of north 

van deuson, John petersen; chairman of department 
of elementary education, professor of education; 
b.s., m.a., ed.d., florida state university. 
van hook, benjamin ormond; acting chairman of 
department of mathematics and professor of mathe- 
matics; a.b., millsaps college; m.a., vanderbilt uni- 
versity; doctoral study at vanderbilt university, duke 

vann, thad; head football coach; b.s. 
vardaman, elizabeth; science technology librarian; 
b.a., m.a., university of mississippi; m.a. in l.s., 
george peabody college. 

vaughn, rayford benjamin; military science depart- 
ment; serbeant major, u.s.a. 

vetrano, Joseph george; assistant football coach; 

virden, frank; political science department; b.s., 
united states naval academy; m.a., d.p.a., george 
Washington university. 

vreeland, richard crawford; chairman of department 
of marketing and professor of marketing; b.a., 
rollins college; m.b.a., ph.d., university of florida. 

waite, david laird; radio and television department; 
b.s., university of Oregon. 

walker, James frederick; assistant dean of arts and 
sciences and professor of biology; a.b., m.s., uni- 
versity of mississippi; ph.d., university of iowa; post- 
doctoral study, university of miami, university of 
California at los angeles. 

wall, Jessie stewart; education department; a.b., 
fairmont state college; a.m., west texas state col- 
lege; ed.d., florida state university; post-doctoral 
study, florida state university, Columbia university. 
ware, durwood clifton, jr.; music department; b.a., 
millsaps college;, university of southern mis- 

ward, harry calvin; art department; b.a., university 
of southern mississippi; m.a., east tennessee state 

warren, maxine young; education department; b.s., 
m.ed., ed.d., north texas state university. 
weatherford, Sidney edward lee; dean of basic col- 
lege and professor of education; b.s., m.a., univer- 
sity of southern mississippi; ed.d., university of 

weaver, sarah littleton; dean of school of home eco- 
nomics; b.s., m.a., university of southern mississippi; 
ph.d., florida state university. 

webb, charles f.; health and physical education de- 
partment; b.s., m.a., university of southern missis- 

webster, porter grigsley; mathematics department; 
b.a., georgetown college; m.s., ph.d., auburn uni- 

weeks, herbert Cleveland; military science depart- 
ment; sergeant first class, u.s.a. 

welker, latney conrad; assistant to the dean of the 
school of education and psychology and professor 
of educational foundations; b.s., millsaps college; 
m.a., ed.d., university of southern mississippi. 
weety, david lee; chemistry department; b.s., ar- 
kansas state university; m.s., ph.d., university of 

west, ben marshall; finance department; b.s., united 
states military academy; m.s., university of Colorado; 
j.d., university of mississippi. 

whitesell, frank c; economics department; b.a., 
m.a., university of south Carolina; doctoral study, 
tulane university. 

whittington, norma Jackson; periodicals librarian; 
b.a., mississippi state college for women; m.s., uni- 
versity of southern mississippi. 

wilber, leon austin; political science department; 
a.b., m.a., ph.d., university of michigan; post-doc- 
toral study, university of chicago, university of 
southern California. 

wilder, annette bedford; humanities librarian; b.a., 
william carey college; m.a. in library science, george 
peabody college. 

wilgus, Virginia; home economics department; a.b., 
northwestern state college; m.a., university of south- 
ern mississippi. 

williams, d. c: director of bureau of business and 
economic research; b.s., southeastern louisiana col- 
lege; m.s., ph.d., louisiana state college. 

williams, rhoda; director of campus post office. 

wimberly, jack cook; economics department; b.a , 
louisiana polytechnic institute; m.a., ph.d., louisiana 
state university. 

winger, roger k.; speech department; b.s., ashland 
college; m.a., doctoral study, ohio state university. 

wood, forrett edwards; religion and philosophy 
department; b.a., baylor university; th.d., south- 
western baptist theology seminary. 

yarrow, waiter harry; health and physical education 
department; b.s., m.a., ed.d., university of southern 

yarbrough, karen margueritte; biology department; 
b.s., m.s., mississippi state university; ph.d., north 
Carolina state university. 

young, raymond guinn; music department; b.m.ed., 
m.m., university of michigan. 

york, sister mary James; nursing department; b.s.n., 
catholic university; m.s.n., catholic university. 

zahrt, merton s.; music department; mus.b., lawrence 
college; mus.m., university of rochester; ed.d., Co- 
lumbia university. 

zillmer, herman lawrence; theater department; b.a., 
kansas state teachers college; m.s., kansas state 
university; ph.d., university of Wisconsin. 







st. clair, william feagin; physics dec 
university of florida; m.a., university 
graduate study at university of alab 

stegenga, martin; chairman of deparl 
agement and professor of manager™ 
mississippi state university; d.b.a., indi 
stevens, robert e.; marketing departr 
kansas state college; m.b.a., doctor, 
versity of arkansas. 

stewart, delia weddington; director 

stocker, leonard don; music departm< 
versity of michigan; m.a., Columbia i 
stocks, peter konrad; biology dep. 
millsaps college; m.s., university of 
sissippi; ph.d., louisiana state univers 
stout, polly; instructor in english and 
search and educational assistant to p 
concord college; m.a., university of r 
strebeck, ray; instructor in english a 

tannehill, donald street; english dep 

m.s., university of southern mississippi. 

taylor, celestain Joseph p.; assistant 

head baseball coach. 

thames, shelby treland; chemistry dep 

m.s., university of southern mississipp 

versity of Tennessee. 

thomas, harry milton; b.s., m.a.; super 

ings maintenance. 

thomas, orviil malcom; industrial arts 

sity of southern mississippi; m.a., 


thomas, robert payne; education foui 

Oklahoma state university; m.s., soi 


tinnon, Joseph eugene; math departm 

versity of southern mississippi; m.s.c.s. 


tomaszwiskejj, jaroslaw; foreign Ian 

ukranian school of economics; m.a., 


townley, James aird; health and ph 

tion; b.s., m.a., university of southei 

doctoral work; louisiana state universit 

tracy, warren francis; librarian; a.b., 

lege; b.s. in library science, westerr 

versity; m.a., ph.d., university of chic 

tuchak, william; political science; 

university; i.a.m., Columbia universit' 

versity of Colorado. 

tucker, forrest dale; chairman of d 

communications; b.a., university of 

ph.d., Cornell university. 

turner, frank leroy; history departmen 

western at memphis; m.a., ph.d., univi 


van deuson, John petersen; chairman c 
of elementary education, professor 
b.s., m.a., ed.d., florida state universit 
van hook, benjamin ormond; acting 
department of mathematics and profe' 
matics; a.b., millsaps college; m.a., v 
versity; doctoral study at vanderbilt ui 

vann, thad; head football coach; b.s. 

vardaman, elizabeth; science technol 

b.a., m.a., university of mississippi; 

george peabody college. 

vaughn, rayford benjamin; military sc 

ment; serbeant major, u.s.a. 

vetrano, Joseph george; assistant fc 


vlrden, frank; political science dep 

united states naval academy; m.a., i 

Washington university. 

vreeland, richard crawford; chairman i 
of marketing and professor of ma 
rollins college; m.b.a., ph.d., universit' 

waite, david laird; radio and televisioi 
b.s., university of Oregon. 

honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk 



patty moore, dale lanius honoranes 

SUSail hom student government 

diane bianchi, anita de nicola professional 
janice ladner service 
dorcell russell religious 

dale lanillS communications 

jerry hemphill military 





hall of fame 

■ i&liriiL* Ik4~ v »SSb 

janis campbell 
benjamin best 


phi delta rho 

solemn, black-robed, candles held 
aloft, the members of phi delta rho 
moved through the dorms in search 
of new initiates, the initiates have to 
be of high character and reputable 
scholarship and have shown out- 
standing leadership and service qual- 
ities while at USM. to them was 
being offered the highest honor that 
could be- bestowed on a senior 
woman on this campus. 

in the spring the chapter consid- 
ered the women who have become 
eligible for membership and selected 

those with the most outstanding 

then meetings . . . and planning 
started for another year on the 
planning board ... a tea for out- 
standing upperclassmen . . . donut 
sales . . . national organization. 

phi delta rho not only sought to 
honor students who have been out- 
standing, but encouraged their con- 
tinued interest and involvement in 
campus activities, student govern- 
ment and academics in order that 
the society itself could serve the 

standing: shirley hazzlerigg; cheryl wilgar; kathryn schledwitz; 
anne pearson; kathryn crowder; janis campbell, v-pres.; katherine 

Sutherland; lynn cook, seated: dean lawhon; linda mcinnis, pres. 
ann stahler, sec. treas.; sybil marty. not pictured: dr. gaugh. 


>ger poulos; michael mcdonald 

illiam bounds; John krauser; col. j. e. echols, jr., faculty advisor; dr. 
f. hartwig; torn wickliffe, treas.; richard winterstein; george hoppe 

)bert leard; frank riggs; geoffrey hartwig, pres.; bob cote; dr. rec- 
sr r. hardin, faculty sec. 

omicron delta kappa 

since 1954, omicron delta kappa 
has continued to maintain and rec- 
ognize those qualities which the 
"laurel crowned circle" inspires at 
usm. membership in o.d.L, the 
highest honor a male student may 
receive, is limited to men of junior 
level standing, who have demonstrat- 
ed exceptional leadership-scholarship 
ability, recognition is given in the 
areas of scholarship, dramatics, stu- 

dent government, athletics, and pub- 

this past year, omicron delta kappa 
directed its efforts towards raising 
money for an annual scholarship to 
be presented to the o.d.k. outstand- 
ing freshman at honors day. the 
main source of revenue has come 
from a book sale which the members 
initiated this fall. 


who's who in american 
colleges and universities 

wayne adkison 

janis campbel 

george hoppe 

sue blankenship 

sachia long 


blanchard braud 

robert leard 

cheryl wilgar 

lary |o pollman 

torn wickliffe 



katherine Sutherland 

nancy hanson 


+im coker 

chevis swetman 

T \ 

shirley hazzlerigg 

thomas bizzel 


geoffrey hartwig 


phi alpha theta 

sam p. brown, pres. 
henry black, v-pres. 
peg smith, sec. 
bernadette loftin, treas. 
mable donovan, hist. 
John r. skates, fac. ad. 

clois r. aycock 
richard bowers 
robert a. brent 
zed burns 
william I. coker 
william s. coker 

lynn cook 
rose cowles 
cecil p. davis 
j. treadwell davis 
mary evelyn day 
william ducker 

tony eastman 
mary ezell 
claude fike 
John e. gonzales 
audrey granade 
glenn t. harper 


outstanding women 

bethany brock, pres. 
jo ann frese, v-pres. 
marilyn stringer, sec. 
becky askew, treas. 

janis alford 
connie benedict 
ladye susan cain 
cynthia Campbell 

irma cross 

kathy greene 

mary dayne kenamond 

jo ann klein 

ralene reeves 
susan scott 
nora ziz 

judy honeycutt 
John james 
marjorie Jordan 
arthur lackey 
lynda lawrence 
sam lewis 

patty loper 
william d. mccain 
pat mccartney 
kenneth g. mccarty 
sylvia I. mccoy 
mildred morris 
John p. posey 

waiter reeder 
david sansing 
william Scarborough 
charles w. smith 
christina smith 
jerry lynn spears 

warren f. tracy 
frank I. turner 
John Wallace 
lynn webster 
leon wilbur 
william wilkinson 
e. russ williams 


scabbard & blade 


douglas i. smith, capt. 
bryce b. Judy, I st It. 
william e. lawson, 2nd It. 
thomas p. moody, 1st sgt. 
ray b. vaughn, p.i.o 

robert d. alexander 
thomas boyd 
danny bozeman 
ronnie w. buxton 
bruce w. Clifford 

glenn d. curry 
larry q. dickens 
william I. ducker 
richard c. duckworth 
kevin r. edwards 

elton van elkins 
r. marshall eubanks 
wayne t. geisel 
charles green 
david m. hensarling 

steven hood 
george e. ishee 
charles lambardo 
John h. Iloyd 
tommy r. loper 

theron e. lott 
william f. odom 
tommy I. owens 
jerome parson 
james e. pogue 

ronald richard rollison 
clyde rose 
charles smith 
david sykes 
donald g. townsend 

ray b. vaughn 
thomas e. walden 
david o. white 

alpha epsilon delta 


geoffrey bryan bartwig, pres. 
lola case, v-pres. 
adrianne dill, v-pres. 
emily mcmahan, sec. 

John b. krauser, membership 
carole jean ragland, publicity 
robert I. cobb 
richard fuller 

v/ayne grayson 
ronald Johnson 
bettie gail lindley 
John h. mccann 

glenn f. morris 
brenda pierce 
frances robinson 
edward shumski 
richard tilley 


pi delta phi 

foreign languages 

carol nix, pres. 

lynn Jones 

rita rowzee, v-pres. 

letha lloyd 

pam white, sec-treas. 

kathy macdowell 

robert combs 

rita page 

claudette Crawford 

mary gene pressley 

martha dunagin 

charlotte smalley 

tommie easterling 

candace smith 

gail glover 

carol white 

solange husband 

paula young 

lambda iota tail 

linda everett 
jim ewing 

brenda nichols 
rita page 


donna gatlin 

carolyn perry 

roland strond, pres. 
pamela poole, v-pres. 
peg smith, sec. 

mary grantham 
charlotte Jones 
brenda Jordan 

Jill phillips 
joan pickett 
rebecca rayfield 

celita slade, sec. 

christina smith, treas. 

dixie kelley 

ben roper 

peggy aultman, publicity 

fran langlinais 

linda rowley 

margot smith, publicity 

dannye long 

rita rowzee 

frank aderholdt 

patty loper 

jan shoemaker 

andrew badger 

mary martin 

charlotte smalley 

June bailey 

carole mattox 

lynn spears 

sue baxter 

martha e. brown 

kay mayfield 

jane stritzinger 

cathy carlin 

kathy mills 

darlene swontek 

jean eager 

sherrie mitchell 

torn wickliffe 



cynthia campbell 


marilyn stringer, 


connie benedict, 


susan cain, treas. 

janis alford 

becky askew 

roberta borden 

minnie boutwell 

Catherine breaux 

alpha lambda delta 

joy buehling 

cathy carlin 
warrene carter 


judy dark 

beckie monroe 

paula Courtney 

linda moore 

jane cuevas 

vicki nelson 

sherry dees 

joan norris 

peggy dorton 

brenda pierce 

sharon dungan 

brenda randle 

diane freeman 

raleen reeves 

wanda gardner 

susan ryan 

gilda gilbert 
Jennifer ginn 

patty seymore 
jan shoemaker 

pattye grady 

janice spence 

kathy greene 

dorothy stewart 
gloria stringer 

ellen harrell 

judy herring 

susan hudson 

margaret keifer 

mary dayne kenamond 

Stephanie thompkins 
marcia tompkins 
jenny troxler 
susan tucker 
susan walker 

sally weiskopf 

jo ann klein 

doris lewis 

teena wells 

ann loggans 

martha williams 

betty mayo 

cyndi willoughby 

judy carole mcce 


joan wilson 

sandra mcland 

jane Wiltshire 

janie moak 

nora ziz 


alpha psi omega 


torn elias, pres. 
richard hemba, v-pres. 
pam alien, sec. 

rita baker 
wayne catlett 
marian curry 

martha gibbs 
gilbert f. hartwig 
carolyn perry 

helen simmons 
roseann whalen 
h. I. zilmer 

pi gamma mu 

social science 

benjamin h. best 

virgil v. cornehson 

leon a. wilber 

forrest e. wood, jr. 
faculty advisor 

mary e. atkinson 
James f. ball, jr. 
clarice marie bonnett 
william boroughs 
nolan michael brown 

james m. calloway, |r. 
billy darrell chain 
william lee chancellor 
mrs. iris e. chatam 
lynn cook 

mary helen ezell 

mrs. mary kate harvey 

Judy honeycutt 

sue hunter 

duane hurt 

mrs. marjorie Jordan 
mrs. bernadette loftin 
emelie roberta lowrey 
mary dark malchow 
james p. mccartney 

mrs. mary crowe mears 
william morgan, jr. 
james morrison 
mary edith newton 
carolyn elizabeth nix 

rita page 

barbara ann patterson 

james donald patterson 

howard patton 

John pickering 

waiter reeder 
edward roper 
dina snellgrove 
jerry sullivan 
trances thompson 

james r. true 
charlotte waiters 
carol ann white 
e. bragg williams 


beta beta beta 


diane bynum 
sherman terry cole 
uwe fred deegen 
alton dunaway 
william I. fink 

richard fuller 
ben garrett 
edith goff 
laura goyer 
harold lloyd hansly 

henry b. herring, jr. 
k. kandaswamy 
michael t. mcdonald 
frances robinson 
betty sasser 

charles stange 
lynda stewart 
ronald sullivan 
dennis terkeurst 
richard tilley 

robert welford 

george hoppe, pres. 

ed shumski, v-pres. 

libby canavan, sec. 

geoffrey fish, treas., fac. adv. 

dianne shaw, hist. 

tail beta sigma 

band women 

sandra flummer, pres. 
sharon mccraney, v-pres. 
lana kay ones, rec. sec. 
linda rusling, treas. 
ann armus, parlim. 

sue blankenship 
cathy breaux 
frances brignac 
pamela cook 
barbara diggs 

deanna douglas 
gail freeman 
rebecca jones 
marilyn ladner 
dorothy leach 

nancy lloyd 
sybil marty 
peggy mayfield 
louise nuckols 
nell simmons 

suzanne weilepp 
carol white 
martha williams 
phyllis yonko 


phi eta sigma 

bruce scott goforth 

Jeremiah Joseph o'keefe 


robert wayne gilbert 

ernest reid phillips 

james hollis golman 

robert michael pobjecky 

william vaughn guy 

darwin martin pope 

robert leard, pres. 

ronald a. graham 

clifton edwin ratcliff, jr. 

geoffrey hartwig, v-pres. 

mercer hawkins harz 

larry aubry rigby 

frank aderholdt, sec. 

james malcolm hethcox 

• l 1 1 

John krauser, sr. adv. 

rader grantham, fac. adv. 

ronald harvey adams 

wayne alien hughes 

frank earl riggs 

gary howard jackson 

ronald richard rollison 

carl jackson aycock 

ronald jackson Johnson 

edward benson roper 

claude brown bass 

John howell Jones 

douglas wesley rouse 

michael francis beard 

gerald j. kersh 

george norman shirley, jr. 

willie a. bergin 

Stephen charles kidd 

lonnie trice shoultz, jr. 

jay russell bourdette 

henry ford laird 

sterling newton brown 

billy george bufkin 

terry a. lambert 

oscar alan sipes 

oliver wayne byrd 
sik-por xavier chan 
donald dark 
tommy louis conn 
william h. dever 

donnie lee lawson 
harry david lewis 
william olson lowrey 
harold arden mclean 
william ronald mccandless 
william bruce mayfield 

charles gordon smith 
Jeffrey alan soloman 
frederick charles stange 
robert lee Stanley 
harold Wallace stevens 

arthur dumont, iii 

thomas michael dunn 

donald cox milloy 

danny melvin dunnaway 

lloyd lee mims 

james william thrash 

John charles ellis 

chester monroe morgan 

richard howard tilley 

John archy fairly 

harry francis murphy 

billy wayne waiters 

billy gene finch 

james paul nadolny 

dennis leon white 

richard fuller 

andre Joseph novak 

fredrick wayne wiggins 

glynn barry giacone 

mackie edward odom 

richard david willis 


kappa omicron phi 

home economics 

dea hanson, pres. 
jeanne gillespie, v-pres. 
Jacqueline pace, sec. 
janis Campbell, treas. 
shirley williams, reporter 

janis alford 
susan buckley 
roberta chisholm 
elaine fisher 
louise frazier 
huldah hartford 
wanda king 
sally lewis 
linda lloyd 
jan lonnborg 
mary nell magee 
carlo mcdaniel 
derita mitchell 
linda munn 
joan norris 
carole o'cain 
patty perkins 
gayle pickard 
nancy ryan 
gerri smith 
cynthia watts 
dianne watkins 
joan windham 

gamma beta phi 


Virginia edwards, pres. 
beth pittman, 1st v-pres. 
agnes fairchild, 2nd v-pres. 
dale lanius, sec. 
gail vaughn, treas. 

judy barron 
Judy brant 
kathy buck 
linda butler 

judy byrd 
nancy dollar 
cindy fleming 
ann graves 

jane hammand 
angela kiehm 
margaret miller 
judy nelson 

marilyn pigott 
janet saucier 
alan schabilion 
jo ann smith 
leslie webb 

















the chief function of student gov- 
ernment was to prepare citizens of 
the university community for the re- 
sponsibility of becoming citizens of 
the world community, through an in- 
telligent level of communication on 
the part of student government, stu- 
dents were better able to confront 
the administrative network with ever 
increasing problems and requests 
and negotiate suitable solutions . . . 

student interest was shown in 
many different ways, the student 
government association served to 
stimulate, advocate, and coordinate 
all areas of student interest and 
campus life, the substantial rise in 
the percentage of voter participa- 
tion was just an example of the de- 
crease in student apathy. 

1969 saw the creation of two 
student-faculty boards — the dean's 
advisory board, and the committee 
on campus organizations, delegates 
from every area of campus life 
served on these committees, in ad- 
dition, students had a large repre- 
sentation on the union planning 
committee, president's advisory 
board, men's and women's discip- 
linary committees, and the student 
affairs board. 

the association of women students 
emerged to become the policymaker 
for some 3,700 women at usm. how- 
ever, it merged itself with the stu- 
dent government association in the 
office of second vice-president, we 
look at the past with pride of ac- 
complishment; we look to the future 
with the hope of further success in 
bringing about a greater under- 
standing of our campus and its 


president wickliffe 

w \ 

v ''it . . 

,? it i 


treasurer campbel 
secretary dobbs 


second vice-president cook 
first vice-president cote 


hurt, mccurdie, best, wilbur, lowrey, riggs. 



taking the students' interest to 
heart and not just seeking the honor 
of being a senator — this was the 
characteristics of 1968-69 student 

as a result of the efforts of the 
senate the following changes were 

cheerleaders were elected this 
year instead of the traditional selec- 
tion by a faculty panel. 

p.e. requirements are now for 
three quarters of credit. 

vending machines are being plan- 
ned to supply milk and sandwiches. 

a bill was passed to pave the 
street around the library. 

a secretary of complaints was 
established to allow students to 
voice their. dissatisfaction. 

two students have been appointed 
to serve on the university academic 

"the senator" was published to 
keep students informed on the ac- 
tivities of the senate. 

a check cashing service is to be 
available to all students on campus. 

the number of beauties was re- 
duced from twenty to ten. 

front row: meador, moore, monroe, smith, ennis, mcinnis, butler, 
freeman, o'brian, walker, penton, straub, askew, hough, frese, 
oeason. second row: parke, amacker, bryant, dobbs, boutwell, 

childre, waller, sykes, smith, chance, michel, everett, ellis, 
lift, myers, richmond, dews, lowrey, maher, cook. 





men's affairs board 

front row: cote, brown, lindsey. second row: martin, satterwhite, pritchett, piazza, 
hamann, hatten. third row: kramer, duckworth, ducker, boyd, rustin. 

back row: lee, greene, sanford, williams, niolet, ladner, ross. middle row: wheat, keifer, 
cook, marling, myers, payne, ward, tatum, still, windam, king, front row: lawhorn, berry, 
barnell, henderson, kennan, williams. 


frese, mitchell, green, morgan, frese, brown, cook. 

scope xii 

contrary to popular belief, scope 
is not only a mouthwash but is the 
student conference on paramount 
events, the chairmen found it quite 
difficult acquiring speakers for this 
conference as well as delegates, 
imagine, if you please, calling top 
named speakers and saying, "we the 
executive committee have been 
asked to tell you about scope." 

the 1968 conference, entitled 

elections 1968, (logical) was a great 
success, with peter Jennings of 
abc news, congressman s. fletcher 
thompson of georgia, senator beryl 
cohen of massachusetts, and even a 
televised impromptu debate. 

college students from surrounding 
states, as well as students from usm, 
gained much insight as to the polit- 
ical atmosphere of the nation. 

THE '68 


president's advisory board 

grantham, mitchell, kirkpatrick, alien, wickliffe, stauss, mccain, 
cook, lawhon, riggs, smalling, durkee. 


smith, lambert, kenamond, frese, chance. 

dean's advisory board 


x ' 


the university of southern missis- 
sippi had the distinction of being the 
host school for the nation's only all 
collegiate spirit and sportsmanship 
workshop, this was the susga national 
spirit and sportsmanship workshop 
sponsored by the southern universi- 
ties student government association. 

nationally, the workshop attracted 
collegiate cheerleaders from Cali- 
fornia to the west, minnesota to the 
north, and all along the east and gulf 

the national cheerleader associa- 
tion provides the instruction with a 
qualified team trained by mr. I. r. 
herkimer of dallas, texas. 

the workshop has grown rapidly 
during its three years of existence, 
reaching a peak of four hundred 
delegates in 1968. 

the workshop program of susga 
expanded in 1969 with workshops in 
north Carolina and Colorado. 

' * ; ; 






I to r: Jordan, sec; thames, vp; rhymes, pres.; richmond, treas. 

alpha epsilon alpha 

I to r 1st row: cain; thames; robinson; richmond. 2nd row: davis; little; champney; 
williams; newton; haskew; warner; Jordan, back: ladner; poynter; edmondson; Johnson; 
roberts; payne; carney; carroll; massey; lawson; anderson; greer; rhymes; bizzell; 


to r: evans, sec; lindsey, vp; moreland, treas. not pictured: hampton, pres. 

pi sipa epsilon 

I to r, seated, 1st row: simmons; cress; kloth; Jackson. 2nd row: roberts; buckley; 
davis; lindsey. standing: hampton; Jackson; keith; berry; boyd; pritchett; davis; 
sakkis; gillis; lowrey; malone; moreland. 


george hurst chapter of sea 

back I to r: landrum; holmes; anglin; laird; howell; mccann; montgomery; hodges; 
hupp; corns; stevens; haffey; rayfield; ohr; murphy; pope; Jones; crabtree; asher; 
grimsley. 1st line down: hersing; hebert; pitts. 2nd line down: leonard; Johnson; eu- 
banks; hallenus, soc. charmn; grissom; grissom; hamm; lightsey. 3rd line down: luckie; 
Johnson; baker; britt; craft; josey; mason; dark, pres.; dr. easterling, adv. 4th line 
down: grantham; abbott; long; webber; Johnson, sec; ratcliffe, treas; perry, vice pres; 


american chemical society 

I to r front: Stanley, pres.; kelly, sec; ladner; leroy. back: 
miller; poitevin; weber; garrett; gilbert, pub. chm.; young; 
dark; ingram, treas.; luckie, vp; dr. campbell, co-adv. 

1st row I to r: scruggs; lewis, sec; williams; corts, pres. 2nd 
row: baldwin, fac member; mcraney; ratcliffe; moffett; 
oden, historian. 3rd row: white; cox, vice-pres.; rawls; free- 
man, treas.; conerly, sponsor; aulenbrock, reporter; nunnery. 

pi omega pi 


adkinson, v-pres.; Johnson, social; schoeneck, sec; braud, 


__ __ , - 

z? {) 

, 1 







-i F 

m club 


gymnastic club 

runnels, pres.; holman, sec; hintson, v-pres.; peters, treas.; 
vaughn, historian; maily, program and equip, manager. 

top: sanders, ehlert, Johns, holmes, middle: robinson, alien, 
grady, snowden, magee, welborn, ellis, tillman, cocran. 
bottom: fife, barbo, dellarida, vandegrift. 



H i Mi -//- 

I \ 

front row I to r: schoeneck; Johnson; key; barnes; kondrat; 
shepherd; autry; edkins. back I to r: quick; chisolm; vitrano; 

yelverton; adkinson; wooten; applewhite; gillespie; battles; 
braud; mcadams; haley; Johnston; elliot; vance; isler. 

■■•• ■■■ ■ 

, n 


seated I to r: jerkins; bounds; dennis; ratliff; spitchley; aycock; kuehn; pizza; mcleod; 
kloss- ferrell; rountree; daughdrill. standing I to r: pitts; stevens; donahue; payne; 
holloway; davis; little; greathouse; smith; greer; callia; boothe; ladner; white; umbert; 




seated I to r: daugdrill, treas; kuehn, sec; spitchley; rose; ^^vP: 65 ^^; 
adv. standing I to r: callia, eff. charm greer, chan; donahue, vice pres, rountre* 


1st row I to r: mcclintock; love; craft; sills; marty; frignae; nuckols. 2nd row I to r: 
bufkin; ferrara; griff iths; blankenship; harris; blackburn; fillingham; holderfield; king; 
wilgar; harris; peden; case. 

WBBm 1 Ul 1 I f if flffiBB^BBl ! : I ■■■■I 

mil phi epsilon 

standing I to r: nuckols, historian; brignac, alumni sec. seated I to r: craft, sec; sills, 
treas; love, vice pres; mcclintock, pres; marty, guardian. 

front: Jerome, fac. adv. I to r: byrd, sec; king, sweetheart; gemeinhardt, treas.; fox 
pres.; rowan, vp; williams, warden, top: kilgard, parliamentarian. 

phi mu alpha sinfonia officers 

members: andrews; apperson; aron; berry; blakeney; bourdette; boyd; brown; brown; 
buck; burroughs; byrd; cheesman; correro; cox; davis; donovan; fox; fuller; gemein- 
hardt; gower; gregory; hodges; hull; kilgard; maddox; madsen; maples; mayfield; 
mims; moen; munsell; persons; pratt; rankin; ranney; rice; rigby; rogers; rowan; schell; 
shayton; smith; smith; stuart; thead; therrell; thrash; tillery; waite; wharton; williams; 
wl Mis; wucher. 


front I to r: varnado, pres; parke; courtney; pittman; free- 
man; freeman; byrd. 1st row down: munn, fac. adv; ed- 
wards; brown, vice pres; lawrence; sipes; bramlett; weems. 
2nd row down; dr. webster, fac. adv; vice, sec; leedy; 
eubanks; mckinion; colville; smith. 

kappa mu epsilon 

bottom left: mullins, treas; roberson; barnes; landry; salinos, 
adv; ford, bottom right: smerz, vice pres; garner; tomkins; 


society for advancement of management 

seated Itor 1st row: huhn, treas.; martin, rec. sec; little, corr. sec; fulcher, 2nd vp; 
burns, 1st vp. 2nd row: moga; davis; gentry; walden. 3rd row: Wallace; el lis ; allred; 
hill, fac. adv.; 4th row: trussell; chandler, at podium; breland, pres. standing I to r: 
kroha; gottleber, fac. adv.; ferrell; valentine. 

iota beta sigma 

I to r: waite, adv.; price, vp; phillips; bennett; walker, pres. seated: topp. not pictured: 
howard; baughn. 


1st row I to r: koos, adv.; dean, vice pres.; zupko, core 
sec; kelley; charmn of dept.; mccutchen, prof. 2nd row 
I to r: alfonso; lloyd; hopkins; campion, treas.; nelson; 
brown; captiva; fairchild. 3rd row I to r: richardson; 
caldwell; hatcher; eubanks; dumont. 4th row I to r: 
thornton; culpepper; Johnson; robertson. top: mason. 

geographical society of usm 
kappa kappa psi 

bottom row: williams, sec; cooley; brown; fox; brown. 
2nd row: fuller, pres.; pratt; mayfield; coleman; whar- 
tion; gregory; menamee; crum; spies, treas. 3rd row: 
schell; wocher; cox; rigdon; buck; golmon; correro; 
maddox; waite. 4th row: slavton; cheesman; skelton; bor- 
roughs. 5th row: blakeney; berry; davis; gemeinhardt; 


rho epsilon 

I to r 1st row: nace, adv.; vickery, vp; middleberg; poulos. 2nd row: white, sec-treas.; 
farmer; morgan. 3rd row: atwood; rayburn, pres.; pailet, dir. of expan. 

business fraternity council 

I to r seated: robinson, del.; cain, sec-treas.; mcleod, del. sig. pi rep. standing: ladner, 
vp; ratliff, pres.; greene, dean; ingram, his.; effinger, del.; elements, fac. adv. 


■;:■ ' ;:;:;:■ '■ : -'-s;:. ' ■ 


these were the party planners, but 
not just parties — speakers, shows, and 
"university activities" were arranged 
by these hard working ol' souls, pro- 
viding competition for the coast. I 50 
root beers and 15,000 peanut shells. 


top: mcdonald, pres.; giuffria, sec; hazzelrigg, v-pres.; wil- 
hite, refreshments; pollman, films; rushing, publicity; mc- 
cracken, music; bonner, publicity. 



beard, sec; edwards, pres.; rockwell, senior member; cox, treas.; morgan; 
russell, sgt. at arms; lawrence, v-pres. 

the customary sale of beanies, 
horns, and drawls to formerly finan- 
cially secure freshmen began another 
fall quarter and spirit drive for the 
yellowjackets (who for some reason 
wear black jackets), customs do 
change, to the "shear" delight of 
freshmen, the traditional hair styling 
event, one of the major adaptations 
to campus survival, was shelved, but 
the chief function of the yellowjackets 
was spirit distribution — liberally ap- 


"the keepers of the keys" — they 
keep them in and those out (respec- 
tively), the greatest aid to "good 
study habits" on the university cam- 
pus, as every year the equilibrium of 
the dorms depended upon the peri- 
odic intercom threats, nightly porch 
light flickers, housecoats and hair 
rollers, a substitute for the voice back 
home. cheep-a-little, talk-a-little; 
cheep-a-little, talk-a-little; cheep, 
cheep, cheep; cheep-a-lot, talk-a- 
little more. 


back: parish, odom, eichelberger, swarthout; front: carroll, jack- 
son, brand, touchton, randall. 


quiet hours! quiet hours! quiet 
hours! and then floor meeting! floor 
meeting! floor meeting! quick hide it 
before they see it! for boy friend 
advice, schedule shuffling, what to 
do, what to do!, the room in the 
middle always knew, the inevitable 
worry of acceptance was equal from 
both parties, but somehow the fresh- 
men made it and became incorpo- 
rated into campus activities some- 
time during the three quarters, 
monkey see, monkey do. 


back row: mayfield, wilgar, uzzle, hutchinson, booth, shoemaker, 
middle row: serafin, pollman, pryor, king, eichelberger, pearson, 
ethridge. front row: gruff ria, bryant, lowrey. 


first organized on usm's campus in 
I960, the pen- and sword offered a 
social environment which strived to 
bind together the common interests 
of those with military backgrounds, 
it is open to students, faculty or staff 
members who are on active duty or 
retired from the united states armed 


■■:■:- ~- ■ ■ ■ ■ '■■ 

pen and sword 



first row: pogue, ladner, douglas, roberts, holmes, lee, murphy, 
conerly, riggs, gunter, simpson. second row: rasco, best, pritchett, 

martin, ellis, Stanley, moore, home, rook, greer, slaughter, third 
row: adnier, cheek, boyd, stewart, moody. 

rho eta sigma 

mitchell, roberts, treas.; stewart, pres.; conerly, supt. of 
men's housing; douglas, adv.; novas, v-pres.; huhn, sec. 

since 1963, rho eta sigma had of- 
fered a mandatory opportunity for 
proctors to better residence halls, 
proctors kept it quiet if they were 
there, griped about fire extinguish- 
ers, and inspected rooms (if it wasn't 
up to the window sills, you passed), 
prerequisites for proctorship are ka- 
rati 413, criminology 280, waterfights 
210, intermediate fire equipment 
handling, and leadership. 


percussion ensemble 


p& -ff 


jazz lab band 


young republicans 







collegiate civinettes 


^*. e! &<?*d&:'«& ■ ^^W^- 

university singers 

"just once and you're out. do you 
understand?" "thisisyourpiiiiitch; 

readyeeee, siiiing." eighty-five tal- 
ented southern students, chosen 
through audition and directed by dr. 
david foltz, traveled to mexico city 
this year to perform with the sym- 
phony orchestra, besides mexico city, 
the southern singers presented con- 
certs with the mobile symphony, the 
Jackson symphony, and the new Or- 
leans symphony. 


usm symphonic band 

the 82-piece organization, directed 
by dr. alan h. drake, travelled to 
knoxville, tennessee, and mobile, ala- 
bama, to present and perform con- 
certs to national music conventions, 
for the southern student, guest, con- 
ductors and soloists were incorpo- 
rated with the band in two formal 
concerts on campus, highlights of the 
year were recorded in Ip stereo and 
selected to be included in a national 
publication of band literature. 


southern players had a red barn 
that never saw a cow. it was a cold 
building that dropped below freez- 
ing during tryouts and had several 

as an apprentice one learned the 
details of flat building and remem- 
bering lines, one essential fact you 
had to remember was that a prima 
donna was someone whose shoes 
weren't nailed to the shop floor, 
george grip didn't wear shoes, just 
masking tape and I x 3's. initiation 
into the brotherhood came by learn- 
ing to use the proper words — nurd 
. . . "f" . . . shulk . . . gink . . . truck 
it . . . gunge . . . "you wish, marie" 
. . . "don't you evah say that 
again" . . . 

plays were forgotten after strike 
night, but particular lives and small 
incidents will live on forever. 

"good god, man! what fresh hor- 

elizabeth — known affectionately. 

"marat, we're poor." 

"i'm normal." 

sister fred loved count sore throat 

david dufek and drum, "toilet, 
toilet, toilet." 

helen and jim exit, stage left, on 
motorcycle, into wall, 30 mph. 

"i don't see any red line." "there 
isn't one." 

some people had to step on nails 
to get into character. 

'pretence? reality!' i've spent a 
whole play on account of these 

"i think that i shall never see/any- 
one but buddy make a tree." 

"charenton charenton napoleon 
napoleon nation . . ." 

a little girl came a hundred miles 
to see "bremen town musicians" — 
and missed the show, so we did it all 
over again for her. 

hartwig, Sheffield, lambert, catlett, easfon, winterstein, zillmer, hammons 
baker, trigg, simmons, smith, ellias, posey, carlen, hammonds 
miller, owen, curry, alien, rudd 


appropriately, this organization 
completes this section for it is com- 
pletely service — services that are 
sometimes taken for granted but 
highly appreciated, alpha phi omega 
handled the distribution of student 
phone directories, distribution of 
student guides, and ushered at func- 
tions held in the coliseum, they have 
to their credit the frank alien cain 
service award trophy for outstanding 
service on campus. 

alpha phi omega 

front row: english, 2nd v-president; hewes, treasurer; 
koos, advisor; franklin, pledge trainer; price, president; 
milstead, sec. middle row: alexander, williams, sowell, 

smerz, coats, reber. back row: michael, hazen, dart, 
gillis, slayton. 



amacker, blue, giuffria, king, bryant, askew (not pictured, hi 

student christian federation 

amacker, president; bryant, vice president; askew, secretary. 



committee of 50 


chi alpha 



Johnson, sec. treas. 

hammond, v. pres. 



cox, pres. 














jussley, treas. 

Johnson, pres. 

rouse, v. pres. 

palmer, publicity 



fellowship of christian athletes 


koinonia club 

association of baptist students 

ferrara, sec. 
baragona, pres. 
hatcher, adv. 
vice, v. pres- 
moore, treas. 













J J F 


1 a- 



■ ■ 


phi tau ch 


baptist student union 


seated: reverend napier, director; dark, 2nd vice president; ferrell, 1st vice 
president, standing: lawson, treasurer; ducker, president; burr, secretary. 

wesley foundation 

1st row: holman, dark, ragland, burr, napier. 2nd row: snellgrove, smith, mc- 
lendon, hazen, nicholson, lawson, parsons, houze, hunter, de'medicis. 3rd row; 
willis, ducker, haase, maxwell, forrell, kilgard, thorne, watson. 

front: sykes, swontek. back: sister columba, ugolini, curry, father rietti. 

newman federation 

1st row: father rietti, beltram, sykes, curry, swontek, ugolini, sister columba. 
2nd row: eubanks, degeorge, duda, fitzgerald, haughton, patterson. 3rd row: 
vedrenne, doona, preece, dobbs, macias, ziz. 





1969 southerner 

section editors: scruggs, pratt, mcmullan, ross, ladner, guiffria, r 
carty, tilley, horn, mayfield, lanius, moore, pinkerton, armstro 
bianchi, gammel, bryant, russell. 

editor ree stauss. 

more than one night of typing, 
cutting, rewriting, cropping, cutting, 
drawing cursing, and cutting — more 
than one night of black coffee, candy 
bars, and melt-in-your-mouth caffeine 
tablets — totaled this outlook, back- 
look, involving much time and more 
than one person who really cared, 
luckily we found both, the staff and 
especially those who served in re- 
sponsible positions deserve far more 
than the mention of their name on a 

though the staff has spent a year 
incorporating in pictures and words 
some of the images southern people 
have of themselves, as well as those 
they impose on the university, and 
though the student body has spent 
hours and much effort questioning 
any staff members, this yearbook was 

traditionally late, except for nelson, 
"the average southerner" only be- 
came associated with the annual if 
he stood in a line to have his class 
picture taken or if he stood in a line 
to get his yearbook, (traditionally this 
occurs during exams, and cramming 
is momentarily postponed.) 

therefore, it has been our job and 
our purpose to depict the year's 
meaning that once unfolded by sur- 
prise as it went — not just to retell the 
year, but to spark a memory, due to 
factors of time and space we have 
not been able to record everything 
that has taken place, our images must 
be recorded on film and in words, 
we hope that you find our images and 
recognize your own. if we can remind 
you of that day when or that person 
who, then we will have succeeded. 

donnie fitts, executive editor; fred kloman, 
business manager. 

student printz 

the student printz . . . every tues- 
day and thursday mornings and by 
late afternoon has spread the local 
(and not so local) gossip, rumors, love 
affairs, misunderstandings, alterca- 
tions, unusual spellings, news, and 
loose pages across the campus. 

after checking an empty post of- 
fice box, the next phase in a student's 
conditioned response is reaching into 
the student printz box for the latest 
edition, and the one before it, and 
probably the one before that, the 
students look forward to each paper 
but can't seem to see through it, as 

is exhibited by the bruises, bumps, 
and even jaywalking. 

after forty-two years of publica- 
tion, national recognition, and win- 
ning the all-american award and Co- 
lumbia medal, our newspaper still 
provides a communication line be- 
tween students, faculty, and adminis- 
tration, completely student edited, 
written, slanted, and printed, the 
student printz provides practical ex- 
perience in writing, photography, 
editing, and advertising, it provides 
the campus with the best in com- 
munication and interpretation, and a 
shield against a sudden downpour. 



to every freshman a "compliment- 
ary" copy of the drawl is presented 
upon arrival for the small fee of 
$3.00, the price of a harbrace college 
handbook, but this guide is probably 
referred to more in the first week of 


"discovering southern" than the col 
lege handbook, also the drawl is ar 

aid to upperclassmen who are bar 
raged by question and answer peri 
ods from new arrivals, it's all in the 
drawl, drag it out. 

miss southern handbook 

this one's free, just like any other 
textbook on which you are tested, is 
there no rest? all "proper young la- 
dies" new to southern are given a 
handbook and later a test to show 
their comprehension of "dos" and 
"you better nots." so at the first part 
of fall quarter, freshmen women are 
able to join the singers in singing the 
first two stanzas of our alma mater. 



contemporary . . . the measure of 
the creative ability of southern stu- 
dents ... a literary magazine com- 
posed, edited, illustrated, distrib- 
uted, and purchased (by some) on 
the university campus, among the top 
in the south in creative expression, it 
placed first in the 1967 literary fes- 
tival and won an honorable mention 
in the national contest sponsored by 

the coordination council of literary 
magazines last spring, lambda lota 
tau, honorary literary society, is ac- 
credited with the publication of the 
sixty-page magazine composed of 
original short stories, poetry, formal 
essays, informal essays, one-act plays, 
and included for the second year, 
illustrations depicting the shortest 
poem or "a I 000 words." 

contemporary staff: everett, newell, smith, studeny, poole, roper. 


staff . . . bottom: risher, phillips. top: walker, 
mcadory, price, case. 

a year of growth, a year of ma- 
turity, a year of acquisition, a year of 
participation, the radio-television- 
film area at the university literally 
leaped forward to become a major 
factor in campus and community life. 

more than thirteen thousand dol- 
lars in film equipment was acquired; 
twelve thousand dollars worth of tele- 
vision and radio material donated; 
and campus radio station wmsu 
reached nearly every corner of the 
campus — broadcasting news, com- 
mentary, university features, docu- 
mentaries, and the "young, modern 
sound" in music. 

better than one hundred majors 
and minors participated in broadcast 
activities, including operation of the 
campus station, production of televi- 
sion specials, taking course work in 
announcing, news, writing, law, man- 

agement, sales, film, television, and 
sports broadcasting. 

dave waite headed the area in as- 
sociation with dr. john gregory, newly 
added to the faculty as a film and 
communications specialist. 

communications department chair- 
man, dr. forrest tucker, enthusiasti- 
cally backed the development of the 
electronic communications medium, 
providing the leadership necessary to 
continue the acceleration already 

the purpose of radio-television-film 
is to provide professional student 
training so graduates may be quali- 
fied to join commercial and educa- 
tional stations, the record shows that, 
since 1966, more than sixty have al- 
ready found positions in television, 
radio, public relations, and educa- 
tional broadcast facilities. 

southern broadcasters 

southern broadcasters . . . front: fernandez, 
mcadory, waiters, first row: wages, long, 
lewis, fannin, griffon, waite, cameron, risher, 
sanders, ross, hewes, atkinson, schledwitz. 

second row: webb, guinn, price, dark, cook, 
leonard, rawson, nuckols, phillips, hill, ray- 
born, schwartz, collins, hanna. third row: 
dabbs, Scarborough, walker. 



reserve officers training corp 

seated left to right: mai felsher, Itc chadick, col echols pms, Itc bozeman, maj sentel 
maj patten, standing left to right: maj cook, maj murchison, cpt robbins, ssg capece, 
sgm vaugn, sp5 Jones, sfc weeks, ssg hassey. 

brigade staff: 

si cadet mag. vaughn 

xo cadet Itc. martin 

s2 cadet mag. hills 

bde. sponsor spitchley 

s3 cadet mag. Wallace 

bde. c.o. cadet col. lott 

s4 1st It. lawson 

band: company cadet capt. wharton, sponsor barneko, drum major correro, 1st sgt. pratt, director hong. 

sponsors: oakes, spitchley, cubley, haley, madison, frese, frese, 
meadows, beason, anders, Jones, shirley, smith, ange. 

the rote program at southern was de- 
signed to graduate gualified officers and 
leaders for an army that can expand rapidly 
in the event of a national emergency, a sec- 
ondary mission was to provide citizenship 
and leadership training for all freshman and 
sophomore male students enrolled in basic 

the unit, now in its nineteenth year of 
training cadets, has come a long way since 
beginning as an artillery school, it now has 
incorporated into its curriculum all courses 
applicable to the varied branches of the 
army, upon graduation and fulfillment of all 
reguirements each cadet receives a com- 
mission as second lieutenant in the united 
states army. 


first battalion: sponsor anders, s3 cadet capt. ducker, c.o. cadet 
It. col. moody, si cadet 1st It. gill 

i, . 


third battalion: sponsor Jones, si cadet 1st It. walker, c.o. cadet 
It. col. graham, s3 cadet maj. ishee 

second battalion: sponsor madison, s3 cadet maj. chaze, c.o 
cadet It. col. gay, si cadet 1st It. alexander 


■fourth battalion: sponsor cubley, si cadet 1st It. best, c.o. cadet 
maj. curry, s3 cadet capt. loper 



a company: sponsor ange, c.o. cadet 1st It. buxton, cadet 1st 
sgt. hill 

b company: cadet cpt. whiddon, sponsor frese, cadet 1st sgt. 

c company: cadet cpt. masset, sponsor frese, cadet 1st sgt. kel 

d company: cadet cpt. kalagian, soonsor kihyet, cadet 1st sgt. 


e company: cadet 1st It. rhymes, sponsor smith, cadet 1st sgt. 

f company: cadet cpt. harrington, sponsor oakes, cadet 1st sgt. 

g company: cadet cpt. sipes, sponsor shirley, cadet 1st sgt . 


h company: cadet cpt. smith, sponsor beason, cadet 1st sgt. 


I company: sponsor franklin, cadet It. col. martin, cadet maj. 
ishee, cadet maj. mckennon 

rangers: cadet maj. bozeman, sponsor craft, cadet 1st sgt. little 

distinguished military students: 

ishee, Wallace, hills, mckennon, lott, martin 

massey, graham, moody, gay, vaughn 

pershing rifles: cadet cpt. geisel, sponsor meadows, cadet 1st 
sgt. tims 


the Wednesday warriors marched 
again . . . helping to defend our campus 
against foreign invasion, these "crack" 
volunteers from the freshman and 
sophomore ranks devoted their entire 
Wednesday afternoons to the noble art 
of close order drill. 

rote life was not all fun and games; 
however, there were serious things like 
the formals and parties, but most of the 
time, they just took to the field and 
tried to do their thing at the same time 
on the same foot — and have been try- 
ing for years. 



margo ross 





oppe amacker 

myers moore 

cote bish 



miss usm 

linda amacker 


mr. usm 

torn wickliffe 

sherrye ethridge 


inda mills 


ruby kihyet 


nancy barneko 


diane anders 

rosie ra\ 

camille butler 


diane beason 

homecoming queen, linda amacker 

beason, bishop, hendershot, ethridge, spi+chley, talbert 


files of crepe paper, a charging 
bull, chicken wire sculpture, a coloni- 
al mansion, people popping out of 
the woodwork, a bevy of go-go girls, 
and "bully for southern" (????) 
marked the annual happening south- 
erners now refer to as homecoming 
'68. amid all the color and gaiety 
queen linda amacker's smile beamed 
as she and her homecoming court 
were introduced in a campus wide 
parade, diane beason and brenda 
talbert represented the freshman 

and sophomore classes respectively, 
while kathy bishop and drenda 
spitchley were the junior and senior 
maids, sherrye ethridge was chosen 
as student body maid and vicki 
hendershot served for the graduate 
class, the mighty southerners may 
have bowed graciously from the 
score board; but the "pride" won 
the battle of the bands, an unusually 
beautiful day ended and so did 
homecoming '68. 


miss southern pageant 

the miss southern pageant opened 
with hundreds of smiles and 24 beau- 
tiful smiles, all were seekers and fol- 
lowers of "the impossible dream." 
one wish came true; the cinderella- 
girl was linda mills, at the state pag- 
eant, two girls became queens — lin- 
da mills won mississippi's crown and 
sherrye ethridge donned southern's. 




miss southern p 

the miss southern pagea 
with hundreds of smiles an< 
tiful smiles, all were seeke 
lowers of "the impossible 
one wish came true; the 
girl was linda mills, at the 
eant, two girls became q 
da mills won mississippi's 
sherrye ethridge donned 




Janice ladner 
gross scruggs 
steve sparks 






■* % 

i * 







s. e. louislana 





h 14-15 

nicholls state 






texas a&m 


h 21-22 

ole miss 



east Carolina 



texas at el paso 


h 26 

spring hill 



miss, state 





h 28-29 




ole miss 



west texas state 






memphis state 



east tennessee st. 



delta state 



louisiana tech 



southeastern la. 



south alabama 



san diego state 



u of texas 



miss, state 


u of richmond 






spring hill 



u of tampa 



west florida 



delta state 



louisiana tech 



south alabama 



west florida 



miss, college 



spring hill 



delta state 



samford u. 



louisiana tech 



southeastern la. 



northwestern la. 






1 10-79 

1 10-79 


morehead state 

south alabama 

samford u. 

delta state 

spring hill 









keesler afb 


h 14-15 

nicholls state 


h 6-7 

van hook invitational 



miss, state 


h 21 

miss, college 


h 13- 

14 buckhaults invitational 





h 22 

belhaven college 


h 18 

u. of alabama 





h 22 

millsaps college 


h 21 

spring hill & sou. illinois 





h 25 



h 24 

west florida 





h 26 

s.e. louisiana 


h 25 

spring hill 





h 28-29 

usm invitational 


h 31 

south alabama 



keesler afb 






west florida 






lakeland college 



miss, state 



miss state 



s.e. louisiana 






south alabama 






spring hill 



south alabama 



miss, college 








Isu, Isuno, mcnease state 



ole miss 



miss, intercollegiate 


25-26 miss. 

invitational tourn. 



south alabama 



west florida 



west florida 




assistant line coach armstrong, first assistant and end coach poole, defensive backfield coach berry, offensive line coach cc 

offensive backfield coach barfield, head coach vann, defensive line coach owe 


does a 4-6 record constitute a 
losing season? southern students and 
alumni would say yes. but football 
speculators, looking at the schedule, 
would understand when southern 
played a host of such nationally 
known teams as alabama, state, ole 
miss, memphis state, and san diego 
state . . . how could they possibly 
come out untarnished? the headlines 
outlined the story of a team which 
could have had the most striking sea- 
son ever, listen to a synopsis of the 
headlines: "crucial mistakes kill south- 
erners," "defense causes key fum- 
ble, recovery and interceptions." 
"inconsistencies spoil great southern 
effort." southern did everything to 
alabama but beat them, one ques- 
tion emerged from these comments, 
"why did southern have to play the 
fourth quarter?" that may sound ab- 
surd, but alabama and ole miss would 
have fallen if it had not been for 
southern's fourth quarter jinx, but a 
forceful final quarter is the mark of a 
great football team, "down to the 
wire," one might say. 

despite a disappointing record, 
the picture was not all grim, southern 
humbled arch rival mississippi state 
and played impressive football with 
alabama and ole miss, with an 
abundance of brawn and brain, "go- 
get-em" was apparent for the open- 
ing game with southeastern louisiana. 

for a suitable opener the southern 
generals methodically fashioned a 
27-15 victory, southern led in every 
category and ruined the hammond- 
ites bid for their first win. 

optimism reigned, and spirit grew 
as southern prepared for coach bear 
bryant and his alabama crimson tide, 
thirty-eight thousand fans poured in- 
to mobile's ladd stadium as the 
southern underdogs tried to avenge 
last year's narrow defeat, southern 
spotted 'bama an early seven point 
lead but came roaring back before 
halftime for a 7-7 tie. 'bama fans 
didn't take the usual coke break, but 
sat shocked that the tide wasn't 
rolling, the see-saw battle which fol- 
lowed resulted in tensions and hoarse 
throats that later deadened on the 

southern side when bama quarter- 
back scott hunter hit george ranager 
with a 34 yard aerial for the 17-14 
victory, southern's most inspired 
scoring drive of the season brought 
the capacity crowd to its feet when 
the generals marched 68 yards in six 
plays for the score, on fourth and 
one with eleven seconds on the clock, 
tommy boutwell passed to toby 
vance in the end zone as the half 
ended, sophomore sensation larry 

moulton added the second go-ahead 
touchdown in the third period crash- 
ing over from the two, ending south- 
ern's second sustained drive. 

the words of coach pie vann that, 
"one game doesn't make a season," 
proved true for the next two games, 
southern completely humiliated east 
Carolina's "potent" single wing 
offense, 65-0 holding the pirates to 
10 yards passing and minus 14 yards 
rushing, while this was happening 


1st row: more, ussery, rayburn, caughman, Johnston, harris, orrell, adkinson, battles, chisholm, barnes, key, hinton, davis, jussely, craft, 
leard, moulton, rouse, bass, dabbs, fairchild, mcmillan, gillespie 2nd row: clotfelter, hale, fore, surace, shattles, davenport, sellman, 
braud, isler, shepherd, mcmahan, Johnson, gardner, witt, price, palmer, brinkman, wood, hatcher, soberoski, fayard, wright, wooten 3rd 

southern was scoring at will using 
three different offensive units, the 
generals' offense was so fired up 
that they scored the first four times 
they had the ball amassing a total of 
131 yards passing and 175 yards 
rushing, the general's one-sided track 
meet also set a new record for the 
number of times the fight song was 
played in a single game. 

one week later in starkville, south- 
ern filled the stadium at scott field, 
persistent cries of "go to hell, cow 
college, go to hell," announced 
southern's arrival, the generals were 
out to show state that last year's 
"first ever" victory was no freak. 

southern was basking a 20-7 half- 
time lead on two touchdown passes 
from boutwell to larry moulton and 

toby vance and a one yard keeper 
by no. 2 quarterback terry mcmillan. 
the fans screamed for more to 
avenge the trouncing they had re- 
ceived in the past and to become 
the state's number one team, over 
twenty thousand homecoming fans 
watched as boutwell threw and ran 
the generals to a 47-14 victory, the 
cowbells were silenced as boutwell 
opened with a 55 yard pass play to 
larry moulton followed by terry mc- 
millan's one yard sneak. John hale, 
once a maroon, kicked two field 
goals plus four extra points, boutwell 
ran for two more and larry ussery 
ended the scoring with a 24 yard 
pass interception. 

so, the stage was set for the big 
one with the sophomore studded ole 

miss rebels, in the most exciting 
game of the season the southerners 
stormed to a first period touchdown 
to put the rebel homecoming crowd 
on edge, but super sophomore archie 
manning came to life and foiled 
southern's chance for their first vic- 
tory in nine outings with the rebs. 

record breaking manning ran and 
passed in brilliant style, engineering 
two fourth quarter touchdowns to 
break the game open with the key 
play coming on a 49 yard pass to 
end vernon stoddard. to get south- 
ern back on the scoreboard, boutwell 
pitched an all-or-nothing aerial that 
was intercepted by danny hooker 
and returned 67 yards for the final 

southern put its last points on the 



vl'*^ %**$&** 

ii/0 MPM* 

* <* 

row: yenni, elliot, rhodes, vance, berger, miles, cook, letort, carter, mckay, windham, wright, haynes, stringer, white, landry, harris, kondrat, 
diethorn, heflin, windham, boutwell, schoeneck, hood, thomas, applewhite, quick, mcclammy, stewart, haley, tompkins, mcadams, yelver- 
ton, mikel, tuggle, channell, Johnson, autry, harris, evans 

board with a minute to play when 
leading rusher, johnny Johnson, 
pushed one yard, the spirit plunged; 
along with it went southern's next 
tour games. 

some 30,380 fans turned, out at 
memphis state's homecoming to 
watch what was previewed to be a 
close game, what started out as a 
southern rout was turned into a 
southern nightmare as the tigers 
walked away battered but with a 
clean 29-7 victory, the fourth quar- 
ter jinx hit the generals; they never 
managed to get anything going, pass 
interceptions, fumbles and mental 
errors stifled any chance southern 
might have had of getting back in 
the game, evidently, the tigers came 
to play, they took advantage of 

every break available and used 
southern's mistakes to good pur- 
poses, southern won almost all the 
battles but managed to lose the war 
by a much larger score than the 
game indicated, southern led in first 
downs 22-13 and in total offense 
367-241 . but southern didn't manage 
to score until the second period even 
though they threatened twice inside 
the 10 yard line, doug rouse set up 
southern's only tally on an intercept- 
ed pass where frank Johnston 
rammed in from a yard out. a free- 
for-all by players from both benches 
capped the evening's activities. 

revengeful louisiana tech remem- 
bering a 58-7 slashing by the south- 
erners last year added insult to injury 
by ruining southern's homecoming, 

only the second in 20 years for 
coach vann. they jolted southern 
27-20 before a crowd of 15,000. 
tech quarterback terry bradshaw put 
on a brilliant first half passing exhi- 
bition bringing the bulldogs back 
from a 7-0 deficit to a 21-7 advan- 
tage at one point, usm didn't do so 
bad statistically — southern led 23-20 
in first downs and 309-248 yards in 
passing, halfback johnny Johnson led 
southern's ground gainers with 86 
yards in 13 trips, ronnie channel 
grabbed two touchdown passes from 
boutwell, but danny haley and tony 
yelverton did the bulk of the receiv- 
ing with 92 and 71 yards respective- 
ly, with spirit at an ebb, southern 
awaited the long journey to the west 
coast and a chance at "the number 



one small college team in the na- 

the next weekend forced most of 
southern to save money and listen to 
the game on the radio, with the 
opening kick-off, southern was imme- 
diately in trouble, frank Johnston 
fumbled, and the ball fell into the 
arms of an aztec lineman who went 
28 yards to score with only 55 sec- 
onds on the clock, southern got their 
only score of the evening as they 
marched down the field in eleven 
plays with boufwell sneaking in from 
the one. the half ended at a narrow 
13-7 aztec margin, the generals, on 
their way to suffering their worst de- 
feat in years, fell to pieces as san 
diego state amassed 55 points in the 
second half to win 68-7. 

in southern's final home game at 
faulkner field, the generals went 
down 33-7 to last year's homecoming 
victim, the richmond spiders, this 
fifth straight loss marked the first 
time richmond had managed to de- 
feat southern in seven tries, the loss 
guaranteed coach vann his first los- 
ing season since he assumed com- 
mand in 1949. the same culprit that 
had been causing all the trouble in 
the past did southern in again: por- 
ous pass defense, spider quarterback 
buster o'brien hit 22 of 39 passes for 
387 yards and three touchdowns, 
this proved too much for southern's 
offense to overcome, southern's only 




score came early in the third period 
on a sustained 58 yard drive with the 
td coming on a pass from boutwell 
to vance. in all, southern lost four 
fumbles and one interception while 
southern defenders only managed to 
pick off one spider pass and recov- 
ered only a single fumble, after the 
game coach vann made a statement 
which explained southern's poor 
showings, vann said his players 
hadn't been ready either physically 
or mentally since the ole miss game, 
"i guess i sold them too much on that 
one." he also said that they were go- 

ing to beat tampa, and that they 

the southerners gave retiring 
coach vann a final victory to cap his 
20th year with the generals, the 
twice beaten spartans went down 
21-7 before 20,900 disappointed 
fans at tampa stadium, larry moulton 
made a slow, grinding 80 yard drive 
pay off in the second quarter with a 
three yard run for the first touch- 

southern capped another scoring 
opportunity early in the third quar- 
ter with boutwell getting the ball 

down to the tampa one yard line on 
passes of 14 yards and 9 yards to 
channell and a 10 yard toss to danny 
haley. boutwell carried the ball into 
the end zone from the one. early in 
the fourth quarter moulton clicked 
off another three yard touchdown 
run and boutwell picked up two more 
points on the conversion, southern 
for the first time in six games showed 
their ability which they displayed ir 
the early season, new blood wil 
come on and take over the helm anc 
next year it will be southern who wil 
be out for revenge. 


m , 

* * "• ~* 


f fi' <><«. 


■ ■ 

»Jfa a* 

t i -*L ;; 






back: hammack, diethorn, edkins, ladner, lockhart. 
front: dodge, corsetto, vitrano, ross, swindle, morton. 

the 68-69 basketball season 
brought one of the toughest opening 
schedules in the history of the 
school, before the opener, coach lee 
floyd was guoted as saying that the 
golden giants had a rough schedule; 
he was thinking especially of the first 
four games, they were the top 
ranked teams of houston, texas a&m, 
texas at el paso, and louisville. al- 
though losing to each of these 
teams, the southerners showed con- 
fidence of what was to come by 
displaying very strong opposition to 
them all. 

pre-season excitement had the 
fans talking about houston, the only 
team to defeat the ucla bruins last 
season, although outclassed by the 
flashy texans, the giants gave them 
unexpected opposition in the form 
of the big man, wendell ladner. when 

a team loses, it's usually on the road 
— exactly what southern was up 

texas at el paso, formally texas 
western, showed their scoring ability 
by posting a 92-7 1 victory over 
southern, the same score of the 
houston game. 

the texas a&m aggies turned the 
trick on their home court in a closer 
battle of 95-82. 

louisville, with all american butch 
beard, handed the giants their 
fourth consecutive loss on the road, 

to avenge the losses to three 
other texas teams, southern met west 
texas state in the opener of the usm 
invitational and skinned the buffa- 
loes 83-75. all american candidate 
sammie hill, the nation's seventh 
leading scorer, bagged only 14 

points and pulled down 14 rebounds 
in their losing cause, his opponent on 
the hardwood and especially on the 
boards, ladner, scored 22 with 18 re- 
bounds, the main scoring punch 
came from rich corsetto, the nation's 
leading scorer in junior colleges last 
year, as he hit for 28 points, ladner's 
and corsetto's accomplishments 
placed them on the all tourney team. 

in the finals, of the usm invitation- 
al, southern met east tennessee state 
and won the title with a 93-75 vic- 
tory, vitrano, southern's flashy guard 
paced the attack with 3 I points but 
missed the all tourney team by only 
one vote. 

after defeating southeastern lou- 
isiana 93-72, southern again traveled 
to texas where the jinx persisted as 
the university of texas at austin won 

back: edwards, byrne, sumblin, cooper, force, Jordan, 
front: marencel, dearman, dews. 

another tough game was played 
at the mobile classic against familiar 
sec foe auburn, southern went down 
by a narrow 73-70. not to be denied 
a victory at mobile, southern defeat- 
ed west florida the next night in the 
consolation game 95-91. 

another road game set up the 
giants next loss as we met and were 
conquered by louisiana tech 101-83. 

west florida, remembering their 
defeat in mobile, came back and de- 
feated the southerners on their 
home court, 90-69. this left us with 
a dismal 4-8 record. 

southern again returned to mobile 
and beat spring hill 83-69. paul 
dodge and jack lockhart paced the 
southern attack with 16 each, ladner, 
who had been averaging 2 1 plus 
points a game, had 14 and played 
an exceptional game under the 


from here southern started click- 
ing, winning their next four games 
and setting the school spirit on fire, 
after spring hill, delta state went 
down 75-74 in Cleveland, samford 
university of birmingham, who is al- 
ways a threat to the giants, went 
down easily under the wrath of the 
southerners and ladner, who scored 
25 points and hauled down 12 re- 
bounds, robert swindle also added a 
scoring punch with 16. 

another revenge game was on tap 
as louisiana tech visited southern's 
stomping grounds and got stomped 
with an unsuspected 95-85. 

southern went over the .500 mark 
for the first time in the season with 
a 96-79 victory over southeastern 
louisiana at hammond. the win, the 
giants fifth in a row, brought them 

to a 9-8 record, the tough lions held 
southern to a two point half-time 
lead, 45-43. after 3:30 had elapsed 
in the second half, the giants opened 
to an II point lead, ladner continued 
an awesome attack with 24 points 
and 12 rebounds, with corsetto add- 
ing 18. the fans, however, were 
starting to take notice of robert 
swindle, as he pumped through 12. 

floyd's golden giants started their 
seven game homestand on a bad 
note by losing to northwestern lou- 
isiana 106-99. this broke southern's 
five game streak and was only the 
second defeat at home, corsetto 
and swindle had 23 and 21 points, 

when you think of kentucky, for 
sports, you usually think of basket- 
ball, southern was now to be tested 
by kentucky in the form of morehead 

state, this was beginning to look like 
big time basketball as morehead had 
one of the highest scoring offenses 
in the nation and led the nation for 
several weeks, could southern knock 
them off? all week coach floyd put 
the giants in the mental condition 
that said "yes." morehead went into 
the game averaging 93-plus points a 
game — southern, about 84. when the 
final buzzer sounded, southern had 
turned these averages around to 
read 93-85, an inspiring southern vic- 
tory, ladner turned in his finest per- 
formance scoring 34 points with 24 
rebounds, the largest crowd of the 
season, 3,000, saw a balanced south- 
ern attack, behind ladner came cor- 
setto with 19, vitrano with 16, and 
swindle with 10. 

the south alabama game put lad- 
ner over the 1,000 point mark and 
gave southern their third consecu- 
tive win, 95-79. reed green coliseum 
was now being regularly attended, 
for southern was consistently win- 
ning, during the closing games of 
the season it was beginning to look 
like basketball had found its place in 

the minds of southern fans. 

on the next tuesday night, south- 
ern bombed the samford bulldogs 
I 10-79, a team which has always 
been a southern hex. coach floyd 
emptied his bench and still stayed on 
top, for the giants felt they were un- 

the next home game against delta 
state was a heart-breaker, a big 
series came from bill hammack in the 
second half as he scored nine quick 

points which seemed to put the 
game in southern's grasp, with one 
second remaining, delta state's low- 
ell king sank a lefthanded, back- 
handed shot to edge out the giants 
84-82. the "luck" shot ended south- 
ern's four game streak and the most 
exciting game of the season, south- 
ern played an inspired game but not 
enough to offset the last shot and 
sammy little, whose firm offense 
netted him 40 points. 


southern closed the 68-69 home- 
stand with an impressive I 10-79 vic- 
tory over spring hill, the win gave 
southern a 14-10 record, with one 
game remaining. 

centenary college stayed close fo 
the giants the entire game, but with 
the aid of senior center jack lock- 
hart, the southerners pulled through 
an 82-78 thriller, the game was tied 
at 78 all when southern chose to stall 
and get the final shot, with seconds 
remaining dodge missed a shot 
which was tapped in by lockhart. 
ladner then stole the inbounds pass 
and put it in for the finale. 

wendell ladner finished the season 
with a 22.4 scoring average, rich 
corsetto finished with 17.5 and John 
vitrano ended with 13.0 points a 
game, ladner and vitrano are both 
juniors and corsetto is a sophomore, 
these facts, combined with an 86.4 
team average, lead to much justified 
speculation of a better season next 

jBEgT" j 




familiar faces in the 1968 usm 
lineup were scarce, but freshmen 
and sophomores did an outstanding 
job. the team was built around six 
returning lettermen: ed assaf, steve 
Campbell, John vitrano, Jackie mccas- 
kill, rod windham, and Joel williams. 

the southerners opened a 25 game 
scheduled season with a loss to au- 
burn, although our team was plagued 
with errors, the starting pitcher, ed 
assaf, threw an incredible 204 
pitches, this, to say the least, was 
quite a performance! 

the first home run of the season 
was propelled outside the left cen- 
terfield fence by vitrano. this 
seemed to give the team the needed 
boost and the game with nicholls 
state finally broke a three game los- 
ing streak with a score of 4-1. the 
game with alabama was mainly a 
pitcher's duel but bama's victory 
was won through southern's errors. 

it took a long time for southern to 
announce a second win, but it an- 
nexed victory number two over mis- 
sissippi college at the usm diamond 
after the game with alabama. 

the remaining games were dotted 
with numerous errors, rhubarbs, 
pitching changes, and other time 
consuming activities, the end of the 
year saw a record of 8 and 12. 

in 1969 coach "pete" taylor's 
team will have a group of more ex- 
perienced players and the load will 
be shifted from a few to a team 

coaches: taylor, weemes 


1969 squad, front: abby, fargason, webb, sheets, flynt, chance, 
willoz, monroe, scott, beckler, windham. back: coach taylor, 

rasco, nutt, foshee, ford, ruby, nuckles, gorney, vlaming, williams, 
vitrano, mathews, coach weemes. 


the usm soccer team represents 
13 countries, among these are spain, 
turkey, germany, italy, several latin 
american countries, the united states 
and canada. in a season of 10 
games, southern won 8 of them. 

to boot the season off, southern 
traveled to keesler afb in biloxi. the 
game ended in defeat for southern, 
but when we played them again on 
our home field, the outcome was 
much more acceptable, with a score 
of 7-2. the games with mississippi 
state were rather unigue. one was a 
rousing 5-2 win for southern while 
the other was given to us by default. 

scheduled for the first time, south- 
ern played the newly established 
soccer team at Isuno. the score was 
15-0, our favor, in the second en- 
counter, the outcome was southern 
9 and Isuno 0. soon after this, Isuno's 
soccer team retired. 

one of the most exciting games of 
the season was with tulane. as in the 
past, they were the hottest rival, 
southern made 2 goals in the first 
half of the game, and tulane came 
back in the second half to score 2 
goals thus leaving the first encounter 
a tie. in the second meeting of these 
two rivals, southern failed to rally 
and tulane came out on top 2-1. 

both games with delgado proved 
victorious for southern, the first end- 
ed with a score -of 5-1 southern's 
favor, and the second ended 4-1 
southern's way. 

•such outstanding players as en- 
rique umbert, arturo Carlisle, jose 
castaneda, jorge castaneda, and ar- 
turo rosales, led by captain luis pa- 
redes, made it possible to be tied 
with tulane for the gulf coast soccer 
conference championship, the cham- 
pionship was played especially well, 
and each and every player put forth 
great effort, at the end of the game, 
the score was 0-0, so a thirty minute 
overtime ensued, the outcome was 
tulane 2 and southern I. all in all, a 
fine season with a fine group of 


■ • '* ~ ■ -m ■ 

standing: advisor siverio, gracia, umbert, briceno, newman, martinez, ozerden, green, elsner, gregory, coach newell. kneeling: 
dow, paredes, Carlisle, mayorga, bellram, gracia, castaneda, castaneda, rosales, loyman. 



there's a big season in store for 
the usm tennis team this spring, 
they're scheduled to play 21 games 
— 10 home and I I away, the latter 
part of march will see the usm invi- 
tational tournament with southern 
hosting 16 teams, this tournament 
will be the largest in the history of 
the state, hopefully, southern will 
make a better showing this year than 
they did in last year's usm invitation- 
al, the usm netters came out sixth in 
a field of fifteen teams. 

in april, southern will travel to ole 
miss for the mississippi invitational 
tournament, the team has high hopes 
that this tournament will end in vic- 

there are no scholarships offered 
for tennis and only those interested 
in the sport try out for the team, 
this is what really matters in any 
sport — the desire to play and the 
desire to win. coach herrington will 
be losing four of his veteran players 
after this season, however, several 
freshmen have reported to practice 
and seem to be doing guite a fine 
job. "doc" herrington is proud of his 
team and plans to come back this 
season with a winning record. 

front: cadwallader, brown, shirley, bishop, chaze. back: durkee, 
kramer, swetman, balthrop, jefcoats, abraham, joyner, coach 
"doc" herrington. 


the 1968 southern linksmen turned 
in a respectable and quite impres- 
sive 8-2 record for duel matches, 
they also finished third in two three- 
way matches and participated in 
four tournaments. 

coach van hook's southerners fin- 
ished fourth among ten teams in the 
buckhaults invitational in mobile, 
ninth among 22 teams in the annual 
usm invitational, ninth among 22 in 
the Isu invitational, and third in the 

mississippi intercollegiate tourna- 
ment, victories were over southern 
Illinois, west florida, twice over 
spring hill, south alabama, keesler air 
force base, and twice over tulane. 
the two defeats came from the clubs 
of south alabama and spring hill. 

in the fall season of 1969, the 
southerners defeated west florida 
32-4, Isuno 22-8, and finished sixth in 
the first annual senior bowl tourna- 
ment in mobile. 



there were approximately 20 
teams participating in intramurals. 
this year the teams were divided 
into 3 leagues in order to simplify 
competition scheduling, some of the 
best and some of the worst teams 
were put into each league so that a 
particular league won't monopolize 

the teams within a certain league 
played each other in round-robin 
competition, at the end of the sea- 
son, the top two teams from each 
league played double elimination, 
the top two teams in overall compe- 
tition received trophies. 




women's intramurals 

standing: karabetsos, williams, smith, magee, sparks, jenner, 
chappa, odom, abraham. kneeling: mcgueen, macdaniels, brum- 

fie'd, boutwell, magee, letchworth, barnell, head. 

for those women who show out- 
standing performance, there were 
extramurals. tournaments and indi- 
vidual games like the usm volleyball 
tournament and the william carey 
invitational provided a wonderful 
opportunity for competition, south- 
ern was fortunate enough to come 
out second in both the usm and wil- 
liam carey tournaments, thus obtain- 
ing two trophies for their team 



men's intramurals 

men's intramurals, headed this 
year by robert webb, moved along 
smoothly during fall quarter and 
continued to own an important part 
in the athletic program at usm. foot- 
ball, volleyball, badminton, handball, 
basketball and weightlifting were 
areas of competition during fall and 
winter quarters, tennis, golf, softball, 
swimming and track were saved for 
spring quarter, greeks, independ- 
ents, dormitories and clubs compet- 
ed for the overall school trophy, the 
greeks also competed for the ifc 
trophy, the standings at the end of 
the first six sports were: sigma alpha 
epsilon, kappa sigma, bayrats, sig- 
ma nu, and sigma phi epsilon. the 
lower half includes alpha tau omega, 
phi kappa tau, pi kappa alpha and 
the saints. 




*+*■ m 





one hundred and fifty-six musicians 
performing as one, the pride of mis- 
sissippi held a tradition of always, 
always winning the half-time — irre- 
spective of the score, to-the-rear's, 
270's, stride-step obliques, high b 
flats — all performed to perfection 
and exertion, made the pride machine 
great — entranced spectators, frus- 
trated other band directors. 

for two hard hours every after- 
noon, the band was "back on their 
heads," "sweeping the field," and 
pointing their toes, when not stomped 
into mud, the marching field served 
as the south's largest frisbee court, 
did you know that it's a state offense 
to ride a bicycle on the roof, "doit." 
"tilt." "is this pre-game or half- 
time?" "hissssssss." "give 'em a 
whammy." "don't bicycle." drinking 
water is hazardous in ladd stadium, 
louisiana tech will bring a bigger band 
next time, "band social tonight — 
byo." "hot rolls for supper; take it to 
the house." 



dixie darlings 

"and now the famed darlings of 
the south, directed by delia wedding- 
ton stewart, the dixie darlings!" one 
hundred legs and fifty bare shoulders 
had the collective attention of at 
least half the attendance at every 

pre-performance for a dd was: 
ready and . . .; guide center; if you 
drop it leave it there; fake it; smile!; 
put something into it; don't pick up 
anything; yolanda fell in the mud; a 
little more red lipstick, please; okay, 
one more time . . . ready and . . . 
every afternoon, hot or cold, rain or 
shine (more often than not — rain), 
practice made perfect, the pulchri- 
tudinous phalanx looked good . . . and 
so did the performances. 




y\ i v 





"■■ •■• - - ■•'•■ .< - 



m- r * 


kathy bishop, linda dobbs, kay 
holmes, John mccarty, nancy meador, 
ann pearson, pam stamps, brenda tal- 
bert, and linda thompson. behind the 
bull mike, with general nat's sword 
strapped at his side, is harry arcarese. 
the sergeant with two stripes and the 
flag is pat guyton. general nat's a 

a cheerleader is practices, pep 
rallies, coordination, bonfires, foot- 
ball games, and running the team on 
the field, football players run fast — 
cheerleaders run faster, one slip and 
you'll be spiked to death! 

give-me-some-slack! ill drink to that! 
go to hell ole miss — they didn't, we 
did — but wait till next year. 

one male, eight females — not bad 
odds if you're the guy. next year 
there will be equal rights, spontane- 
ous school spirit strikes southern's 
campus, what do you know — south- 
erners do have lungs! catch ya 'round 
the hub. 


pom pom girls 

the pom pom girls were a wel- 
come addition to southern's home 
games, a group of ten girls are 
chosen each fall by a tryout process, 
to this group falls the duty of half- 
time and time-out entertainment, 
when the action stopped for more 
than a few seconds, the pom pom 
girls quite adequately occupied the 
attention of all 75 people at the 
game, this group earned its applause 
through precision, originality, and a 
more-than-required amount of spirit, 
more than one basketball player has 
been hit in the head with a pass 
while watching the girls dance. 








K m 





ill 1 





■ • , 1 "CB 

mk I v lM 001 

^H > flfcfl K^V^H Hr >fll 

^•** ^H 111 inl 

r ^1 / Vtj 


i r A ^i 


k J ^!»4fc**fl 



donna neely 
richard tilley 


greek god & goddess 


butch gordon 
Shirley hazzlerigg 

seated: faulkner, mckay — sec; russell — vice-pres.; serafin — pres.; 
thomas — advisor, standing: berry, french, frese, lammel, bog- 
gan, pryor, graham, mills, prichard, dubard. 

seated: bouthilet — vice-pres.; Wallace, straub, ward, spell, dickey 
— sec; gallagher — pres.; bettis, staton. standing: trask, yelver- 
ton, heilbroner — treas.; parke, Jones. 

panhellenic council 
junior panhellenic council 










tabor, walton, myers, burlingame, lovern, ducker, doleac, 


mayhall, michel, effinger, littlepage. 

interfraternity council 
junior interfraternity council 







forbes, weathers, vantrease, shumaker, gautier, Sutherland 

breakfield, curry berquist, armstrong 

alpha sigma alpha 

alpha sigma alpha is a sisterhood 
based on the fourfold aims of physi- 
cal, intellectual, social and spiritual 

socially, alpha sigs won such hon- 
ors as miss usm, top ten beauties, 
rote sponsor, miss hospitality, deep 
sea fishing rodeo gueen, homecom- 
ing court, class officers, sga officers, 
editors of the "student printz" and 
southerner, and officers of the sen- 

intellectual development was 
stressed by the asa's who have offi- 
cers and members in alpha lambda 
delta, druids, phi delta rho, and phi 
kappa phi. the alpha sigs set a new 
record for the overall scholastic 
standing for sororities last spring 
with a 3.0 average among its mem- 

the members also found time to 
visit and supported a retarded 
young man at ellisville state school, 
alpha sigs participated in pi tau chi, 
the committee of 50, and offices in 

alpha sigma alpha members aspire 
to be an active part of the univer- 
sity, seek to fulfill the goals of their 
founders, and attain the rewards for 
giving their all to god and to others. 

trench, first v-pres.; richter, records; strahan, pledges; eagar, treas. 
everett, pres.; dubard, second v-pres.; perkins, correspondence 

albritton, alford, askew, benke, black- 
burn, breland, buttles 

campbell, carter, chambers, dark, cole, 
cooley, corley 

creel, donohue, dubard, eagar, eichel 
berger, everett, field 

ford, fortinberry, fox, franklin, french, 
french, gaddis 

haas, hallenus, hanson, hocutt, holder, 
holloway, honeycutt 

hutto, Johnson, iones, Jones, keenan, 
lutrick, malone 

mason, mckey, monroe, moore, nelson, 
noble, perkins 

pigott, richter, shanks, Sheffield, smith, 
staton, steed 

stevens, walker, white, williams, wright, 
yelverton, yelverton 


chi omega 

chi omega is sharing, we shared 
tradition — april 5, 1895, elusinians, 
song feast, christmas kindness; non- 
sense — who's hair is longer, macy? 
. . . erhard would make a good social 
chairman . . . right? right!; fun- 
serenades, candlelights, parties . . . 
claudette said the party can't be a 
repeat of last year, but she wanted 
everyone to have a date; honors and 
activities- class officers and favor- 
ites, sga officers, scf officers, hall 
of fame, who's who, homecoming 
queen, beauties, first place home- 
coming trophy, dixie darlings, cheer- 

most of all, we were sisters, proudly 
sharing the close and enduring bonds 
of fellowship of our fraternity. 

tawny gray owl, cardinal and 

tiny gold pin set with pearls- 

the everlasting symbols of the en- 
during truths of chi omega. 

amacker, pres.; grubbs, v-pres.; dobbs, pledges; crowder, treas.; hale, sec. 

alfonso, amacker, berry, blount, bryant, 
cain, calvert 

campbell, conerly, cook, crawford, cros- 
by, crowder, dameier 

daws, dickey, dixon, dobbs, ellis, el lis. 

erhard, evans, everitt, field, fisher, 
ford, forfenberry 

fox, gallagher, gerhart, giuffria, 
grubbs, guider, hadaway 

hale, hathorn, hicks, horn, hutchinson, 
hyatt, Johnson 

kenamond, kennedy, lambeth, mayfield, 
mccurdie, mcdonald, mckay 

mcleod, mcmullan, mcswain, meador, 
meadows, moore, mullins 

norwood, pace, percy, phillips, rice, 
ridout, rogers 

rose, ross, smith, Stephens, Sutherland, 
taylor, trask 

walker, ware, wentworth, williams 


delta delta delta 

the pine tree, the pansy, and the 
pearl, a jewel of exquisite beauty 
that grows, this jewel represents our 
pledges who sustain and build delta 
delta delta each year, so that it will 
remain a sisterhood for always. 

busy, busy, but still they claimed 
outside honors . . . student body 
maid, five in who's who, five in phi 
delta rho, . . . math, home economics, 
journalism, biology honorary mem- 
bers . . . alpha lambda delta, druids 
. . . sga treasurer, and elections chair- 
man . . . paul anka had dinner in the 
chapter room . . . kappa alpha rose 
and province rose . . . rote sponsors 
. . . circle k sweetheart . . . committee 
of 50. 

there was always linda mills, miss 
mississippi . . . and sherrye ethridge 
took over as miss southern ... I 5 of 
I 7 "miss southerns" . . . our first lady 
of mississippi . . . sonja finally got a 
ring . . . dixie darling captains . . . 
pom pom girls ... 5 of top 10 beau- 
ties, we worked hard and played 
hard together, if it wasn't fun, it 
wouldn't be delta delta delta. 

wilgar, marshall; roberts, treas.; blue, chaplain 

campbell, pres.; pollman, records; rimmer, pledges; lowrey, v-pres. 


anderson, ange, bailey, barneko, blue, 
callaway, campbell 

colebank, Conner, copeland, cubley, 
curry, dews, floyd 

fonvielle, garrette, gatlin, gillette, gi 
lette, glenn, greene~ 

gunter, henry, hogue, hord, Jenkins, 
killion, kolger 

lawson, lay, little, lowrey, marshall, mc- 
cool, mcgarity 

miles, moak, nealy, o'mara, parke, pat- 
rick, payne 

pearson, pearson, phillips, pierce, pol 
man, posey, prichard 

rawls, ray, reeves, renegar, nmmer, 
roberts, rogers 

russell, sharp, smith, spann, stamps, 
tate, thomas 

Wallace, waren, warrick, wilgar, wilkes, 
willoughby, yelverton 


delta zeta 

throughout the ages of man, light 
has been the symbol of civilization, 
worshipped by ancient peoples, and 
adored by poets, musicians and 
artists of all times, light is the basis 
of life, therefore, delta zeta has 
chosen the golden lamp with its 
flame of friendship as her symbol. 

delta zeta, the world's largest na- 
tional sorority, established epsilon 
mu of delta zeta at the university 
of southern mississippi in april, 1966. 
guided by the flame of love and 
friendship, delta zetas have become 
rote sponsors, greek goddess, home- 
coming maid, greek week champions, 
class officers, senators, organiza- 
tional presidents, tennis champions, 
college queen, and fraternity little 
sisters, delta zetas were active in 
community service projects, scho- 
lastic activities, and campus honor- 

delta zetas also donned the 
kilarny rose, clothed in the colors 
of old rose and vieux green, a single 
diamond and four pearls, which a 

symbolize the eternal bond of sister- 
hood to be found within the sacred 
vows of delta zeta. delta zetas, 
throughout the world, shall now and 
eternally walk truly in the light of the 

holman, psencik, madison, nelson 
Jones, pittman 



alien, anderson, andrews, anest, bar- 
nett, boggan, bourne 

brock, bryant, buck, burch, case, cos- 
grove, curtis 

davis, davis, davis, dickey, edwards, 
fikes, friar 

gardner, granger, haver, hazzlerigg, 
hendershot, hendershot, holman 

holmes, Jackson, Jackson, Jones, Jones, 
kiehm, king 

kirby, lange, lanius, lee, rmadison, ma- 
loch, mayo 

mcclintock, mcfarland, middleton, nel 
son, nelson, oakes, pittman 

poole, psencik, reid, richmond, ryan, 
simmons, smith 

smith, Speights, thompson, vaughn, 
vaughn, ware, white 




kappa delta 

kappa delta represents a sister- 
hood formed on sisterly love, friend- 
ship, and high scholastic achieve- 
ment, beta sigma shared an ever 
growing pride in the bonds of love 
found in kappa delta, pressing for- 
ward to the highest of accomplish- 
ments, kd felt much success as first 
place honors in originality went to 
our homecoming display, and three 
kd's were tapped into who's, who. 

kappa delta hosted the honors . . . 
two varsity cheerleaders, three cam- 
pus sweethearts, beauties, class of- 
ficers, homecoming maid, senators, 
rote sponsors, dixie darlings, pom 
pom girls, dean's and president's 
list scholars, president and secretary 
of phi delta rho, and secretary of 
the student christian federation. 

finding higher fulfillment in serv- 
ing others, kd donated annually to 
its philanthropy, supported needy 
children, and sent letters to soldiers 

memories . . . serenades, swaps 
with fraternities, the football party, 
candlelights, secret-sis, and a merit 

award at convention reflected a 
lovely past. 

yet, above all things, all of kd 
agreed that the finest feeling was 
to know that the "honorable, beau- 
tiful, and highest" goals of kd were 
a lifetime privilege. 

king, trees,; brock, assis. treas.; butler, editor; elliott, membership 
mcinnis, second v-pres.; bishop, pres,; stahler, v-pres. 


benson, benson, bishop, blair, bouchil- 
lon, bouthilet, brock 

butler, chancellor, dishroon, elliott, es- 
cobedo, faulkner, finch 

french, gahlenbeck, gamard, graham, 
hall, hardage, herrington 

Jones, kern, kihyet, killough, king, 
knight, knight 

ladner, leonard, maclennan, mashburn, 
mcilwain, mcinnis, mckellar 

moore, murray, o'neal, prevost, ram- 
say, ramsay, robinson 

russell, schwinler, sellers, smith, smith, 
stahler, stahler 

taylor, taylor, theidel, turner, under- 
wood, Wallace, warren 

warren, warren, webb, webb, white, 
wilhite, williams 

wilson, wisner 

phi mu 

energy and enthusiasm filled the 
days of the members of phi mu 
fraternity at the university of south- 
ern mississippi. since its beginning at 
wesleyan college on march 4, 1852, 
phi mu has become a growing or- 
ganization of sisterhood consisting 
of 109 active chapters, the alpha 
omicron chapter was installed on 
southern's campus on march 25, 

the members of phi mu were 
active and interested in their uni- 
versity's endeavors, campus life at 
usm has been enriched by the 
presence of phi mu's as campus 
beauties, rote sponsors, class of- 
ficers, homecoming court, cheerlead- 
ers, and fraternity sweethearts. 

phi mu's encouraged social serv- 
ice projects, the frank cain memorial 
award was their reward for out- 
standing participation in the leu- 
kemia drive, easter seal campaign, 
and march of dimes. 

days were not long enough for the 
members of phi mu fraternity, its 
girls are tied with bonds of "perfect 
loving friendship." 

graham, panhellenic delegate; ell is, president; cross, treasurer; murray, v- 
president; polewoda, correspondence; spitchley, records; shoemake, member- 
ship; kelly, pledges 


askew, ball, beason, bettis, brocato, 
carruth, collard 

cross, eastland, ellis, enfinger, fennel 
ford, foshee 

gay, goodman, graham, haley, hel 
mann, herberger, holmes 

howie, huff, hughes, hunfer, inman, 
Johnston, Jones 

kelly, lane, lanier, lemox, mangum, mar- 
tin, mcleod 

mcpherson, mcrae, millsap, murray, 
neely, overstreet, overton 

parr, perkins, phillips, pigott, polewo- 
da, pryor, puckett 

quigley, raymond, rhodes, robinson, 
rude, russell, serafin 

shirley, shoemake, smith, smith, spitch- 
ley, summerlin, Sutherland 

tarczanin, taylor, trostle, tullos, walker, 
walker, waiters 

waiters, ward, welles, williams 


pi beta phi 

pi beta phi, the oldest national 
fraternity for women, was founded 
over one hundred years ago at mon- 
mouth college in monmouth, illinois. 

after a most successful rush, the 
pi phi's had thirty-five new pledges, 
the weekend after rush, the pi phi's 
held a "get-to know" your sisters re- 
treat, since then, the pi phi's have 
been very busy, they've won spirit 
ribbons, had visits from national of- 
ficers, given fraternity and alumnae 
dinners, had christmas parties, a 
spring formal, and initiation. 

pi phi's are found everywhere at 
southern, they are members of alpha 
lambda delta, druids, phi delta rho, 
tau beta sigma, kappa omicron phi, 
scope, religious organizations, and 
the student government association, 
freshman woman of the year, usm 
debator, rote sponsors, and presi- 
dent's and dean's list were among 
the honors won by the pi phi's. 

the bonds of sisterhood between 
pi phi's were strong enough to lead 
them Into their second century of 
being a fraternity. 

cobbs, records; myers, scholarship; mccaskill, rush; berry, pan. delegate; frox- 
ier, pledges; elder, correspondence; harris, membership 
grove, treas.; schledwitz, pres.; marty, v-pres. 

barron, berry, bostwick, breaux, burst, 
chisholm, cobb 

corns, dellaripa, dukes, eastman, elder, 
elder, etzold 

etzold, ferrell, fishel, ford, fortenberry, 
■frese, frese 

gonsoulin, grant, grove, hammond, har- 
mon, harris, hatcher 

hedgepeth, herring, herring, Johnson, 
lewis, lovitt, lylerly 

maher K marty, mccaskill, mclean, mc- 
leod, myers, nelson 

orange, pace, pless, ramsey, roberts, 
ross, ross 

rusling, schledwitz, seale, seymore, 
spell, straub, tanner 

taylor, troxler, van slyke, waller, wel 
•ford, wharton, williams 

williams, willoughby, winter 

sigma sipa sigma 

sigma sigma sigma was founded 
on april 20, 1898, at longwood col- 
lege in farmville, Virginia, it was the 
first national sorority to form a 
chapter on southern's campus. 

tri sigmas' names were always 
found on dean's list and president's 
list, but they also found time for a 
wide variety of campus activities: 
alpha lambda delta and other hon- 
oraries, uac, scope, committee of 
50, religious groups, pride, orchestra, 
singers, debate team, sga, and an- 
nual staff. 

the theme for tri sigma's philan- 
thropic program was "sigma serves 
children," and this was carried out 
nationally through the robbie page 
memorial as well as through local 

through campus activities such as 
homecoming decorations, pep rallies, 
intramurals, elections, and greek 
week, as well as through such 
sorority functions as the halloween 
party, the big-little sister christmas 
party, scholarship dinners, and sere- 
nades, tri sigmas learned that "sigma 
means loving, sharing, and giving." 

hellpenstell, patterson, moore 
rayfield, gibbs, moore 

bates, brewer, brumfield, colton, dres- 

easton, edwards, ewer, gamble, gibbs 

ginn, goodrich, heilbroner, hellpenstell, 

kelly, lammel, lawrence, lester, lyle 

maddox, mcinnis, mclain, miller, moore 

moore, moore, nickelson, patterson, 

randall, rayfield, reeks, roberts, robin- 

simmons, waiters, warnack 


alpha tail omega 

the alpha tau omega fraternity 
was founded on September 11,1 865, 
at richmond, Virginia, it was the first 
greek letter fraternity founded after 
the civil war. installed on november 
19, 1949, the epsilon upsilon chapter 
soberly awaits its 20th anniversary 
next fall, since its installation at 
southern, the ato's have created an 
unmistakable image. 

ato's still had the outstanding 
grades they have always had . . . 
had successful christmas party with 
outstanding decoration . . . good 
performance at song test; where in 
the hell is old black joe? . . . ato's are 
planning on a new house next year 
. . . now that the moffia is gone, 
clothes are hard to come by . . . and 
we still had our house with no boards 
across the doors ... no prison bars 
across annual pictures . . . sorry to 
see the old man go . . . next year 
active chapter will consist of regis 
and danny . . . brother gonzalis 
missed the best party we have 
ever had . . . brother mayhall still 
has heartaches. 

we always say "if you can't go 
first class, join some other fra- 

tabor, myers, myers, distin, mayhal 

alexander, amato, berry, bilnoski, davis 

distin, doby, domergue, dryden, duffey 

fowler, genin, gonzales, hawkins, her- 

mayhall, mcdaniel, myers, myers, num- 

oubre, patterson, payne, purcell, rawls 

riggsby, rushin, sakkis, scruggs, sellers 

tabor, ta+um, thompson, walton, whit- 


kappa alpha order 

kappa alpha order was founded 
december 21, 1865, at Washington 
college, now Washington and lee 
university, lexington, Virginia, the 
president of the college at that time 
was robert edward lee, and the 
order was born and developed under 
his watchful eye. since that time, 
over 60,000 ka's have aspired to 
the virtues of their great spiritual 
founder, robert e. lee. the gracious 
and knightly southern way of life is 
and forever will be enshrined in the 
hearts of all kappa alphas, southern's 
gamma zeta chapter, was installed 
on January 9, 1 949. 

rush! ka's get their men as usual! 
good job kihyet. parties? old south 
. . . cannons . . . the flag, football 
parties . . . remember ole miss, hilly? 
what barbecued pig? hey dorse . . . 
"wodka make you womit!" pledge- 
active game . . . good ol' refs. 
christmas party, beer busts, pledge 
swaps, the list is endless, hammond 
bites the dust, shag has a baby . . . 
phebe? why not shaginia? smooth's 
liver is o.k. jimbo's jack-in-the-box! 
billy gets a dangle, ka . . . there's 
just nothin else! wheat, barley, al- 
falfa, give 'em hell kappa alpha! 

pyron v, beard vi, walker vii, mccrory viii myers ix 
abraham iv, grissom ii, hills i, stokes iii 

abraham, adams, autrey, barfield, 
beard, blake, bowman 

burnett, dark, dennis, doleac, dorsey, 
edmondson, eidman 


3 #* *( 

ferguson, fleming, forrest, gautier, gau- 
tier, gordon, guilbert 

hammons, hancock, heidelberg, hewitt, 
hills, holliday, house 

howton, jones, kihyet, kyser, lewis, 

gon, mccrory 

Kk GtiCMda* xkJA 

morgan, mottern, myers, nichols, peet, 
penn, pierce 

pinnix, pooley, pyron, robinson, stead- 
man, stokes, taylor 

thames, thompson, touart, trigg, walk- 
er, walker, waiters 

/hitehead, wilcox 

25 1 

kappa sigma 

in our twentieth year on campus, 
kappa sigma celebrated its one hun- 
dredth year as a social fraternity in 
the united states, through hard work, 
good fun and brotherhood epsilon 
nu chapter has established and main- 
tained an enviable reputation both 
on the campus and national scene. 

in politics kappa sigma claimed 
s.g.a. president, senior president, 
junior vice-president, freshman presi- 
dent, i.f.c. president, u.a.c. presi- 
dent, o.d.k. president, two court 
justices, and six who's who members. 

brotherhood is personal experi- 
ences shared by all. log legs got a 
date! (a joe garbbage reject) . . . 
while miss southern stepped on frog, 
super got initiated, pledge program 
expanded, prof uttered, "seen 
luke?" "no, but a gentlemen's agree- 
ment would 'bring him around'." 
good neighbor policy initiated by 
officers . . . grass died next door, 
quiet hours needed enforcement, 
but stange was "tied up." doesn't 
make sense, not to you, but ask a 

brother, these are the memories 
which bound us together and cre- 
ated a closeness which we called 

michel, campbell, mcdonald, vincent, hurt 
mcinnis, stange, voss, hoppe, seitzinger 

X' ' 


adams, baker, balthrop, bardwell, bel 
tram, brown, campbell 

chance, coco, collins, cunniff, demeran- 
ville, dews, garner 


gautier, geno, gould, guice, harris, hil 

howard, howell, hunt, idom, Jones, 
king, kloman 


kornfuhrer, laird, lambert, lambuth, 
locke, lomax, mcdonald 

mceacheon, mcinnis, mcmichael, mi- 
chel, nobles, odom, partridge 

pikul, rahaim, rankin, rankin, riggs, 
sadler, seitzinger 

smith, stange, Stanley, turner, vaughn, 
vincent, vincent 

vix, voss, waites, webb, wheeler, 
young, zupko 

phi kappa tail 

phi kappa tau brought usm's first 
national fraternity twenty years ago. 
today phi tau is keeping with tradi- 
tion and promoting itself and the 
greek system in '69. with tangible 
plans for the new house, phi tau is 
planned for the best year ever. 

any more social, we'd get kicked 
off campus — what french quarter 
party on the coast? . . . what — are 
we finally leaving the cardboard 
castle? . . . deakle gets initiated . . . 
don smith bites the dust, not know- 
ing tilley-willey's and burlingame's 
secret! . . . cool randy b. makes a 
spectacle . . . lovorn & foster — the 
pack rats . . . bourne's in love again 
. . . holleywood wears a sears suit. 
. . . daddy rabbit returns . . . well 
gooood!! . . . slim went to national 
. . . will chipper ever make it? . . . 
oh-oo-me . . . who invited the ala- 
bama chapter? . . . yank arrives . . . 
buzzard man's new office . . . van- 
trease goes to class . . . will crash 

wreck another one? . . . the spirit of 
phi kappa tau harrasses morton . . . 
quality — then quantity. 

phi tau looked back on its past 
with pride and faced the future with 
even greater confidence, phi taus 
proud? — you bet we were! 

tilley, trigg, andrews, smith, martin 
morton, herring, parker 

andrews, armstrong, blacklidge, black- 
lidge, bourne, breakfield 

burlingame, carpenter, collins, conerl* 
davis, day 

deakle, farrell, foster, fowler, gilbert, 

haynie, herring, heiderhoff, howard, 
Johnson, Johnson 

klutts, lovorn, martin, mather, mathis, 

meier, montgomery, morton, oates, 
parker, parker 

petersen, ratcliff, rawls, roberts, russel 

sharpe, shumaker, smith, tatum, tilley, 

vantrease, vaughn, warren, weathers 


pi kappa alpha 

pi kappa alpha, devoted to the 
ideals fostered by six young Virginia 
gentlemen in 1868, has grown and 
will continue to grow to attain new 
heights of achievement. 

"for the establishment of friend- 
ship on a firmer and more lasting 
basis; for the promotion of brotherly 
love and kind feeling; for the mutual 
benefit and advancement of the in- 
terests of those with whom we 
sympathize and deem worthy of, our 
regard; we have resolved to form a 
fraternity, believing that, thus, we 
can most successfully accomplish our 

successful rush . . . best it's ever 
been . . . ring the bell . . . it's a pike 
party! . . . j. gary defatta . . . the 
sloth . . . stoessel supports library 
week . . . hey robert, can i borrow 
your hair dryer . . . the bang that 
didn't happen . . . anderson's a yo- 
yo .. . get naked! . . . hey earl, some- 
body hit the house with a bottle . . . 
what's the "wrath of a moomer?" . . . 
pep rallies; spirit awards . . . new 
fire truck . . . house is dedicated to 
"mom" . . . once a pike, always a 
pike . . . and the most important 
element of all — brotherhood. 

turner, mccormick, williams, la graize, foster, pinkston 




4 v A4 llA 

IB .^fife l^k ^B I »Mk\. JHn ^L jbH i Hk 

ik 4 ^\ J^ 1 M a} Ja ^^ JlL 4 

Ik ^ ^^Ikm^Jiik fc^ JtAk '«k^T .dk 

adams, alien, allgood, ammons, ander- 
son, armstrong, bailey 

ballard, brignac, brown, buckley, 
byrnes, cain, carter 

chance, chewning, clarke, collins, curry, 
davis, doyle 

edmond, engels, ennis, ferrell, forbes, 
foster, francis 

garrett, glass, glisson, grice, harden, 
head, hoelscher 

howorth, irby, Johnson, Jones, kirk, la- 
braize, lewis 

lewis, liveakos, mccall, mccormick, mc- 
guffee, miller, murphree 

pace, pierce, pinkston, pipa, powel 
prichard, puhle 

ramsay, reeves, richmond, robinson, 
sessions, smith, sprayberry 

stainken, turner, vanburen, wagoner, 
williams, williams, williams 



sigma alpha epsilon 

sigma alpha epsilon, the onh 
major national fraternity founded ir 
the deep south, has risen to become 
the largest national social fraternity 
the chapter, relatively young at usm, 
has quickly established a place on 
campus as truly one of the best. 

first full year in the house . . . 
goob joined the navy . . . benjy and 
ron campaigning for Wallace . . . 
lauderdale gets tough . . . levine's 
juke box . . . those pledge grades — 
thank god for the actives . . . shhh! 
o'brien & carson are studying! . . . 
liberal, left-wing brother hinton . . . 
old weird harold . . . trouble in 
tuscaloosa . . . didn't mom vote for 

ohn xxiii and 
'ohn south 
. paddy 
murphy died again . . . footba 
champs . . . calhoun cook and colonel 
lee . . . magee finally made it . . . 
possum's favorite pastime . . . that 
first tenor at song fest . . . hippy, 

dippy, what? 

the sae's both nationally and local- 
ly intended to maintain their high 
standards of mental, social, physical, 
and moral development — the e's did 
all this, quality with quantity . . . ' 
need we say more? 

crews, correspondent; cathey, chaplain; skelton, v-pres.; doleac, 
potter, sec; biedenharn, warden; harvey, pledge trainer 



humphrey? . . 
archbishop dinton . 
rides the choo-choo 



alford, atkinson, aycock, bartlett, 
bates, best, biedenharn 

1 J0^^L 4^Sk \Jb\ P^K coie, crews 


booker, brown, carson, cathey, cook, 

iifitfltii uli* 

davis, denton, dickey, doleac, douglas, 
dunnaway, eubanks 


graham, harvey, hinton, hodgekiss, 
huhn, hunter, lauderdale 

lewis, lilly, manning, maxswell, mont- 
gomery, mullins, nation 

newman, nobile, norris, neussen, o'bri- 
en, o'bryan, perry 

phillips, pittman, potter, powell, sartin, 
smelcer, sparks 


W A 

^1 1 ^ steiner, teaster, trimble, verner, wak- 

stein, welch, wells 





sigma nu 

from its origin at the Virginia mili- 
tary institute on January I, 1869, 
sigma nu has grown to its present 
size of one hundred and forty-five 
chapters across the nation and 
Canada, theta gamma chapter, which 
received its charter on december 14, 
1968, is the newest member of the 
fraternity family at southern, sigma 
nus at southern had double cause for 
celebration this year not only be- 
cause of receiving their charter, but 
because 1969 was sigma nu's cen- 
tennial year. 

it's rally time ... on to daulphin 
island . . . the tiki looses its wheels 
. . . old wierd harold and the tire 
track . . . pretty, pretty-riedel . . . 
e.p.g. . . . t. j. bites the dust . . . 
betty who? . . . radio tires, o.t.? . . . 
the spider man . . . cliff, the great 
white hunter . . . e.c.'s back in school 

diversity in achievement — com- 
munity, social, scholastics, athletics, 
brotherhood, and school spirit — all 

go together to put sigma nu on top. 
sophomore and junior class presi- 
dents, president of the senate, cheer- 
leader, senators — were but a few of 
the sigma nus who lead southern, 
honor now and always — sigma nu. 

barron, cornelison, adams, bonner, dark 



adams, allison, barron, berges, bonner, 

bryant, burkhalter, burkhalter, burrus, 
carter, casano 

dark, cornelison, davis, davis, dees, el 


ferry, green, hess, holcomb, holston, 

Jones, kingsafer, laird, langford, lowe, 

mcneese, mirick, mitchell, moore, 
moore, moreton 

raines, reynolds, riedel, ryan, savant, 

sutton, testman, wade, weissmiller, 
woosley, wucher 

sigma phi epsilon 

sigma phi epsilon was born in 
1901 at richmond college, today 
with 183 chapters and more than 
85,000 members, sigma phi epsilon 
is the second-largest national frater- 
nity, mississippi gamma chapter was 
chartered in 1953, and after fifteen 
years on campus, the chapter has 
developed a tradition of true bro- 

sig ep parties — notorious . . . 
new Orleans express . . . homecoming 
— "curse you red bulldog" . . . Popa 
Loup's back . . . "Say cheese, Al" 

... if you can't take a joke, ... 

new bar — inspiration for scholarship 
... 3 crippled tarzans . . . red baron 
and the bandits . . . tommy and the 
flagpole . . . the pres. and his coke 
machine ... bo loves a chi o . . . 
superbus strikes again . . . s.m.u. and 
bill . . . "willie o., where's your key" 
. . . "enough mirrors, charlie" . . . 
"hi, dean" . . . national holiday — no 
more classes. 

for the 1967-68 school year, mis- 
sissippi gamma received the excel- 
sior award from the grand chapter 
for being one of the most improved 
chapters in the fraternity system, 
times and people do change, but 
one quality of sigma phi epsilon re- 
mained the same: sig-ep is truly the 
"fraternity with a heart." 

swetman, littlepage, gordy, fondren, Johnson 

barrineau, biggs, bozeman, capps, 

ducker, duvall, fondren, foster, franklin 

givens, gray, grimes, harrison, haffey 

howell, Johnson, Jones, joyner, justice 

kalagian, lee, littlepage, loud, lowery 

mchenry, monaco, rideout, ross, sarrat 

smith, swetman, tarbutton, taylor, vin- 



song fest 


once again the annual chi omega 
song fest highlighted the yuletide 
season with an evening of christmas 
spirit and cheer. 

with traditional thoughts of a 
christmas past being presented in 
the form of hostess gowns, silent 
night, and the wishes of a merry 
christmas, a new christmas was also 
incorporated with zebras being driv- 
en by "that guy." 

capturing the top trophies were 
alpha sig and kappa sig with dz 
placing first in small ensemble com- 
petition, second rung from the top 
stood kd and pike and tri-sig. next, 
phi mu and phi tau took honors. 

the hong kong flu should have 
stayed in hong kong; santa should 
have had suspenders, but the crowd 
looking at the basketball floor never 
had so many faces . . . 1700 christ- 
mas faces. 



greek week '68 saw an enthusiasm 
equal to that of the ancient greek 
games, all week came boasts and 
bets over who would emerge the vic- 
tor, not an olive wreath, but the 
honor of greek god and goddess 
came to the fraternity's candidate 
for winning Saturday's games. 

as Saturdays will — it rolled 
around; but no ordinary Saturday, 
the street in front of the hub was 
crowded with participants and spec- 
tators eager to watch the half-skill, 

half-hilarity of these pre-noon events, 
chariots were scarce and, thus, the 
bed-race again became one of 
pledge competition, the games be- 
gan, each sorority wheeled its bed 
around the block after the fraterni- 
ties took their turn first in order to 
test the beds, a winner was gov- 
erned, the tricycle races were next, 
and after a few collisions, another 
winner was applauded, the pajama 
races and marithon races followed 
for the men. the points were figured 

as each event was won. these events 
were apart from the more important 
afternoon games to come. 

the afternoon games were moved 
to the intramural field this year, or 
that fair, sunny afternoon last spring 
the initial games were races, there 
were the keep-the-ball-under-the- 
chin-and-run race and the spin- 
around-the-bat-and-run race. Sue 
ceeding this was the egg throv 
which proved amusing, later at the 
other end of the field was the large 


synthesized mudhole. this was the 
scene of the knock-the-other-guy- 
off-the-log contest, the first two 
took positions, and it wasn't long 
until one was dripping with mud. the 
event saw splat after splat, and at 
the end of the game, the winning 
points were allotted, the next con- 
test was the hunt-for-the-marbles-in- 
the-mud game, the official "bites 
the bag" of marbles and distributes 
them throughout the muck, the girls 
were timed and no two were in at 

the same time except during a tie. 
this was not the case for the frater- 
nities ... all eight splashed in at the 
same time, with mud in eyes, down 
ears, and up noses, the octet dab- 
bled diligently to bring victory, a 
cry from the pit, "urethra — i've 
found one," the clock ran out, and 
another event was entered to the ac- 
cumulative scores. 

action on the field then moved to 
the obstacle course, the log carry 
followed, and after a run-off, posi- 

tions once again were announced, 
the final event was the tug-of-war. 
the sororities never gave up. for 
once looks didn't count and the real 
meats saw most of the action, 
heave . . . heave . . . heave, there 
were some tight levi's that day . . . 
heave . . . heave ... a lot of girls fell 
on their . . . heave . . . heave . . . and 
finally a victor was chosen, the fra- 
ternities in turn heaved until compe- 
tion let disqualifications decide a 
winner, the over-all victory for greek 
week '68 went to kappa alpha order 
and delta zeta sorority, and with it 
— greek god and goddess. 

the thrill of victory, the agony of 
defeat, yet the mere satisfaction of 
just being there . . . our greek week 





jo bryant 
madelyn giuffria 


class officers 

lyers, smith, bryant, frese, christian, lowrey, mcinnis, amacker, meador, ellis, beason, chance, moore, butler, mitchel 



jim richard angelo, math vicksburg 

June jacqulyn bailey, english literature biloxi 

pryor garner bailey, physics hattiesburg 

thomas a. c. baker, jr., health, physical education. . 

mobile, ala. 
bertie sue baxter, english hattiesburg 

largaret d. beach, elementary education 

.... biloxi 

donald o. bradley, marine biology. 

henry saltonstall bradley, geography. . . mccall creek 

thomas herschel brittain, jr., psychology 

baton rouge, la. 
gary lee brown, marketing tupelo 


billy george bufkin, chemistry Columbia 

william felton cameron, microbiology natchez 

william hung rong chan, library science hong kong 

yun shan chen, business administration 

kaohsiung, taiwan 
carolyn mignon christian, home economic education 


aris fay d'andrea, child development , brookhaven 

nicholas edward d'andrea, geography 

brewton, ala. 

martha elizabeth daniel, secondary education 

silver creek 

bobbie sue davis, elementary education 

pensacola, fla. 
jo/i leslie deal, speech and hearing sciences, . forrest 

louise m. durkee, elementary education 

thibodaux, la. 
william howard denson, english birmingham, ala. 

nancy k. edlund, physical education 

n. miami beach, fla. 
max douglas evans, health and physical education . . 

toni t. farello, elementary education meridian 

rosemarie ilse francis, german hattiesburg 

chester h. gardner, guidance union 

lynda jane gautier, accounting hattiesburg 

sherman wade gentry, management yazoo city 

joe clinton griffin, speech pathology. . . .rolling fork 

tommy udell grubbs, biology mobile, ala. 

John robert hall, political science petal 

edna r. hannah, english sturgis 

irvin david harris, physical education, .marietta, ga. 
shelby I. harris, mathematics union 

weldon hatcher, college counseling hattiesburg 

vicki g. hendershot, audiology Jackson 

henry o'neal holifield, political science, .houston, tex. 

kenneth I. inman, jr., marketing biloxi 

bill f. Jackson, political science hattiesburg 


L * 

■Hi £mKmmmmWr JHl If 



thornton n. Jacob, jr., chemistry . . mobile, ala. 

linda kay killam, guidance meridian 

frances floyd kimball, jr., psychology biloxi 

barbara ann knight, home economics education . . , 

John andrew leckie, guidance natchez 


mary dark malchow, economics gulfport 

gloria clay mauldin, home economics, elementary 

education gulfport 

talmage lamar mauldin, guidance gulfport 

James patrick mccarthey, political science . . . .petal 

raymond Joseph michel, college counseling 

ocean springs 


marilyn marie miller, english literature , . . . vicksburg 
sidney charles newell, english literature. . . .meridian 
hilton lamar newman, mathematics . . pascagoula 

shirley lynn newman, english gulfport 

John wilson pickering, political science . hattiesburg 


anthony womack pollard, guidance gulfport 

martha r. rankin, guidance, counseling 

birmingham, ala. 

martha lee Sanderson, childhood education 


ralph lee savage, political science pascagoula 

thomas wai-tung sin, library science hong kong 


douglas waiter smith, health, physical education, 

recreation souderton, pa. 

roland ray stroud, english petal 

joy carolyn taylor, psychology Columbia 

barry tewis, math ackerman 

carroll louis thorne, political science 

vero beach, fla. 


ruby nell thornton, physical education, history .... 


larry frank trice, marketing gilbertown, ala. 

sherry Judith valentine, elementary education . . laurel 

susan b. wells, speech pathology hattiesburg 

robert gene wiggins, communications forrest 


henry h- willis, educational administration 

alta loma, texas 
iames david wittman, music laurei 



robert franklin aaron laurel 

edward Jenkins adams Jackson 

John c. adcock meridian 

donna ruth adkins meridian 

wayne travis adkinson moss point 

patricia ann admire panama city, fla. 

Catherine chaudron agerton mobile, ala. 

gloria jane ainsworth brookhaven 

danny olan alexander little rock, ark. 

robert donald alexander hattiesburg 


teresa dianne alford florence 

eva may allday berthoud, colo. 

Jesse carroll allday wagerville, ala. 

eva louise alien magnolia 

dewitt talmage allred III collins 


linda I. amacker bogalusa, la. 

melba jane amacker carriere 

gerald m. ammon union 

John billy amnions, jr meridian 

shelia marie ankersen mobile ala. 

thomas w. applewhite bassfield 

don eugene archer denver, colo. 

albert q. archie chunky 

carolyn j. armstrong moss point 

gwendolyn elaine armstrong hattiesburg 

ann armus san antonio, tex. 

ralph arnold key west, fla. 

ay roger aronson new Orleans, la. 

udy miley arrington mount olive 

oe a. ashley crystal springs 

eliza ann atkinson pickens 

cecil wayne atwood hattiesburg 

Catherine carol aulenbrock madison 

jeaneane aultman seminary 

peggy ann aultman hattiesburg 

melvin henry autry hattiesburg 

anita m. baggett pascagoula 

jimmie f. baggett collins 

cecil lamar baker bogue chitto 

dale richard baker pascagoula 



Jennifer ann baker brandon 

cathy lou ball grenada 

James franklin ball melbourne, fla. 

margie r. ball Jackson 

mary edna ballard bay springs 


James vernon bankston laurel 

patricia olivia bankston . . . . ... .stringer 

sylvia ann bardwell hazlehurst 

ronald I. barnes gulfport 

patricia kay barnett raleigh 


June shannon barrett decatur 

kathryn ann barrett picayune 

don frederick barron pascagoula 

nancy ilene bartlett norfolk 

jimmy grover bassett louin 


mary clayton bates mccomb 

betty jo batson hattiesburg 

waiter winston baucum carriere 

robert leonard baughn hattiesburg 

charles michael beard greenville 


clatis e. becton buckatunna 

margie ann beech ellisville 

beverly ann bell picayune 

ronnie e. bell gulfport 

angela rue bennett natchez 


s. barton bennett baton rouge, la. 

sherry lowe benson slidell, la. 

John Joseph berges new Orleans, la- 

david mathis berry hattiesburg 

a. alexander bertolla fairhope, ala. 


benjamin hobdy best II pascagoula 

janie dott bilbro carthage 

foy kenneth bilnoski new Orleans, la. 

thomas michael bizzell pensacola 

arter jack blackburn, jr decatur 


glenda sue blakenship anaheim, calif. 

Julius ray blansett Columbia 

martha kay blue gulfport 

mary dianne bobo Jackson 

theodore luther boggan, jr pinola 



therrell glen boler hattiesburg 

dovel boles biloxi 

danny glenn boling loyd star 

Janice callender boling loyd star 

Judith ann bolton hattiesburg 


peggy ruth bond wiggins 

richard donald booker pensacola, fla. 

marjorie adin booth natchez 

James thomas borden, III tupelo 

eugene s. botter mobile, ala. 


brenda gayle boutwell beaumont 

tommy boutwell gulfport 

dorothy jean bowie Jackson 

bettee gandy boyd handsboro 

jerry lynn boyd tylertown 


michael connely boyd hattiesburg 

danny bozeman hattiesburg 

cynthia a. bradley hattiesburg 

george lee bradley biloxi 

richard ralph brady brookhaven 


blanchard Joseph braud geismar, la. 

lawrence edward breland, jr. laurel 

rodney clyde breland meridian 

Christopher ammon brewer sand hill 

russell wayne bridges hazlehurst 


mildred frances brignac pascagoula 

charles edward britton hattiesburg 

delores ann broadus purvis 

claude michael brooks independence 

dennis wayne brooks baton rouge, la. 


Virginia diane brooks bolton 

gregory kendall broom picayune 

carroll d. broome prentiss 

robert cecil broome midwest city, okla. 

philip edmond brou, jr Jackson 


lawrence audie brown lakeland, fla. 

lowell Stanley brown lakeland, fla. 

marilyn frances brown lucedale 

martha easterling brown petal 

nolan michael brown meridian 


pamela fay brown Jackson 

patricia irene brown bogue chitto 

randy morrow brown northbrook, ill. 

richard b. brown, jr gulfport 

rita sue brown mccomb 


shirley brown decatur 

henry m. brumfield pascagoula 

marilyn sue brumfield bogue chitto 

kenneth wayne bryant hattiesburg 

Judy elaine buckley laurel 


lawrence bernard buckley, jr. enterprise 

susan juanita buckley new hebron 

francisco jose bueso . . guatemala city, guatemala 

linda ann bufkin pascagoula 

robert frederick burdine fulton 


James armaund burgess gulfport 

donald c. burkett bassfield 

douglas burnett Jacksonville, fla. 

paulette dianne burnham Jackson 

carlos monroe burns brookhaven 


sammy glenn burns indianola 

sylvia home burnes union 

william alien burns union 

Virginia ann burr birmingham, ala. 

keith lawrence burroughs baltimore, md. 


peggy louise busby ellisville 

rita louise bush Jackson 

gerald eldon busick biloxi 

carolyn jean buttles hattiesburg 

ronnie wayne buxton hattiesburg 


diane bynum sumrall 

harry kenneth bynum canton 

elizabeth ann byrd biloxi 

hoyle a. byrd, jr lumberton 

thomas carroll byrd west point 


brenda diane cain mobile, ala. 

clemois lizette calcote mccall creek 

philip m. caldwell, jr pass christian 

anthony alex callia new Orleans, la. 

James martin calloway, jr. cuyahaga falls, ohio 


sibyl byrne cameron natchez 

janis elaine campbell laurel 

elizabeth ann canavan brigantine, n. j. 

robert c. canavan Philadelphia, pa. 

pamela e. canfield purvis 


norman alexander cannady meridian 

david e. capps, jr atlanta, ga. 

melton hayes caraway metairie, la. 

James edward carney tylertown 

annie lucille caro mobile, ala. 


anita kay carr mccomb 

tommy I- carr • forest 

marie willoughby carra biloxi 

margaret merle carter sandhill 

mary scott carter . . . ., laurel 


lola jean case brookhaven 

wayne preston catlett meridian 

alien Joseph cegelski mckees rocks, pa. 

barbara faye centorino millry, ala. 

billy darrell chain mt. olive 


Julius cecil chambliss, jr hattiesburg 

rebecca chancellor hattiesburg 

ronnie eagle channell Jackson 

mary jane chisholm ellisville 

christine marie christensen lucedale 


david paul cionek amsterdam, n. y. 

betty lynn dark brookhaven 

elbert leon dark pascagoula 

evelyn h. dark bay st. lours 

leonard robin dark chickasaw, ala. 


m. jane dark port gibson 

ruth kappner dark bay st. louis 

sherie anyce clayton meridian 

nancy v. dine Jackson 

esmond steve clyburn brookhaven 


robbie cobb clarksdale 

burett ward cochran hattiesburg 

timothy columbus coker Jackson 

johnny leonard coley laurel 

t. frank collins hattiesburg 





aubrey lawrence collum Jackson 

darrell o'neal cook cadiz, ky. 

norma lynn cook Jackson 

rebecca ann cook Columbia 

■Frances jean cooke vaiden 


lynn allison cooley bude 

homer lee coon mccomb 

virgil van buren cornelison III . Cincinnati, ohio 

frances ann corts meridian 

clyde shirly cothern tylertown 


leona courtney bassfield 

melvin derwood cowan, sr gulfport 

John sco+t cox evergreen, ala. 

margaret lynn cox gulfport 

nancy boice crabtree Jackson 


Jodie hammond craig hattiesburg 

mary ellen crawley Columbia 

terry wayne cress hattiesburg 

h. martin crews panama city, fla. 

william franklin crews mccomb 


kathryn elizabeth crowder yazoo city 

James houston culberson wiggins 

robert dean culpepper Jackson 

harvey benard cumbest pascagoula 

glen david curry pascagoula 


helen louise curtis utica 

simone elizabeth cyr Springfield, va. 

carol sue dansby quitman 

douglas colin daughdrill mobile, ala. 

herman larry daughdrill mccomb 


linda archer daughdrill lumberton 

andrew ganes davis laurel 

anita reed davis meridian 

cloy ore davis, jr satsuma, ala. 

curtis alien davis laurel 


dorothy davis hattiesburg 

kathryn ann davis belden 

marinell davis prentiss 

nelson everett davis tylertown 

ottis lee davis gulfport 


richard Joel davis Jackson 

sieve randall davis shugalak 

mary evelyn day natchez 

robert gordon day ft. walton beach, fla. 

celia kay dean meridian 


don earle dean gaffney, s. c. 

pamela diane dean chunky 

gwen harris deaton laurel 

John randle dedeaux perkinston 

Judith lane dees bay minette, ala. 


robert jerald delaney brookhaven 

gerald cyril destefano meridian 

william h- dever hattiesburg 

patricia m. diamond Jackson 

gerry eugene dickerson summit 


barbara marie diggs starke, fla. 

adrianne dill vicksburg 

donna lynn dillon tylertown 

melba homes dillon tylertown 

bob m. distin Washington, d. c. 


carolyn elizabeth dixon hazlehurst 

harry lamar dixon pascagoula 

michael I. dixon tylertown 

william Christopher donahue long island, n. y. 

lawrence ross downing, jr. hattiesburg 


suzanne marie drummond mt. olive 

carolyn segrest dubard Jackson 

gary edward dubuisson pass christian 

william I. ducker purvis 

michael linn duhs biloxi 


arthur bailey dumont mobile, ala. 

richard dunaway gulfport 

william paul dunning gulfport 

janis dyess Columbia 

nancy lynn dykes smithdale 


James michael easterling beaumont 

mary patricia edwards canton 

Jennifer eichelberger morton 

e. russell elkins hattiesburg 

suzonne ellis port gibson 



lynda karan elmore mobile, ala. 

william franklin elmore mobile, ala- 

norma kay elsner waynesboro 

norman robert elsner waynesboro 

mary jo engels bogalusa, la. 


patricia e. ennis Jackson 

wilmer c. entrekin lumberton 

billy wayne estes natchez 

sherrye louise ethridge petal 

andy bryant evans waynesboro 


herbert barnes evans, jr . hattiesburg 

jo dean evans bay springs 

kenneth wayne evans pachuta 

randy wayne evans waynesboro 

ronald I. evans Salisbury, n. c. 


linda nell everett Jackson 

robert lee everett vicksburg 

susan carr faggert Heidelberg 

Joseph alan fahner summit 

Joseph leonard fairchild hattiesburg 


diane fant robertsdale, ala. 

leonard Joseph farello sheepshead bay, n. y. 

raymond g. farmer atlanta, ga. 

peggy lynn fendley lucedale 

mary ferrara moss point 


lyman donald fillingame hattiesburg 

elaine fisher hattiesburg 

sandra moon flummer mobile, ala. 

elmer talmadge flurry long beach 

charles alien ford yazoo city 


jerry shelby ford hazlehurst 

lynda a. ford Jackson 

robert s. ford pascagoula 

ronnie wayne ford hattiesburg 

billy don fortenberry tylertown 


frank shannon fortenberry magee 

h. larry fortenberry tylertown 

James wilson foster mobile, ala. 

jean robert fountain biloxi 

earl Jacob fox, jr new Orleans, la. 




george herbert franklin gulfport 

louise davis frazier mccomb 

anita gail freeman pascagoula 

ann marie freeman petal 

diane elizabeth freeman gulfport 


elliott martin freeman gulfport 

robert wayne freeman richton 

azalea french union 

susan rose french hattiesburg 

waiter noel fulcher gulfport 


robert warren fuller pascagoula 

ethel mae furr picayune 

glenn henri furr pass christian 

jimmie robert gabucci Jackson 

vera e. becky gaddis forest 


John w. gaines newton 

frankie joe galofaro mccomb 

margaret jo gamble ocean springs 

eva elaine gardner waynesboro 

martha Janet gardner silver city 


roy Joseph gauthe gulfport 

gary g. gay mobile, ala. 

wayne thomas geisel philipsburg, pa. 

charles c. gemeinhardt hattiesburg 

cynda gwen gibbon newton 


ira daunton gibbs, III franklinton, la. 

martha carol gibbs summitt 

carolyn dianne gibson brookhaven 

Jeanne elizabeth gillespie natchez 

jean glen gillette ft. worth, texas 


Joan vivian gillette ft. worth, texas 

warren t- gillis biloxi 

versa goad belzoni 

cheryl ann goff ocean springs 

jose m. gomez barcelona, spain 


r. warren gonzales mobile, ala. 

larry b. goodman meridian 

rachel ann goodman meridian 

James david gordon sardis 

richard francis goverski mechanicsville, n. y. 



william russell gower hattiesburg 

laura inez goyer hattiesburg 

jose luis gracia barcelona, spain 

Judith ann grafton laurel 

barbara anne graham bassfield 


david william graham pensacola, fla. 

don m. graham petal 

evelene graham Jackson 

Jennifer sue graham mobile, ala. 

lincoln palmer graham waynesboro 


linda lee graham pensacola, fla. 

lynn b. graham gulfport 

mary grace grantham . . . hampton, va. 

jenny susan graves ellisville 

Virginia wood graves tylertown 


herbert James gray hattiesburg 

david henry green heidelberg 

william f. green warner robins, ga. 

billy t. greer Jackson 

eldon lindeal greer bogue chitto 


James larry greer wesson 

michael david gregory verona 

paul gregory gulfport 

rita diane grissom stringer 

trances kaye grubbs tylertown 


rodney Joseph gullo gulfport 

John v. gully pascagoula 

roberto jose gurdian leon, nicaragua 

charles earl guthrie laurel 

roger leon guyse, jr forest 


alice anne haffey lexington 

penny anne hale poplarville 

danny paul haley Jackson 

barbara gayle halford meadville 

Judy kay hallenus new Orleans, la. 


beau holmes hamann gulfport 

harold wayne hamilton hazlehurst 

bobby odell hammond morgantown 

dea hanson pascagoula 

elizabeth carol hardage petal 


donna gayle hardin mobile, ala. 

beverly enochs hardy pascagoula 

thaylia ann harmon waynesboro 

don glenn harr mendenhall 

betty lorraine harris raymond 


martha ann harris hattiesburg 

ruth tomlin harris Columbia 

robert ray harrison hazlehurst 

george arthur harwell moss point 

John laurence hasenkampf new Orleans, la. 


Virginia sue hatfield laurel 

Constance ann hathaway . . . .panama city, fla. 

billy ray hatten hattiesburg 

zora jean havens crystal springs 

linda kaye haver vicksburg 


laura anne hayes gulfport 

martha s. haynes Columbia 

shirley anne hazzlerigg vicksburg 

Jacqueline m. heath hattiesburg 

brenda heflin artesia 


larry wayne helflin gulfport 

linda helflin artesia 

merlin knight henderson, jr pensacola, fla. 

patricia ann henderson new hebron 

linda carol hernbloom Jackson 


edmond anthony herring gautier 

hardy ray herrington Columbia 

joe larry herrington laurel 

robert wilton hesson, jr. hattiesburg 

jane ellen high gulfport 


patricia taylor hill laurel 

robert kenneth hill taylorsville 

alan lee hinson tylertown 

bobby ray hinton laurel 

lawrence winston hinton richton 


carol v- hobbs hattiesburg 

Judith ann hodge meridian 

ronald patrick hodges Jackson 

dixie rhetta holder waynesboro 

paul elliott hollingsworth atmore, ala. 


mary katherine holman benoit 

dallas w. holmes pascagoula 

larry t. holmes tylertown 

margaret scott holmes Jacksonville, fla. 

winnifred kay holmes mccomb 


sandra Johnson hooker prentiss 

lance waiter hopkins newton, conn. 

gene home centreville 

theresa jan hough bay springs 

harold loyd housley lumberton 


phyllis jean houston taylorsville 

douglas wayne howard panama city, fla. 

hope howard morton 

waiter lee howard crystal springs 

hoi I is Jessie howell collins 


lewis david howell mccomb 

linda b. howell tylertown 

nancy howell biloxi 

joann howze mary esther, fla. 

carl t. hudson vicksburg 


hugh darryl huhn pascagoula 

carolyn ann hunt perkinston 

clifton ray hunter lucedale 

sue ellen hunter decatur 

helen marie ingram soso 


george earl ishee moss 

daniel m. Jackson, jr purvis 

toni cyrilia Jackson brandon 

joann j. jancik hattiesburg 

ted John jeansonne metairie, la. 


linda faye beard jefcoat laurel 

frank w. Jennings kosciusko 

esther lillian jent waynesboro 

vincent Jesse, jr- yazoo city 

a. stan Johnson baker, la. 


carol ann Johnson meridian 

brian benjamin Johnson Jackson 

c. Stephen Johnson pensacola, fla. 

george carl Johnson Jackson 

iannie lee iohnson laurel 



johnny j. Johnson pensacola, fla. 

Joyce e. Johnson tylertown 

martha carol Johnson woodville 

ronald joe Johnson hattiesburg 

edwin rawls Johnston beaumont 


frank alien Johnston waynesboro 

rupert patrick Johnston gulfport 

charles richard Jones stringer 

creighton ann Jones meadville 

gerald wayne Jones enterprise 


jacq lynn Jones hattiesburg 

James ronald Jones stringer 

martha diane Jones pascagoula 

rosa lynn Jones Jackson 

sammie faye Jones indianola 


sara elizabeth Jones Jackson 

Stanley cameron Jones Jackson 

thomas lenville Jones, jr. batesville 

jane lynn Jordan hattiesburg 

Judith gale Jordan mt. olive 


linda ann Jordan magee 

doris I. keene hattiesburg 

robert david keith laurel 

dottie June kelly hattiesburg 

gloria jean kelly quitman 


James m. kelly pensacola, fla. 

sarah maud kelly decatur 

naomi rutland kendrick Columbia 

linda j. kennedy meridian 

marilyn martha kent picayune 


kenneth fred kerr meridian 

bette r- kesler new Orleans, la. 

frank leroy kilgard, jr coral gables, fla. 

larry James kilgore gulfport 

jo carolyn kilpatrick indianola 


melton c. king natchez 

wanda ann king taylorsville 

marilyn klabunde brandon 

charles ernest klobe biloxi 

frederic william kloman lake geneva, wise. 


philip Jacob kolman hattiesburg 

ihor m. kondrat mahnah, n. j. 

John burg krauser montreal, quebec 

robert James kroha danbury, conn. 

donald charles kuehn natchez 


carvin John ladner gulfport 

lucien James ladner bay st. louis 

marilyn ruth ladner lumberton 

earl paul lagraize chalmette, la. 

larry lyle lambert Jackson 


lois elaine lambert rolling fork 

patricia louise lambert lucedale 

terry a. lambert hattiesburg 

hoi lis leroy lang magnolia 

huey parker lang meridian 


barry eugene langford jayess 

becky jo ranier meridian 

jean carol lanier gulfport 

mary ruth lankford picayune 

Stephen roy lawler purvis 


gwendolyn lawrence gulfport 

william eugene lawson hattiesburg 

dorothy sue leach pascagoula 

linda ann leach meridian 

rita jane leach union 


robert ernest leard, III hattiesburg 

larry w. leblanc hattiesburg 

Constance loraine lee tylertown 

James edward lee biloxi 

James wendell lee Jackson 


Joshua e. lee magee 

lynda noble lee ocean springs 

mary carol lee hattiesburg 

ronnie w. lee pinola 

thomas lindsey lee, jr vicksburg 


richard bernard leggett vicksburg 

John raymond leskovec pensacola, fla. 

betty irene letchworth state line 

danny wayne lewis bay springs 

mary evelyn lewis petal 




ruth annie lewis quitman 

w. carroll lewis quitman 

judyth h. lightsey sendersville 

mariguita lindley vicksburg 

John p. lipscomb baton rouge, la. 


ann darby little gulfport 

ellen m. little plain 

pamela little mize 

kenneth e. litton, jr tuscaloosa, ala. 

linda hulse lloyd biloxi 


patricia calcote lofton loyd star 

roy devon lofton, jr pensacola, fla. 

Janice taylor logan poplarville 

Joseph lester lomax chatom, ala. 

charles t. lombardo hattiesburg 


brenda gail long pensacola, fla. 

dannye wayne long brandon 

patricia lucille loper hattiesburg 

tommy ralph loper state line 

wanda gail loper laurel 


carolyn I. lott hattiesburg 

howard anthony lott hattiesburg 

jerry a. lott beaumont 

theron edgar lott hattiesburg 

vernon eddie lott hattiesburg 


patricia ann love quitman 

eva henrietta low wiggins 

william olson lowrey hattiesburg 

James Collins lucas pascagoula 

lynda ann luckie mobile, ala. 


g. dianne lutrick Jackson 

kathryn claire macdowell bay st. louis 

margaret angela maclennan °PPi a ' a - 

susan leigh maddox laurel 

sherry ann madison meridian 


carolyn magee tylertown 

mary nell magee tylertown 

ronald gene makamson Jackson 

carmen colleen malone morton 

emery earl malone richton 


Johnnie earl malone pensacola, fla. 

clayton b. manning Philadelphia 

valerie jean marcy gulfport 

Christopher remle marlette laurel 

patricia ann marling hazlehurst 


lynita mars picayune 

leon willis marsh, jr prairieville, ala. 

frank martin . . osyka 

gerry charlene martin maccomb 

margaret I. martin purvis 


perry wayne martin Columbia 

sybil ann marty casper, wyo. 

david dark massey gautier 

david longino massey forest 

linda gayle mauldin meridian 


Judy kaye maupin shreveport, la. 

paul edward may union church 

donna kay mayfield meridian 

c. ray mayhall mobile, ala- 

patricia elizabeth mcadams pascagoula 


charles m. mcarthur hattiesburg 

jean celeste mccain gulfport 

herbert don mccallum tylertown 

John edward mccarty laurel 

kenneth wayne mcclellan florala, ala. 


paul harden mcclellan laurel 

richard hill mccormick bay springs 

sharon mccown Columbia 

david russell mccracken meridian 

sharon kay mccraney pascagoula 


brenda Joyce mcdaniel laurel 

harold owen mcdonald forest 

michael t. mcdonald san antonio, texas 

virgil wayne mcgee hazlehurst 

delores mcgruder laurel 


charlotte ann mcilwain richton 

carey utha mcinnis Jackson, ala. 

linda ann mcinnis laurel 

verna diane mcinnis hattiesburg 

michael dean mcintyre natchez 


robert John mckenzie arlington heights, ill. 

betty jean mckinion forest 

rachel louise mckinley ellisville 

robert seay mclemore mobile 

marilyn elizabeth mclendon grove hill, ala. 


gloria anne mcleod bassfield 

brent edwin mcmahan hattiesburg 

beverly ann mcmaster benton 

terry lee mcmillian magee 

janie lee mcmullan decatur 


jeannene e. mcmullan baton rouge, la. 

ruth anne mcmurchy Jackson 

roger amos mcmurtry gulfport 

karlene s. mcnair poplarville 

billy charles mcneece el paso, tex. 

John noel mcpherson, jr gulfport 

June kay meadows mendenhall 

mary crowe mears biloxi 

bradford b. melancon new Orleans, la- 

gary w. merrell meridian 


fred c. messer sumrall 

John edward mikell foxworth 

edith faye miller Columbia 

martha faye miller hazlehurst 

mary lynn miller Philadelphia 


phillip lee milstead mouton, ala. 

carolyn elaine mirabile natchez 

derita ann mitchell belmont 

sherrie maria mitchell biloxi 

brenda sue montgomery bay springs 


danny wayne montgomery hattiesburg 

joy ann montgomery greenwood 

thomas preston moody laurel 

barbara ann moore hattiesburg 


wiinam moore metairie, la. 

kay diane moore seminary 

mary lee moore albertville, ala. 

rodger clay moore pascagoula 

rita edna moran k;| n 

michael david moreland pascagoula 


william richard morgan Jackson 

david roy morris donaldsonville, la. 

frances elizabeth moses , Jackson 

william Joseph mottern ocean springs 

robert louis mullins birmingham, ala. 

jerry arthur mullis panama city, fla. 

John max munn little rock, ark. 

linda ann munn biloxi 

eleanor jane murray laurel 

jimmy guy myers lake 


leonard c. myers laurel 

marilyn ann myers laurel 

byron denham myrick laurel 

linda gay nabors Jackson 

miguel naveda lima-peru, s. a. 

James huston neal, jr Jackson 

ann neely Jackson 

donna ruth nelson Columbia 

mabel elaine nelson pascagoula 

sylvia ann nelson mccomb 


nancy marie newman biloxi 

mary edith newton gulfport 

janie maria nobles ellisville 

peggy aniece nobles ellisville 

iva jo norris fort myers, fla. 


larry maurice norwood laurel 

m. victor novas new Orleans, la. 

juanita louise nuckols laurel 

thomas j. numnum, jr birmingham, ala. 

mary annette oden dekalb 


ann odom prairieville, la. 

larry joe odom buckatunna 

michael a. o'kelly 

John sharp orrell Charleston 

shirley hughes oswalt meridian 

claude edward owens, jr hattiesburg 

emma nan owens Jackson 

gail pace hattiesburg 

Jacqueline pace magee 

rita page hazlehurst 



John frederik palm new Orleans, la. 

John s. pardee st. petersburg, fla. 

gerald parish laurel 

raymond louis parker pachuta 

juneria theresa parr Jackson 


linda kay parsons meridian 

nancy lee partridge pascagoula 

billie n- patrick pelahatchie 

cecil patterson, jr hattiesburg 

eileen may patterson long beach 


richard glen patterson forest 

charlotte diane payne crystal springs 

frank d. payne new Orleans, la. 

anne elaine pearson hattiesburg 

margaret louise peden biloxi 


Stephen paul pelton falmouth, me. 

shelley wendy percy waco, tex. 

cynthia a. perkins laurel 

bonnie eugenia perritt Jackson 

leroy robert perronne pass christian 


carolyn perry Philadelphia 

martha nell perry ocean springs 

waiter b. perry hattiesburg 

nickie steven perryman mobile, ala. 

Joseph e. peters falmouth, mass. 


michael william peters gulfport 

robert morgan petersen meridian 

gerald dee phillips ovett 

ronald denman phillips mcdonough, ga. 

Joan m. pickett Jackson 


martha nelle pickett newton 

billy lamar pierce decatur 

sherry francine pierce Jackson 

dons jo pigott tylertown 

david maxwell pitt independence 


Judy dafferner pittman Jackson 

philip alton poitevin pascagoula 

mary jo pollman mobile, ala. 

curtis earl pope leakesville 

arthur Joseph porcari new egypt, n. j. 



jacque d. posey petal 

peter hayward potter, iv hattiesburg 

donald richard powell picayune 

Janice m. powell crystal springs 

lou ann poynter hattiesburg 


juaan diane prescott houston, tex. 

mary jean pressley wiggins 

carolyn d. preston wiggins 

arthur davis price Columbia 

henry escoe price gulfport 


robbie foley price stringer 

nelson v. prichett tampa, fla. 

lynne prosser bay st. louis 

melinda r. pryor Jackson 

sandra Joan pryor pulaski 


eddie darnell puckett raleigh 

larry I. purvis pelahatchie 

charlotte ann quick picayune 

sandra quick collins 

william craig quin mccomb 


terry alton quinn bogalusa, la. 

carole Jeanne ragland ocean springs 

merrilyn jane ragland mt. holly, n. j. 

charles f. rainwater houston, tex. 

roger a. rankin Washington, d. c- 


george edward rasco pascagoula 

warren e. ratcliffe heidelberg 

alfred gary rath perkinston 

richard daniel rawls hattiesburg 

rose marie ray ocean springs 


betty jane rayborn pascagoula 

James robert rayburn hattiesburg 

rebecca marie rayfield Jackson 

dorothy gwinn read lucedale 

jette reagan tylertown 


nancy elizabeth reagan long beach 

charles henry reddin laurel 

clara r. reeves amory 

wanda susan reeves laurel 

coby b. regehr chicago, ill. 




salvatore riccardi biloxi 

ronald Stephen richardson pachrta 

janis carole ridout meridian 

grady ray riley waynesboro 

rebecca n. riley ■ prentiss 


marie elizabeth rinehart bogalusa, la. 

charles b. robbins texarkana, tex. 

thomas van robbins Columbia 

phyllis smith roberson tylertown 

billy herbert roberts gulfport 


bruce lee roberts pascagoula 

linda gail roberts neely 

ruby trances roberts mobile, ala. 

Stephen eugene roberts Jackson 

jimmy wayne robertson baton rouge, la. 


larry eugene robinson ellisville 

nancy charlene robinson hattiesburg 

sherrill michele robinson meridian 

diane faye rogers laurel 

william nial rook braxton 


jack douglas ross mobile, ala. 

John lamar ross east fork 

richard arlen rouse pascagoula 

vie hugh rumore birmingham, ala- 

robert luther rushing tylertown 


bonnie sue russell pittsboro 

calyce darnell russell sumerall 

dorcel ann russell bay st. louis 

robert larry rutland collins 

treva gail rutland seminary 


antha dianne ryals Philadelphia 

dewey grant sadka meridian 

linda gayle sadka meridian 

John nicholas sakkis tampa, fla. 

erin faye Salter hattiesburg 


imazelle salters hattiesburg 

Stephen gary sampley ridgeland 

m. gemma sanchez san Salvador, el Salvador 

Joseph edward sanders, jr baton rouge, la. 

earl conrad Sanderson lucedale 


beverly arm sandifer Columbia 

betty sasser sumrall 

bruce Scarborough pascagoula 

kathryn arm schledwitz memphis, tenn. 

harry Joseph schoeneck Jackson 


patricia smith schwandt mobile, ala. 

robert Jerome schwandt, jr pensacola, fla. 

gilbert david scott mississippi city 

onis merl scott mccall creek 

raymond frank scott biloxi 


gross scruggs, jr meridian 

sharon lynn scruggs vicksburg 

James waiter seal Columbia 

mary serafin gulfport 

linell grace shave gulfport 


diann shaw hernando 

shirley elaine shaw necaise crossing 

glynell shelby taylorsville 

lydia rebecca shirley laurel 

sandra lynn shirley Jackson 


John e. shivers prentiss 

elizabeth w. shoemake ovett 

James david shoemake collins 

jan shoemaker magee 

mary elizabeth bagby Shoemaker hattiesburg 


berna kaye shuff laurel 

diane shurden drew 

gene steven simmons Columbia 

mary ellen simmons magnolia 

martha marie simpson biloxi 


charles ralph sims seminary 

marshall ronnie sims bay springs 

waiter edwin sipes lubbock, tex. 

alan earl sison arabi, la. 

deborah antonia skrnich biloxi 


celita slade hattiesburg 

marvin hunter sloan, jr biloxi 

robin smalling hattiesburg 

harold r. smelcer panama city, fla. 

dennis roy smerz ocean springs 


alvin lake smith laurel 

beverly g. smith mccomb 

candace laredo smith long beach 

carolyn kay smith laurel 

charles m. smith picayune 

christina handjis smith natchez 

daniel blood smith pensacola, fla. 

douglas irving smith sidon 

glenn sheldon smith laurel 

gretchen margot smith hattiesburg 

ames alien smith 
aneane smith .... 
ohn robert smith 
michael ray smith 
noel douglas smith 


Valparaiso, fla. 





peg torn smith Jackson 

phyllis ann smith greenwood 

phyllis ann smith eupora 

rose marie smith vicksburg 

thomas albert smith, jr. purvis 

william samuel smith fitzgerald, ga. 

dina faye snellgrove gretna, la. 

robert donald snowden meridian 

jane ellen Southwell milton, fla. 

florence ann speairs yazoo city 

durant ross spiers picayune 

drenda Joyce spitchley long beach 

Johnnie kathryn sprayberry long beach 

ann p. stahler clinton 

william august frank stainken mississippi city 

elizabeth madella Stanford alexandria, va. 

robert lee Stanley laurel 

calvin charles stein new Orleans, la. 

fred bush Stephens biloxi 

charlotte elizabeth stevens poplarville 

linda sue stevens poplarville 

sidney harvard stevens mobile, ala. 

gerald arnold stewart pass christian 

Joseph raymond stoessel, jr long beach 

James lundy stokes greenwood 


ina jo strahan morton 

Caroline annette stringer Columbia 

glynda sue stringer laurel 

Jesse laray stringer tylertown 

leslie o. sturtevant biloxi 


James robert sullivan mendenhall 

ronald duane sullivan gulfport 

willoughby arron sullivan, iii natchez 

rebecca lynn sumrall ellisville 

katherine I. Sutherland hattiesburg 


richard paul swanson new Orleans, la. 

chevis dark swetman biloxi 

deborah elaine swinney long beach 

jerry w. switzer ■ ■ gulfport 

darlene anne swontek gulfport 


James ronald sykes quitman 

John michael sykes hattiesburg 

sherryl lynn tackett Jackson 

Janice beth tallant pascagoula 

pamela g. tanner pelahatchie 


janey Catherine taranto pensacola, fla. 

anna tarezanin wiggins 

sandra faye tarleton starkville 

pamela ann tate hattiesburg 

patricia ann tatum hattiesburg 


d. remel taylor perkinston 

kitty taylor baton rouge, la. 

william harry taylor brookhaven 

dorothy a. terrell magnolia 

rosemary terry vicksburg 


pat anthony tesson metairie, la. 

billy howard thames magee 

ivan leroy thomas vancleave 

James earl thomas gholson 

lona b. thomas knoxville 


marion clair thomas tylertown 

billy ray thompson mobile, ala. 

frances glywn thompson meridian 

larry claude thompson mccomb 

robert makeba thompson pascagoula 


James c. thornton gulfport 

edwin gary thrash saucier 

tommie jean tillery laurel 

ross franklin tingle, jr meridian 

Joseph edwin tinsley meridian 


william austin tolar tylertown 

donald wayne toler liberty 

william pierre tompkins pascagoula 

bobble sue toole Jackson 

betty loraine topp gulfport 


clifton ray topp pascagoula 

warren francis tracy hattiesburg 

stewart emery trautman, jr gulfport 

donald reed travis liberty 

kenneth harlon traylor sumerall 


arlyn trussell hattiesburg 

James alexander trussell hattiesburg 

helen sue tucker Jackson 

mary antoinette tucker Jackson 

j. anthony full panama city, fla. 


sherry a. turnage mount olive 

patricia a. tutterow tchula 

James william ulmer laurel 

mary evelyn upchurch Jackson 

Jackie mitchell upton bay springs 


leslie wayne usher meridian 

larry gurod ussery shreveport, la. 

Judith stratton ussing liberty 

martha jane utz yazoo city 

mary kay vail ocean springs 


frances kay varga Jackson 

charlene varnell mccomb 

donald mahlon vaughn aberdeen 

rayford b. vaughn, jr hattiesburg 

vicki amanda vaughn brookhaven 


ronie lee veach terry 

antenor velazco lima, peru 

jack lee vice long beach 

joe I. vieira madeira, portugal 

beverly kay vise lucedale 



richard -Frederick von sprecken pascagoula 

philip dane voss natchez 

chloe ford walker clinton 

cynthia ward walker laurel 

douglas lee walker tylertown 


jerry len walker gulfport 

vivian lee walker pascagoula 

gary conley Wallace claymont, del. 

thomas michael wallis Syracuse, n. y. 

patricia lynn walls natchez 


carolyn edelle waiters laurel 

charlotte lynn waiters union 

kent louis waiters pensacola, fla. 

sheila ann waiters mobile, ala. 

shirley margaret waiters mobile, ala. 


george urithon warbington moss point 

hilda gayle warner arabi, la. 

charlotte ann warren hattiesburg 

emmette lee warren prichard, ala. 

jack b. warren brookhaven 


richard grady warren laurel 

shirley malinda warrick birmingham, ala. 

larry elliot watkins carriere 

waiter kent watson Jackson 

cynthia kay watts picayune 


robert merrill webber Jackson 

James raymond weber newton 

katherine lynn webster meridian 

anthony lee weems canton 

donna fay weidman birmingham, ala. 


marianna welborn laurel 

barbara dale welch pinola 

rachel Janet welch laurel 

eddie katherine welford okolona 

linda diane welford lucedale 


sarah kathleen welford lucedale 

ronald hugh wells mccomb 

william burton wells* meridian 

rosann elizabeth whalen Jackson 

phillip duane wharton lakeland, fla. 


gerald taylor whiddon biloxi 

carol arm white athens, ga. 

Jacob william white, jr hattiesburg 

Judy carolyn white brookhaven 

lydia elise white gulfport 


sandra lee white west point 

Virginia ann white picayune 

elton faulkner whitley tupelo 

linda carol whitmarsh starkville 

phyllis ann whittington hazlehurst 


sharon kay whittington liberty 

barbara sue wicker forest 

david m. wicker smithdale 

david ogden wickliffe natchez 

thomas nash wickliffe natchez 


Jackie harold wiggins carthage 

robert gerald wiggins lucedale 

william gerald wigington pinola 

harold lynn wilder tupelo 

cheryl diane wilgar petal 


patricia dianne wilhite pascagoula 

sonja carol wilkes petal 

bobby eugene williams selma, ala. 

georgie anna williams hansboro 

jan ann williams lincoln, nebr. 


Joan aleane williams hattiesburg 

kenneth dale williams mobile, ala. 

lionel williams waynesboro 

mary elaine williams picayune 

patsy jane williams quitman 


ray turner williams summit 

robert nelson williams pascagoula 

shirley Jeanne williams Charleston 

william ralph williams chipley, fla. 

winnie p. williams laurel 


philip farrell willis panama city, fla. 

martin earle willoughby Jackson 

charles andrew wilson palmerdale, ala. 

Joan elaine wilson lyman 

katherine lynn wilson meridian 


roberta kay wilson winona 

brynda kaye windham hattiesburg 

rodney ellis windham Jackson 

sandra kaye windham laurel 

glenn earl wodrich palatine, ill. 


roy david wolgamott, jr laurel 

sam turner womack Jackson 

sheila Janet wood poplarville 

linda sue woods laurel 

beverly evelyn wright laurel 


william r. wright Jackson 

herbert spencer yates hattiesburg 

James Stanley yates brooklyn 

toney lionel yelverton madison 

charles ernest youens chickasaw, ala. 


david ray young Jackson 

harold a. young felders 

James hubert young, jr sand hill 

iinda kimble young mccomb 

thomas mack zachary brookhaven 


carol hinton zumbro gloster 


margaret ann abbott natchez 

marianne abrams hattiesburg 

sharon ann adams ocean springs 

el lis ray ainsworth monticelio 

iacob burton ainsworth magee 

Judith ann ainsworth bay springs 

dixie lee aldrich florence 


gordon anderson alexander mccomb 

corene alien Columbia 

Judith nan alien silver city 

lolia neather alien Columbia 

malcolm g. alien magnolia 

marjorie Joyce alien Jackson 

ray anders gloster 


alien dale anderson Columbia 

clarence Joseph anderson, jr buckatunna 

iames michael anderson gulfport 

shirley ann anderson hattiesburg 

thomas haley anderson tupelo 

iudy ann andrews kreole 

anna sue anest tupelo 


martha ray anglin mount olive 

ann lucille ankersen mobile, ala. 

henry milton apperson, jr west point 

harry philip arcarese hattiesburg 

max kirby arinder Jackson 

charles harwood atkins columbus 

rose atkinson pickens 


charles lafayette atwood pascagoula 

frances jo austin hattiesburg 

f red rick lee aycock laurel 

James andrew ayers Cincinnati, ohio 

ronald roy babers woodville 

kathryn ann babuchna biloxi 

carolyn bailess vicksburg 


peggye balch pass christian 

jerry lee ball panama city, fla. 

thomas charles baragona natchez 

rande i. bardwell brandon 

ricki n. barfield ■ . meridian 

linda elizabeth barham decatur 

jimmie louise barker vicksburg 


linda ann barker Jackson 

medero lynn barnes forest 

rex mason barnes padeville, ala. 

charlotte marie barnett gulfport 

ioyce marie barnette waynesboro 

kathie louan barnette raymond 

bethany bert barron Columbia 


Jackie ann bartlett pascagoula 

tommy walker bass heidelberg 

norciva rosalie bassi itta bena 

martin karr bateman, jr bay minette, ala. 

mike t. battles sylacauga, ala. 

madeline marie baucom mobile, ala. 

linda sue beasley meridian 


terry edwin beasley waynesboro 

tommy charles beasley gloster 

william j. beasley waynesboro 

charles ray beck pensacola, fla. 

freddie roy beggs tupelo 

cheryl jean bell pensacola, fla. 

kathyan bell Jackson 



raffaele giorgio beltram tries+e, italy 

anne benke Jackson 

johnny Jerome bennett harrisville 

rebecca leigh benson slidell, la. 

elizabeth anne bergin ocean springs 

elizabeth deniese berryhill natchez 

diane bianchi Jackson 


charlotte markilene bishop laurel 

kathleen blackburn hattiesburg 

raymond alien blacklidge gulfport 

h. jean blackwell forest 

michael lloyd blackwell mchenry 

nita louise blackwell gulfport 

Virginia gayle blount gillsburg 


peggy waynette boler laurel 

linda ann boles quitman 

mary Wallace boles biloxi 

linda nell boleware seminary 

edith elaine bonner quitman 

donald ray boothe gloster 

eva jean boozer hattiesburg 


bill thomas boroughs hattiesburg 

thomas bounds sumrall 

Joseph a I Ian bourgeois hattiesburg 

larry c. bourne Columbia 

donald claude boutwell gulfport 

e. ann bowden pass christian 

dixie lee boxx morton 


lana kay boyce liberty 

thomas h. boyd gulfport 

larry wayne braddock laurel 

sheila lorraine braddock ripley 

jane elizabeth bradley hattiesburg 

mae atrice bradley hattiesburg 

cecelia io branch yazoo city 


Joyce dean branch goodman 

bonnie gaye brasfield hueytown, ala. 

edward ray breakfield Columbia 

travis earl brewer gulfport 

billy howard brinkman new Orleans, la. 

michael patrick brinkman new Orleans, la. 

ruthie juanita britt brookhaven 


shelia ann britt magee 

sharon betty brody vineland, n. j. 

barbara j. brooks panama city, fla. 

gloria sue brooks gulfport 

becky alice brown ocean springs 

billie jean brown brandon 

kathy ninette brown natchez 


peggy otheal brown brookhaven 

wayne brown carthage 

frances waldine brummett Jackson 

io bryant Jackson 

oatricia kaye bryant laurel 

willie yvonne bryant hattiesburg 

John howard buchanan indianola 


lena kathryn buck biloxi 

ioe I. buie meridian 

larry o. bullion baton rouge, la. 

william larry bullock collins 

larry leroy burcham meridian 

william leroy burger hattiesburg 

smokey m. burgess meridian 




mary carol burke gulfport 

wayne roy burke new Orleans, la. 

william Joseph burke gulfport 

linda fay burkett new hebron 

donald roy burkhalter magnolia 

david perry burns gulfport 

martha lynn burraqe pascagoula 


william larry burrage Jackson 

shilrey mae burris biloxi 

becky Joyce burst Jackson 

Julius william burt brookhaven 

paris keats bush gulfport 

camille s. butler Jackson 

frances ann byrd laurel 


curtis lamar cain clara 

kenneth w. caldwell biloxi 

bobby lee calvery forest 

elsie cheryl campbell hattiesburg 

mary mosal campbell canton 

cjerald harry capers gulfport 

jo katherine captiva pascagoula 


hilda lou carney Columbia 

roger greene carpenter , .winona 

hulan dewitt carr forest 

geraldine carroll biloxi 

ianis lea carter gulfport 

ioe mcleod carter petal 

ronald p,earson carter ellisville 


deborah madeline case canton 

James doyle case brookhaven 

John royce case brookhaven 

karen lynn case Jackson 

donnie n. caughman mendenhall 

david hicks causey mccomb 

sharon sue caver moss point 


suzanne marie chaffin biloxi 

brenda carol chancellor laurel 

linda gail chapman Jackson 

aubrey mitchell child re Jackson 

mary roberta chisholm natchez 

scott douglas chisholm vero beach, fla. 

dora sue dark webb 


ethel claire dark madison 

linda louise dark Jackson 

georganne clarke pascagoula 

shirley ruth clay, mobile, ala. 

ellen marie cliburn mendenhall 

bruce wheeler Clifford morton 

rodney wayne cockerham laurel 


roy william cockerham laurel 

w. flprence coke mendenhall 

m. christie coldewey port st. joe, fla. 

betty jean cole natchez 

sherman terry cole biloxi 

william edward coleman wade 

James floyd combest waynesboro 


Virginia anne conrad redwood 

James michael cook meridian 

jerry don cook biloxi 

leslie carol cooper morton 

jack olson coppenbarger raymond 

howard larry corley hattiesburg 

bob edward cote elsmere, n. y. 




patricia marie cothern gulfport 

everette lawrence cox marks 

m. wynette cox walnut grove 

cheryl christine craft petal 

qloria jeannette craft , . magee 

latimer weldon craig gulfport 

margaret ann craig morton 


harold dewitt crain tylertown 

sherry ann crane newton 

ierry wayne craven meridian 

a. e. crawford flora 

claudette demant crawford . . laurel 

evelyn creel , . biloxi 

samuel Sylvester creel, jr. Columbia 


larry keith crenshaw mobile, ala. 

marsha lee crosby laurel 

lana faye cross seminary 

charles raymond crum hattiesburg 

johnny lynn crum ashland 

alien cruthirds biloxi 

patricia alice cubley hattiesburg 


wiiliam r. currie meridian 

John b. curry woodville 

marty cifrry hattiesburg 

wiiliam neil curry laurel 

richard dabbs mobile, ala. 

wiiliam fran dabbs quitman 

larry allan dailey gautier 


nancy daniel bay st. louis 

Jonathan t. dart biloxi 

Joseph ray daugherty quitman 

annie kay daughtrey collins 

eleanor sue davis wiggins 

elwyn lee davis hattiesburg 

huelene davis purvis 


jim heyward davis mobile, ala. 

willard j. davis prentiss 

willie elliott davis waynesboro 

lynda lurline daws waynesboro 

alan ross dean lucedale 

harlan g. dean pearlington 

larry ryan dean hattiesburg 


kirby tilton deer, jr mccomb 

m. ed dennis pensacola, fla. 

margaret lee dethloff moss point 

ray w. devereaux gautier 

elizabeth linda disharoon port gibson 

James flynn dixon liberty 

carlin thomas dobbs pass christian 


linda rae dobbs biloxi 

charles michael doherty natchez 

malcom ronald doleac hattiesburg 

iames patterson donald morton 

rosy ellen donohue brooklyn, n. y. 

James michael donovan hattiesburg 

waiter ray doty pascagoula 


sherrye yvonne dowling laurel 

paul eddy downing Jackson 

evalyn k. drake ft. lauderdale, fla. 

wade drummond mt. olive 

richard charles duckworth biloxi 

ianette mary duda ocean springs 

calvin w. duerson, jr Jackson 



louis michael dunagin laurel 

sharon aletha dungan prentiss 

christa lene dunn ocean springs 

margaret I. dwight hattiesburg 

margaret jean eagar Jackson 

beverly Janet easterling mt. olive 

Jefferson sandy easterling morgantown 


myra sue eastman houston, tex. 

claude wayne eaton sumrall 

ray e. ebberman biloxi 

bobby wilson edmondson crowder 

elizabeth emile edmondson edwards 

kevin richard edwards harrington park 

Virginia lee edwards meridian 


william o. eidson meridian 

roger frank eliott lumberton 

elton buzz elkins hattiesburg 

linda ruth ellis newton 

patricia I. ellis waynesboro 

sharon kay ellis floussant, mo. 

susan lynn emrick natchez 


terry estep .... gulfport 

Judith ann etheridge mccomb 

hardy napoleon eubanks, iii .. ft. walton beach, fla. 

Janet waiters eubanks lucedale 

margaret annette eubanks gulfport 

mark r. eubanks gulf breeze, fla. 

r. marshall eubanks woodbridge 


carl e. eure, jr hattiesburg 

cheryl eloise evans petal 

alien leon everett biloxi 

[ohn otis everett petal 

iesse ray ewell Jackson 

william earl faggert heidelberg 

daniel lamar fairchild quitman 


ioseph singleton fannin hattiesburg 

charles h. faulkner hueytown, ala. 

sandra lynn faulkner hattiesburg 

dorothy sue feigenbaum carbondale, ill. 

cynthia jean fennel bunlie, la. 

charles henry ferman slidell, la. 

ellen finch hattiesburg 


John I. fisher pascagoula 

william ragon fisher hattiesburg 

rodric wayne flanagan meridian 

dorothy lain fleming corinth 

James larry flynt hazlehurst 

patsy ka_y foil mccomb 

steve wayne fore flomaton, ala. 


cullie monette foreman crosby 

dell hampton forrest morton 

beulah fay fortenberry Columbia 

larry noel fortenberry tylertown 

rachel gayle fortenberry pascagoula 

billy lee fortner columbus 

dennis earl foster meridian 


nancy d'aun fox brookhaven 

mary susan fraiser Jackson 

mary elizabeth franklin crystal springs 

Jeff e. frazier Jackson 

kay walker frazier Jackson 

thomas f. frazier Jackson 

susan elizabeth frederic pascagoula 



arnold royce freeman richton 

John s+a Mings freeman hattiesburg 

richard fields fulkerson magee 

gary ray fuller mccomb 

richard fuller monticello 

richard a. fuller, ii biloxi 

dorothy lee gammel hattiesburg 


Janice carol gandy , laurel 

Virginia louise gandy runnelstown 

linda elizabeth gannon gulfport 

sarah margaret garraway hattiesburg 

joe edward garvin pearlington 

david arthur gary biloxi 

ludith lynn gary isola 


joe randall gaskin pulaski 

ellen sue gatewood Collins 

donna faye gatlin pascagoula 

hermes quin gautier pascagoula 

alton r. geno biloxi 

charles edgar gibson col I in s 

jerry wayne gibson dekalb 


gerald david giles brandon 

John wayne giles mt. olive 

joe alan gilliam clarksdale 

william david gingrich hattiesburg 

madelyn carol giuffria . long beach 

tommye lyn glass ocefen springs 

Pamela celeste glisson magee 


nancy lee goff ocean springs 

addie vivian goines enterprise 

danny lee goldman natchez 

velma ann goldsmith natchez 

James h. golmon, jr monticello 

donna lynn gonsoulin biloxi 

cathy annette gordon laurel 


James richmond gordon lucedale 

patricia a. goss union 

John graham walnut creek, calif. 

linda ann granger gulfport 

albert kirkwood gray meridian 

dan gordon greathouse fayette 

carolyn ann green vancleave 


william d. green hattiesburg 

Joyce berniece greer bogue chitto 

charles oren griffin quitman 

Joseph darrell grimes saraland, ala. 

linda f. grimsley hattiesburg 

jane elizabeth grissom stringer 

mary patricia guerry vicksburg 


marco a. gurdian leon, nicaragua 

william vaughn quy, jr hattiesburg 

patrick fleming guyton kosciusko 

mary carleen hadaway forest 

louise mary haffey mccomb 

thomas edwin haffey, jr lexington 

david Joseph hajduk morretown, n. j. 


John w. hale lucedale 

billy michael hall raleigh 

betty ann hamm soso 

bill hammack quitman 

pamela de ann hammond moss point 

thomas edward hampton yazoo city 

James rudolph hancock picayune 




lynn vickf hanson gulfport 

charlotte ann hardy pascagoula 

Joseph Jackson hardy selma 

nancy althea harmon . hattiesburg 

lexie harper eupora 

edgar alien harrell sumrall 

martha lou harrell Jackson 


iames e. harrington biloxi 

larry g. harris , mendenhall 

sandra I. harris union 

susie ann harris wesson 

huldah ann hartford Jackson 

coco hartsell hattiesburg 

candis mae harvey mt. olive 


carolyn rowell harvey carriere 

david mitchell harvey taylorville 

James edwin harvey poplarville 

John ronnie harvey mt. olive 

n. russell hatten wiggins 

peggy lynne hayes meridian 

phillip darrell hays pascagoula 


lynn bernard hebert biloxi 

cynthia gay hegwood beaumont 

mary lou helfrich Jackson 

vicki suzanne helms tupelo 

martha carol henderson brookhaven 

michael rogers henderson hattiesburg 

tommy henderson Jackson 


marie anne henrigues gulfport 

david malcolm hensarling hattiesburg 

Judith marie henze wiggins 

sandra kathryn hernbloom Jackson 

lois sue herrin prentiss 

carolyn henson herrington laurel 

marguette herrington silver creek 


James m. hethcox petal 

william travis higdon pascagoula 

karen jane hightower petal 

terry leigh hightower clinton 

boyd aaron hill laurel 

jerry ray hill sandersville 

myrion kay hillman poplarville 


John carlton hines forest 

edward talmage hinton laurel 

otha merwyn hinton beaumont 

patricia ann hinton lucedale 

cheryl ann hocutt hattiesburg 

carol glynn hodges natchez 

Janet I. hodges biloxi 


charles glen holden mccall creek 

Julia carole holder bay springs 

william arnold holder richton 

Judith faye holifield laurel 

neil leland holifield laurel 

paul russell holmes clinton 

noel wesley holston laurel 


jack h. honea magnolia 

richard edward hood richton 

brenda faye home conehatta 

charles h. home, jr newton 

emily louise horne pensacola, fla. 

teresa ann hough biloxi 

anna m. howard leakesville 



dorman mcarthur howell . tylertown 

martha carol hunter wesson 

carol ann hupp Columbia 

mary elizabeth hurst hattiesburg 

karon beatrice husser mccomb 

sharyn lynne hutchinson bogalusa, la. 

suzanne hutto hattiesburg 

eugenia lanelle hyatt meridian 

robert dewey ingram mccomb 

iames alan isler mobile, ala. 

linda lee ivy Jackson 

donna I. Jackson laurel 

jimmy dale jefcoats . richton 

mimi a. ieffery bay st. louis 


raymond bunn jeffus paulding 

marks whittle Jenkins, jr newton 

christie ellen jenner balboa, canal zone 

david scott Joachim biloxi 

barbara cascal Johnson . carthage 

charlotte ann Johnson meridian 

iames donald Johnson pascagoula 

|oe edward Johnson meridian 

Joseph mark Johnson laurel 

Judy kay Johnson Jackson 

karen m. Johnson pensacola, fla. 

labe bradford Johnson, jr Jackson 

maggie Johnson i+ta bena 

mary azalean Johnson leakesville 

floyd vincent Johnston mccomb 

jean clare Johnston shubuta 

alex glenn jolly collinsville 

alma loraine Jones lucedale 

beverly ann Jones Columbia 

charlie vinson Jones hattiesburg 

david f. Jones meridian 

gary e. lones greenville 

houston b. Jones hattiesburg 

James lide Jones collins 

oel chanin Jones mt. olive 

ohn howell Jones, jr mcadams 

kenneth fred Jones Jackson 

inda faye Jones state line 

patricia louise Jones meridian 

lillian louise Jordan laurel 

troy Jordan bogalusa, la. 

evelyn gaynell josey natchez 

cathy ann kanady ocean springs 

maria karabetsos Jackson 

david lewis kay collins 

claudette kennedy magee 

susan ann kennedy Philadelphia 

irene terrell kern collins 

James luther kernop canton 

lee william kerzee hattiesburg 

radell key petal 

ann cheryl kidd enterprise 

arthur irving king moss point 

dewey glenn king jayess 

linda baxter king louisville 

John richard kingsafer berrien springs, mich. 

franklin bruce kleinhans high ridge, mo. 

oscar klotch esteli, nicaragua 

linda gene knight panama city, fla. 



robert alien knott meridian 

Catherine grayson kolger leakesville 

edward nicholas kramer guitman 

vincent michael krumbeck biloxi 

ianice cynthia ladner bay st. louis 

kathie ladner , natchez 

toni ladner bay st. louis 


linda rae laird brookhaven 

James louie lambert mobile, ala. 

steve lambert mccomb 

kathy m. lambeth mobile, ala. 

carlton Janet landrum laurel 

joann lane indianola 

trances langlinais biloxi 


sandra lorene lanier waycross 

dale lanius Jackson 

James n. lansing . schenectady, n. y. 

ianet elaine larsen pascagoula 

maxine j. larsen pass christian 

richard kent larson park ridge, ill. 

leonard louis lauderdale madison 


John william lawrence gulfport 

douglas eugene lawry vicksburg 

sharyn kathleen lawson tupelo 

guy anthony layton meridian 

linda diane ledlow laurel 

george ernest lee hattiesburg 

mary m. lee wiggins 


william alton lee . mobile, ala. 

trances louise leonard bogue chitto 

mark h. leonard blountstown, fla. 

linda sue lepre biloxi 

trances gertrude le roy biloxi 

tred michael letort biloxi 

alice dale lewis newton 


alna christine lewis hattiesburg 

carolyn Joyce lewis laurel 

genny lewis pascagoula 

iean alice lewis meadville 

margie dell lewis morton 

sally mae lewis biloxi 

mary louise lightsey stringer 


bettie gail lindley moselle 

freda elaine little Columbia 

linda kay little richton 

thomas david littlepage hattiesburg 

John henry lloyd prichard, ala. 

nancy elizabeth lloyd dothan, ala. 

susan lockhart greenville 


rhea peary lomax laurel 

frank t. long, jr meridian 

ginger long tupelo 

[anice m. lonnborg gulfport 

robert steven loomis biloxi 

James phillip losasso union city, n. j. 

sheryl theresa lott collins 


susan irene lott bassfield 

John andrew loup bay st. louis 

patricia kay lowe clewiston, fla. 

yvita yvonne luckie wewahitchka, fla. 

randolph carter lusk mccomb 

Joyce marie lyle gulfport 

roger brenton lyle jackson 


Jerome clifton lynn reidsville, ga. 

thomas j. macdermott hattiesburg 

skipper macdonald Jackson 

thomas norman maddox florala, ala. 

charlotte marie magee sun, la. 

nola faye magee tylertown 

gustave Joseph maily, jr ellisville 


terrence charles majure decatur 

iohn edward malanchak Pittsburgh, pa. 

diane malone gulfport 

kathleen mae maloney bay st. louis 

eugenia ruth marbury Jackson 

carolyn diane markley alexandria, va. 

donna gail marshall dayton, ohio 


marilyn kay martin smithdale 

gary lamar mason shubuta 

linda diane mason Jackson 

sylvia anita massey meridian 

menton John matthews, jr mccomb 

joy elaine may mobile, ala. 

janis elaine mayfield hamburg, n. y. 


charley sue mayo crystal springs 

freddy mayorga guaiemala 

michael mcadams pascagoula 

James travis mcadory forest 

iudy c. mcalpin magee 

anita faye mcandrews coll ins 

susan mcclinton quitman 


maxine mccord laurel 

Stephen connor mccraw ellisville 

ellen welch mccurdie hattiesburg 

Joyce carol mcdaniel brookhaven 

kathy elaine mcdaniel meridian 

perry wade mcdaniel Columbia 

frances ozella mcdowall Jackson 


alan rea mcduff hattiesburg 

dianne lee mcfatter hattiesburg 

barbara ann mcferran meridian 

victoria carolyn mcgarity albany, ga. 

John r. mcgrath pascagoula 

pamela anne mcquire columbus, ohio 

faye Jewell mcilwain meridian 


martha sue mcilwain pascagoula 

linda diane mcinnis leakesville 

macy linda mckay bogalusa, la. 

iohn mewton mckendree . . bradenton, fla. 

felix norman mcmillan kosciusko 

clayton wayne mcnair ridgeland 

ronnie earl mcnair magee 


beverly king mcneer moss 

dora katharine mcneill panama city, fla. 

jean evelyn mcqueen collins 

carolyn diane mcraney petal 

iohn elvis melton grenada 

edmundo mendieta managua, nicaragua 

charles Christopher merrill ocean springs 


gwendolyn leresa merritt hattiesburg 

cecilia a. messina vicksburg 

John a. metzler chalmette, la. 

ira Joel middleberg new Orleans, la. 

mary kay middleton mobile, ala. 

charlotte elaine mieczynski bay st. louis 

russell eugene miles waggins 




avigail miller escatawpa 

curtis e. miller lucedale 

elmerlene miller pascagoula 

marilyn gail miller woodville 

michael louie miller laurel 

frances kay mi I lis mendenhall 

elizabeth marbury mims birmingham, ala. 


danny f. mitchell prentiss 

mary elizabeth mitchell poplarville 

rosemary mitchell forest 

Virginia ann mitchell picayune 

joe russell moffett gulfport 

danny edwin moga bogalusa, la. 

charles david montgomery natchez 


ina lynn montgomery bay springs 

marilyn moon meridian 

betty lou moore sandy hook 

blanche sue moore tylertown 

carolyn edna moore woodville 

diana lynne moore enterprise 

John elbert moore picayune 


linda emily moore hattiesburg 

patricia ann moore pascagoula 

sharon kay moore pensacola, fla. 

susan rae moore picayune 

jerry p. moorehead pascagoula 

carolyn ann morgan gulfport 

ruth ann morgan gulfport 


mary Catherine moriarty laurel 

glenn farrell morris hattiesburg 

russell d. morris new Orleans, la. 

sara maureen moss laurel 

[o nora mulholland carthage 

charlotte kay mullins mendenhall 

george richard munton lucedale 


charlene sarah murphy biloxi 

philip joe murphy meridian 

martha kay murray meridian 

brenda anice musgrove soso 

gayle karen myers Jackson 

patricia rhode nash natchez 

phil j. negri new Orleans, la. 


michael alien nellums picayune 

welborn ray nelson moselle 

conrad anthony nesossis handsboro 

mary therese netterville mccomb 

daniel baker newell kosciusko 

david william newell kosciusko 

j. dempsey newman, jr liberty 


brenda Joyce nichols yazoo city 

dale hunt nichols nashville, tenn. 

parricier ilene nichols magee 

veronica ann niolet pass christian 

connie jean nixon hattiesburg 

elaine nixon Jackson 

richard eugene nobile moorehead 


James andrew nuckols laurie 

donna marie nuessen quincy, ill. 

charleen ann null hattiesburg 

carole marie o'cain canton 

emalyn elizabeth ogden crosby 

paula marie ohr biloxi 

ralph steve olieu biloxi 

v . 




colleen elizabeth o'mara mccomb 

Judith trapier o'neal riverview 

peggy lee overal bay st. louis 

r. donald overby Jackson 

tommy lee owens Jackson 

wilton price owens Jackson 

cindy e. page pascagoula 


Janet Catherine pape seminary 

brenda Joyce parish prentiss 

phyllis gail parke meridian 

don I. parker bay st. louis 

jimmy edward parker Jackson 

Virginia lynn parker hattiesburg 

douglas taylor parkman Columbia 


william o. parrish, jr. laurel 

Jerome george parson, jr biloxi 

cathy eileen passmore biloxi 

barbara anne patterson Jackson 

susan lynn patterson hattiesburg 

sandra sue pattillo laurel 

pie payne hattiesburg 


Caroline elaine peacock belzoni 

ginger margaret peden Jackson 

travis ray peden meridian 

patricia gail penton picayune 

louis ronnie perkins iii raymond 

patty perkins Jackson 

sandra ann perkins louin 


m. charles persons lucedale 

Caroline isabel peterson bay st. louis 

thomas pharoah pettis quitman 

alan victor phillips louin 

ginger phillips Jackson 

Janice lynn phillips brookhaven 

John harrison phillips wiggins 


maureen ponder phillips mendenhall 

paul henry phillips lucedale 

charlotte dolores pierce decatur 

wayn4 howard pierce pensacola, fla. 

jane pittman piggot foxworth 

paula ann pinkham raleigh 

cheryl anne pippen laurel 


ann elizabeth pittman Columbia 

charles daniel pittman bogalusa, la. 

daniel sayle pittman, jr grenada 

ralph pitts waynesboro 

Judith yvonne podyma clinton 

James ewell pogue montgomery, ala. 

william donald polen laurel 


janise green polewoda mobile, ala. 

John wayne polk Jackson 

lucille marie polk hattiesburg 

willard oneal polk poplarville 

jimmy ponder Jackson 

paul henry ponder mendenhall 

sharron dianne pope Jackson 


al jack porter greenville 

donald edward porter waynesboro 

barbara a. powell hattiesburg 

pamela marie powell ellisville 

keith parker powers Jackson 

susan elizabeth price mccomb 

charles robert prince magee 




sam s. prothro hattiesburg 

marilyn ann psencik meridian 

dianne lee puckett vicksburg 

nancy suzanne pylant purvis 

henry louis quick new Orleans, la. 

susan elizabeth quick indianola 

jack e. quin Columbia 


kathleen ann rabby wiggins 

donald milheim rahaim laurel 

ronald palmer rahaim richton 

don rowe rainey . hattiesburg 

larry earl rainey hattiesburg 

robert glenn ramsay pascagoula 

robbie elizabeth randall columbus 


teresa gunter randall pascagoula 

joe david rankin . . magee 

edwin clifton rate lift, jr hattiesburg 

larry edmund ratcliff gulfport 

mary ann rater vicksburg 

martha a. rawls hattiesburg 

gary scott rayburn gulfport 


georgina rayburn collins 

hamilton dykes reber petal 

James william reed gulfport 

ollie lee reed, jr natchez 

James m. reeves lucedale 

robert michael reid monticello 

william louis reiman clinton 


c. w. rhodes hattiesburg 

James harold rice gulfport 

nancy marguerite rice new Orleans, la. 

lyn c. richardson montgomery, ala. 

mary martha richardson vicksburg 

william Joseph richardson rayette 

elizabeth kathleen richter gulfport 


James everette rickles, jr Philadelphia 

charles edward riels lucedale 

larry aubry rigby forest 

frank earl riggs hattiesburg 

dwight larue rimes tylertown 

betty ann rimmer canton 

david ray risher forest 


James alan risher meridian 

thomas v. roan Jackson 

david larry robbins Columbia 

rita Joyce robbins Columbia 

randolph bruce robertson Jackson 

barbara beth roberts tuscaloosa, ala. 

carl rayford roberts quitman 


gloria I. roberts vancleave 

mackie wayne roberts richton 

mollie roberts moss point 

rose linda roberts quitman 

bernard thomas robertson Portsmouth, va. 

anita kaye robinson mize 

frances hulen robinson Jackson 


vergie I. robinson mccomb 

dana g. roby forest 

gary norman rockwell Portsmouth 

John andrew rodgers lansing, n. y. 

domingo rodriguez biloxi 

glen rayford rogers collins 

theresia lynn rogers brookhaven 



beverly ann rollins , , gloster 

ronald richard rollison hattiesburg 

michael alien roman beaumont 

cheryl lorraine rose gulfport 

rebecca pauline rosenzweig Jackson 

addie ross gulfport 

cynthia ann ross mendenhall 


John I. ross, jr ocean springs 

lane m. ross hattiesburg 

margo ross ocean springs 

lynda gale rowley foxworth 

rita jean rowzee laurel 

glenda sue rudder bogue chitto 

bren kimble rushing hattiesburg 


margaret a. rushing petal 

dorothy dale russell bay st. louis 

ruth lynn russell hattiesburg 

woodrow c. rustin lucedale 

nancy marie ryan biloxi 

barbara gail sanders waynesboro 

jane sanders Jackson 


shirley jean sanders carthage 

william butler sanders laurel 

e. fayetta sandifer . pearl 

Jamie louise sandifer prentiss 

kenneth william saravanja new Orleans, la. 

allan j. sarrat bay st. louis 

stuart I. saucier gulfport 


lula schanrock Jackson 

david a. schrader pensacola, fla. 

diane Schwartz midwest city, Oklahoma 

robert lynn scifres Jackson 

charles d. scoggin decatur 

Judy lynn scott crystal springs 

robert earl scruggs hattiesburg 


betty sue seal poplarville 

kay seale montgomery, ala. 

linda elizabeth searcy pascagoula 

kathryn June sellers raymond 

dana leigh sellier bay st. louis 

charles david shamoun, jr paducah 

linda faye shanks tchula 


mitchel curtis sharp ellisville 

nancy quin sharpling mccomb 

barry lloyd shaw Charleston 

diana ruth shaw bellefontaine 

waiter royce shaw forest 

John daniel sheeks mattoon, ill. 

mary jane sheely pelahatchie 


william bryan Sheffield, iii picayune 

joy ann shepherd Jackson 

robert thomas shepherd melbourne, fla. 

Joseph waiter sherrill, ii hattiesburg 

donald odis shirley meridian 

brenda ra shoemake petal 

edith roberta shoemake brooklyn 


nancy marie shoemake hattiesburg 

James o'farrell shoemaker hattiesburg 

robert edward shoemaker gulfport 

charles thomas shorter braxton 

frederick daniel shows laurel 

nancy pickering shows ellisville 

linn margaret sievers greenville 



william mclemore sigler hattiesburg 

elizabeth louise sills Jackson 

william sidney simmons picayune 

jimmy talmadge simpson morion 

larry barton simpson Jackson 

ouida Jeanne sims meridian 

larry thomas singletary clinton 


gaylor arnold sisson enterprise 

elver george skinner gulfport 

william thomas slaughter bay st. louis 

william erskine slayton, jr pensacola, fla. 

elizabeth anne smallman mcminnville 

brenda sue smith slidell, la. 

charles merrick smith bogalusa, la. 


charlotte ann smith moss point 

dolly marie smith Columbia 

gerri smith laurel 

gregory t. smith picayune 

James danny smith seminary 

maureen smith mccomb 

robert edward smith seminary 


ronnie keith smith picayune 

ronny wayne smith union 

sandra m. smith pascagoula 

tommy eugene smith morton 

James martin sones picayune 

clifton a. spackman hattiesburg 

linda kay sparks ft. thomas, ky. 


betty lou speights Columbia 

harold watson spence, jr tylertown 

James ronald sperance pass christian 

william anthony sperance pass christian 

charles lawrence spieler miami, fla. 

gale marie spreemann hampton, va. 

larry lavelle Stanford poplarville 


rachel carol Stanley isola 

thomas k. Stanley . shubuta 

John t. staples laurel 

marie stauss Jackson 

paul louis stauter moss point 

teresa ann stegall Jackson 

jacquelyn e. stennett soso 


wayne dustine Stephens canton 

linda koen stephenson richton 

brian ellsworth stevens vineland, n. j. 

carol ann stevens Jackson 

gary lynn stevens pascagoula 

Jesse lee stevens petal 

martha lynn stevens fannin 


david roy steward gulfport 

lynda faye stewart poplarville 

mary kay stewart birmingham, ala. 

janie elizabeth still ellisville 

cheryl marie stonestreet clarksdale 

jane rose stoufer Jackson 

thomas wayne strange Jackson 


larry calvin strawder harrisville 

charles vernon Strickland Columbia 

marilyn Strickland richton 

larry alien strohm wiggins 

irma grace strong lambert 

robert louis studeny columbus 



nancy kay sullivan magee 

rodney dale sullivan bay st. louis 

sharon ann sullivan ocean springs 

susanne sullivan gulfport 

larry nelson sumrall laurel 

anthony howard sutton sistersville, west va. 

dorothy dee swanson duclchill 


cynthia louise sweeney canton 

mary anne sykes hattiesburg 

august bernard taconi biloxi 

gregory andrew taylor metairie, la. 

ianice marie taylor buckatunna 

thomas henry taylor new Orleans, la. 

Iloyd binford teaster yazoo city 


lydia ann temple meadville 

robert d. terkeurst pascagoula 

James windell thomas laurel 

barry kenneth thompson moselle 

jane thompson Valparaiso, fla. 

lynn thompson vicksburg 

marianne thompson morton 


patricia ann thompson biloxi 

sylvia ann thompson petal 

Jeffrey d. thomsen hattiesburg 

andy marvin threatt marion 

larry d. timothy pensacola 

gene tirello monticello 

lise clinton tompkins kilmichael 


joe m. toms bailey 

david william tonsberg tampa, fla. 

geraldine laura e. tootle biloxi 

george f. touart pensacola, fla. 

michael jurel touchstone runnelstown 

deborah lynn townsend natchez 

donald gaye townsend hattiesburg 


beverly ann trask bogalusa, la. 

david fredrick trautman gulfport 

betty kathryn travis liberty 

cordula treusch von buttlar goettingen, germany 

doris linda trigg seminary 

jay dennis trochesset biloxi 

elmer kittrell tucker gulfport 


jay wilfred tucker Jackson 

John w. turcotte clinton 

brenda gayle turnage tylertown 

jay arthur turner biloxi 

lewis howard turner Philadelphia 

rogers orel tyler hattiesburg 

gerald ray ugolini greenville 


kaye frances upshaw pickens 

neta ann upton mendenhall 

mary leona uzzle rolling fork 

Virginia steen van egmond vicksburg 

toby g. vance ackerman 

John wayne vann pascagoula 

edwin albert vedrenne, jr natchez 


janie louise vick dekalb 

glendy burke vickery gulfport 

william thomas vincent gulfport 

bruce Clifford wade magee 

Janet wade hattiesburg 

roma I. wade moselle 

wendy lynn waite hattiesburg 


thomas e. waiden biloxi 

michael bruce walker meridian 

richard wayne walker monticello 

ronald lee walker pascagoula 

sheldia marie walker gulfport 

alden mcclellan Wallace, iii meridian 

rhonda theresa Wallace new Orleans, la. 


Virginia kay Wallace Jackson 

nancy gale waller birmingham, ala. 

olen lloyd walley poplarville 

James harry waiters laurel 

thomas edward walton mobile, ala. 

annette irene ward bay st. louis 

richard deen ward hattiesburg 


carol sue ware vancleave 

dell ware pascagoula 

david michael warren brookhaven 

elizabeth ann warren Columbia 

anne fowler warriner Jackson 

charles f. warriner, [r madison 

ramon karel watson escatawpa 


douglas louis weathers meridian 

bryon lynn webb natchez 

sherry louise webb Jackson 

thomas hilton webb, jr hattiesburg 

susan elise webber ocean springs 

robert edwin weber mccomb 

rebecca sharline wells waynesboro 


thomas christopher wells mccomb 

melvin f, westerfield morton 

david oscar white Jackson 

margaret anne white mendenhall 

marilyn carter white laurel 

olivia carol white magee 

pamela gayle white Virginia beach, va. 


roberta annett white crestview, fla. 

margaret diann whyte Jackson 

samuel terry wicker new albany 

sandra kaye wiggs butler, ala. 

annette wigington pinola 

diane marie williams centreville 

donna dee williams panama city, fla. 


e. bragg williams poplarville 

elbert cain williams Jackson 

fred e. williams hattiesburg 

jerry thomas williams summit 

nora lee williams rome 

sandra fay williams state line 

Judy kathryn Williamson grove hill, ala. 


mildred delores williamson poplarville 

sarah f. willis grenada 

bobby clarence wilson liberty 

charles thomas wilson gulfport 

lettie faye wilson long beach 

linda Joan windham morton 

russell Sidney windham Jackson 


carol sue wise mt. olive 

susan irene witters biloxi 

robert womack, iii Jackson 

beverly dianne wood biloxi 

Connie sue wooten brookhaven 

linda ann wright Columbia 

polly wright hattiesburg 


v : 



ronald dale wright quitman 

charlotte susan wroten mccall creek 

tommye jean wyatt laurel 

linda sue wynne plain 

linda marie yarbrough indianola 

wayne h. yarrow hattiesburg 

jimmy dale yawn collins 


linda gail yelverton Jackson 

iames henry young mccomb 

william |ames young new Orleans, la. 

John eugene zupko biloxi 


nancy diana adams Jackson 

margaret b. aderholdt clarksdale 

sarah rebecca ainsworth laurel 

mickey c. albritton hattiesburg 

janis lynn alford morton 

randal prisock alford Jackson 

verna alford Columbia 


prentiss daniel alien magnolia 

margaret ellen anderson long beach 

timothy sims anderson long beach 

becky kay andrews vicksburg 

sanfra lynn ange edenton, n. c. 

steven charles argenbright hattiesburg 

Sandra e. arledge hattiesburg 


beth payne arnold vicksburg 

bonnie elaine asher biloxi 

patricia ahn ashley hattiesburg 

sandra kay ashley hattiesburg 

rebecca ann askew hattiesburg 

joye f. atkinson biloxi 

gary lynn austin indianola 


cheryl ann bailey biloxi 

larry hugh baker hornell, n. y. 

alva roquell barber forest 

nancy jo barneko meridian 

carolyn marie barr hattiesburg 

carey lee bass Jackson 

James marvin bass enterprise 


jane carol bass prentiss 

millie bass Jackson 

phillip burton bass bassfield 

donna kathleen bates Philadelphia 

wendy bates gulfport 

gary wayne batton mendenhall 

donald wayne baxter hattiesburg 


ellen bean tupelo 

cherry beard tylertown 

michael f. beard forest 

connie lee benedict hattiesburg 

debra elaine bergeron gulfport 

ann carolyn best Columbia 

paula r. best citronelle, ala. 


beulah elizabeth bester hattiesburg 

cynthia jane bilbo poplarville 

deborah black morton 

oscar beauchamp black, iii purvis 

thelma frances black Jackson 

rita gail blackburn decatur 

andrea blackman hattiesburg 


James rudy blackmon new hebron 

kirk James blanchard new Orleans, la. 

mike alien blount mcintosh, ala. 

roberta dare borden clarksdale 

gary h. bortone pensacola, fla. 

eileen p. bounds gulfport 

mimi bounds lucedale 


minnie elizabeth boutwell petal 

John steven boyd mobile, ala. 

mary leslie boyd laurel 

edward alfred bradera, jr greenville 

patricia ann brake pensacola, fla. 

Catherine I. breaux biloxi 

carolyn brewer magee 


susan I. britton picayune 

bethany ann brock Jackson 

dorothea kay brock Jackson 

brenda faye brooks magee 

gene alien brown brookhaven 

harvey j. d. brown coll ins 

sandra kay brown petal 

I I. 

patricia ann brueck baker, la. 

patsy ann brumfield magnolia 

John I. buck dothan, ala. 

arhonda jo bullock prentiss 

phyllis carol burch hattiesburg 

ellen rebecca burgin birmingham, ala. 

bob gerard burney kayport, n. j. 



owen edward bush bay springs 

Oliver wayne byrd west po i nt 

manch s+anley cadwallader . . baton rouge, la. 

ladye suan cain utica 

jolynn callaway natchez 

rebecca Joyce callaway Jackson 

pamela dare calvert woodville 


cynthia m. Campbell hattiesburg 

jimmy charles Cameron hattiesburg 

barry russell camp meridian 

rosemary campbell bogalusa, la. 

patricia sue cargo petal 

kathleen elizabeth carlin long beach 

trances h. carrubba hattiesburg 


denver lamar carter magee 

warrene hyner carter magnolia 

fred I. cerami colonia, n. j. 

sylvia elaine chambers gulfport 

tony glen chance Columbia 

clayton James chapman, jr pass christian 

william park cheek nettleton 


carla faye chrisco biloxi 

don dark waynesboro 

Judy annette dark louisville 

katherine m. dark natchez 

martha k. dark ocean springs 

cathy e. cochran Jackson 

alfred francis cofrancesco , waldwick, n. i. 


frank d. cole hattiesburg 

John harrison cole Columbus 

lynda ann cole bisbee, arizona 

cindy collard laurel 

rodrick evan conerly osyka 

Joel robert converse Jackson 

chippy guy cook Jackson 


kathy e. cook Jackson 

charlene cooley petal 

ginger sue cooley lucedale 

melaney copeland Jackson 

martha I. coppinger birmingham, ala. 

anthony Joseph correro clarksdale 

gary alien cottingim biloxi 


John david Courtney mobile, ala. 

paula teresa courtney basstield 

melissa kathleen cowling robertsdale, ala. 

John j. cox biloxi 

Julie anne cox greenville 

cynthia dianne craft tylertown 

ronald michael craft biloxi 


barbara j. craig picayune 

cherie crawford flora 

shirley ann cross petal 

Joyce kathryn crosthwait birmingham, ala. 

glenda lou crowell Jackson 

James r. crutcher, jr Jackson 

laura jane cuevas hattiesburg 


anna I. cullefer hattiesburg 

paula ellen curtis Jackson 

hugh kelly dabbs quitman 

rita gail dacus Jackson 

martha victoria daggett biloxi 

dana jo dameier hattiesburg 

dicky davenport hattiesburg 


kenneth Joseph davis natchez 

sue davis pensacola, fla. 

thomas j. davis mobile, ala. 

charles norman day Columbia 

difton marland dees van cleave 

linda Catherine degeorge biloxi 

richard de lafuente biloxi 

I I. 

Judith clair demedicis Jackson 

Virginia rea denson long beach 

anna kathryn deornellas Columbia 

lorraine dews hattiesburg 

leneen dickey natchez 

dale mitchell diethorn pittsburgh, pa. 

brenda Joyce difatta hattiesburg 



willie jean dillon foxworth 

agnes jefferds dixon memphis, tenn. 

ka+hy sue donald quitman 

donald wayne dorsett Jackson 

peggy sue dorton laurel 

deanna mae douglas gulfport 

larry brooks douglas gulfport 


robert louis douglas newton 

lilia martha dow bogota, Colombia, s. a. 

cynthia ann dresser biloxi 

jane duckworth magee 

laurie ann dukes gulfport 

shirley rose easterling mt. olive 

Jill Johanna easton pass christian 


phyllis ann edmonds newton 

rhonda ann ehlers escatawpa 

dorinda I. eldridge long beach 

jack minturn elliott, jr forest 

John charles el I is Jackson 

wayne ewell ellzey laurel 

juliann b. elmer pass christian 


ricky dale eplin picayune 

frances pauline etzold hattiesburg 

francis kay evans pascagoula 

patricia lois evans bay springs 

bill francis everett seminary 

betty g. ezelle Jackson 

patricia rae fairley biloxi 


Joseph lionel fayard biloxi 

herbert edwin felter woodville 

louan gabbert ferrell natchez 

william b. ferrell mobile, ala. 

William r. ferry riderwood, ala. 

edward alien few mobile, ala. 

genie c. fillingim gulfport 


paul scott findley hattiesburg 

stella conway fisher vicksburg 

susan carmen fitzgerald moss point 

michael lee flowers moss point 

e. sutton flynt hattiesburg 

John herrington flynt Jackson 

norma anne foley gulfport 


margaret Jordan fonvielle tallahassee, fla. 

mary susan foreman biloxi 

susan ann fortenberry greensboro, n. c. 

donnie c. fowler Jackson 

michael ray fox pensacola, fla. 

kay f. franklin meridian 

diane marie freeman forest 


rose marie freeman sandy hook 

judi marie french hattiesburg 

vicki lynn french long beach 

betty frese quincy, ill. 

jo ann frese quincy, ill. 

frank Stephen furfure dayton, ohio 

m. joelene gaffeney clarksdale 


carole jean gardner magnolia 

ronald lee gardner demopolis, ala. 

lynda I. garner hattiesburg 

ronald ottis garner gulfport 

Joseph patrick gautier biloxi 

linda c. gautier biloxi 

josie karen gay natchez 


danny mark george canton 

barton keith gibson biloxi 

floyd arthur gibson ellisville 

evelyn ann gilmore brandon 

jerry bruce gilmore florence 

Jennifer lynnette ginn brandon 

robert norris glenn, jr hattiesburg 

I I. 

carroll louise gloer Jackson 

candy lee godfrey Jackson 

christopher goettge bay st. louis 

douglas randall gould quitman 

gerry laine gower hattiesburg 

cindy I. graham pensacola 

frances lenita graham laurel 


robert david graham mobile, ala. 

teresa ann grant meridian 

mary ,ane graves tylertown 

mary Julia graves ■ liberty 

susan r. graves | ackson 

Vicky grayson hattiesburg 

lydia kay greeley greenwood 


deborah gail green vicksburg 

kathryn ann greene hattiesburg 

richard robert greene meridian 

ralph michael griffin hattiesburg 

ion gary grubbs prentiss 

patricia ryan guider vicksburg 

patricia gail hadad vicksburg 


ann hadaway memphis, tenn. 

P at I- h aley biloxi 

John estus hall natchez 

candis paulette hamil hattiesburg 

nancy brendalene hardy vicksburg 

jimmy ray harper mccomb 

ellen diane harrell elizabeth city, n. c. 


vernon harold harris forest 

william michael harris Jackson 

melton thomas harrison hattiesburg 

robert alfred hartline rome, ga. 

carl darryl haskew Jackson,' ala. 

rodney wayne hatcher lucedale 

ronny joe hatcher columbus 


louis randy hatten gulfport 

david roy havard lucedale 

i° iren e havard hattiesburg 

trudy hawkins ridgeland 

James wyatt haynes gainesville, fla. 

rose anita haywood laurel 

katie head whitfield 


helen elizabeth hearn hollandale 

linda sue heflin gulfport 

jean dare hendershot Jackson 

thomas waiter henderson Jackson 

James kenneth hensarling petal 

bonnie sue herring natchez 

Judith marie herring po rt st. joe, fla. 


jean g. hestle mobile, ala. 

gregory p. hewes bangor, me. 

conrad farrell hill hattiesburg 

michael c. hill biloxi 

mae nell hilton mendenhall 

michael francis hinckley hattiesburg 

evelyn levaughn hinton lucedale 


willie waiter hinton petal 

elsie loraine hintson vicksburg 

gilbert hifner hixon cocosolo, canal zone 

erroll ross hogan Jackson 

bennie g. holmes tylertown 

carolyn jean holmes Valparaiso, fla. 

linda Joyce holmes indianola 


neil paul hopkins Jackson 

william lorden horahan new egypt, n. j. 

susan horn vicksburg 

jean alliene horner ocean springs 

beverly Joyce howell Indianola 

shirley ann howell lucedale 

wayne morris howell hattiesburg 


helen frances howie gulfport 

beverly ann hudson laurel 

gloria jean hughes .magee 

helen karlynn hughes hattiesburg 

wayne alien hughes hattiesburg 

carol humphrey ebenezer 

yolan avie hunter pensacola, fla. 

I I. 

marilyn rose hutton clarksdale 

Joseph harold ingram petal 

lorey jean inman framingham, mass. 

linda faye ishee laurel 

patricia ann ishee laurel 

iva bernadine Jackson greenville 

Joseph keith Jackson meridian 




willie ruth Jackson hattiesburg 

jane cecille Jenkins bastrop, la. 

James alan jenner balboa, canal zone 

lynn Johnson hattiesburg 

bill lloyd Jones Jackson 

cynthia diane Jones Jackson 

karen n. Jones liberty 


lana kay Jones petal 

larry royce Jones magee 

rebecca ann Jones orlando, fla. 

shari lee Jones pass christian 

sherry lanell Jones prentiss 

wayne robert josey, jr columbus 

david hatten jussely hattiesburg 


william d. kehoe, jr hattiesburg 

charlotte ellen keith utica 

cynthia lee keith Jackson 

becky kellar picayune 

ronald edward keller petal 

georgia beth kelly taylorsville 

mary dayne kenamond hattiesburg 


angela marie kiehm meridian 

andrea lynn king natchez 

emma lou king louisville 

wanda kay king hattiesburg 

evelyn louise kiser Jackson 

helen theresa kiss huntsville, ala. 

Catherine jane kittrell mobile, ala. 


jo ann klein hattiesburg 

gene f. klos bedford park, ill. 

cecil m. klutts hattiesburg 

karl edmund koberger gulfport 

karen kathleen kostmayer biloxi 

diana eugenia kouns atlanta, ga. 

susan marie krebs pascagoula 


Jeffrey randolph kuhn Jackson 

michael ladner lumberton 

glen bernard ladnier gulfport 

Julie katherine lammel southaven 

david mackie lamothe metairie, la. 

Joseph darrel landry bayou la batre, ala. 

sylvia dianne lane atlanta, ga. 


shelley elizabeth lang natchez 

marcelo f. langrand leon-nicaragua, central america 

sarah ann langston fort walton beach, fla. 

John robert lankford, iii long beach 

david young law natchez 

thomas eugene lawrence meridian 

donny lee lawson hattiesburg 


nancy ann lay newton 

richard lynn leard hattiesburg 

dorothy loraine lee lucedale 

esther jane lee hattiesburg 

mopsy lee vicksburg 

James ronnie leggett petal 

mary Virginia leggett brookhaven 


Joan beryl lehman biloxi 

frederick norton lewis bogalusa, la. 

randall s. lewis gulfport 

r. dennis lide pascagoula 

iames r. locke columbus 

Janet gayle lopez homestead, fla. 

linda ann lott purvis 


v. dianne lovelace Jackson 

rosemary lovett d'lo 

Jesse crawford luter Jackson 

roger lane luther lakeland, fla. 

michael anthony macias .- . . . hattiesburg 

frances ione macintosh baton rouge, la. 

vernon gary magee meridian 

I I. 

terry patrick malone, ii mamardneck, n. y. 

martha gail manberg hattiesburg 

mike a. martin crystal springs 

n. kay mashburn brandon 

david heil massey mendenhall 

howard francis mathis mobile, ala. 

louis vincent maurio toms river, n. j. 



sharrie ann may clinton 

billy bruce mayfield prentiss 

betty jean mayo hattiesburg 

John Sidney mcarthur, jr hattiesburg 

iudy carole mccarty stringer 

allan keith mcclammy east brewton, ala. 

mary elizabeth mcclatchy indianola 


Stanley c. mccown columbus 

addie ann mcdonald gulfport 

betty mcfarland Jackson 

michael glenn mcgehee natchez 

david ishmael mcilwain, jr meridian 

johnny lee mckay gulfport 

margaret mclean biloxi 


rita inez mcleod mobile, ala. 

sandra sue mcmahan hattiesburg 

brenda kay mcmanus gulfport 

janis ruth mcmullan newton 

Jacqueline louise mcpherson ocean springs 

frances elizabeth mcrae laurel 

glenda cheryl meadows richton 


Stanford george melancon new Orleans, la. 

billy wayne mikel ft. walton beach, fla. 

linda louise miles lucedale 

sheila jane miles biloxi 

James madison miller woodville 

marilyn d. milling Jackson 

marsh daisy mingledorff tallahassee, fla. 


darlene mitchell purvis 

cynthia ann mixon mccomb 

janey karen moak Jackson 

louie winfred modling gulfport 

rebecca eloise monroe hattiesburg 

thomas crain monroe birmingham, ala. 

alec wayne moore duck hill 


connie delong moore Jackson 

david patrick moore new albany 

debbye leigh moore richton 

dan parkman morgan Jackson 

sherry lyn morris clarksdale 

charles larry moulton andalusia, ala. 

samuel patrick murphy bay st. louis 


John david myers batesville 

keith william myers Jackson 

ken myers Jackson 

donna maria nasif vicksburg 

donna jo nealy texas city, texas 

ann elaine neely vicksburg 

michael e. nicholas hattiesburg 


sarah rosanne nickelson quitman 

brenda fay noble ocean springs 

nancy noble fayette 

Joan faye norris rolling fork 

mari klyce oakes mccomb 

terry Joseph o'dell muskegan, mich. 

reita faye o'neal perkinston 


barbara jean overstreet chickasaw, ala. 

patty overstreet hattiesburg 

James gerald owens woodbridge, n. j. 

John d. owens Jackson 

reine owens Jackson 

carol h. pack new Orleans, la. 

Clifford harrison pack new Orleans, la. 


danny warren palmer tyler, texas 

Johnnie belinda parker meridian 

mary patricia parker laurel 

charles gerald parnell prichard, ala. 

fredrick hayes patrick puckett 

katherine cecelia patrick laurel 

terry charles peagler florence 

I I. 

peggy wehunt peddicord hattiesburg 

karen mcleod pennington newton 

louis a. perez hollywood, fla. 

richard alien peters gulfport 

ben h. pickett pascagoula 

penney pigott bogalusa, la. 

shelton randolph polk Jackson 


carolyn dolores poole Jackson 

margaret elyse pope Columbia 

John michael poythress meridian 

James jefferies pratt lakeland, fla. 

waiter kenneth presley arabi, la. 

John charles pribila rahway, n. j. 

david James price stone mountain, ga. 


janna prichard meadville 

Wallace dumont pringle biloxi 

nancy carolyn propst h. i. ambacht, holland 

deneice pugh bay springs 

faye anne quigley hattiesburg 

brenda gayle randle meridian 

kenneth david ranney ft. lauderdale, fla. 


leonard dallas rayborn hattiesburg 

claudia anne raymond biloxi 

susan reboul bay st. louis 

ralene reeves Jackson 

mary kay renegar Jackson 

mary ann restom hattiesburg 

marvin othell reynolds grove hill, ala. 


martha webb rhodes hattiesburg 

terry ray rhodes houston 

betty jo richardson auburndale, fla. 

sue beth richmond clinton 

nancy sylvia ridgeway biloxi 

nelda jean roberson starkville 

louise roberts gulfport 


nancy marie roberts Columbia 

vicki lynn robichaux bogalusa, la. 

benjamin eric robinson stonewall 

neda gayle rogers gulfport 

barbara lynn rone ethel 

martha carole rook braxton 

wilfred Joseph rose biloxi 


Jake rosetti biloxi 

barbara lee ross memphis, tenn. 

beverly ann ross memphis, tenn. 

douglas wesley rouse hattiesburg 

susan rowlands toronto, Canada 

susan rumsey ocean springs 

Judy margaret runnels Jackson 


John lamar russell walnut hill, fla. 

susan ruzic citronelle, ala. 

susan marie ryan bay st. louis 

philip keith sandifer tylertown 

frances gayle sanford petal 

willoughby tingle savell Philadelphia 

david Stanford schell fort walton beach, fla. 


sarah mary schnepp mckees rocks, pa. 

madelon redd scott laurel 

peter christian sehon biloxi 

billy selman Columbia 

wanda gaynell seward Jackson 

patty anne seymore gulfport 

rainer webster shattles moss point 


carroll shaw Charleston 

linda dell shaw hollandale 

merle worthy Sheffield foxworth 

lillian kay shelton hattiesburg 

bee bee shirley yazoo city 

haynes michael shoemake petal 

lonnie trice shoultz, jr gulfport 


william david shumski bay st. louis 

shannon gayle sibley Columbia 

nell elizabeth simmons mccomb 

larry w. sims Jackson 

david w. Sinclair quitman 

danny bruce smith columbus 

jo ann smith quitman 

I I. 

patricia ann smith mobile, ala. 

patricia ann smith hattiesburg 

phillip r. smith petal 

sharon kaye smith waycross, ga. 

dianna lynn snowden gulfport 

mary alice snowden hattiesburg 

edward alan soberoski darks summit, pa. 


ronald allan sowell iackson 

charlotte elizabeth spann gulfport 

Steven reed sparks ft. thomas, ky. 

cora '• s Pell woodville 

Janice ann spence Jackson 

william martin spratley pascagoula 

jon gilbert stephenson Columbia 


harold Wallace stevens slidell, la. 

Janet stewart Jackson 

steve warren stewart prentiss 

tish gayle stockstill picayune 

karen cecile Stockton meridian 

linette stogner tylertown 

gail eloise stokes gulfport 


Joyce ann street lucedale 

gloria stringer tylertown 

James wiley stringer madison 

marilyn sue stringer roanoke, va. 

cheryl jean strong thomaston, me. 

meredith sugg ; so | a 

margaret katherine sullivan handsboro 


bonnie jane sumner hattiesburg 

peggy dianne sumrall Jackson 

richard carter surace franklin, va. 

terry jane swetman biloxi 

martha tabor plain 

brenda alicia talbert mobile, ala. 

brenda kay tanner gulfport 


larry grady tate petal 

nada tawam tougaloo 

elizabeth ann taylor raleigh 

jeannie taylor Jackson 

linda r. taylor waynesboro 

william taylor, jr lumberton 

william robert taylor, jr hattiesburg 


melanie f. terranova mobile, ala. 

larry brent thead chickasaw, ala. 

susan gretchen thead heidelberg 

marcia Jeanne theidel hinsdale, ill, 

arnold elias thomas vicksburg 

louis andrew thomas, iii bellevue, Washington 

eric dwight thompson pascagoula 


jayne thompson Jackson 

Joanne thompson hattiesburg 

wade rudolph thorley lakeland, fla. 

James william thrash decatur 

John I. til I man, jr union 

marcia wells tompkins hattiesburg 

mary ann toney tylertown 


mary patricia trostle biloxi 

jenny anne troxler natchez 

richard david trussell hattiesburg 

jerry glyn trusty tylertown 

susan I. tucker hattiesburg 

joe g. tuggle hattiesburg 

Judy creceil tullos vicksburg 


ann adelle turner mobile, ala. 

jenna sue turner hattiesburg 

charla denise valentine laurel 

anthony kenneth valverde pascagoula 

thomas milton van devender bentonia 

martin a. van wick, jr. mendenhall 

linda carol vaughn Jackson 


fred f. verzone mobile, ala. 

Sandra marie vinson waynesboro 

John d. wade greenwood 

pat d. walker mobile, ala. 

susan joy walker gulfport 

wayne p. walker magnolia 

edna earle wall oakuale 

I I. 

russell clyde walrath meridian 

John kevin walsh gloster 

sarah irene waiter morton 

patricia glynn ward Columbia 

gary lamar ware gulfport 

barry ann warren Jackson 

deborah lynn warren hattiesburg 



eleanor rose waren Jackson 

dianna a. watkins macon 

thomas parrish watts Jackson 

larry eugene webb slideH. la. 

malcolm rell webber, jr west point 

ernest Stephens weeks Jackson 

suzanne elizabeth weilepp hattiesburg 


thomas jay weissmiller evanston, ill. 

teena wells Jackson 

thomas arnold wells moss point 

steve Westmoreland crystal springs 

elmer ellsworth white pensacola, fla. 

ronnie earl white hattiesburg 

thod edgar white mccomb 


w. devan white mobile, ala. 

william haywood whitley natchez 

priscilla elaine wilkes roanoke, va. 

Catherine ruth wilkins hattiesburg 

lynda elizabeth wilkins Jackson 

frank h. williams, iii prentiss 

jacqulyn karen williams petal 


James barlow williams mendenhall 

janis carol williams Jackson 

larry glenn williams Columbia 

martha lynn williams poplarville 

dudley williamson alexandria, la. 

ellen elizabeth williamson mclain 

sharon marie wi Ills mendenhall 


cyndi dorothy willoughby Jackson 

Joyce lynn wills gulfport 

carol elizabeth wilson grand bay, ala. 

donnie parks wilson newton 

vaughn f. wilson petal 

sandra kay winstead Jackson 

Jane Carolyn wisner Jackson 


John robert witt ardmore, ala. 

george william wofford, ii memphis, tenn. 

g. ruth womack waynesboro 

richard alonzo wood meranx, la. 

norman earl woodrick meridian 

spencer roy woods hattiesburg 

william carl woods, Jr forest 


henry edward woolbert clarksdale 

ralph turner woosley clinton 

jerry wayne wright northport, ala. 

waiter skip wrightson atlanta, ga. 

jay richard wucher north miami beach, fla. 

sylvia diane yelverton hattiesburg 

phyllis ann yonko Jackson 


gerald lee young long beach 

nora marie ziz biloxi 



william baine adams Jackson 

brenda Joyce alexander wiggins 

david ernest alexander mascoutah, ill. 

richard alexander mobile, ala. 

deborah jean alien summit 

Judith lee alien Jackson 

John antone allison mobile, ala. 


paula diane almond moss point 

antioco altamirano leon, nicaragua 

daniel otis anderson, jr lucedale 

Janice kay anderson petal 

sharon annette anderson baton rouge, la. 

Joan carol arno mobile, ala. 

donnie joe aron pontotoc 


wintord clarence ashley Jackson 

eugene howard austin mobile, ala. 

clem david bailey natchez 

lorena bailey birmingham, ala. 

vence glenn bailey brookhaven 

Jackie ann baldwin lakeland, fla. 

pamela faye baldwin mobile, ala. 


donald nelson barnes mendenhall 

shirley ann barnes Columbia 

linda janell barnett taylorsville 

robert John barnett montville, n. j. 

kenneth ray barrineau linden, ala. 

charles thomas barron hattiesburg 

clarence earl barton lexington 


sharon louise bartz vicksburg 

mary helen bass Columbia 

susan carol baucum newton 

sondra ann baugh morton 

Janice elaine bearden wade 

patricia jane beatty Jackson 

Judith ann bennison .hattiesburg 


janis margaret berry hattiesburg 

mary margaret berry Jackson 

margaret jean bettis quincy, fla. 

cecil jane bevon hattiesburg 

John hines bishop hattiesburg 

larry david bivins state line 

george glenn black hattiesburg 


patricia lynn blackburn hattiesburg 

Jennifer jo blair tupelo 

michael edmund blanchard port alien, la. 

dorcas lynn blanchette pass christian 

randy o. bledsoe hattiesburg 

vesta ann bogen Jackson 

glenda dianne boleware carson 


david warren bonderer pascagoula 

diane marie bostwick mobile, ala. 

ronnie shelby bourne Columbia 

jerry lynn bowen greenville 

george edwin bowlin liberty 

carolyn joy boyd gulfport 

linda carol brady Jackson 


manny brand miami, fla. 

Judy ellen brant metairie, la. 

dorothy ann brashier quitman 

martha bres breard belzoni 

virgil breeden, jr hattiesburg 

n. kathy breland tylertown 

patricia dianne brent crystal springs 


ruby ann brewer tallulah, la. 

donald morris bridges Jackson 

teddy joe britton buckatonna 

thomas floyd brock kenner, la. 

larry eugene bruce Jackson 

James I. bunch, jr picayune 

patricia e. burge wiggins 

I I. 

david edwin burgess, jr Cleveland 

larry e. burkhalter warren, mich. 

dennis g. burmaster new Orleans, la. 

robin k. burr enterprise 

george r. bush raleigh 

linda diane butler flora 

iudith elaine byrd laurel 


James thomas byron woodbridge, n. j. 

Joseph remy cain, jr gulfport 

debbie elaine Campbell long beach 

thorn a. capley columbus 

bill j. caraway mobile, ala. 

William b. carlin | ong beach 

carla eva jonette carlson pascagoula 


ionelle carnes Jackson 

betty lee carr columbus 

sharon lee carr mobile, ala. 

arthur I. carroll, jr panama city, fla. 

shirley marie carroll mobile, ala. 

janis ellen carruth summit 

alex boyd carter woodville 


xavier chan hong kong 

robert merritt chance Jackson 

sarah Catherine chancellor laurel 

mike w. chapman biloxi 

laura esther childre Jackson 

annie laura childress yazoo city 

debby chisholm picayune 


howard alien dark lakeland, fla. 

Stephens devaul clay natchez 

murline bernadette clifton pascagoula 

nellie marie cobb Jackson 

Stephen edward cobb pensacola, fla. 

James alien cochran mobile, ala. 

philip anthony coco yazoo city 


suzanne marie cocran slidell, la. 

ouida beatrice cohen hattiesburg 

weeta rebecca colebank natchez 

beverly d. coleman wade 

mary penelope colton Jackson 

david arthur compretta bay st. louis 

peggy anne conerly hattiesburg 


patricia ruth conley tylertown 

Joyce eloise copeland laurel 

mark g. coppejans mobile, ala. 

tommye corley hattiesburg 

charles f. corneal auburndale, fla. 

shirley ann Cornell gulfport 

gerald gene cornwell, jr natchez 


laura ann cosgrave ocean springs 

kenneth preston cothern brookhaven 

Judy ann cowan hattiesburg 

linda elizabeth coxwell buckatunna 

twyla raye coyle natchez 

waiter charles crosby hattiesburg 

John Joseph cross vicksburg 


brenda nell crumpton Jackson 

Sydney e. cruthirds ocean springs 

carla charleen curtis Jackson 

alfredia veronica dampier monticello 

patricia ann dampier monticello 

rita ann davies carthage 

barbara ann davis biloxi 


cathy lucinda davis lumberton 

cheryl jacquelyn davis Spanish fort, ala. 

floyd douglas davis monticello 

Jacqueline o. davis fayette 

James delos day natchez 

rebecca lynn dazet Jackson 

James paul dealy fairhope, ala. 


henry ted dearman prentiss 

vivian annette dearman mobile, ala. 

leanna marie dellaripa honolulu, hawaii 

theresa wagenheim dennis pensacola, fla. 

mercedes andrea de ratmiroff Venezuela 

victoria christine diabin perkinston 

martha sue dickey magee 

I I. 

paula dianne different hattiesburg 

lucy diane dixon mobile, ala. 

nancy elizabeth dollar bay springs 

melissa dianne douglas Collins 

brian carl dowling parlin, n. j. 

cheryl ann dronet biloxi 

Julia dark dubuisson ocean springs 


@ & 1$ £^ I 



pierre r. ducharme bartow, fla. 

mike duckworth monticello 

pamela sue duett Philadelphia 

sandra frances dugas Jackson 

arthur dumont, iii pascagoula 

alvaro duqe-estrada leon, nicaragua 

carolyn jane eastman hattiesburg 


sue ella edgar hattiesburg 

georgette yolande edmond san francisco, calif. 

gerald franklin edwards Jackson 

gerard James edwards Jackson 

harold esmond edwards richton 

mary patrice edwards indianola 

sherry elaine edwards flora 


robin lynn ehlert biloxi 

bonnie s. eidman mobile, ala. 

kimlyn ann elder shawnee mission, kan. 

sherri sue ellis biloxi 

apryl engell meridian 

dorotha sue erhard gulfport 

kathy escobedo hattiesburg 


beatrice clair etzold hattiesburg 

kathy everitt prentiss 

beverly jo ewer clarksdale 

ethelyn p. fairley hattiesburg 

amy v. fall Jackson 

Joanne I. falvey Jackson 

richard harvey fansler miami, fla. 


terry davis farr Jackson 

carol lynn fayard biloxi 

charlotte a. felder liberty 

thomas lowell fendley fulton, ala. 

Constance c. fennell long beach 

patricia lynn field hattiesburg 

patsy kay field fluker, la. 


susan elizabeth field Jackson 

theresa diane fielder hattiesburg 

polly sue fife gulfport 

sharon ann fikes morton 

shellie rae fink Columbia 

doris jean fishel hattiesburg 

d. kathleen flager shreveport, la. 


cynthia irene fleming stonewall 

bettye renee ford hattiesburg 

Jacqueline anne ford magnolia 

marie jannette ford gulfport 

nedra ford hattiesburg 

charles phelps forrest fairhope, ala. 

debbie marie forte hattiesburg 


milton webster forte, ii schlater 

grace lynn fortenberry monticello 

sandra fortinberry tylertown 

billy g. fowler columbus 

martha carol french petal 

albert lawrence fuller thorndale, pa. 

dennis ralph furman harrisburg, pa. 


linda ann gahlenbeck pensacola, fla. 

mary lemoyne gail fairhope, ala. 

terry s. gaines laurel 

laura gallagher Jackson 

david |ohn gandy hattiesburg 

fay watts garner Columbia 

Jacqueline kay gatlin bogue chitto 


glynn barry giacone mccomb 

lucille marie giametta bay st. louis 

david wayne gibbs summit 

sharon gillis picayune 

rhomie gilmore heidelberg 

albert edgar glass ocean springs 

cheryl d. glenn bellevue, neb. 

I I. 

rebecca h. glenn hattiesburg 

william j. glisson , . mobile, ala. 

anne maris godwin gulf breeze, fla. 

barbara carol gould quitman 

laura elizabeth govern hattiesburg 

elizabeth diane grady collins 

gloria daphne graham Jackson 



mary ann graves pascagoula 

miranda alien gray hattiesburg 

charlie h. green, jr chickasaw, ala. 

James arthur green na+chez 

larry thomas green hattiesburg 

robert dale greer wesson 

janys alana greig laurel 


James carl griffith prentiss 

davie Stanley guess acleerman 

peirre dalphin gunnoe picayune 

robyn suzette gunter quitman 

James bruce guraedy Jackson 

richard c. hale meridian 

charlene hall hattiesburg 


charlotte hall hattiesburg 

sharon leigh hall Columbia 

mary jane hammond crystal springs 

rebecca lea hampton carthage 

ronald e. hanna hattiesburg 

karen sue hanson hamilton 

wynne harmon northbrook, ill. 


John beryl harris mendenhall 

stanton lewis harris orlando, fla. 

lawrence j. harrison, jr mobile, ala. 

mercer hawkins harz vicksburg 

susan hatch huntsville, ala. 

michael b. hawkins ocean springs 

loretta hayes Cleveland 


randolph lynn head pensacola, fla. 

leslie heflin Jackson 

sarah simond heilbroner Jackson 

jettie ann henderson eupora 

sherrie ann henry canton 

jean hensarling petal 

shilloy suzanne hentges rochester, minn. 


cheryl ann herberger Columbia 

deborah k. herrington laurel 

mary jo herrington heidelberg 

fredia ann hester belzoni 

marguerite hiestand nashville, tenn. 

david lipscomb hill macon 

eugene curtis hill macon 


g. colette hill montgomery, ala. 

linda diane hinkle Jackson 

kathy margaret hirn gulfport 

william milton hodges meridian 

edith kay holder hattiesburg 

mary gayle holloway prentiss 

carolyn holmes Jackson 


Janet mae honeycutt Jackson 

jerry alexander hooper biloxi 

lida louise hord hattiesburg 

peng chia hu sao paulo, brazil 

margaret suzanne hudson sumrall 

rebecca ann huff Jackson 

John lawrence hunt mobile, ala. 


mary jo hurley bay st. louis 

bobby milton ingram petal 

hirazumi itsuki kyoto, japan 

betsy Jackson Jackson 

gary howard Jackson hattiesburg 

melvia susan Jackson vicksburg 

j. ann James canton 


linda diane James vicksburg 

bobby j. jemison hattiesburg 

rebecca elizabeth Jenkins purvis 

dorothy camille jesse yazoo city 

Judith ann Johns mobile, ala. 

charles woodrow Johnson biloxi 

jaynie susan Johnson st. louis, mo. 

I I. 

linda anne Johnson vicksburg 

marcus ronald Johnson gulfport 

martha elizabeth Johnson meridian 

brenda kay Jones tupelo 

deborah lenora Jones wiggins 

elizabeth lee Jones hattiesburg 

larry neil Jones prentiss 



linda marie Jones pascagoula 

Ursula ruth Jones hattiesburg 

gwendolyn doris Jordan greenwood 

Janice ouida Jordan Jackson 

wilbert frazier Jordan waynesboro 

iolynn marie juen biloxi 

marjann kalehoff laurel 


elizabeth sue keenan Jackson 

michael dennis kelley summerville, s. c. 

nel donna kenney brookhaven 

charlotte faye keyes collins 

ruby anastasia kihyet pascagoula 

patricia lynn killough columbus 

mary helen kilpatrick hollandale 


deena jean king Jackson 

kathryn loraine kirk bentonia 

Jeanne rue kiser Jackson 

thomas h. klein vicksburg 

brenda carol knight hattiesburg 

cheryl lynn kouba long beach 

mary trances kuriger Jackson 


henry t. laird, jr gulf port 

John henry laird hattiesburg 

cabbot s. laroux long beach 

carolyn susan latham atmore, ala. 

rise sylvia leder gulfport 

alexa leonard pensacola, fla. 

sandra lee lester greenville 


roberta sue levens robertsdale, ala. 

francis robbins lewis bentonia 

linda irene lewis natchez 

rene ley managua, nicaragua 

deborah jean lindsey Jackson 

charles elliott lirette, ii bay st. louis 

beverly ann little hattiesburg 


forest kent lomax mobile, ala. 

brenda lott sumrall 

marion edgar lovelace lucedale 

lil lovette d'lo 

william terrell lowe laurel 

herman douglas lowery hattiesburg 

belinda rae lyerly dunedin, fla. 


lames wiley lynn reidsville, ga. 

James Stephen lyon hattiesburg 

fred gray macdonald picayune 

kevin John macey pensacola 

martha cheryl maddox Jackson 

barbara kaye magee magee 

martha bridgett magee slidell, la. 


rita j. magee Columbia 

Judith lynn maher joliet, ill. 

richard michael malanchak mckees rocks, pa. 

mary elizabeth maloch Jackson 

edward Cornell malone hattiesburg 

dianne charlotte mangum laurel 

cecil allan maples mobile, ala. 


illona marie marquez bay st. louis 

barbie ann marshall mccomb 

dennis charles mason wrightstown, n. j. 

connie lynne massey Jackson 

ruth ellen matthews canton 

debbie sue mayo york, ala. 

iinda elaine mcbroom magee 


wanda janelle mccain Jackson 

william boyd mcclain Jackson 

cynthia Inez mccool louisville 

betty ann mcdaniel liberty 

bobbie diane mcgowan Columbia 

June a. mckenzie hattiesburg 

beverly ann mckey centreville 

I I. 

karen kay mckinley elk city, okla. 

paula patricia mcleod | laurel 

marian marjo mcmanus gulfport 

william hollis mcmichael kensington, md. 

susan mcmullan Jackson 

gary wayne mcmurry Jackson 

gregory m. mcneese decatur, ala. 


deborah gail mcraney panama city, fla. 

e. charlene mcswain hattiesburg 

carolyn jean mcvadon biloxi 

marjorie louise meador mobile, ala. 

nancy anne meador hattiesburg 

harry alva meier gulfport 

donald glen melton grenada 


linda louise merrell gulfport 

ronald e. michael hattiesburg 

sandra clara middleton Cleveland 

marilyn clarice miers greenville 

rebecca ann mikell prentiss 

david boyd miller prentiss 

John wayne miller mobile, ala. 


margaret louise miller mount olive 

marla jo miller natchez 

melvin alien miller hattiesburg 

natalie palermo miller vicksburg 

richard cecil miller hattiesburg 

donald cox milloy hattiesburg 

lloyd lee mims bradenton, fla. 


wilmer lee miner mendenhall 

rick anthony mirick clinton 

donald James moen two harbors, minn. 

alvaro e. montenegro managua, nicaragua 

kathleen ann moore biloxi 

pat a. moore Jackson 

t. delton moore woodville 


homer g. morgan petal 

cheryl morrison Jackson 

gloria jean morrison Jackson 

thomas dark morrow, jr ft. worth, texas 

melodie m. muldoon mobile, ala. 

linda elaine murphee huntsville, ala. 

michael shawn murphy gulfport 


daniel b. myers, jr pelahatchie 

esther Virginia myers new augusta 

henry lee myers canton 

Wallace glen napier yazoo city 

charlia rae nash bogalusa, la. 

david arthur nauman orlando, fla. 

luis miguel naveda lima, peru 


yvonne carroll neel mobile, ala. 

Judith ann nelson metairie, la. 

karen sue newton Jackson 

James doug nobles hattiesburg 

beverly sue norwood brookhaven 

sam marcus oberlin natchez 

betty sue o'brian biloxi 


frank herbert oddy falmouth, me. 

mackie edward odom Columbia 

Virginia mary o'keefe biloxi 

hugh karl oliver decatur 

tamara lynn o'neal birmingham, ala. 

linda elizabeth orange hattiesburg 

deborah ann osborne hattiesburg 


alan j. oubre hattiesburg 

d. jane ousley hattiesburg 

gayle lynn overton sarasota, fla. 

deborah kay oyler Jackson 

anna jean pace prentiss 

e. leo pace hattiesburg 

j. dianne pack new Orleans, la. 


elizabeth lane patrick columbus 

martha rutn payne birmingham, ala. 

charme marie pearson columbus 

chris angela peck Cleveland 

ellen morton peel gulfport 

emily lyon peel long beach 

mary ellen pela gulfport 

I I. 

debbie f. perry holly bluff 

wayne brown persons prichard, ala. 

patsy e. peters mobile, ala. 

pamela joy petro hattiesburg 

linda pevey Jackson 

becky phillips hattiesburg 

cynthia d. phillips metairie, la. 


martha jane phillips natchez 

riley floyd phillips petal 

shauna lee phillips winter haven, fla. 

glenda zell pierce Philadelphia 

marilyn louise pigott tylertown 

peter Joseph pikul vicksburg 

phyllis ann pinkerton hattiesburg 


susan gale pittman Columbia 

Joseph m. pitts petal 

robert michael pobjecky winter haven, fla. 

samuel ottis polk camden, ala. 

gus pooley Jackson 

marilyn powe state line 

sally porter bay st. louis 


jonnie lou powell mt. olive 

toni suzette prothro hattiesburg 

beverly gail pugh bay springs 

gaines pat purvis Jackson 

ronald wade purvis hattiesburg 

patricia gay quick picayune 

izabel c. rainwater brazil 


fairfax bates ralston clarksdale 

harriet eugenia ralston clarksdale 

ariel ruth ramsay pascagoula 

rebecca a. ramsey natchez 

James ronald rankin magee 

william curtis rankin magee 

diane amelia rasmussen greenville 


copeland russell ratcliffe laurel 

bruce stewart rawls hattiesburg 

susan ann pachuta 

gigi daniels reeks ocean springs 

cozette reeves ocean springs 

bo rideout hopewell, va. 

katherine mary rigby forest 


wanda jo robbins Columbia 

william eugene robbins bassfield 

phyllis wanda roberson greenwood 

ronald wayne roberson hattiesburg 

danny marlin robinson Jackson 

gary andrew robinson hattiesburg 

suzanne robinson magee 


cynthia ann robison myrtle 

joy bethany rodney greenville 

amanda rogers hattiesburg 

felix lloyd rollins prentiss 

jo carol rosamond . Jackson 

ginny elise rose biloxi 

gaynell ross laurel 


sandra mabel rowley pearl river, la. 

brenda Joyce runnels pascagoula 

cynthia c. runnels Jackson 

pamela dianne runnels hattiesburg 

sally louise rush new Orleans, la. 

shirley m. rushing petal 

patti russum hattiesburg 


cynthia elizabeth sadler bentonia 

Jorge antonio sanchez san Salvador, el Salvador 

helen elaine sanders mobile, ala. 

paula sanford Jackson 

beverly kay saski hattiesburg 

Janet marie saucier biloxi 

melanie patricia saucier biloxi 


debbie elaine savage gulfport 

deborah lynn savage waveland 

kim b. savant clinton 

alan robert schabilion flora 

maria vicci scheel hattiesburg 

charlotte ann schuenke faribault, minn. 

betty ruth scott hattiesburg 

I I. 

etta marie seal bogalusa, la. 

trudi margaret serio greenville 

debbie ann sessions signal mt., tenn. 

ray sessions mobile, ala. 

brenda kay sessoms stonewall 

James vincent shamburger Jackson 

beverly shanks hattiesburg 




barbra cecile Sheffield j acbon 

Imda shell meadville 

waiter lee shelton :„l„. 

i , , , |acKson 

|ane brunetta sherman | ena 

george norman shirley, jr laurel 

wanda diane shults .' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. meridian 

ludith b. shutze ta , 


le L on . sike . s ' i r - ••„ foxworth 

cherie dianne sills jackson 

cynthia ann Simmons Columbia 

gloria gay simmons forest 

kathy marie simmons morton 

barbara gayle simpson morton 

larry ray sims sanatorium 


kathy sue slaughter iackson 

alison pearson smith picayune 

c. gordon smith new Orleans, la. 

charlotte rose smith monticello 

Cindy by smith prent[ss 

karen lanita smith hattiesburg 

larry wade smith lumberton 


pamela sue smith hattiesburg 

pam elizabeth smith [ackson 

robert elmo smith petal 

shari theresa smith gulfport 

Stanley edward smith pensacola, fla. 

Stephen lee smith b || oxi 

|ohn demon sojourner crystal springs 

elbert d. soloman prentiss 

James somerville birmingham, ala. 

margarett ann spangler purvis 

pail lowry spann '. . ' "gulfport 

Imda ann spann brandon 

donna ree Speights hattiesburg 

rebecca marie spiers hattiesburg 


Patrick gale spruill gary 

lois kathleen stagg purvis 

deborah sue stallings shubuta 

pamela lowery stamps hattiesburg 

deborah ann stanovich biloxi 

i a L ne staton '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'hattiesburg 

sharron cecilia stauffer hattiesburg 


barbara ann steed meridian 

debra Joyce stegenga hattiesburg 

alva hazel Stephens gulfport 

v.rginia I. stevens mobile, ala. 

patricia ann stokes gulfport 

barbara anne straub clinton 

sally elizabeth stretcher bakersfield, calif. 


cynthia stringer hattiesburg 

charles david suggs petal 

kathleen rebecca sullivan hattiesburg 

John duke Sutherland jackson 

marjorie carol sutts ' . mobile, ala. 

michelle marie swontek gulfport 

carol elise tanner mobile, ala. 


nancy o'neal tatum hattiesburg 

cheryl ann taylor jackson 

mary jo taylor | aure( 

nettie Jewell taylor leaksville 

Stephanie fern taylor bakersfield, calif. 

lawrence franklin thames jackson 

ins ka V +head quitman 


brenda sue thompson bassfield 

lois camille thompson magnolia 

nancy ,ean thornell vicksburg 

l° an , n . t'llman pensacola, fla. 

debbie tramel ■ hon 

chen . true ••■ Cleveland, ga. 

carol ann tucker hattiesburg 

I I. 

ruth ann tullos port gibson 

Catherine turner waynesboro 

gordon danny turner citronelle, ala. 

margaret renfrow turner . . natchez 

michael patrick turner biloxi 

nancy lee turner Columbia 

rebecca Josephine tyra biloxi 



a. chris ulmer Columbia 

nancy marie upchurch parchman 

Virginia douglas van hoose natchez 

jean van slyke hattiesburg 

gail elizabeth vandegrift south hempstead, n. y. 

william david van+rease Jackson 

paul ryan vanzandt miami, fla. 


kathryn Stephanie vasselus hattiesburg 

bethney gail vaughn Jackson 

peggy ann verant ocean springs 

tammy christi visser Jackson 

mary lee waddell woodville 

myron cook waddell . .woodville 

christine claire waggoner hattiesburg 


c. dennis wagoner fairhope, ala. 

dot louise Wallace magee 

robert alan waiters hattiesburg 

larry mitcheal ward monticello 

wanda ward pensacola, fla. 

Virginia darling warren mobile, ala. 

leslie alien washbish key west, fla. 


g. reid watson hattiesburg 

margaret luree watson hattiesburg 

kathy patricia weaver mccomb 

linda faye webb tallahassee, fla. 

paula jane wells harlan, ky. 

sandra kay wells laurel 

meredith wentworth hattiesburg 


ann g. west hattiesburg 

dale wheat brooklyn 

margueritte helen wheat gulfport 

gaylon cjyde white mccomb 

iudy carolyn white Jackson 

Judy louise white florala, ala. 

patricia ann whitten greenwood 


deborah joy wilkins meridian 

suzanne wilkinson biloxi 

brenda gayle williams hattiesburg 

martha helen williams greenville 

Stephen ray williams foley, ala. 

wendy sue williams hattiesburg 

emmitt ray williamson monticello 


frank michael williamson mccomb 

patricia kay williamson grove hill 

richard david wl I lis hattiesburg 

conni suzanne willoughby Jackson 

martha jan wilson Jackson 

patricia ann wilson pascagoula 

richard payne wiman brandon 


florence maria witte Columbia 

robyn faye womack mccomb 

susan e. word hattiesburg 

andrea gayle worthy picayune 

susan paulette wright hattiesburg 

ronald gene yeates canton 

donna jo yelverton Jackson 


robert melvin young hattiesburg 

darrell robert ziegler gulfport 


senior biography 

aaron, franklin robert. laurel, 
miss, mathematics. 
adams, edward Jenkins, jack- 
son, miss. 

adcock, john c. meridian, miss, 

adkins, donna ruth, meridian, 
miss, elementary education, 
aws. wesley foundation, dean's 
list, president's list. 
adkinson, wayne travis. moss 
point, miss. 

admire, patricia ann. panama 
city, fla. recreation. 
agerfon, Catherine chaudron. 
mobile, ala. history. 
ainsworth, gloria jane, brook- 
haven, miss, history, snea. bsu. 
alexander, danny olan. little 
rock, miss, science education, 
dean's list. 

alexander, robert donald. hat- 
tiesburg, miss. math, alpha phi 
omega, secretary, pershing 
rifles, scabbard and blade. 
Westminster fellowship. 
alford, teresa dianne. florence, 
miss, special education, snea. 
university activities council, 
dean's list. 

allday, eva may. berthoub, 
Colorado, nursing, phi kappa 
phi. president's list, dean's list. 
allday, jesse carrol. wagarville, 
ala. accounting, dean's list, 
president's list. 

alien, eva louise. magnolia, 
miss, physical education. 
allred, dewitt talmage iii. col- 
lins, miss, political science. 
amacker, linda I. bogalusa, la. 
elementary education, presi- 
dent, chi omega, vice-presi- 
dent and president, student 
christian federation, sopho- 
more, junior, and senior class 
secretary, sophomore, junior, 
and senior class favorite, 
sophomore and junior class 
senator, freshman counselor, 
wesley foundation, scope xi 
secretary. susga delegate, 
committee of 100. vice-house 
chairman, vice-president of 
women's affairs board, presi- 
dent's advisory board, activi- 
ties chairman, chi omega, sga 
executive committee. 1968 
homecoming queen. who's 
who in american colleges and 
universities, miss usm. 
amacker, melba jane, carriere, 
miss, elementary education. 
ammon, gerald m. union, miss, 
corrective therapy. hyper 

ammons, john bill jr. meridian, 
miss, industrial management. 
ankersen, shelia marie, mobile, 
ala. child development, home 

economics club, dean's list. 
applewhite, thomas w. 
archer, don eugene. denver, 

col. biology. 

archie, albert q. chunky, miss, 
corrective therapy. 
armstrong, carolyn j. moss 
point, miss, advertising, beau- 
ty, kappa delta, rote sponsor. 
armstrong, gwendolyn elaine. 
hattiesburg, miss. medical 
technology, university singers, 
bsu. winner, jr. panhellenic 
talent show, newman club. 
armus, ann. san antonio, tex. 
speech education, "pride of 
mississippi." usm concert 
band, usm orchestra, tau beta 

arnold, ralph. key west, fla. 
physical education. 
aronson, jay roger. new 
Orleans, la. political science. 
arrington, judy miley. mount 
olive, miss, biology, dean's 

ashley, joe a. crystal springs, 
miss, english. 

atkinson, eliza ann. pickens, 
miss, public address. 
atwood, cecil wayne. hatties- 
burg, miss, finance, president's 
list, dean's list. 

aulenbrock, Catherine carol. 
madison, miss, business edu- 
cation, pi omega pi. 
aultman, jeaneane. seminary, 
miss, elementary education. 
aultman, peggy ann. hatties- 
burg, miss, english. dean's list, 
publicity chairman, lambda 
iota tau. 

autry, melvin henry, hatties- 
burg, miss. 

baggett, anita m. pascagoula, 
miss, commercial art. alpha 
lambda delta, dean's list, 
president's list, wesley founda- 
tion, wab scholarship, merit 

baggett, jimmie f. collins, 
miss, accounting, alpha epsi- 
lon alpha. 

baker, cecil lamar. bogue chit- 
to, miss, personnel manage- 

baker, dale richard. pasca- 
goula, miss, elementary edu- 

baker, Jennifer ann. brandon, 
miss, physical education. 
ball, cathy lou. grenada, miss, 
history, young republican club, 
smea. uac. 

ball, james franklin. mel- 
bourne, fla. history and psy- 
chology, regional merit schol- 
arship, dean's list, young 
ball, margie r. Jackson, miss. 

music theory and composition, 
university singers. 
ballard, mary edna. bay 
springs, miss, history. 
bankston, james vernon. laurel, 
miss, psychology. 
bankston, patricia olivia. strin- 
ger, miss, english. 
bardwell, sylvia anne. hazle- 
hurst, miss, marketing, phi chi 

barnes, ronald I. gulfport, 
miss, elementary education, 
sea. kappa delta pi. 
barnett, patricia kay. raleigh, 
miss, elementary education, 
wesley foundation. 
barrett, june shannon, decatur, 
miss, speech pathology. 
barrett, kathryn ann. picay- 
une, miss, accounting. 
barron, don frederick, pasca- 
goula, miss, finance, sigma nu. 
bartlett, nancy ilene. norfolk, 
va. elementary education. 
bassett, jimmy grover. louin, 
miss, chemistry. 
bates, mary clayton. mccomb, 
miss, elementary education, 
sigma sigma sigma. 
batson, betty jo. hattiesburg, 
miss, speech pathology and 
language disorders, dean's list. 
baucum, waiter winston. car- 
riere, miss, english. dean's list. 
baughn, robert leonard. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, radio and tele- 
vision, iota beta sigma. sales 
manager, wmsu. dean's list, 
mba scholarship. southern 

beard, charles michael. green- 
ville, miss, accounting. 
becton, clatis e. buckatunna, 
miss, personnel management. 
beech, margie ann. ellisville, 
miss, english. 

bell, beverly ann. picayune, 
miss, history. 

bell, ronnie e. gulfport, miss, 

bennett, angela rue. natchez, 
miss. art. 

bennett, barton s. jr. baton 
rouge, la. elementary educa- 

benson, sherry lowe. slidell, la. 
home economics education, 
kappa delta, pledge class 
president, honor pledge, uac. 
berges, john Joseph, new 
Orleans, la. biology, sigma nu. 
uac. ifc. phi mu big brother. 
berry, david mathis. hatties- 
burg, miss, marketing, alpha 
tau omega, pledge class presi- 
dent, social chairman, rush 
chairman, worthy keeper of 
annels. pi sigma epsilon. stu- 
dent senator, freshman orien- 

tation leader. 

bertolla, a. alexander. fair- 
hope, ala. finance. 
best, benjamin hobdy ii. pas- 
cagoula, miss, political sci- 
ence, sigma alpha epsilon. 
omicron delta kappa, pi gam- 
ma mu. rho eta sigma. chief 
justice of student court, ex- 
ecutive assistant to sga presi- 
dent, university singers. 
bilbro, janie dott. carthage, 
miss, history. 

bilnoski, foy kenneth. new 
Orleans, la. psychology, alpha 
tau omega. 

bizzell, thomas michael. pensa- 
cola, fla. accounting, out- 
standing freshman, gold key 
society, jarvis maxey award, 
president's list, dean's list. 
blackburn, arter jack, jr. de- 
catur, miss, finance. 
blankenship, glenda sue. ana- 
heim, calif, music, tau beta 
sigma president, mu phi epsi- 
lon. usm marching, concert, 
symphonic bands, usm orches- 

blansett, julius ray. Columbia, 
miss, finance, advanced rote. 
blue, martha kay. gulfport, 
miss, elementary education, 
delta delta delta, dean's list, 
corresponding secretary and 
treasurer, student christian 
federation, susga delegate. 
committee of 50. annual staff. 
bobo, mary dianne. Jackson, 
miss, speech pathology, sigma 
alpha eta. 

boggan, theodore luther, jr. 
pinola, miss, mathematics. 
boler, glen therrell. hatties- 
burg, miss. microbiology, 
dean's list. 

boles, dovel. biloxi, miss, 

boling, danny glenn. brook- 
haven, miss, accounting, alpha 
epsilon alpha. 

boling, janice callender. 
brookhaven, miss. ac- 


bolton, judith anne. hatties- 
burg, miss, elementary educa- 

bond, peggy ruth, wiggins, 
miss, business education. 
booker, richard donald. pensa- 
cola, fla. math, siqma alpha 
epsilon, vice president, dean's 
list, ifc member, men's affairs 

booth, marjorie adin. natchez, 
miss, commercial art. fresh- 
man counselor, aws legislative 

borden, james thomas, in. 
tupelo, miss. architectural 






botter, eugene s. mobile, ala. 
general business, association 
for computing machinery. 
boutwell, brenda gayle. beau- 
mont, miss, health and physi- 
cal education. 

boutwell, tommy, gulfport, 

bowie, dorothy jean. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
boyd, bettee gandy. hatties- 
burg, miss, english. 
boyd, jerry lynn. tylertown, 
miss, special education, smea. 
dean's list. cec. 
boyd, michael connely. hands- 
boro, miss, marketing, pi sig- 
ma epsilon. business fraternity 
council, historian and parlia- 

bozeman, danny. hattiesburg, 
miss, business administration, 
sigma phi epsilon. 
bradley, cynthia a. hatties- 
burg, miss, child development, 
home economics club, baptist 
student union. 

bradley, george lee. biloxi, 
miss, general business. 
brady, richard ralph. brook- 
haven, miss, personnel man- 

braud, blanchard Joseph, geis- 
mar, la. physical education, 
president, m club, president, 
hyper club. 

breland, laurence edward, jr. 
laurel, miss, computer science. 
breland, rodney clyde. meridi- 
an, miss, industrial manage- 
ment, corresponding secre- 
tary, sam. 

brewer, Christopher ammon. 
sand hill, miss, industrial tech- 

bridges, russell wayne. hazel- 
hurst, miss. math. 
brignac, mildred trances, pas- 
cagoula, miss, music educa- 
tion, tau beta sigma, secre- 
tary, mu phi epsilon, treasurer 
and alumni secretary, pi kap- 
pa lambda, usm orchestra and 
symphonic bands, "pride." 
britton, charles edward. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, accounting. 
broadus, delores ann. purvis, 
miss, speech pathology and 
language disorders. 
brooks, claude michael. inde- 
pendence, miss, psychology. 
brooks, dennis wayne. baton 
rouge, la. personnel manage- 

brooks, Virginia diane. bolton, 
miss, speech pathology. 
broom, greqory kendall. pic- 
ayune, miss, industrial man- 
agement, president, associa- 
tion of baptist students. 
broome, carroll d. prentiss, 

miss, finance, yellowjackets. 
advanced rote. 
broome, robert cecil. midwest 
city, okla. geology. 
brou, philip edmond, jr. jack- 
son, miss, psychology and 

brown, lawrence audie. lake- 
land, fla. music education. 
usm marching and symphonic 
bands, usm orchestra, kappa 
kappa psi. phi mu alpha sin- 

brown, lowell Stanley, lake- 
land, fla. music education, 
usm marching and symphonic 
bands, kappa kappa psi. phi 
mu alpha sinfonia. 
brown, marilyn trances, luce- 
dale, miss, executive secre- 
tarial studies. 

brown, martha easterling. 
petal, miss, english. dean's 

brown, nolan michael. merid- 
ian, miss, economics, presi- 
dent's list, dean's list, kappa 
sigma. omicron delta epsilon. 
scope xi delegate. 
brown, pamela faye. Jackson, 
miss. math. vice-president, 
kappa mu epsilon. secretary, 

brown, patricia irene. bogue 
chitto, miss, music education, 
menc. smea. university chorus, 

brown, randy morrow, north- 
brook, ill. marketing, alpha tau 
omega, marketing fraternity, 
youth international party, in- 
terfraternity council, student 
printz. wmsu. 

brown, richard b. gulfport, 
miss, political science, student 
senate, men's affairs board, 
susga delegate, scope xii ex- 
ecutive committee, spirit com- 
mittee, dorm president, vice- 
president, Westminster fellow- 
ship, election commissioner, 
dean's list. 

brown, rita sue. mccomb, miss, 

brown, shirley. decatur, miss, 
elementary education. 
brumfield, henry m. pasca- 
goula, miss, business. 
brumfield, marilyn sue. bogue 
chitto, miss, health and physi- 
cal education, hyper, bsu. 

bryant, kenneth wayne. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, biology. 
buckley, judy elaine. laurel, 
miss, elementary education. 
buckley, laurence bernard. en- 
terprise, miss, industrial tech- 
nology, pi kappa alpha. 
buckley, susan juanita. new 
hebron, miss, home economics 
education, home economics 
club. kappa omicron phi. 

dean's list. 

bueso, francisco jose. guate- 
mala city, guatemala, c.a. 

bufkin, linda ann. pascagoula, 
miss, music education, mu phi 
epsilon. kappa delta pi. music 
educator's national confer- 
ence, opera society, university 
singers, dean's list. 
burdine, robert frederick. ful- 
ton, miss, business. 
burgess, james armaund. gulf- 
port, miss, industrial arts. 
burkett, donald c. bassfield, 
miss, personnel management, 
delta sigma pi. vice-president, 
business fraternity council. 
burnett, douglas. Jacksonville, 
fla. general business, kappa 
alpha, corresponding secre- 
tary, president, counselor, 
head resident, elam arms. 
men's affairs board, student 
senator, delta sigma pi. 
burnham, paulette dianne. 
Jackson, miss. Spanish. 
burns, carlos monroe. brook- 
haven, miss, physical educa- 

burns, sammy glenn. indianola, 
miss, personnel management. 
dean's list, first vice-president, 
society for the advancement 
of management. 
burns, sylvia home, union, 
miss, french. le cercle francais. 
dean's list. 

burns, william alien, union, 
miss, personnel manaqement. 
society for the advancement 
of management. 
burr, Virginia ann. birming- 
ham, ala. english. committee 
of fifty, secretary, wesley 
foundation, dean's list, collegi- 
ate civinettes. smea. 
burroughs, keith lawrence. bal- 
timore, md. music education, 
kappa kappa psi. 
busby, peggy louise. ellisville, 
miss, history. 

bush, rita louise. iackson, miss, 
business education, phi chi 
theta. phi beta lambda, uac. 
snea. nbea. bus. 
busick, gerald eldon. biloxi, 
miss, industrial technology. 
buttles, carolyn jean, hatties- 
burg, miss, political science, 
alpha siqma alpha, snea. uac. 
scope, dean's list. 
buxton, ronnie wayne. hatties- 
burg, miss, finance. 
bynum, diane. sumrall, miss, 
bioloqy. alpha lambda delta. 
beta beta beta, dean's list. 
bynum, harry kenneth. canton, 
miss, recreation, recreation 
club, hyper club, sociology 

byrd, elizabeth ann. biloxi, 
miss, elementary education. 

dean's list. 

byrd, hoyle, jr. lumberton, 
miss, industrial management. 
byrd, thomas carroll. west 
point, miss, music education, 
alpha phi omega, phi mu al- 
pha sinfonia. university sing- 

cain, brenda diane. mobile, 
ala. elementary education. 
calcote, clemus lizette. mccall 
creek, miss, music education. 
caldwell, philip m. pass chris- 
tian, miss, history. 
callia, anthony alex. new Or- 
leans, la. industrial manage- 
ment, delta sigma pi. 
calloway, james martin, jr. 
cuyahga falls, ohio. history, pi 
gamma mu. dean's list. 
cameron, sibyl byrne. natchez, 
miss, english. 

campbell, janis elaine. laurel, 
miss. home economics in 
equipment, outstanding fresh- 
man woman 1965-1966. alpha 
lambda delta, president of 
druids. dean's list, president's 
list, freshman counselor, pi tau 
chi. home economics club, 
treasurer of kappa omicron 
phi. treasurer, student govern- 
ment association, librarian, 
panhellenic representative and 
president, delta delta delta, 
vice-president, phi delta rho. 
scope ix executive committee, 
secretary, panhellenic council. 
canavan, elizabeth ann, brig- 
antine, new jersey, pre-med. 
secretary, beta beta beta 
honor society, young republi- 
can club, married southerners 

canavan, robert c. Philadel- 
phia, pa. pre-dental. 
canfield, pamela e. purvis, 
miss, business education, pres- 
ident's list, dean's list, pi ome- 
qa pi, historian, phi chi theta, 
president, kappa delta pi. 
smea. delegate, state smea 
convention, phi beta lambda. 
southerner staff. 
cannady, norman alexander. 
meridian, miss, accounting. 
capos, david e., jr. atlanta, 
ga. psychology. 
caraway, melton hayes. metai- 
rie, la. history and political 
science, pi kappa phi. scope, 
young democrats. 
carney, james edward. tyler- 
town, miss, accounting, alpha 
epsilon alpha. 

caro, annie lucille. mobile, ala. 
voice, university singers, opera 
society, floor devotional chair- 

carr, anita kay. mccomb, miss. 
music education, kappa delta 


cam, tommy I. forest, miss, 

carr, tommy I. forest, miss, 
marketing. <, 
carra, marie willoughby. bilo- 
xi, miss, elementary education. 
carter, margaret merle, sand- 
hill, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, dean's list, hyper club, 

carter, mary scott. laurel, miss. 
elementary education. 
case, lola jean, brookhaven, 
miss, nursing, president, stu- 
dent nurse association of 
southern mississippi. vice-pres- 
ident, alpha epsilon delta. 
catlett, wayne preston. meri- 
dian, miss, theatre, dean's list, 
president's list, southern play- 
ers, vice-president, alpha psi 
omega, president, best direc- 
tor student production, louis I. 
gertler award. 

cegelski, alien Joseph, mckees 
rocks, pa. elementary educa- 
tion, nea. mea. snea. varsity 
basketball student trainer, 
dean's list, newman club. 
centorino, barbara faye. mill- 
ry, ala. elementary education, 
dean's list. bsu. 
chain, billy darrell. mt. olive, 
miss, economics. 
chambliss, julius cecil, jr. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, biology. 
chancellor, rebecca. hatties- 
burg, miss, english. president's 
list, dean's list, alpha lambda 

channel, ronnie eagle. Jackson, 
miss, physical education. 
chisholm, mary jane, ellisville, 
miss, elementarv education. 
christensen, christine marie. 
lucedale, miss. elementary 

cionek, david paul. amster- 
dam, new york. finance. 
dark, bette lynn. brookhaven, 
miss, child psychology. 
dark, elbert leon. pascagoula, 
miss, accounting. 
dark, evelyn h. bay st. louis, 
miss, english. 

dark, leonard robin, chicka- 
saw, ala. chemistry. 
dark, m. jane, port gibson, 
miss, home economics educa- 
tion, president and social 
chairman, student mississippi 
education association, uac. 
home economics college chap- 

dark, ruth kappner. bay st. 
louis, miss, executive secretari- 
al studies, dean's list, alpha 
lambda delta. 

clayton, sherie anyce. meridi- 
an, miss, english. 
dine, nancy v. iackson, miss, 
elementary education, dean's 
list, dorm assistant. 

clyburn, esmond steve. brook- 
haven, miss, political science, 
dean's list, young republicans, 
university activities council. 
cobb, robbie. clarksdale, miss, 
art education, recording sec- 
retary and historian, pi beta 
phi. baptist student union, 
dean's list. 

cochran, burett ward, hatties- 
burg, miss, marketing. 
coker, timothy columbus. tu- 
pelo, miss, piano, pi kappa 
lambda, accompanist, univer- 
sity singers, dean's list. 
coley, johnny leonard. laurel, 
miss, geology. 

collins, t. frank, hattiesburg, 
miss, communications, parlia- 
mentarian, yellowjackets. stu- 
dent senator, susga delegate, 
social chairman, kappa sigma. 
committee of 50. southern 

collum, aubrey lawrence. jack- 
son, miss, accounting, alpha 
epsilon alpha, general merit 

cook, darrell o'neal. cadiz, 
kentucky. political science, 
pen and sword. 
cook, norma lynn. Jackson, 
miss, political science and his- 
tory. 2nd vice-president, sga. 
president, aws. president, 
mwsga. 3rd vice-president, 
mic. freshman counselor, pres- 
ident's advisory board, stu- 
dent senate, mic executive 
council. junior panhellenic 
council, feature editor and 
news editor, student printz. 
outstanding sophomore re- 
porter, drawl staff, phi delta 
rho. delegate iaws. scope, 
mic. mepa. phi alpha theta. pi 
gamma mu. committee of 50. 
pi tau chi. college fashion 
board, chi omega sorority. 
cook, rebecca ann. Columbia, 
miss, pre-dental. 
cooke, frances jean, vaiden, 
miss, elementary education, 

cooley, lynn allison. bude, 
miss, music education, kappa 
kappa psi. "pride." usm con- 
cert band, university singers, 
menc. wesley foundation, op- 
era workshop summer stock. 
coon, homer lee. mccomb, 
miss, political science. 
cornelison, virgil van buren, 
III. Cincinnati, ohio. econom- 
ics, dean's list, president's list, 
counselor, vice-president, sig- 
ma nu pledge class, treasurer 
and outstanding active schol- 
ar, sigma nu. vice-president, 
pi gamma mu. greek schol- 
ar, pi beta phi arrowman. 
corts, frances ann. meridian, 
miss, business education, pres- 

ident, pi omega pi. kappa del- 
ta pi. dean's list. 
cothern, clyde shirly. tyler- 
town, miss, speech education, 
baptist student union, repub- 
lican club. 

courtney, leona. bassfield, 
miss. math. 

cowan, melvin derwood, sr. 
gulfport, miss, political sci- 

cox, john scott. evergreen, ala. 
commercial art. 
cox, margaret lynn. gulfport, 
miss, business education, al- 
pha lambda delta, vice-presi- 
dent, pi omega pi. vice-presi- 
dent, phi chi theta. dean's list, 
kappa delta pi. 
crabtree, nancy boice. jack- 
son, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, smea. house council, hill- 

craig, jodie hammond. hatties- 
burg, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, alpha lambda delta. 
crawley, mary ellen. Columbia, 
miss, business education. 
cress, terry wayne. hatties- 
burg, miss, marketing, pi sig- 
ma epsilon. 

crews, martin h. panama city, 
fla. finance, sigma alpha epsi- 
lon, corresponding secretary, 
little sister coordinator, 

pledge class treasurer, chap- 

crews, william franklin, mc- 
comb, miss, history and politi- 
cal science. 

crowder, kathryn elizabeth. 
yazoo city, miss, elementary 
education, dean's list, phi del- 
ta rho. treasurer, chi omega, 
freshman counselor. alpha 
lambda delta. secretary, 
druids. scope delegate, fresh- 
man orientation leader, tau 
beta sigma. mu phi epsilon. 
culberson, fames houston. wig- 
gins, miss, industrial technolo- 

culpepper, robert dean, jack- 
son, miss. math. 
cumbest, harvey benard. pas- 
cagoula, miss, personnel man- 

curry, glen david. pascagoula, 
miss. sociology. advanced 
rote, scabbard and blade, so- 
ciology club, president, new- 
man club, president, young 
democrats, corresponding sec- 

curtis, helen louise. utica, miss, 
elementary education, smea. 
cyr, simone elizabeth. spring- 
field, va. home economics, 
secretary, activities chairman, 
intramurals, homecoming, so- 
cial chairman, newman club, 
pully hall activities chairman. 
dansby, carol sue. guitman, 

miss, elementary education, 
bsu, president, dean's list, 
president's list. smea. 
daughdrill, douglass colin. mo- 
bile, ala. marketing, historian, 
treasurer, delta sigma pi. 
daughdrill, herman larry. mc- 
comb, miss, finance. 
daughdrill, linda archer, lum- 
berton, miss, elementary edu- 

davis, andrew ganes. laurel, 
miss, religion and philosophy. 
davis, anita reed, meridian, 
miss, elementary education. 
davis, cloy ore, jr. satsuma, 
ala. management, dean's list, 
uac. married students of 
southern association, society 
for advancement of manage- 

davis, curtis alien, laurel, miss, 
music education, usm concert 
band, wesley foundation. 
davis, dorothy. hattiesburg, 
miss, language disorders, sig- 
ma alpha eta. dean's list. 
davis, kathryn ann. belden, 
miss, history, dean's list. 
davis, marinell. elementary 
education, delta zeta. commit- 
tee of 50. dean's list. 
davis, nelson everett. tyler- 
town, miss, accounting, alpha 
epsilon alpha. 

davis, ottis lee. gulfport, miss, 

davis, richard joe. Jackson, 
miss, marketing, pi sigma epsi- 

davis, steve randall. shugualak, 
miss, commercial art. sigma 
alpha epsilon. 

day, mary evelyn. natchez, 
miss, history, phi alpha theta. 
snea. dean's list, american in- 
dependent youth organiza- 

day, robert gordon. ft. walton 
beach, fla. biology. 
dean, celia kay. meridian, 
miss, art education, dean's 
list, president's list. 
dean, don earle. gaffney, 
south Carolina, political sci- 
ence, special editor, student 
printz. dean's list, president, 
married southerners associa- 
tion, scope deleoate. political 
science fellowship. smea. 

dean, pamela diane. chunky, 
miss, english. dean's list. 
deaton, gwen harris. laurel, 
miss, english. 

dedeaux, john randle. perkins- 
ton, miss, finance. 
dees, judith lane, bay minette, 
ala. special education. 
delaney, robert jerald. brook- 
haven, miss, marketing. 
destefano, qerald cyril. meri- 
dian, miss, history. 


dever, william h. hattiesburg, 
miss, management, phi eta 
sigma. intervarsity christian 

diamond, patricia m. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
dickerson, gerry eugene. sum- 
mitt, miss, accounting. 
diggs, Barbara marie, starke, 
fla. library science, featurette, 
"pride of mississippi" march- 
ing band, kappa kappa psi, 
pledge, active sweetheart, tau 
beta sigma, pledge president, 
who's who among students in 
american colleges and univer- 
sities, dean's list. 
dill, adriane. vicksburg, miss, 
nursing, dean's list, president's 
list, alpha epsilon delta, vice- 
president, phi kappa phi. stu- 
dent nurses association of 
southern mississippi, secretary. 
dillon, donna lynn. tylertown, 
miss, elementary education, 
dixie darlings. 

dillon, melba holmes, tyler- 
town, miss, elementary educa- 

distin, bob m. Washington, 
d.c. marketing, vice-president, 
pledge trainer, scholarship 
chairman, house manager, al- 
pha tau omega fraternity, ju- 
dicial vice-president, chief 
justice, interfraternity council 
court, advisor to junior inter- 
fraternity council, delegate, 
seifc. member, ifc executive 
board, member, pi sigma epsi- 
lon. freshman orientation 
counselor. regional merit 
scholarship, delegate, schlitz's 
annual fraternity officers ban- 
quet, member, order of ome- 

dixon, carolyn elizabe+h. hazle- 
hurst, miss, special education. 
dixon, harry lamar. pascagou- 
la, miss, marketing. 
dixon, michael I. tylertown, 
miss, physical education, dis- 
tinguished military student, 
rho eta sigma. dorm counse- 

donahue, william Christopher. 
long island, n.y. personnel 
management, delta sigma pi. 
society for the advancement 
of management, men's affairs 
board, dean's list. 
downing, ross lawrence, jr. 
hattiesburq, miss, architectur- 
al technology. 

drummond, suzanne marie, mt. 
olive, miss, elementary educa- 

dubard, carolyn segrest. jack- 
son, miss, library science, al- 
pha sigma alpha, 2nd vice- 
president, collegiate delegate, 
mla. wesley foundation, smla. 
dubuisson, gary edward. pass 

christian, miss, finance. 
ducker, william I. purvis, miss, 
history, sigma phi epsilon. 
duhs, michael linn, biloxi, miss, 
computer science, dean's list. 
dumont, arthur bailey, mobile, 
ala. geography. 
dunaway, richard. gulfport, 
miss, marketing, kappa alpha, 
advanced rote, fellowship of 
christian athletes, m club. 
dunning, william paul. gulf- 
port, miss, accounting. 
dyess, janis. Columbia, miss, 
home economics, dean's list. 
home economics club. 
dykes, nancy lynn. smithdale, 
miss, elementary education. 
easterling, james michael. 
beaumont, miss, accounting. 
edwards, mary patricia. can- 
ton, miss, journalism, enter- 
tainments and features editor, 
student printz. 

eichelberger, Jennifer, mor- 
ion, miss, speech pathology, 
alpha sigma alpha, secretary, 
senate, committee of 50'. wes- 
ley foundation, dean's list. 
uac. freshman counselor. 
elkins, russell e. hattiesburg, 
miss, political science. 
ellis, suzonne. port gibson, 
miss, elementary education, 
dean's list, president, phi mu. 
panhellenic, vice-president, 
junior panhellenic, advisor. 
elmore, lynda karan. mobile, 
ala. elementary education. 
elmore, william franklin, mo- 
bile, ala. industrial manage- 

elsner, norma kay. waynesbo- 
ro, miss, bioloqy education, 
dean's list, collegiate civin- 
ettes. baptist student union, 

elsner, norman robert. waynes- 
boro, miss. german and 
french. pi delta phi. usm soc- 
cer team, dean's list. 
engels, mary jo. bogalusa, la. 
elementary education, kappa 
delta, dean's list. 
ennis, patricia e. Jackson, miss, 

entrekin, wilmer c. lumberton, 
miss, biology. 

estes, billy wayne. natchez, 
miss, finance. 

ethridge, sherrye louise. petal, 
miss, biology. del + a delta del- 
ta, miss southern .'68. dixie 
darling, captain, dean's list, 
druids. freshman counselor, 
rote sponsor, circle-k sweet- 
heart, delta sigma pi, rose 
court, pom-pom girl, sga sec- 
retary, beauty. 

evans, andy bryant. waynes- 
boro, miss, health and physi- 
cal education, hyper club. 
evans, herbert barnes, jr. hat- 

tiesburg, miss, marketing, pi 
sigma epsilon. 

evans, jo dean, bay springs, 
miss, special education. 
evans, kenneth wayne. pachu- 
ta, miss, history, smea. 
evans, randy wayne. waynes- 
boro, miss, industrial manage- 

evans, ronald I. Salisbury, n.c. 

everett, linda nell. Jackson, 
miss, english and communica- 
tions, alpha sigma alpha, pres- 
ident, alpha lambda delta, 
lambda iota tau. scope vi. 
bsu. uac. contemporary staff, 
committee of 50. 
everett, robert lee. vicksburg, 
miss, political science, phi tau 
chi. alpha phi omega, dean's 

faggert, susan carr. heidel- 
berg, miss, elementary educa- 

fahner, Joseph alan. summitt, 
miss, industrial management. 
fairchild, Joseph leonard. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, biology and 

fant, diane. robertsdale, ala. 
elementary education, south- 
erner staff, newman club, 
smea. university chorus, sigma 
sigma sigma sorority. 
farello, leonard Joseph. 

sheepshead bay, new york. 
physical education. 
farmer, raymond g. atlanta, 
ga. finance, rho epsilon. 
fendley, peggy lynn. lucedale, 
miss, special education. 
ferrara, mary. moss point, 
miss, music education, koino- 
nia club, secretary, mu phi 
epsilon. university chorus. 
fillingame, lyman donald. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, marketing, kap- 
pa sigma. 

fisher, elaine. hattiesburg, 
miss, home economics educa- 
tion, kappa delta pi. kappa 
omicron pi. 

flummer, sandra moon, mo- 
bile, ala. elementary educa- 

flurry, elmer talmadge. long 
beach, miss, personnel man- 

ford, charles alien, yazoo city, 
miss, computer science, base- 
ball, acm. 

ford, jerry shelby. hazlehurst, 
miss, personnel management. 
ford, lynda a. Jackson, miss, 
elementary education. chi 
omega, snea. dean's list. 
ford, robert s. pascagoula, 
miss bioloqy. 

ford, ronnie wavne. hatties- 
burg, miss, architecture tech- 
fortenberry, billy don. tyler- 

town, miss, industrial tech- 
fortenberry, frank shannon. 

magee, miss, personnel man- 
agement, dean's list. 
fortenberry, h. larry. tyler- 
town, miss, accounting, dean's 

foster, james wilson. mobile, 
ala. computer science, sigma 
phi epsilon. collegiate civitan. 
association for computing ma- 

fountain, jean robert. biloxi, 
miss, management. 
fox, earl Jacob, jr. new Orleans, 
la. music education, kappa 
kappa psi. president, phi mu 
alpha, yellow jackets, dean's 
list, concert band, pride of 
mississippi. usm orchestra, usm 
brass chgir. 

franklin, george herbert. gulf- 
port, miss, economics, sigma 
phi epsilon. alpha phi omega, 
young democrats. 
frazier, louise davis. mccomb, 
miss, clothing merchandising 
and home economics educa- 
tion, kappa omicron phi. home 
economics club, president. 
dean's list. 

freeman, anita gail. pascagou- 
la, miss, instrumental music 
education, pride of mississip- 
pi. symphonic band, wind 
symphony, brass choir, usm 
symphony orchestra, band li- 
brarian, usm musical theatre 
orchestra, tau beta sigma, 
outstanding bandswoman 

award, menc, officer. 
freeman, ann marie, petal, 
miss. mathematics. alpha 
lambda delta, kappa mu sp- 
silon. honors proqram. 
freeman, diane elizabeth. gulf- 
port, miss, business education., 
treasurer, pi omega pi. 
freeman, martin elliott. gulf- 
port, miss, accounting. 
freeman, robert wayne. rich- 
ton, miss, industrial technolo- 

french, azalea, union, miss, 
business education. 
french, susan rose, hatties- 
burg, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, vice-president, alpha 
sigma alpha, panhellenic coun- 
cil, dean's list, little sister of 

fulcher, waiter noel. gulfport, 
miss, industrial manaqement. 
2nd vice-president, society for 
the advancement of manage- 

fuller, robert warren, pasca- 
goula, miss, industrial and 
personnel management. 
furr, ethel mae. picayune, 
miss, elementary education. 
furr, glenn henri. pass chris- 


tian, miss, history. 
gabucci, jimmie robert. jack- 
son, miss, history, chairman, 
young republican club, usm 
debate team, newman federa- 

gaddis, becky vera e. forest, 
miss, speech education, alpha 
sigma alpha. 

gaines, John w. newton, miss, 

galofaro, frankie joe. mccomb, 
miss, industrial technology. 
gamble, margaret jo. ocean 
springs, miss, accounting, sig- 
ma sigma sigma, treasurer, al- 
pha epsilon alpha, dean's list. 
gardner, eva elaine. waynes- 
boro, miss, elementary educa- 

gardner, martha janet. silver 
city, miss, special education, 
scec. dean's list. 
gauthe, roy Joseph, jr. gulf- 
port, miss, marine biology. 
gay, gary g. mobile, ala. com- 
mercial art. episcopal youth 
forum, art director, theatre 
and opera workshop, alpha psi 
omega, southern players, pied 
piper players. 

geisel, wayne thomas. philips- 
burg, pa. health and physical 
education, alpha phi omega, 
company commander, persh- 
ing rifles. 

gemeinhardt, charles c. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, music educa- 
tion, marching band drill mas- 
ter and student assistant, 
symphonic band, brass choir, 
symphony orchestra, kappa 
kappa psi, vice-president, phi 
mu alpha sinfonia, treasurer, 
menc. dean's list, band coun- 

gibbon, cynda gwen. newton, 
miss. english. intramurals, 

gibbs, ira daunton, iii. frank- 
linton, la. industrial and per- 
sonnel management. 
gibbs, martha carol, summit, 
miss, political science, sigma 
sigma sigma, pledge class 
president, corresponding sec- 
retary, southern players, presi- 
dent, treasurer, alpha psi 
omega, secretary, treasurer, 
gamma beta phi, program 
chairman. baptist student 
union, most outstanding fresh- 
man, theatre department, 
summer stock, dean's list. 
gibson, carolyn dianne. brook- 
haven, miss, elementary edu- 

gillespie, jeanne elizabeth. 
natchez, miss, home econom- 
ics education, monitor and 
dormitory officer, freshman 
counselor. women's affairs 
board. legislative council. 

home economics club, kappa 
omicron phi. honor society, 
dean's list. 

gillette, jean glen. ft. worth, 
texas. home economics educa- 
tion, secretary, delta delta 
delta pledge class. 
gillette, joan vivian. ft. worth, 
texas. geography, vice-presi- 
dent, delta delta delta pledge 
class, president, gamma theta 

gillis, warren t. biloxi, miss, 
marketing, alpha phi omega, 
pi sigma epsilon. 
goad, versa, belzoni, miss, so- 
ciology and psychology. 
goff, cheryl ann. ocean 
springs, miss, zoology. 
gomez, jose m. barcelona, 
spain. computer science and 

gonzales, warren r. mobile, 
ala. marketing, treasurer, ora- 
tor, social chairman, and vice- 
president of pledge class, al- 
pha tau omega, pi sigma ep- 

goodman, larry b. meridian, 
miss, speech education, dean's 
list. bsu. snea. 

goodman, rachel ann. meridi- 
an, miss, elementary educa- 

gordon, james david. sardis, 
miss, finance, kappa alpha or- 
der, public relations chairman, 
ka. dean's list. 

goverski, richard francis. me- 
chanisville, new york. health 
and physical education, kappa 
sigma, pledge class officer, 
newman club, intramural foot- 
ball and basketball. 
gower, william russell. hatties- 
burg, miss, music education, 
phi mu alpha sinfonia. 
goyer, laura inez. hattiesburg, 
miss, microbiology, beta beta 
beta, bsu, officer. 
gracia, jose Ivis. barcelona, 
spain. foreign trade, dean's 
list, international club, soccer 
team, newman club. 
grafton, judith ann. laurel, 
miss, elementary education, 
snea. bsu. bsu choir. 
graham, barbara anne. bass- 
field, miss, psychology. 
graham, david william. pensa- 
cola, fla. accounting, dean's 
list, president's list. 
graham, don m. petal, miss, 

graham, evelene. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
graham, Jennifer sue. mobile, 
ala. library science, presi- 
dent's list. 

graham, lincoln palmer. 
waynesboro, miss, industrial 
graham, linda lee. pensacola, 

fla. institution management 

graham, lynn b. gulfport, miss, 
finance, distinguished military 
student, battalion commander. 
grantham, mary grace, hamp- 
ton, va. library science, lamb- 
da iota tau. nea. smea. dean's 

graves, jenny susan. ellisville, 
miss, political science. 
graves, Virginia wood, tyler- 
town, miss, english. 
gray, herbert james. hatties- 
burg, miss, finance. 
green, david henry, heidel- 
berg, miss, political science. 
green, william f. warner rob- 
ins, ga. finance. 
greer, billy t. Jackson, miss, 
accounting, delta sigma pi. 
business fraternity council, 
dean's list, alpha epsilon al- 
pha, rho eta sigma. 
greer, eldon lindeal. bogue 
chitto, miss. math. 
greer, james larry. wesson, 
miss. math, kappa sigma. 
gregory, michael david. vero- 
na, miss, music education, phi 
mu alpha sinfonia. kappa kap- 
pa psi. vice-president, usm 
band, usm symphonic band, 
usm orchestra, usm concert 
band, usm wind symphony, 
and "pride of mississippi." 
gregory, paul. gulfport, miss, 
industrial technology. 
grissom, rita diane. stringer, 
miss, elementary education. 
grubbs, trances kaye. tyler- 
town, miss, english. 
grubbs, sharon. magee, miss, 
math, chi omega, vice-presi- 

gullo, rodney Joseph, gulfport, 
miss, personnel management, 
kappa ..alpha order, newman 
club. ifc. 

gully, john v. pascagoula, miss, 
computer science. 
gurdian, roberto jose. leon, 
nicaragua. economics, dean's 
list, newman club. 
guthrie, charles earl, laurel, 
miss, mathematics. 
gutse, roger leon, jr. forest, 
miss, history. 

haffey, alice anne. lexington, 
miss, business education. 
hale, penny anne. poplarville, 
miss. psychology. publicity 
chairman, secretary, chi ome- 
ga, pi kappa alpha dream girl. 
top twenty beauty. best 
dressed coed, mu phi epsi- 
lon. tau beta siqma. dean's 
list, druids. scope delegate, 
rote sponsor. 

haley, danny paul. Jackson, 
miss, business. 

halford, barbara gayle, mead- 
ville, miss, home economics. 

home economics club. 
hallenus, judy kay. new Or- 
leans, la. elementary educa- 
tion, house chairman, pledge 
class president, alpha sigma 
alpha, committee of 50. snea. 
uac. newman club. 
hamann, beau holmes, gulf- 
port, miss, biology, alpha phi 

hamilton, harold wayne. hazle- 
hurst, miss, personnel man- 

hammond, bobby odell. mor- 
gantown, miss, general busi- 

hanson, dea. pascagoula, miss, 
institution management-die- 
tetics, historian, alpha lambda 
delta, scholarship chairman, 
corresponding secretary, al- 
pha sigma alpha, president, 
kappa omicron phi. secretary, 
home economics club, west- 
minster fellowship, pi tau chi. 
phi kappa phi. betty dukes 
craft award, university honors 
program, dean's list, presi- 
dent's list, gamma beta phi. 
hardage, elizaabeth carol. 
petal, miss, business adminis- 
tration and accounting, kappa 

hardin, donna gayle. mobile, 
ala. elementary education, 
mnea. national science teach- 
ers association. 
hardy, beverly enochs. pasca- 
goula, miss, medical technolo- 
gy, university singers, dean's 

harmon, thaylia ann. waynes- 
boro, miss, english. 
harr, don glenn. mendenhall, 
miss, industrial arts. 
harris, betty lorraine. ray- 
mond, miss, music, mu phi 
epsilon. university chorus. 
harris, martha ann. hatties- 
burg, miss, music education, 
pi beta phi. committee of 
100. committee of 50. kappa 
delta pi. mu phi epsilon. 
harris, ruth tomlin. Columbia, 
miss, speech education. 
harrison, robert ray. hazle- 
hurst, miss, history. 
harwell, george arthur. moss 
point, miss, biology. 
hancock, steven. taylorsville, 
miss, history, kappa alpha 
pledge of the year, scholar- 
ship chairman, house man- 
aqer, ka. 

hasenkampf, john laurence. 
new Orleans, la. psycholoqy. 
hatfield, Virginia sue. laurel, 
miss, elementary education, 
smea. bsu. 

hathaway, Constance ann. pan- 
ama city, fla. elementary edu- 
cation, dean's list. 
hatten, billy ray. hattiesburg, 



mimss. accounting, clean's list. 
havens, zora jean, crystal 
springs, miss, elementary edu- 

haver, linda kaye. vicksburg, 
miss, language disorders, del- 
ta zeta. 

hayes, laura anne. gulfport, 
miss, art education, dean's 

hazzlerigg, shirley anne. vicks- 
burg, miss, english. druids. al- 
pha lambda delta, vice-presi- 
dent, phi delta rho. vice-pres- 
ident, secretary, uac. most 
outstanding member, uac. 
senator, sga executive cabi- 
net, rote sponsor, greek god- 
dess, little sister of minerva. 
scope delegate, mic. 
heath, Jacqueline m. hatties- 
burg, miss, sociology. 
heflin, brenda. artesia, miss, 
executive secretarial training, 

heflin, larry wayne. gulfport, 

heflin, linda. artesia, miss, ex- 
ecutive secretarial training, 

henderson, marlin knight, jr. 
pensacola, fla. communication, 
alpha phi omega, president, 
president, canterbury club, 
news editor, the student 
printz. sga senator and cabi- 
net, committee of 100. mic. 
miss southern pageant public- 
ity chairman, publicity chair- 
man, kappa kappa psi. "pride 
of mississippi." wmsu. univer- 
sity singers, highlander male 
chorus, usm symphony orches- 
tra, brass choir, stage band, 
summer musicals orchestra. 
henderson, natricia ann. new 
hebron, miss, elementary edu- 

hernbloom, linda carol, jack- 
son, miss, music education, 
university singers, university 
chorus, concert band, house 

herring, edmond anthony. 
gautier, miss, art education. 
herrington, hardy ray. Colum- 
bia, miss, accounting. 
herrington, joe larry. laurel, 
miss, industrial management. 
hesson, robert wilton. hatties- 
burg, miss, political science, 
siqma nu. 

high, jane ellen. gulfport, miss, 

hill, patricia taylor. laurel, 
miss, nursinq. student nurse 
association of southern missis- 
sippi. mississippi student nurs- 
es association. 

hill, robert kenneth. taylors- 
ville, miss, industrial technolo- 
hills, james parker. Jackson, 

miss, commercial art. kappa 
alpha, president. 
hinson, lee alan. tylertown, 
miss, english. 

hinton, bobby ray. laurel, miss, 

hinton, lawrence winston, rich- 
ton, miss, biology. 
hobbs, carol v. hattiesburg, 
miss, art education, merit 

hodge, judith ann. meridian, 
miss, history. 

hodges, ronald patrick. jack- 
son, miss, business. 
holder, dixie rhetta. waynes- 
boro, miss, english. 
hollingsworth, paul elliott. at- 
more, ala. political science. 
holman, mary katherine. ben- 
oit, miss, physical education, 
social chairman, standards 
chairman and corresponding 
secretary, delta zeta. high- 
landers dance team, gymnas- 
tics team, wesley foundation, 
hyper club. 2nd alternate, 
miss southern '68. dean's list. 
holmes, dallas w. pascagoula, 
miss, finance, delta sigma pi. 
holmes, larry t. tylertown, miss, 
history and political science. 
holmes, margaret scott. Jack- 
sonville, fla. psychology. 
holmes, kay winnifred. mc- 
comb, miss, business educa- 
tion, phi. mu, pledqe trainer, 
pledge class president, cheer- 
leader, sister of minerva. 
hooker, sandra Johnson, pren- 
tiss, miss, english. 
hopkins, lance waiter, newton, 
conn, recreation, young re- 
publicans, uac. recreation 

home, gene, centreville, miss, 
political science. 
hough, theresa jan. bay 
springs, miss, elementary edu- 
cation, cheerleader. 
housley, harold loyd. lumber- 
toti, miss, biology, beta beta 

houston, phyllis jean, taylors- 
ville, miss, elementary educa- 

howard, douglas wayne. pana- 
ma city, fla. elementary edu- 
cation, dean's list, varsity 
tennis team, choctaw indian 

howard, hope, morton, miss, 
elementary education. 
howard, waiter lee. crystal 
sprinas, miss, accounting. 
howell, hollis jessie. collins, 
miss, psycholoqy. 
howell, lewis david. mccomb, 
miss, political science, sigma 
phi epsilon. 

howell, linda b. tylertown, 
miss, physical education and 

howell, nancy, biloxi, miss, 
special education, dean's list, 
snea. university symphony. 
howze, joann. mary esther, fla. 
elementary education. 
hudson, carl t. vicksburg, miss, 
industrial technology. 
huhn, hugh darryl. pascagoula, 
miss, personnel management, 
sigma alpha epsilon. rho eta 
sigma secretary, society of 
the advancement of manage- 
ment, treasurer, counselor. 
hunt, carolyn ann. perkinston, 
miss, business education. 
hunter, clifton ray. lucedale, 
miss, accountinq. delta sigma 
pi, vice-president. 
hunter, sue ellen. decatur, 
miss. sociology. sociology 

ingram, helen marie, soso, 
miss, special education. 
ishee, george earl, moss, miss, 
industrial technology. 
jackson, daniel m., jr. purvis, 
miss, accountinq. 
jackson, toni curilia. brandon, 
miss, delta zeta. university 
singers, bsu. delta zeta house 

jancik, joann j. hattiesburg, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, dean's list. 
jeansonne, ted John, metairie, 
la. marketing. 

iefcoat, linda faye beard. 
laurel, miss, business educa- 

Jennings, frank w. kosciusko, 
miss, radio-tv. 

ient, esther lillian. waynes- 
boro, miss, french. dormitory 
chairman. women's affairs 
board, dean's list, le cercle 
francais. Westminster fellow- 
ship, university chorus. 
jesse, vincent, jr. yazoo city, 
miss, personnel and industrial 
management, delta sigma pi, 
2nd vice-president, pledge 
class vice-president. 
Johnson, stan a. baker, la. 
Johnson, ann carol, meridian, 
miss. math. 

Johnson, brian benjamin, jack- 
son, miss, english. state secre- 
tary, mississippi district col- 
legiate civitan. athletic editor, 
-southerner, editor, contempo- 
rary, uac. dean's list, student 
printz. student senate. 
iohnson, c. Stephen, pensacola, 
fla. accountinq. 
jo^nson, martha carol, wood- 
ville, miss, special education. 
Johnson, george carl, jackson, 
miss, geoqraphy. 
iohnson, jannie lee. laurel, miss, 
business education, secretary, 
snea. house chairman, phi 
beta lambda, chi alpha fra- 

johnson, johnny j. pensacola, 
fla. math, sigma alpha epsilon. 
football team. 

johnson, Joyce e. tylertown, 
miss, elementary education. 
johnson, ronald joe. hatties- 
burg, miss, personnel and in- 
dustrial management. 
Johnston, edwin rawls. beau- 
mont, miss, english. 
Johnston, frank alien, waynes- 
boro, miss. 

Johnston, rupert patrick. gulf- 
port, miss, commercial art. 
president, chi alpha, dean's 
list. bsf. 

jones, charles richard. stringer, 
miss, physical education. 
jones, creighton ann. mead- 
ville, miss, elementary educa- 

jones, gerald wayne. enter- 
prise, miss, elementary edu- 

jones, jacq lynn. hattiesburg, 
miss. mathematics, french. 
alpha sigma alpha, rush chair- 
man, honors program, dean's 
list, pi delta phi. kappa mu 

jones, james ronald. stringer, 
miss, physical education. 
jones, martha diane. pasca- 
goula, miss, journalism and 
english. delta zeta, president, 
public relations chairman, 
pledqe class treasurer, alpha 
lambda delta, dean's list, little 
sister of minerva. business 
manaqer and staff writer, stu- 
dent printz. younq republi- 
cans, homecoming publicity 
chairman, usm. delta zeta rose 
queen, excellence in advertis- 
ing award, national delta zeta 

jones, rosa lynn. jackson, miss, 
elementary education, dean's 
list, dormitory president, aws 
legislative board, student edu- 
cation association, baptist stu- 
dent union. 

jones, sammie faye. indianola, 
miss, business education. 
jones, sara elizabeth. iackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
ro'e in children's tour play, 
hillcrest house council, smea. 
president's list. 

jones, Stanley cameron. jack- 
son, miss, personnel manage- 

iones, thomas lenville, jr. 
batesville, miss. pre-dental. 
alpha epsilon delta. 
Jordan, jane lynn. hattiesburg, 
miss. office manaqement. 
president's list, dean's list, 
alpha lambda delta, alpha 
epsilon alpha secretary. 
Jordan, judith gale. mt. olive, 
miss, history. 
Jordan, linda ann. magee, miss. 



keene, doris I. hattiesburg, 
miss. miss, elementary educa- 

Iceith, robert david. laurel, 
miss, marketing, pi sigma epsi- 

kelly, dottie June, hattiesburg, 
miss, chemistry, sigma sigma 

kelly, gloria jean, guitman, 
miss, history and health and 
physical education, bsu. hyper 
club. smea. snea. 
kelly, james m. pensacola, fla. 
chemistry. president's list, 
dean's list. 

kelly, sarah. decatur, miss, 
elementary education. 
kendrick, naomi rutland. Co- 
lumbia, miss, elementary edu- 
cation, dean's list. 
kennedy, linda j. meridian, 
miss, elementary education, 
chi omega, uac. smea. 
kent, marilyn martha. picay- 
une, miss, elementary educa- 

kerr, kenneth fred. meridian, 
miss, political science. 
kesler, bette r. new Orleans, 
la. socioloqy. 

kilgard, frank leroy, jr. coral 
gables, fla. instrumental music 
education, usm symphony or- 
chestra, usm symphonic band, 
phi mu alpha sinfonia. wesley 
foundation, uac. smenc. uni- 
versity singers. 

kilgore, larry iames. gulfport, 
miss. math, dean's list. 
kilpatrick, jo carolyn. indian- 
ola, miss, elementary educa- 

king, melton c. natchez, miss, 
industrial manaqement. kappa 
sigma. university singers. 
king, wanda ann. taylorsville, 
miss, clothing merchandising, 
dean's list, delta zeta guard, 
kappa omicron phi. 
klabunde, marilyn. brandon, 
miss, elementary education, 

klobe, charles ernest. biloxi, 
miss. math. 

kloman, frederic william. lake 
geneva, wis. public address, 
advertising and business man- 
ager of student printz. excel- 
lence in advertising award, 
chairman, ifc blood drive, 
basketball scholarship, out- 
standing basketball player 
award, kappa sigma. kappa 
siqma fraternity. 
kolman, philip Jacob, hatties- 
burq, miss, accounting, kappa 
alpha order, president's list. 
kondrat, ihor m. malnah, n.j. 
marketinq. football team. 
krauser, john burg, montreal, 
quebec, Canada, philosophy, 
phi eta sigma. phi kappa phi. 

outstanding student in organic 
chemistry, alpha epsilon delta, 
usm honors program. 
kroha, robert james. danbury, 
conn, industrial management. 
pen and sword. 

kuehn, donald charles. nat- 
chez, miss, finance, delta sig- 
ma pi. 

ladner, carvin john. gulfport, 
miss, accounting, delta sigma 
pi. dean's list, rho eta sigma. 
alpha epsilon. 

ladner, lucien james. bay st. 
louis, miss, biology, sigma phi 

ladner, marilyn ruth, lumber- 
ton, miss, chemistry, tau beta 
sigma. concert band, "pride." 
american chemical society, 
university chorus. 
lagraze, earl paul. chalmette, 
la. industrial management, 
dean's list, pi kappa alpha, 
social chairman, athletic chair- 
man, pledge master, ifc rep- 

lambert, larry lyle. Jackson, 
miss, speech education, south- 
ern players, southwestern ex- 
ecutives sales club. smea. 
united party. 

lambert, lois elaine. rolling 
fork, miss, special education, 
university singers, council for 
exceptional children, smea. 
lambert, patricia louise. luce- 
dale, miss, general business. 
lambert, terry a. hattiesburg, 
miss, pre-dental. kappa sigma. 
lang, hollis leroy. magnolia, 
miss, accounting. 
lang, lucy Darker, meridian, 
miss, history, pen and sword. 
langford, barry eugene. jay- 
ess, miss, real estate and in- 
surance, sigma nu, charter 
member, social chairman, cor- 
responding secretary, ifc rep- 
resentative, dorm vice-presi- 
dent, men's affairs board, 
southern rifles, young republi- 
cans, dean's list. 
lanier, becky jo. meridian, 
miss, health and ohysical edu- 
cation, hyper club, intramurals 
chairman, pulley hall. 1st run- 
ner-up in tennis tournament. 
lanier, jean carol, qulfport, 
miss, elementary education, 
phi mu. 

lankford, mary ruth, picayune, 
miss, music education. 
lawler, Stephen roy. purvis, 
miss, physical education. 
lawrence, gwendolyn. qulfport, 
miss, mathematics, kappa del- 
ta pi. 

lawson, william eugene. hat- 
ti^sburq, miss, health and 
physical education, scabbard 
and blade. 

leach, dorothy sue. pasca- 
qoula, miss, biology, tau beta 

sigma. concert band, "pride". 
leach, linda ann. meridian, 
miss, elementary education. 
leach, rita jane, union, miss, 
speech education, dean's list, 
kappa delta pi. bsu. 
leard, robert ernest, iii. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, chemistry, phi 
eta sigma, president, ameri- 
can chemical society, omicron 
delta kappa, usm honors pro- 

leblanc, larry v. hattiesburg, 
miss. math. 

lee, constance loraine. tyler- 
town, miss, speech education, 
university chorus, snea. dean's 

lee, james edward. biloxi, miss, 
architectural technology. 
lee, james wendell. Jackson, 
miss, marketing. 
lee, joshua e. magee, miss, 
mathematics, afro - american 
cultural society. 
lee, lynda noble. ocean 
springs, miss. elementary 
education. vice - president, 
president, smea. miss southern 
pageant, kappa delta pi. 
dean's list. 

lee, mary carol, hattiesburg, 
miss, elementary education. 
lee, ronnie w. pinola, miss, 

lee, thomas lindsey, jr. vicks- 
burg, miss, personnel manage- 
ment, sigma phi epsilon. yel- 
lowjackets. newman club, jun- 
ior ifc. 

leggett, richard bernard. 
vicksburg, miss, business ad- 

leskovec, john raymond. pen- 
sacola, fla. pre-law. 
letchworth, betty irene. state 
line, miss, physical education. 
lewis, danny wayne. bay 
springs, miss, industrial man- 
agement, scholarship chair- 
man, sigma phi epsilon. 
lewis, mary evelyn. petal, miss, 
health and physical education. 
lewis, ruth annie. quitman, 
miss, business education, pi 
omega pi. kappa delta pi. 
dean's list. 

lewis, w. carroll. quitman, miss, 
industrial technology. 
lightsey, judyth h. sandersville, 
miss, history, dormitory chair- 
man, women's affairs board, 
aws judicial council, snea. 
lindley, marguita. vicksburg, 
miss, clothing merchandising. 
lipscomb, iohn p. baton rouge, 
la. psychology. 

little, ann darby, gulfport, 
miss, personnel manaqement. 
society for advancement of 
manaqement, corresponding 

little, ellen m. plain, miss, ac- 
counting, alpha epsilon alpha. 

bsu. university chorus, dean's 
list, french club. 
little, pamela. mize, miss, 
home economics, delta delta 
delta, model pledge, vice- 
president, home economics 

litton, kenneth e., jr. tusca- 
loosa, ala. accounting, out- 
standing pledge, correspond- 
ent, bfc representative, secre- 
tary, and vice-president, delta 
sigma pL president, collegiate 
civitan. alpha epsilon alpha, 
bsu, treasurer, business fra- 
ternity council, vice-president, 
advanced rote. intramural 

Iloyd, linda hulse. biloxi, miss, 
institution management - diet- 
etics, kappa omicron phi. cor- 
responding secretary, delta 

lofton, patricia calcote. loyd 
star, miss, elementary educa- 

lofton, roy devon, jr. pensa- 
cola, fla. personnel manage- 

logan, janice taylor. poplar- 
ville, miss, elementary educa- 
tion smea. dean's list. 
lomax, joseoh zester. chatom, 
a'a. finance, kappa sigma. 
lombardo, charles t. hatties- 
burg, miss, history, scabbard 
and blade. 

long, brenda gail. pensacola, 
fla. elementary education, 
smea. bsu. dean's list. 
long, dannye wayne. brandon, 
miss, english. 

loper, patricia lucille. hatties- 
burg, miss, english. dean's list, 
alpha sigma alpha, rush chair- 
man, president, panhellenic 
dorm, lambda iota tau. phi 
alpha theta. 

loper, tommy ralph. state line, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, state public relations 
chairman, vice-president, hy- 
per, scabbard and blade. 
loper, wanda qail. laurel, miss, 
enqlish. nea. newman club. 
lott, carolyn I. hattiesburg, 
miss, elementary education, 
alpha lambda delta, dean's 

lott, howard anthony. hatties- 
burg, miss, industrial tech- 
noloqy. dean's list. 
lott, ierry a. beaumont, miss, 
ohysical education. 
lott, theron edgar. hatties- 
burg, miss, accounting, yellow- 
iackets. scabbard and blade. 
lott, vernon eddie. hatties- 
burg, miss. math. 
love, patricia ann. quitman, 
miss, music education. 
low, eva henrietta. wiggins, 
miss, library science. 
lowrey, william olson. hatties- 


burg, miss., computer science, 
kappa sigma. vice-president, 
omicron delta kappa, presi- 
dent, inter-varsity christian 
fellowship, president, fresh- 
man class, freshman and 
sophomore class favorite, 
union program director, at- 
torney general, sga. senator, 
delegate to susga, scona, 

lucas, james collins. pasca- 
goula, miss. Spanish, dean's 
list, president, sigma delta pi. 
luckie, lynda ann. mobile, ala. 
elementary education, phi mu. 
alpha lambda delta, kappa 
delta pi. president's list, 
dean's list. 

lutrick, dianne g. Jackson, miss, 
elementary education, alpha 
sigma alpha, dean's list, kappa 
delta pi. dixie darlings, uni- 
versity singers. 

macdowell, Icathryn claire. bay 
st. louis, miss, french. 
maclennan, margaret angela. 
opp, ala. recreation, kappa 

maddox, susan leigh. laurel, 
miss. executive secretarial 
studies, sigma sigma siqma, 
rush chairman, wesley founda- 
tion, phi beta lambda, dean's 

madison, sherry ann. meridian, 
miss, psychology, delta zeta. 
circle k sweetheart, rush chair- 
man, delta zeta. rote sponsor. 
magee, carolyn. tylertown, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, all star volleyball, all 
star basketball, hyper club of- 
ficer, outstanding athlete in 
women's intramurals. 
magee, mary nell. tylertown, 
miss, home economics educa- 
tion, dean's list, kappa omi- 
cron phi. 

makamsan, ronald gene, jack- 
son, miss, biology. 
malone, carmen colleen, mor- 
ton, miss, home economics 

malone, emerv earl, richton, 
miss, industrial technology. 
malone, Johnnie earl, pensa- 
cola, fla. finance, pi sigma 
epsilon, president,, sgt-at-arms. 
young republicans, instructor, 
karate association dean's list. 
manning, clayton b. Philadel- 
phia, miss, enqlish. 
| marcy, valerie iean. gulf port, 
I miss, health and ohysical edu- 
cation, hyper club. smea. 
marlette, Christopher, laurel, 
miss, physical education.- 
marling, patricia ann. hazle- 
hurst, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, dormitory vice-president, 
women's affairs board, fresh- 
man counselor. judiciary 
board, mic delegate, susga 


mars, lynita. picayune, miss. 
elementary education. 
marsh, leon willis, jr. prairie- 
ville, la. speech pathology, 
sigma alpha eta. 
martin, frank, osyka, miss, per- 
sonnel management, recording 
secretary, society for ad- 
vancement of management. 
martin, gerry charlene. mc- 
comb, miss, english. snea. 
dean's list. 

martin, margaret I. purvis, 
miss, business education, phi 
mu. sea. gamma beta phi. 
dean's list. 

martin, perry wayne. Colum- 
bia, miss, communications, dis- 
tinguished military student. 
marty, sybil ann. casper, wyo. 
flute, pi beta phi. phi delta 
rho. druids. tau beta sigma. 
mu phi epsilon. "pride of mis- 

massey, david dark, gautier, 
miss, accountinq. 
massey, david longino. forest, 
miss, history dean's list. 
mauldin, linda gayle. meridian, 
miss, elementary education, 

maupin, judy kaye. shreveport, 
la. physical education, dixie 

may, paul edward. union 
church, miss, communications. 
mayfield, donna kay. meridian, 
miss. english. chi omeqa. 
dean's list. uac. southerner 
staff, committee of 50. fresh- 
man counselor. 

mayhall, c. ray. mobile, ala. 
marketinq. alpha tau omeqa. 
master of ceremonies, cor- 
respondinq secretary, record- 
inq secretary, vice-president, 
president, alpha tau omeqa. 
interfraternity council, pi sig- 
ma epsilon. dean's list, region- 
al merit scholarship, j.t. palm- 
er scholarship award, honor 
pledge, alpha tau omeqa. 
de'e.gate, schlitz fraternity of- 
ficers banquet, committee of 

mcadams, patricia elizabeth. 
pascaqoula, miss, dietetics. 
mcarthur, charles m. hatties- 
burq, miss, marketinq. 
mccain, jean celeste, qulfport, 
miss, french. 

mccallum, herbert don. tyler- 
town, miss, chemistry. 
mccarty, iohn edmund. laurel, 
miss, qeoloqy. dean's list, at- 
torney qeneral, sqa. cheer- 
leader, senator, freshman class 
favorite, rush chairman, cor- 
respondinq secretary, record- 
inq secretary, siqma nu. treas- 
urer, historian, vice-president, 
circle k club, executive coun- 
cil, scope xi. assistant proctor. 

judiciary council of scott hall, 
canterbury club, committee of 
100. southern qenerals drill 
team, pershinq rifles, scope 
and mic deleqate. section edi- 
tor, the southerner, cabinet 
member, sqa. 

mcclellan, kenneth wayne. flor- 
ala, ala. industrial arts. 
mcclellan, paul harden, laurel, 
miss, accountinq. 
mccormick, richard hill, bay 
sprinqs, miss, economics. 
mccown, sharon. Columbia, 
miss. Spanish, smea. 
mccracken, david russell. me- 
ridian, miss, political science, 
kappa siqma fraternity, circle 
k board of directors, music 
chairman, university activities 
council. deleqate national 
block bookinq conference. 
mccraney, sharon kay. pasca- 
qoula, miss, bioloqy. tau beta 
siqma. "pride." usm symphon- 
ic band, secretary, usm band. 
medaniel, brenda Joyce, lau- 
rel, miss, business education. 
mcdonald, harold owen. for- 
est, miss, marketinq. 
mcdonald, michael t. san an- 
tonio, texas. pre-dentistry. re- 
gional coordinator, uac. music 
chairman, president, uac. sus- 
ga. scope, executive assistant, 
sga. dean's list, guard, kappa 
siqma. beta beta beta, who's 
who among american colleges 
and universities. 
megee, virgil wayne. hazle- 
hurst, miss, mathematics. 
megruder, delores. laurel, 
miss, english. afro-american 
cultural society. 
mcilwain, charlotte ann. rich- 
ton, miss, home economics 
education, kappa delta, home 
economics club, uac dean's 

mcinnis, carey utha. Jackson, 
ala. general business. 
mcinnis, linda ann. laurel, miss, 
special education and elemen- 
tary education, president, phi 
delta rho. druids. secretary, 
scf. freshman counselor, treas- 
urer, secretary, kappa delta, 
historian, scf. president, coun- 
cil for exceptional children, 
treasurer, inter-varsity chris- 
tian fellowship. 

mcinnis, verna diane. hatties- 
burg, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, sigma sigma sigma. bsu. 
dean's list. 

mcintyre, michael dean. 
natchez, miss, finance. 
mckenzie, robert John, arlinq- 
ton heights, ill. computer sci- 

mckinion, betty jean, forest, 
miss, mathematics, dean's list. 
mckinley, rachel louise. ellis- 
ville, miss, business education. 

president's list, dean's list. 
mclemore, robert seay. mo- 
bile, ala. chemistry, phi eta 

mclendon, marilyn elizabeth. 
qrove hill, ala. home econom- 
ics education, member and 
committee chairman of wesley 
foundation, intramural chair- 
man of mississippi hall, pulley 
house council, home econom- 
ics club. 

mcleod, gloria anne. bassfield, 
miss, history, afro-american 
cultural society. 
memahan, brent edwin. hat- 
tiesburq, miss, political sci- 
ence, distinquished military 
student, dean's list, president's 
list, treasurer of m club. 
memaster, beverly ann. ben- 
ton, miss, library science. 
mcmillian, terry lee. maqee, 
miss, physical education. 
mcmullan, janie lee. decatur, 
miss, elementary education. 
mcmullan, jeannene e. baton 
rouge, la. medical technology, 
chi omeqa fraternity, features 
and administration editor of 
southerner, alpha epsilon del- 
ta, freshman counselor. 
memurchy, ruth anne. Jackson, 
miss, speech patholoqy. sigma 
alpha eta. 

memurtry, roger amos. gulf- 
port, miss, psychology. 
menair, karlene s. poplarville, 
miss, home economics educa- 

meneece, billy charles. el pa- 
so, texas. political science, 
yellow-iackets. dean's list, ad- 
vanced rote, scabbard and 

mepherson, John noel, jr. gulf- 
port, miss, industrial manage- 

meadows, june kay. menden- 
hall, miss, library science, al- 
pha lambda delta, president's 
list, dean's list. aws. 
mears, mary crowe. biloxi, 
miss, history. 

mclancor, bradford b. new 
Orleans, la. audiology. 
merrell, gary w. meridian, 
miss, personnel management. 
messer, fred c. sumrall, miss, 

mikell, John edward. foxworth, 
miss, finance. 

miller, edith faye. Columbia, 
miss, biology. 

miller, martha faye. hazlehurst, 
miss, personnel management, 
phi chi theta secretary, uac. 
miller, mary lynn. philadelphia, 
miss, nursing. 

milstead, phillip lee. moulton, 
ala. mathematics, secretary of 
alpha phi omega, student 
group leader at freshman ori- 


entation. university choral 

mirabile, carolyn elaine. nat- 
chez, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, smea. newman club 

mitchell, derita ann. belmont, 
miss, home economics educa- 
tion, kappa omicron phi. pres- 
ident's list, dean's list. 
mitchell, sherrie maria. biloxi, 
miss, english and secondary 
education, lambda iota tau. 
student national education as- 
sociation, dean's list. 
montgomery, brenda sue. bay 
springs, miss, elementary edu- 
cation, smea. bsu. 
montgomery, danny wayne. 
hattiesburq, miss, personnel 
management, dean's list. 
montgomery, joy ann. green- 
wood, miss, speech, kappa 

moody, thomas preston. lau- 
rel, miss. math, yellowjackets. 
scabbard and blade. 
moore, barbara ann. hatties- 
burg, miss, accounting, secre- 
tary of phi mu. secretary of 
alpha epsilon alpha, dean's 

moore, frederick william. me- 
tairie, la. history, dean's list. 
moore, kay diane. seminary, 
miss, elementary education, 
elpha sigma alpha, bsu. uac. 
nea. freshman dorm officer, 
sophomore senator. 
moore, mary lee. albertville, 
ala. library science, sigma sig- 
ma sigma vice-president. 
moore, rodger clay, pascagou- 
la, miss, psychology. 
moran, rita edna. kiln, miss, 

moreland, michael david. pas- 
cagoula, miss, marketing, pi 
sigma epsilon. business frater- 
nity council. 

morgan, william richard. jack- 
son, miss, political science, 
honors program, dean's list, 
student senator, senate parlia- 
mentarian, delegate to mic. 
mayor's committee for a stu- 
dent jury system. 
morris, david roy. donaldson- 
ville, la. science education. 
moses, frances elizabeth. jack- 
son, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, snea. newman club. uac. 
dormitory officer. 
mottern, Joseph william. oce- 
an springs, miss, geography, 
kappa alpha. 

mullins, robert louis. birming- 
ham, ala. architectural draft- 
ing and industrial technology, 
sigma alpha epsilon. 
mullis, jerry arthur. panama 
city, fla. elementary educa- 
munn, John max. little rock, 

miss, health and physical edu- 

munn, linda ann. biloxi, miss. 
home economics education. 
murray, eleanor jane, laurel, 
miss, elementary education, 
alpha lambda delta, druid so- 
ciety, kappa delta pi. kappa 
delta sorority, freshmen orien- 
tation leader. scholarship 
chairman, chaplain and pan- 
hellenic representative for 
kappa delta. 

myers, jimmy guy. lake, miss, 
industrial technology. 
myers, leonard c. laurel, miss, 
industrial technology. 
myers, marilyn ann. laurel, 
miss, elementary education, pi 
beta phi. 

myrick, byron denham. laurel, 
miss, fine arts, sigma alpha 

nabors, linda gay. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
naveda, miguel. lima-peru, s. 
a. biology. 

neal, james huston, jr. Jackson, 
miss, computer science, acm. 
neely, ann. Jackson, miss, ele- 
mentary education, phi mu. 
smea. wesley foundation. 
nelson, donna ruth. Columbia, 
miss. Spanish, alpha sigma al- 
pha, uac. dean's list, baptist 
student union. 

nelson, mabel elaine. pasca- 
goula, miss, executive secre- 
tarial studies. 

nelson, sylvia ann. mccomb, 
miss, special education, snea. 

newman, nancy marie, biloxi, 
miss, recreation, recreation 

newton, mary edith. gulfport, 
miss, sociology, pi gamma mu. 
dixie darling captain, sociolo- 
gy club, den's list pom pom 

nobles, janie maria. ellisville, 
miss, general science. 
nobles, peggy aniece. ellis- 
ville, miss, special education, 
dean's list. snea. 
norris, iva io. fort myers, fla. 
library science. 

norwood, larry maurice. laurel, 
miss, physical education. 
novas, m. victor, new Orleans, 
la. communications, rho eta 

nuckols, juanita louise. laurel, 
miss, music education, kappa 
delta pi. historian of mu phi 
epsilon. sec-treaes. of menc. 
mu phi epsilon. 
numnum, thomas i., jr. bir- 
mingham, ala. management, 
dean's list, athletic director 
and rush chairman of alpha 
tau omega. 

oden, mary annette. dekalb, 
miss. business education. 

dean's list, president's list, pi 
omega pi. kappa delta pi. sec- 
retary of phi chi theta and 
"most outstanding member." 
smea. dormitory officer, west- 
minister fellowship. 
odom, ann. prairieville, la. 
health and physical education, 
hyper club, student mea. ex- 
tramurals. intramurals high 
point individual for 67-68. 
odom, larry joe. buckatunna, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, bsu. yellowjackets. 
smea. hyper club, dean's list. 
o'kelley, michael a. commerce, 
ga. science education, presi- 
dent's list, merit scholarship. 
orrell, john sharp, 
oswalt, shirley hughes, meridi- 
an, miss, elementary educa- 

owens, claude edward, jr. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, physics. 
owens, emma nan. jackson, 
miss, history, collegiate civen- 
ettes. intramural sports, bsu. 
dean's list. 

pace, gail. hattiesburg, miss, 
home economics education, 
kappa delta, rote sponsor, 
home economics club. 
pace, Jacqueline, magee, miss, 
clothing merchandising, kappa 
omicron phi. assistant secre- 
tary of chi omega, home eco- 
nomic club, dean's list. 
page, rita. hazlehurst, miss, 
english and french. lambda 
iota tau. pi delta phi. dean's 
list, singers. 

palm, john frederik. new Or- 
leans, la. biology. 
pardee, john s. st. peterburg, 
fla. finance, ifc, administrative 
vice-president, president, jun- 
ior interfraternity council, del- 
egate, seifc. uac delegate, 
order -of omeqa. rush chair- 
man, treasurer, sigma alpha 
epsilon. delegate, siqma alpha 
epsilon province convention. 
parish, gerald. laurel, miss, 
geography, geographical soci- 
ety club. 

parker, raymond louis. pachu- 
ta, miss, industrial arts, dean's 
list, president's list. 
parr, juneria theresa. jackson, 
miss, music education, iota 
kappa lambda, sigma nu 
sweetheart, menc. counselor, 
aws. vice-president, panhellen- 
ic dorm, top ten in miss usm 
pageant, miss congeniality, 
university singers, phi mu. 
parsons, linda kay. meridian, 
miss, elementary education. 
sea. dean's list. 
partridge, nancy lee. pasca- 
goula, miss, english. alpha 
lambda delta, snea. dean's 
patrick, billie n. pelahatchie, 

miss, health and physical edu- 

patterson, cecil, jr. hatties- 
burg, miss, accounting, phi 
kappa phi. alpha epsilon al- 
pha, general merit scholarship, 
president's list, dean's list. 
patterson, eileen may. long 
beach, miss, sociology. 
patterson, richard glen, forest, 
miss, personnel administration. 
payne, charlotte diane. crystal 
springs, miss, elementary edu- 
cation, nea. dean's list. 
payne, frank d. new Orleans, 
la. accounting, delta sigma pi. 
alpha ' epsilon alpha, dean's 

pearson, anne elaine. hatties- 
burg, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, delta delta delta, cheer- 
leader, phi delta rho. 
peden, margaret louise. bilo- 
xi, miss, music education, pi 
kappa pi. driuds. alpha lamb- 
da delta, secretary, kappa 
delta pi. pi kappa lambda, 
mu phi epsilon. outstanding 
freshman woman in music, 
president pledge class, alpha 
sigma alpha. 

pelton, Stephen paul. fal- 
mouth, maine. sociology. 
percy, wendy shelley. waco, 
texas. special education, coun- 
cil for exceptional chairman, 
scope, chi omega, elections 
chairman, annual staff, dean's 

perkins, cynthia a. laurel, miss, 
journalism, phi mu, recording 
secretary, bsu. dean's list, so- 
ciety editor, student printz. 
perritt, bonnie eugenia. jack- 
son, miss. enqlish. smea. 
southerner staff. university 
chorus, bsu. dormitory officer. 
perronne, leroy robert. pass 
christian, miss, bioloqy. 
perry, carolyn. Philadelphia, 
miss, enqlish. alpha psi omega, 
lambda iota tau. dean's list. 
perry, martha nell. ocean 
sprinqs, miss, elementary edu- 

perry, waiter b. hattiesburq, 
miss, radio and tv. 
perryman, nickie steven. mo- 
bile, ala. biology. 
peters, Joseph e. falmouth, 
mass, psycholoqy. 
peters, michael william. gulf- 
port, miss, finance. 
peterson, robert morgan, me- 
ridian, miss, oublic address, 
historian, corresponding sec- 
retary, pi kappa tau. execu- 
tive council, ifc. nic deleqate. 
wmsu news staff, southern 

phillips, gerald dee. ovett, 
miss, industrial management. 
phillips, ronald denman. mc- 
donough, ga. radio and tele- 


vision, sales manager wmsu. 
iota beta sigma. dean's list, 
southern broadcasters. 
pickett, joan m. Jackson, miss, 
english. dean's list, lambda 
iota tau. 

pickett, martha nelle. newton, 
miss, speech pathology and 
language disorders, senator. 
pierce, billy lamar. decatur, 
miss, biology. 

pierce, sherry francine. jack- 
son, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, university singers, uni- 
versity activities council, 
women's affairs board, delta 
delta delta, song chairman, 
dean's list, vice-president of 
dorm, annual staff. 
pigott, doris jo. tylertown, 
miss, elementary education. 
pitt, david maxwell, independ- 
ence, miss, art education. 
pittman, judith dafferner. 
Jackson, miss, computer sci- 
ence, kappa mu epsilon. asso- 
ciation for computing machin- 
ery, treasurer. 

poitevin, phillip alton. pasca- 
goula, miss, marine biology. 
pollman, mary jo. mobile, ala. 
elementary education, secre- 
tary, publicity chairman, 
service projects chairman, del- 
ta delta delta. freshman 
counselor, class senator, exec- 
utive assistant, sga. program 
chairman, scope, mic. susga. 
pi tau chi. uac regional co- 
ordinator, dean's list. 
pope, curtis earl, leakesville, 
miss, history. 

porcari, arthur Joseph, new 
egypt, n.j. psychology and 
geography, kappa sigma. 
posey, jacque d. petal, miss, 
speech education, pi sigma 
epsilon sweetheart, best sup- 
porting actress in summer 
musical. university singers, 
southern players. 
potter, peter hayward, iv. hat' 
tiesburg, miss, commercial art. 
powell, donald richard. pica- 
yune, miss, personnel manage- 

powell, janice m. crystal 
sprinqs, miss, sociology. 
poynter, lou ann. hattiesburq, 
miss, accounting, alpha epsi- 
lon alpha, merit scholarship, 
president's list. 

prescott, iuaan diane. hous- 
ton, miss, history. 
pressley, mary qene. wigqins, 
miss, french. pi delta phi. 
dean's list. 

preston, carolyn d. wiggins, 
miss, business education. 
price, arthur davis. Columbia, 
miss, marketinq. 
price, henry escoe. qulfport, 
miss, radio and television, sta- 
tion manager, chief an- 

nouncer, wmsu. president, 
treasurer, alpha phi omega, 
vice-president, iota beta sig- 
ma. president, scott hall, vice- 
chairman, men's affairs board, 
production manager, baptist 
student union, southern broad- 
casters, uac. 

price, robbie foley. stringer, 
miss, elementary education. 
pritchett, nelson v. tampa, 
fla. marketing, sga senate, 
dorm counselor, rho eta sig- 
ma. president, usm flying club, 
men's affairs board, pi sigma 
epsilon. president of mcmillin 

prosser, lynne. bay st. louis, 
miss, history. 

pryor, melinda r. Jackson, miss, 
recreation, phi mu, panhellen- 
ic delegate, kappa delta pi. 
vice-president, phi chi theta. 
council for exceptional chil- 
dren, recreation association, 
dean's list, president's list, 
freshman counselor. 
pryor, sandra joan. pulaski, 
miss, elementary education. 
puckett, eddie darnel!, ra- 
leigh, miss, accounting. 
purvis, larry I. pelahatchie, 
miss, business administration. 
quick, charlotte ann. picayune, 
miss, management. 
quick, sandra. collins, miss. 
speech education, smea. 
quin, william craig. mccomb, 
miss, history. 

quinn, terry alton. bogalusa, 
la. finance. 

ragland, carole jeanne. ocean 
springs, miss, enalish. sigma 
sigma sigma, scholarship 
chairman, alpha epsilon delta, 
alpha lambda delta, dean's 
list, staff resident. 
ragland, merrilyn jane. mt. 
holly, n.j. elementary educa- 
tion, tennis club, bridge club, 
university chorus. Spanish 
club, basketball intramurals. 

rainwater, charles f. hous+on, 
texas. industrial technology. 
rankin, roger a. Washington, 
d. c. marketing. 
rasco, george edward. pasca- 
goula, miss, political science 
and history. 

ratcliffe, warren e. heidelberq, 
miss, business education, phi 
beta lambda, vice-president. 
pi omeqa pi. smea, treasurer, 
dean's list. 

rath, alfred gary. perkinston, 
miss, finance. 

rawls, richard daniel. hatties- 
burq, miss, history. 
ray, rose marie, ocean sprinqs, 
miss, speech education, social 
chairman, delta delta delta, 
top ten beauty, freshman 
homecominq maid, dean's list. 


rayborn, betty jane, pasca- 
goula, miss, clothing merchan- 

rayburn, james robert. hatties- 
burg, miss, real estate and in- 
surance, president of rho ep- 

rayfield, rebecca marie, jack- 
son, miss. Spanish, secretary, 
sigma delta pi. dean's list, 
president, sigma siqma sigma. 
alpha lambda delta, smea. 
lambda iota tau. 
read, dorothy gwinn. lucedale, 
miss, elementary education, 
abs. smea. 

reagan, jette. tylertown, miss, 
elementary education. 
reagan, nancy elizabeth. long 
beach, miss. math. 
reddin, charles henry, laurel, 
miss, journalism. 
reeves, clara r. amory, miss, 
recreation, usm recreation as- 

reeves, wanda susan. laurel, 
miss, special education. 
regehr, coby b. chicago, ill. 
russian language, youth inter- 
national party, interfraternity 
council, student printz. alpha 
tau omega. 

riccardi, salvatore. biloxi, 
miss. sociology. pen and 

richardson, ronald Stephen. 
pachuta, miss, history. 
ridout, janis carole. meridian, 
miss, english. uac. committee 
of 50. committee of 100. chi 

riley, grady ray. waynesboro, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, hyper club. 
riley, rebecca n. prentiss, 
miss, music education. 
rinehard, marie elizabeth. bo- 
qalusa, la. elementary educa- 

robbins, charles b. texarkana, 
tex. accounting. 
robbins, thomas van. Colum- 
bia, miss. math, dean's list. 

roberson, phyllis smith, tyler- 
town, miss, elementary educa- 

roberts, billy herbert. gulf- 
port, miss, corrective therapy, 
hyper club. 

roberts, bruce lee. pascagou- 
la, miss, marketing, pi sigma 

roberts, linda gail. neely, miss, 
elementary education. 
roberts, ruby frances. mobile, 
ala. home economics and 
communications, siqma siqma 
sigma, president, recording 

roberts, steven eugene. jack- 
son, miss, computer science, 

robertson, jimmy wayne. ba- 
ton rouge, la. chemistry. 
robinson, larry eugene. ellis- 
ville, miss, management. 
robinson, nancy charlene. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, clothing mer- 
chandising, kappa omicron 
phi. home economics club, re- 
porter, dean's list. 
robinson, sherrill michele. me- 
ridian, miss, math and ele- 
mentary education. dean's 
list, civinettee. snea. wesley. 
dorm officer. 

rogers, diane faye. laurel, 
miss, elementary education, 
dean's list. snea. 
rook, william nial. braxton, 
miss, history. 

ross, jack douglas. mobile, 
ala. speech education, south- 
ern players, president, treas- 
urer, sigma chi alpha, student 
printz. wmsu. debate team. 
ross, John lamar. east fork, 
miss, radio and tv. southern 
broadcasters, most improved 

rouse, richard arlen. pasca- 
goula, miss, sociology. 
rumore, vie hugh. birmingham, 
ala. radio-tv. freshman favor- 
ite, kappa alpha, rush chair- 
man, social chairman. 
rushing, luther robert. tyler- 
town, miss, real estate and in- 

russell, bonnie sue. pittsboro, 
miss, library science. 
russell, calyce darnell. sumrall, 
miss, business education. 
russell, dorcel ann. bay st. 
louis, miss, history, secretary, 
newman club, section editor, 

rutland, robert larry. collins, 
miss, qeoloqy. dean's list. 
rutland, trena gail. seminary, 
miss, music education. 
ryals, antha dianne. Philadel- 
phia, miss, music education. 

sadka, dewey grant, meridian, 
miss, marketing, delta sigma 

P 1 ' 

sadka, linda gayle. meridian, 

miss. Spanish. 

sakkism iohn nicholas. tampa, 
fla. marketing, pi sigma epsi- 
lon. scholarship chairman, al- 
pha tau omega. 
Salter, faye erin. hattiesburg, 
miss, elementary education, 
president's list, dean's list, 
wesley foundation, student 

salters, imazelle. hattiesburg, 
miss, elementary education. 
sampley, Stephen qary. ridge- 
land, miss, industrial tech- 
noloqy. boyegha. dean's list. 
sanchez, gemma m. san Salva- 
dor, el Salvador, office man- 


sanders, Joseph edward, jr. 

baton rouge, la. history, pen 
and sword. 

Sanderson, earl conrad, jr. 
lucedale, miss, finance. 
sandifer, beverly ann. Colum- 
bia, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, dean's list. 
sasser, betty. sumrall, miss, bi- 
ology, beta beta beta, dean's 

scarborouqh, bruce. pasca- 
goula, miss, industrial tech- 

schledwitz, kathryn ann. mem- 
phis, tenn. speech education, 
president, pi beta phi. alpha 
lambda delta, druids. phi del- 
ta rho. dean's list, president, 
pi kappa delta, varsity debate 
sguad. honor debate, univer- 
sity activities council, scope 
delegate, freshman orienta- 
tion program, staff resident. 
schoeneck, harry Joseph, jack- 
son, miss, dietetics, football 
team, sigma nu. 
schwandt, patricia smith, mo- 
bile, ala. elementary educa- 
tion, alpha lambda delta. 
schwandt, robert jerome, jr. 
pensacola, fla. finance. 
scott, gilbert david. mississip- 
pi city, miss, geography, pipe 
band, gamma theta epsilon. 
geography club. 
scott, raymond frank, biloxi, 
miss, computer science. 
scott, raymond frank, biloxi, 
miss, computer science. 
scruggs, gross, jr. meridian, 
miss, music education, kappa 
kappa psi. marching band, 
drillmaster. symphonic band. 
southerner staff. 
scruggs, sharon lynn. vicks- 
burg, miss, business education, 
collegiate civinettes, presi- 
dent, dean's list, pi omega pi. 
kappa delta pi. phi chi theta. 
annual staff, business frater- 
nity council, university activi- 
ties council. 

seal, james waiter. Columbia, 
miss, economics, dean's list. 
serafin, mary. qulfport, miss, 
retail merchandising, phi mu. 
president, panhellenic. fresh- 
man counselor. 

shave, linell qrace. gulfport, 
miss, library science. 
shaw, diann. hernando, miss, 
elementary education. 
shaw, shirley elaine. necaise 
crossing, miss. elementary 
education, bsu. education as- 

shelby, glynell. taylorsville, 
miss, elementary education, 
smea. bsu. 

simmons, oene steven. Colum- 
bia, miss, industrial technolo- 
shirley, lydia rebecca. laurel, 

miss, business education, al- 
pha lambda delta, pi omega 
pi. kappa delta pi. dean's list, 
president's list, honors pro- 
gram, bsu. 

shirley, sandra lynn. Jackson, 
miss. executive secretarial 

shivers, John e. prentiss, miss, 

shoemake, elizabeth w. ovett, 
miss, english. 

shoemake, james david. Col- 
lins, miss, real estate and in- 

shoemaker, jan. magee, miss, 
english. freshman counselor, 
alpha lambda delta, honors 

shoemaker, mary elizabeth 
bagby. hattisburg, miss, ele- 
mentary education. 
shuff, berna kave. laurel, miss, 
elementary education. 
shurden, diane. drew, miss, 
elementary education. 
simmons, mary ellen. magno- 
lia, miss, home economics 

simpson, martha marie, biloxi, 
miss. math, dean's list, presi- 
dent's list. 

sims, charles ralph. seminary, 
miss, health and physical edu- 

sims, marshall ronnie. bay 
springs, miss, physical educa- 

sipes, waiter edwin. lubbock, 
tex. psychology. 
sison, alan earl, arabi, la. bi- 

skrnich, deborah antonia. bi- 
loxi, miss, elementary educa- 

slade, celita. hattiesburg, miss, 

sloan, marvin hunter, jr. biloxi, 
miss, accounting. 
smalling, robin, hattiesburg, 
miss, pi beta phi. 
smelcer, harold r. panama 
city, fla. commercial art. sig- 
ma alpha epsilon. 
smerz, dennis roy. ocean 
springs, miss. architectural 
technoloqy. alpha phi omega, 
president, botegha. manager 
of football team. 
smith, alvin lane, laurel, miss, 
history, sme officer. 
smith, beverly g. mccomb, 
miss, elementary education. 
smith, candance laredo. long 
beach, miss, french and enq- 
lish. committee of 100. dean's 
list, wesley foundation, re- 
cordinq secretary of pledge 
class, music chairman, cor- 
responding secretary, sigma 
siqma siqma. gamma beta 
phi. pi delta phi. le cercle 
francais. staff resident. 
smith, carolyn kay. laurel, 

miss, speech pathology, sig- 
ma alpha eta. 

smith, charles m. picayune, 
miss, radio and tv. 
smith, christina handjis. natch- 
ez, miss, english and history, 
lambda iota tau. phi alpha 
theta. contemporary staff, 

smith, daniel blood, pensaco- 
la, fla. history, sigma nu. 
smith, douglas irving, jr. sidon, 
miss, accounting, delta sigma 
pi. scabbard and blade, 
southern rifles. 

smith, glen sheldon. laurel, 
miss, commercial art. varsity 

smith, gretchen margot. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, english. con- 
temporary staff, dean's list, 
lambda iota tau. smea. stu- 
dent Drintz staff, phi mu. 
smith, james alien. Jackson, 
miss, chemistry. 
smith, janeane. Valparaiso, fla. 
library science. 

smith, john robert. laurel, miss. 
industrial technology. 
smith, michael ray. mccomb, 
miss, industrial arts. 
smith, noel douglas. wiggins, 
miss, personnel management. 
smith, peg torn. Jackson, miss, 
history, secretary, phi alpha 
theta. secretary, lambda iota 
tau. smea. vuherd editor, bsu. 
alpha sigma alpha, committee 
of 100. dean's list, contempo- 
rary staff. 

smith, phyllis ann. greenwood, 
miss, speech pathology. 
smith, phyllis ann. eupora, 
miss, elementary education, 
vice-president, kappa delta pi. 
smith, rose marie, vicksburg, 
miss, nursing. 

smith, thomas albert, jr. pur- 
vis, miss, industrial technolo- 
smith, william samuel. fitzger- 
ald, ga. psychology. 
snellgrove, dina faye. gretna, 
la. history. 

snowden, robert donald. me- 
ridian, miss, bioloqy. 
Southwell, iane ellen. milton, 
fla. elementary education. 
speairs, florence ann. yazoo 
city, miss, library science, 
dean's list. 

spiers, durant ross. picayune, 
miss. Journalism. 
spitchley, drenda Joyce, long 
beach, miss, marketinq. rote 
sponsor, campus beauty, delta 
sigma pi rose, phi mu, pledge 
class president, senior home- 
coming maid. 

spraberry, Johnnie kathryn. 
long beach, miss, elementary 
education, mea. nea. 
stahler, ann p. clinton, miss, 
sociology, alpha lambda del- 

ta, druids. phi delta rho. vice- 
president, kappa delta, little 
sister of minerva. freshman 
counselor, alpha epsilon delta, 
honors program, dean's list, 
committee of 100 for red. 
stainken, william august frank. 
mississippi city, miss, math- 
computer science, dean's list, 
pi kappa alpha, public rela- 
tions chairman. 
Stanford, elizabeth madella. 
alexandria, va. music educa- 
tion, sigma sigma sigma. 
Stanley, robert lee. laurel, 
miss, chemistry, phi eta sigma. 
vice-president, president, stu- 
dent affiliate of american 
chemical society. 
stein, calvin charles. new Or- 
leans, la. industrial technology 
and computer science. 
Stephens, fred bush, biloxi, 
miss, general business, pi sig- 
ma epsilon. advanced rote. 
stevens, charlotte elizabeth. 
poplarville, mississippi. ele- 
mentary education. 
stevens, linda sue. poplarville, 
miss, elementary education. 
stevens, sidney harvard, mo- 
bile, ala. mathematics and 
computer science. 
stewart, gerald arnold. pass 
christian, miss, personnel man- 

stoessel, Joseph raymond, jr. 
long beach, miss, industrial 
management, 'dean's list. ifc. 
honor scholarship, pi kappa 

stokes, james lundy. green- 
wood, miss, industrial arts, 
kappa alpha. 

strahan, ina jo. morton, miss, 
elementary education, alpha 
sigma alpha, pledge trainer, 
chaplain, uac. smea. university 
chorus, wesley. dean's list. 
stringer, Caroline annette. Co- 
lumbia, miss, speech patholo- 
gy, dean's list, alpha sigma 

stringer, glynda sue. laurel, 
miss, english. 

stringer, jesse laray. tylertown, 
miss, personnel management. 
sturtevant, leslie o. biloxi, 
miss, marketing. 
sullivan, james robert. men- 
denhall, miss, personnel man- 

sullivan, ronald duane. qulf- 
port, miss, bioloqy. beta beta 

sullivan, aaron willouqhby, iii. 
natchez, miss, political science 
and journalism. 
sumrall, rebecca lynn. el II s- 
ville, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, dean's list. smea. 
Sutherland, katherine I. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, elementary ed- 
ucation, phi delta rho. pi tau 


chi. freshman counselor, 
clean's list, junior class treas- 
urer, scope xi executive com- 
mittee, committee of 100. 
snea. chi omega, activities 
chairman, canterbury club, 
group orientation leader, jun- 
ior senator. 

swanson, richard paul. new Or- 
leans, la. personnel manage- 
ment, pen and sword. 
swetmamn, chevis dark, biloxi, 
miss, finance, sigma phi epsi- 
lon, secretary, treasurer, pres- 
ident, dean's list, scope dele- 
gate, who's who in american 
colleges and universities, var- 
sity tennis team captain. 
swinney, deborah elaine. long 
beach, miss, elementary edu- 

switzer, jerry w. gulfport, miss, 
general business, circle k club. 
swontek, darlene anne. gulf- 
port, miss, library science, al- 
pha lambda delta, sigma del- 
ta pi. lambda iota tau. 
newman federation, secretary- 
treasurer, dean's list, presi- 
dent's list, honors program. 
contemporary staff, mississip- 
pi library association. 
sykes, james ronald. guitman, 
miss, industrial technology. 
sykes, John michael. hatties- 
burg, miss, oolitical science, 
sga senator, dean's list, vice- 
president, southwestern execu- 
tive sales club. 

tackett, sherryl lynn. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education. 
tallant, janice beth. pascagou- 
la, miss, elementary educa- 

tanner, pamela g. pelahatchie, 
miss, business education. 
taranto, janey Catherine, pen- 
sacola, fla. elementarv educa- 

tarezanin, anna, wiggins, miss, 
clothing merchandising, phi 
mu. phi kappa tau sweetheart. 
tarleton, sandra fave. stark- 
ville, miss, commercial art. 
tate, Damela ann. hattiesburq, 
miss, biology, delta delta del- 
ta, dixie darling, pom-pom 

tatum, patricia ann. hatties- 
burq, miss, general business. 
taylor, d. remel. perkinston, 
miss, elementary education. 
taylor, kitty, baton rouge, la. 
elementary education, phi mu, 
parliamentarian, snea. west- 
minster fel'owship. 
taylor, william harry, brook- 
haven, miss, communications, 
dean's list. 

terrell, dorothy a. magnolia, 
miss, elementary education. 
terry, rosemary, vicksburg, 
miss, elementary education. 
tesson, Dat anthony. metairie, 

la. management, delta sigma 


thames, billy howard. magee, 

miss, personnel management. 
thomas, ivan leroy. vancleave, 
miss, computer science. 
thomas, james earl, qholson, 
miss, industrial technology. 
thomas, lona b. knoxville, miss, 
business education. 
thomas, marion clair. tyler- 
town, miss, business education. 
thompson, billy ray. mobile, 
ala. industrial relations, dean's 
list, alpha tau omega, ifc. all- 
star intramurals. 
thompson, frances glywn. me- 
ridian, miss, history. 
thompson, larry claude. mc- 
comb, miss, personnel man- 

thompson, robert makeba. 
pascagoula, miss, political sci- 
ence, afro-american cultural 
society, up. dean's list. 
thornton, james c. gulfport, 
miss, geography. 
thrash, edwin gary. saucier, 
miss, biology. 

tillery, tommie jean, laurel, 
miss, home economics educa- 

timmons, william m. st. Peters- 
burg, fla. political science, 
scope, smea. 

tingle, ross franklin, jr. meri- 
dian, miss, physical education. 
tinslev, Joseph edwin. meridi- 
an, miss, real estate and in- 

tolar, william austin. tylertown, 
miss, marketing. 
toler, donald wayne. liberty, 
miss, elementary education, 
young republicans. smea. 

tompkins, william pierre. pas- 
cagoula, miss, architectural 
technology, "pride of missis- 
sippi." boteqha. rote band. 
toole, bobbie sue. Jackson, 
miss, marketing. 
topo, betty loraine. gulfport, 
miss, clothing merchandising. 
topp, clifton ray. pascagoula, 
miss, radio and television, iota 
beta sigma. 

tracy, warren francis. hatties- 
burg, miss, political science 
and history, dean's list, phi al- 
pha theta. 

trautman, stewart emery, jr. 
gulfport, miss. recreation, 
spirit committee, alpha phi 

travis, ronald reed, liberty, 
miss, secondary education. 
traylor, kenneth harlan. sum- 
rail, miss, political science, 
senator, rho eta sigma. scope 
deleqate. chairman, student 
senate relations committee, 
university traffic and parking 

trussell, arlyn. hattiesburg, 
miss. executive secretarial 

trussell, james alexander. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, personnel man- 

tucker, helen sue. Jackson, 
miss, elementary education, 
wesley foundation. smea. 
dean's list. 

tucker, mary antoinette. jack- 
son, miss, special education, 
dean's list, executive commit- 
tee, inter-varsity christian fel- 
lowship, vice-president, presi- 
dent, Westminster fellowship, 
council for exceptional chil- 
dren, smea. snea. university 
singers, miss southern pa- 

tull, j. anthony. panama city, 
fla. marketing. 

turnage, sherry a. mount olive, 
miss, journalism. 
tutterow, patricia a. tchula, 
miss, home economics. 
ulmer, james william. laurel, 
miss, personnel and industrial 

upchurch, mary evelyn. jack- 
son, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, smea. dean's list, presi- 
dent's list, aws legislative 

upton, jackie mitchell. bay 
springs, miss, industrial tech- 

usher, leslie wavne. meridian, 
miss, finance, dean's list. 
ussery, larry gurod. 
ussing, judith stratton. liberty, 
miss, home economics educa- 
tion, home economics club. 
utz, martha jane, yazoo city, 
miss, elementary education. 
vail, kay mary. ocean springs, 
miss. Spanish, french club. 
varga, kay frances. Jackson, 
miss. office manaqement. 
dean's list, phi beta lambda. 
varnell, charlene. mccomb, 
miss, health and physical edu- 
cation, hyper club, vice-chair- 
man hillcrest dorm. aws. extra- 
mural volleyball team. 
vaughn, donald mahlon. aber- 
deen, miss, speech. 
vaughn, rayford b., jr. hatties- 
burg, miss, computer science, 
scabbard and blade, brigade 
s-l. distinguished military stu- 
dent, dean's list, rote scholar- 

vaughn, vicki amanda. brook- 
haven, miss, elementary edu- 
cation, dean's list. smea. in- 
ternational relations club. bsu. 
future teachers of america. 
veach, ronie lee. terry, miss, 
church music, wesley founda- 
tion, university singers, opera 

velazco, antenor. lima, peru. 

vice, jack lee. long beach, 
miss, mathematics, secretary, 
kappa mu epsilon. vice-presi- 
dent, koinonia club, dean's 

vieira, joe I. madeira, portu- 
gal. personnel management. 
vise, beverly kay. lucedale, 
miss, business. 

von sprecken, richard freder- 
ick. pascagoula, miss, general 

voss, philip dane. natchez, 
miss, marketing, freshman sen- 
ator, yellowjackets, treasurer, 
president, committee of 100. 
newman club, executive com- 
mittee, scope xi. kappa sigma, 
pledge class vice-president, 
president, outstanding pledge, 
kappa sigma, treasurer, presi- 
dent, ifc university relations 

walker, chloe ford, clinton, 
miss, elementary education, 
phi mu. 

walker, cynthia ward, laurel, 
miss, speech, phi mu. debate 
team, pi kappa delta. 
walker, douglas lee. tylertown, 
miss, radio-tv. southern broad- 
casters, iota beta sigma. pro- 
gram director, wmsu. presi- 
dent, iota beta sigma. 
walker, jerry len. gulfport, 
miss, personnel management, 
delta sigma pi. 
walker, vivian lee. pascagoula, 
miss, sociology, dean's list. 
Wallace, gary conley. clay- 
mont, del. accounting. 
wallis, thomas michael. Syra- 
cuse, new york. zoology. 
walls, patricia lynn. natchez, 
miss, business education. 
waiter, carolyn edelle. laurel, 
miss, journalism and radio and 
tv. smea. southern broadcast- 
ers, bsu. corresponding secre- 
tary, young republicans, stu- 
dent printz. 

waiters, charlotte lynn. union, 
miss, sociology, president's 

waiters, kent louis. pensacola, 
fla. personnel management. 
waiters, sheila ann. mobile, 
ala. marketing, phi mu. 
waiters, shirley margaret. mo- 
bile, ala. biology, phi mu. 
warbington, george urithon. 
moss point, miss, personnel 

warner, hilda qayle. arabi, la. 
warren, charlotte ann. hatties- 
burq, miss, biology, kappa 

warren, emmette lee. prich- 
ard, ala. management, phi 
kappa tau. 

warren, jack b. brookhaven, 
miss, geology. 

warren, richard grady. laurel, 
miss, industrial technology. 


warrick, shirley malinda. bir- 
mingham, ala. journalism, del- 
ta delta delta, society editor, 
editorial columnist, student 
print*, scope xi delegate, 
young republicans. 
watkins, larry elliott. carriere, 
miss, history. 

watson, waiter kent. Jackson, 
miss, psychology. 
watts, cynthia kay. picayune, 
miss, home economic educa- 
tion, kappa omicron phi. 
webber, robert merrill. jack- 
son, miss, psychology and 
sociology, dean's list, yellow- 

weber, james raymond. new- 
ton, miss, chemistry. 
webster, katherine lynn. me- 
ridian, miss, history, dean's 
list. snea. 

weems, anthony lee. canton, 
miss, computer science. 
weidman, donna fay. Birming- 
ham, ala. business education. 
welborn, marianna. laurel, 
miss, home economics educa- 

welch, barbara dale, pinola, 
miss, english. dean's list. snea. 
wesley foundation, mississippi 
library association, committee 
of 50. 

welch, rachel janet. laurel, 
miss, elementary education. 
welford, eddie katherine. oko- 
lona, miss, elementary educa- 
tion, pi beta phi. 
welford, linda diane. lucedale, 
miss, elementary education. 
welford, sarah kathleen. luce- 
dale, miss, enqlish. dean's list. 
wells, ronald hugh. mccomb, 
miss, commercial art. 
wells, william burton, meridi- 
an, miss, physical education. 
whalen, rosann elizabeth. jack- 
son, miss, psychology, alpha 
psi omega. John henry cardi- 
nal newman honor society. 
wharton, phillip duane. lake- 
land, fla. music education, 
symphonic band, "pride of 
mississippi." drillmaster. phi 
mu alpha sinfonia. 
whiddon, gerald taylor. biloxi, 
miss, political science. 
white, carol ann. athens, ga. 
political science, sigma sigma 
sigma. usm marchinq band, 
concert band. symphonic 
band, orchestra, honors pro- 
gram, president's list, dean's 
list, tau beta sigma. alpha 
lambda delta, le cercle fran- 

cais. pi delta phi. kappa delta 


white, Jacob william, jr. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, real estate and 
insurance, secretary, treasurer, 
rho epsilon. 

white, judy carolyn. brookha- 
ven, miss, elementary educa- 
tion and english. dorm vice- 
president, women's affairs 

white, lydia elise. gulfport, 
miss, elementary education, 
alpha sigma alpha, dean's list. 
white, sandra lee. west point, 
miss, music education, univer- 
sity singers, president, opera 
society, lead in camelot, cav- 
alleria rusticana, the old maid 
and the thief, menc. sea. 
white, Virginia ann. picayune, 
miss, business education. 
whitley, elton faulkner. tupelo, 
miss, industrial technology. 
whitmarsh, linda carol, stark- 
ville, miss, commercial art. 
general merit scholarship, 
dean's list. 

whittington, sharon kay. liber- 
ty, miss, english. university 

whittington, phyllis ann. hazle- 
hurst, miss, elementary educa- 

wicker, barbara sue. forest, 
miss, physical education. 
wicker, david m. smithdale, 
miss, industrial technology. 
wickliffe, david ogden. natch- 
ez, miss, history, religion and 
philosophy, student senator, 
dean's list. 

wickliffe, thomas nash. natch- 
ez, miss, enalish and history, 
president, student government 
association. I st vice-president, 
sga. director of orientation. 
southerner staff, scholarship 
chairman, corresponding sec- 
retary, grand scribe, kappa 
sigma. mic. executive commit- 
tee, scope xi. president's ad- 
visory board, men's affairs 
board, president, omicron del- 
ta kappa, treasurer, lambda 
iota tau. who's who in ameri- 
can colleges and universities. 
"mr. usm." 

wiggins, jackie harold. earth- 
age, miss, history. 
wiggins, robert gerald. luce- 
dale, miss, industrial technol- 

wigington, william gerald. 
pinola, miss, qeneral business. 
wilder, harold lynn. tupelo, 
miss, history. 

wilgar, cheryl diane. petal, 
miss, music education, alpha 
lambda delta, mu phi epsilon, 
secretary, chorister, pi tau chi. 
kappa delta pi. outstanding 
sophomore girl in music, phi 
delta rho. freshman counselor, 
university singers accompan- 
ist, delta delta delta, song 
leader, marshall. 
wilhite, patricia dianne. pas- 
cagoula, miss, elementary ed- 
ucation, yellowjacket sweet- 
heart, uac. essex house col- 
lege board, social chairman, 
kappa delta, committee of 50. 
wilkes, sonja carol, petal, miss, 
recreation, delta delta delta, 
assistant panhellenic delegate, 
rush chairman. recreation 
club, dixie darlings, captain, 
pom-pom girls, dean's list, es- 
sex house college board. 
williams, bobby eugene. sel- 
ma, ala. music education. 
williams, georgie anna, hands- 
boro, miss, history and politi- 
cal science. 

williams, joan aleane. hatties- 
burg, miss, music education, 
■-"ilpha lambda delta, pi kappa 
lambda, kappa delta pi. 
williams, jan ann. lincoln, nebr. 
radio and tv. pi beta phi. 
williams, kenneth dale, mobile, 
ala. sociology and marketing. 
williams, lionel. waynesboro, 
miss, architectural technology. 
williams, mary elaine. picay- 
une, miss, business education. 
williams, patsy jane, ouitman, 
miss, business education. 
williams, ray turner, summit, 
miss, industrial management, 
dean's list. 

williams, robert nelson, pasca- 
qoula, miss, instrumental mu- 
sic education, kappa kappa 
psi, outstanding freshman 
bandsman, secretary, kappa 
kappa psi. warden, phi mu 
alpha sinfonia. drum major, 
"pride of mississippi." band 
council, head librarian, band, 
president, menc. 
williams, shirley jeanne. 
Charleston, miss, institutional 
management-dietetics, kappa 
omicron phi. dean's list, home 
economics club. bsu. 
williams, william ralph. chipley, 
fla. health and physical edu- 

williams, winnie d. laurel, miss, 
elementary education. 
willis, philip farrell. panama 
city, fla. piano, dean's list, phi 

mu alpha sinfonia. pi kappa 
lambda, music educator's na- 
tional conference opera work- 
shop, summer musical theatre, 
wesley foundation. 
willoughby, martin earle. jack- 
son, miss, accounting. 
wilson, charles andrew. pal- 
merdale, ala. psychology. 
wilson, joan elaine. lyman, 
miss, english. 

wilson, katherine lynn. meridi- 
an, miss, elementary educa- 

wilson, roberta kay. winona, 
miss, library science. 
windham, brynda kaye. hat- 
tiesburg, miss, elementary ed- 

windham, rodney ellis. jack- 
son, miss, marketing, pi kappa 
alpha, football team, men's 
affairs board. 

windham, sandra kaye. laurel, 
miss, enqlish. 

wodrich, earl glenn. palatine, 
ill. general business. 
wolgamott, roy david, jr. lau- 
rel miss, oceanography. 
womack, sam turner. Jackson, 
miss, marketing. 
wood, sheila ianet. poplarville, 
miss, elementary education, 
dean's list. 

woods, linda sue. laurel, miss, 
elementary education. 
wright, beverlv evelyn. laurel, 
miss, elementary education. 
wright, william r. iackson, miss, 
football team, kappa alpha 

yates, herbert spencer, hat- 
tiesburq, miss, accounting. 
yates, james Stanley, brook- 
lyn, miss, history. 
yelverton, toney lionel. madi- 
son, miss, physical education. 
youens, charles ernest. chick- 
asaw, ala. architectural tech- 

young, david ray. Jackson, 
miss, industrial technology. 
young, harold a., jr. felders, 
miss, math education. 
young, james hubert, jr. sand- 
hill, miss. math. 
young, linda kimble. mccomb, 
miss, elementary education. 
southerner staff, smea. kappa 
delta pi. pulley hall vice-pres- 
ident, aws legislative council. 
zachary, thomas mack, brook- 
haven, miss, accounting. 
zumbro, carol hinton. gloster, 
miss, child development, bsu, 


student index 

aaron, robert franklin, 276 

abbay, robert irwin, iii 

abbey, david charles 

abbott, cynthia lynn 

abbott, ira martin, jr. 

abbott, margaret ann, 304, 110 

abraham, adele marie 

abraham. John fredrick 

abraham, laraine anne 

abraham, william byron, 250, 251, 157 

abrams, marianne, 304 

acosta, danny Joseph 

adams, aaron d., 253, 157 

adams, carol sue shirley 

adams, charles philip, 261, 260, 157 

adams, edward Jenkins, 276, 251 

adams, franklyn wayne 

adams, gerald joe 

adams, jan fielding 

adams, larry kendall 

adams, nancy diana, 322 

adams, ronald douglas 

adams, ronald harvey, 257, 95 

adams, sarah ann 

adams, sharon ann, 304 

adams, william baine, 331, 158 

adcock, Jacqueline andrea w. 

adcock, John c, 276 

adcox, william a., jr. 

addison, annie lou 

aderholdt, frank w., jr., 95, 91, 159 

aderholdt, margaret b., 322 

adkins, donna ruth, 276 

adkins, James david 

adkins, tommy joe 

adkison, wayne travis, 276, 82, I 14 

admire, patricia ann, 276 

agerton, Catherine chaudron, 276 

ahlvin, alix elizabeth 


diane ruth 
el 1 is ray, 304 
gloria jane 


Jacob burton, 304 


Judith ann, 304 
larry thomas 
sarah rebecca, 322 
aitken, John robert 
albritton, James arthur 
albritton, micky c, 322, 233 
aldinger, John charles, 158 
aldrich, dixie lee, 130, 305 
alexander, billy gerald 
alexander, brenda Joyce, 331 
alexander, carol cain 
alexander, danny olan, 276 
alexander, david ernest, 331, 
alexander, gary I. 
alexander, gordon anderson, 305 
alexander, jerry hillman 
alexander, myra janette p. 
alexander, richard, 331, 249, 157 
alexander, robert donald, 276, 134 

90, 156 
alexander, samuel eugene 
alfonso, tommye carlene, 235, 119 
alford, curtis edward 
alford, emmett nole 
alford, janis lynn, 322, 96, 
alford, randal prisock, 322 
alford, teresa dianne, 276, 
alford, verna, 322 
allday, eva may, 276, I 13 
allday, Jesse carrol, 276 
alien, benjamin ray 
alien, brenda susan 
alien, corene, 304 
alien, deborah jean, 317 
alien, dennis spedale 
alien, douglas mcarthur 
alien, eva louise, 276 

ames randall 

ames ronnie 

anie lee m. 

eannie marie 

udith lee, 317, 239, 122 

udith nan, 304 

92, 8 



alien, karen eugenia w. 

alien, leah beth 

alien, lolia neather, 304 

alien, malcolm g., 304 

alien, marjorie Joyce, 304 

alien, nell b. 

alien, pamela ann 

alien, pamela carlotta, 93 

alien, patricia ann w. 

alien, prentiss daniel, 322 

alien, richard douglas 

alien, richard ethan, 158 

alien, robert r., 257 

alien, robert spencer 

alien, william eugene 

allgood, charles edwin, 257 

allison, John antone, 331, 261 

allison, linda annette 

allmon, david lee 

all red , dewitt talmadge, iii, 276 

all red , patrick lucian, 118 

allwood, enrique eduardo 

almond, paula diane, 33 I 

alsobrooks, Julius wayne 

altamirano, antioco, 331 

altobellis, anthony t. 

amacker, linda I., 273, 276, 234, 235, 

136, 88, 170, 165, 166, 174, 101 
amacker, melba jane, 276 
amato, william Joseph, 249 
ambrose, diane maire 
ammon, gerald m., 276 
ammons, John billy, jr., 276, 257 
ammons, Sylvia lee n. 
amos, bessie 
anastasio, randall j. 
anders, dolly diane, 172, 155, 156 
anders, ray, 304 
anderson, gavin larue 
anderson, alien dale, 304 
anderson, clarence Joseph, jr., 304 
anderson, daniel otis, jr., 331 
anderson, donald hubert 
anderson, dorothy rebecca 
anderson, harry buce, 257 
anderson, howard alien 
anderson, James michael, 304 
anderson, Janice kay, 33 I 
anderson, Joel lindsey 
anderson, John robin 
anderson, June aileen m. 
anderson, kenneth Joseph 
anderson, lorena b. 
anderson, margaret cecilia 
anderson, margaret ellen, 322, 237 
anderson, mayford I. 
anderson, sanna rea 
anderson, sharon annette, 331, 239 
anderson, shirley ann, 304 
anderson, thomas haley, 304 
anderson, thomas milton, jr. 
anderson, timothy sims, 322 
anderson, whitney brigham, 158 
andresen, margaret sharon 
andrews, becky kay, 322, 239 
andrews, Judy ann, 304 
andrews, ruth thelma 
andrews, steve martin, 254, 255r 116 
anest, anna sue, 304, 239 
ange, sanfra lynn, 322, 237, 155, 157 
angelo, richard, 274 
anglin, martha ray, 304, I 10 
ankersen, ann lucille, 304 
ankersen, shelia marie, 276 
apperson, henry milton, jr., 304, 116, 

128, 128 
appleby, george d., iii 
Applewhite, thomas w., 276, 112 
arcarese, harry philip, 304 
archer, don eugene, 276 
archie, albert q., 276 
ard, tony o'neal 
arehart, mary beth 

argenbright, steven charles, 322, 157 
arguello, humberto a. 
arinder, max kirby, 304 
arledge, charlotte m. fayard 

arledge, henry alexander 
arledge, sandra e., 322 
armistead, christina kay 
armistead, george michael 
armour, elizabeth ann 
armstrong, carolyn j., 276 
armstrong, charles a., jr. 
armstrong, danny joe, 255 
armstrong, gwendolyn elaine, 130, 

armstrong, michael Steele, 231 
armstrong, richard rush 
armstrong, robert norman, 257, 159 
armstrong, wayne j., jr. 
armus, ann, 276, 94 
arno, Joan carol, 33 I 
arnold, beth payne, 322 
arnold, doris mae 
arnold, ralph, 276 
arnold, thomas w., 158 
aron, donnie joe, 331, 116 
aronson, jay roger, 276 
arrington, James d., jr. 
arrington, James robert 
arrington, Judy mi let, 276 
arrington, sammy m. 
asenault, alfred william 
arthur, lawrence murry 
ashburn, arnold g. 
asher, bonnie elaine, 322, I 10 
ashford, patsy jo 
ashley, grover c, jr. 
ashley, joe a., 276, I 10 
ashley, patricia ann, 322 
ashley, sandra kay, 322 
ashley, winford clarence, 331, 158 
askew, Catherine harriet, 243, 101 \ 
askew, John jose, 157 
askew, rebecca ann, 322, 233, 137, 

136, 92, 89 
askin, louis Joseph 
atchley, John edison 
ates, jacquelyn sue 
atkins, charles harwood, 304 
atkinson, alice bess 
atkinson, carlos, 159, 259 
atkinson, eliza ann, 152, 276 
atkinson, joye f., 322, 129 
atkinson, leland bernard, 158 
atkinson, mary elizabeth, 93, 304 
atwood, cecil wayne, 276, 120 
atwood, charles lafayette, 304 
atwood, vivian r. pastoret 
aulenbrock, Catherine carol, 276, I I 
aultman, jeaneane, 276 
aultman, lynda marie 
aultman, peggy ann, 91 
austin, elizabeth h., 158 
austin, eugene howard, 331 
austin, frances jo, 304 
austin, gary lynn, 322 
austin, richard dale, 
autrey, jerry brooks, 251 
autrey, jonnie lou hurst 
autry, herman wayne 
autry, melvin henry, 276, 112 
avary, marlin glenn 
avery, david wesley, 157 
avery, theron lawrence 
aycock, carl j., 259, 95 
aycock, clois ray, 89 
aycock, fredrick lee, 304, 114 
ayers, James andrew, 304, 159 
ayles, Virginia dark 

babers, ronald roy, 304 
babuchna, kathryn ann, 304 
badger, herbert andrew, 91 
badger, Stephen albert 
baggett, anita m., 276 
baggett, jimmie f., 276 
bailess, carolyn, 304 
bailey, cheryl ann, 322 
bailey, clem david, 331 
bailey, clinton j., iii 
bailey, June jacqulyn, 274, 91 

bailey, lorena, 331, 237 

bailey, paul edwin, jr. 

bailey, pryor garner, 274 

bailey, robert James 

bailey, vence glenn, 331, 257 

baker, beverly carol 

baker, cecil lamar, 276 

baker, dale richard, 276 

baker, donald glenn 

baker, frances charlene 

baker, frank w. 

baker, James h. 

baker, Jennifer ann, 277, 110 

baker, larry hugh, 322 

baker, larry joe 

baker, retha fern s. 

baker, rita pearl, 93 

baker, thomas a. c, jr., 274, 253 

balch, peggye, 304 

baldridge, John howard 

baldwin, charles dewitt 

baldwin, hiram thomas 

baldwin, Jackie ann, 331 

baldwin, John kermit 

baldwin, pamela faye, 33 I 

balius, andrew arthur, 157 

balius, mark hastings, 159 

ball, cathy lou, 277 

ball, deborah anne, 243 

ball, jerry lee, 304, 128 

ball, James franklin, 277, 93 

ball, margie r., 130, 277 

ball, ruby Crawford b. 

ball, sarah lee 

ballard, darlton mcl., jr. 

ballard, george preston, 257, 231, 

ballard, mary edna, 277 
ballard, perry orell 
balthrop, James p., jr., 253 
balzaretti, ricardo f. 
banks, lenora ann 
bankston, carrie I. teel 
bankston, charles I. 
bankston, James vernon, 277 
bankston, patricia olivia, 277 
baragona, thomas charles, 139, 304, 

barber, alva roquell, 322 
barbo, mary elizabeth, 113 
bardin, Jeanne emrick 
bardwell, charles robert, 253 
bardwell, mary ann 
bardwell, otis rey 
bardwell, rande i., 304 
bardwell, sylvia anne, 277 
barfield, ricki n., 304 
barfield, thomas f., 251 
barham, linda elizabeth, 304 
baricev, Joseph hugh, 159 
barker, gloria lynn 
barker, jimmie louise, 304 
barker, linda ann, 304 
barksdale, william eugene 
barlow, douglas deric 
barnard, roy edward 
barneko, nancy jo, 122, 139, 155, 

171, 237, 322 
barnes, alice elizabeth e. 
barnes, charles thomas, 117 
barnes, david alien, 157 
barnes, donald nelson, 331, 158 
barnes, John toxey 
barnes, medero lynn, 304 
barnes, rex mason, 304, 112 
barnes, ronald I., 277 
barnes, shirley ann, 331 
barnes, Stephen darrell 
barnett, bettye frances 
barnett, charlotte marie, 304, 239 
barnett, clayton russell 
barnett, fairy lynn 
barnett, linda janell, 331 
barnett, morris glenn, 158 
barnett, nancy elaine 
barnett, patricia kay, 277 
barnett, rita kay 


barnett, robert John, 331, 159 

barnette, Joyce marie, 304 

barnette, Icathie lovan, 304 

barnhill, george robin 

barnhill, meredith richmond 

baroni, mario, iii, 158 

barr, anita louise 

barr, carolyn marie, 322 

barr, christopher c. 

barr, regina diane 

barrett, Judith carolyn 

barrett, June shannon, 277 

barrett, kathryn ann, 277 

barrick, ronald douglas 

barrineau, kenneth ray, 331, 263 

barron, bethany bert, 304, 245, 122 

barron, charles thomas, 331 

barron, deborah jane 

barron, don frederick, 277, 261, 231, 

barron, James clyde, iii, 158 
barron, Judith louise, 96 
barron, lynda lott 
barrow, James malcolm 
bartlett, Jackie ann, 304 
bartlett, nancy ilene, 277, 129 
bartlett, robert mark, 259 
barton, clarence earl, 331 
bartz, sharon louise, 331 
basickes, robert jay 
bass, carey lee, 322 
bass, carol lee, 
bass, claude brown, 95 
bass, James marvin, 322 
bass, James warren 
bass, jane carol, 322 
bass, mary helen, 331 
bass, mi II ie, 322 
bass, phillip burton, 322 
bass, reginald eugene 
bass, tommy walker, 304 
bassett, jimmy grover, 277 
bassi, norciva rosalie, 304 
bateman, larry dewayne, 158 
bateman, martin karr, jr., 304 
bates, chadwick 
bates, donna kathleen, 322 
bates, frances w. 
bates, lucy ball s. 
bates, mary clayton, 277, 247 
bates, thomas edwin, ii, 259 
bates, wendy, 322 
batia, arlin george 
batson, betty jo, 277 
batson, braxton scott, 157 
batson, James covington 
battles, mike t., 304, I 12 
batton, gary wayne, 322, 157 
baucom, madeline marie, 304 
baucum, linda ruth 
baucum, susan carol, 331 
baucum, waiter winston, 277 
baugh, sondra ann, 331 
baughn, robert leonard, 277, 118 
baxter, bertie sue, 274, 91 
baxter, donald wayne, 322 
baxter, hermann myrtel 
baxter, lana gail w. 
baxter, lloyd mason 
baxter, mary ellen 
baymiller, James pierce 
beach, margaret d., 274 
beacham, viva corinne 
bean, ellen, 322 
beard, blanche sue 
beard, charles michael, 277 
beard, cherry, 322 
beard, John marvin, 250, 251 
beard, michael f., 123, 322, 157, 95 
beard, warren bailey 
beard, william campbell, jr. 
bearden, carey dwight 
bearden, Janice elaine, 33 I 
bearden, johnny wayne 
beasley, ernest m., jr. 
beasley, jane ellen 
beasley, linda sue, 304 
beasley, terry edwin, 304 
beasley, tommy charles, 304 
beasley, william j., 304 
beason, dianne, 273, 243, 173, 170, 

174, 155, 158, 101 
beason, martha jane 
beatty, patricia jane, 331 
beauvais, henry tut 
beck, carolyn Joyce 
beck, charles ray, 304 
beckler, frederick charles, 158 
beckner, harold duane, jr. 
becton, clatis e., 277 
beech, margie ann, 277 
beemon, earl g., ii 
beeson, marcia kirk w. 
beeson, richard dodson, 157 
beggs, freddie roy 
beir, richard gordon 
belk, gloria lynn 
belknap, brian richard 
bell, beverly ann, 277 
bell, cheryl jean, 304 
bell, dianne 
bell, elaine whaley 
bell, kathyan, 304 
bell, leon 

bell, ronnie e., 277 
beltram, raffaele giorgio, 143, 305, 

bemis, michael bruce 
benedict, connie lee, 322, 137, 92, 89 
benedict, quentin earl 
benefield, thomas rand 
benefield, william edward 
benfield, william albert 
benigno, thomas anthony 
benke, anne, 305, 233 
benke, torn henry 
bennett, angela rue, 277 
bennett, edward carroll 
bennett, James clyde, jr. 
bennett, James hackett, 118 
bennett, James hobson 
bennett, johnny Jerome, 305 
bennett, s. barton, jr., 277 
bennison, Judith ann, 331 
benson, rebecca leigh, 305, 241 
benson, sherry lowe, 277, 241 
benton, david ray 
berch, d. glynn 
berdan, charles gary 
berdan, william edward 
berg, barbara lynn 
berg, John r. 

bergeron, debra elaine, 322 
bergeron, richard dennis 
berges, John Joseph, 277, 261, 122 
bergin, elizabeth anne, 305 
bergin, willie adonis, 95 
berquist, richard ernest, 231 
berretta, shirley 
berry, david locke, 155 
berry, david mathis, 277, 249, 119, 

116, 109 
berry, janis margaret, 331, 235, 122, 

berry, lynn louise, 245, 230, 244, 137, 

berry, martin leroy 
berry, mary margaret, 33 I 
berry, mims williams, jr. 
berry, robert gerald 
berry, ronald edwin 
berry, timothy wayne, 159 
berry, william carl, jr. 
berryhill, elizabeth denise, 305 
bertolla, alexander a., 277 
best, ann carolyn, 322 
best, benjamin hobdy, ii, 127, 277, 

259, 84, 93, 156, 99 
best, Joseph frank 
best, paula r., 322 
best, robert earl 
bester, beulah elizabeth, 322 
bethune, paul p. 

bettis, margaret jean, 331, 243, 230 
betts, diana lynn 
bevon, cecil jane, 331 k 

bianchi, diane, 146, 305 
biedenharn, James phelan, 258, 259 
biggs, william o., ii, 263, 159 
biglane, jenny lynn 
biglane, linda kay 
bilbo, alonso claude 

322, 157 

I 15 




bilbo, cynthia jane, 322 
bilbo, dale roger, 157 

Ibo, marion d. 

Ibo, sherry fay loper 

Ibro, janie dott, 277 

lek, rhett Stanley, 159 

Inoski, foy kenneth, 277, 249 

ngham, martha kay 

rd, paul dennis 

shop, charlotte markilene, 305 

shop, deatra s. waller 

shop, edna p. hines 

shop, James christopher 

shop, Jim c. 

shop, John hines, 331, 157 

shop, kathy, 240, 241, 173, 170, 
165, 174 

shop, mary elizabeth 

stle, mabel lynn 

stle, russell ivan 

vins, larry david, 33 I , I 57 

zzell, daniel leo 

zzell, thomas michael, 277, 87, 108 

ack, anita eagle 

ack, deborah, 322 

ack, george glenn, 331, 158 

ack, george norman 

ack, henry wendell, 89 

ack, oscar beauchamp, 

ack, thelma frances, 322 

ackburn, arter jack, jr., 277 

ackburn, kathleen, 305, 233 

ackburn, pamela kay o., 130 

ackburn, patricia lynn, 331 

ackburn, rita gail, 322 

ackburn, robert candler 

ackledge, dewey d., jr. 

acklidge, raymond alien 

acklidge, ronald wayne, 

ackman, andrea, 322 

ackmer, glenda gail 

ackmon, James rudy, 322 

ackwell, h. jean, 305 

ackwell, mary lynn 

ackwell, michael lloyd, 305 

ackwell, nifa louise, 305 

ackwell, patricia carolyn 

ackwell, quentice dwight 

ackwell, richard bruce 

air, connie fuqua 

air, Jennifer jo, 331, 241 

air, mary ellen 

aize, osmond alphonse 

ake, benton david, 251 

akeney, John william, 119, 116 

akeslee, henry e., iii 

akewood, marilyn Jenkins 

akey, kenneth tyler 

alock, andrew dawson 

anchard, '1<irk James, 322, 

anchard, michael edmund 

I38, I57 

anchette, dorcas lynn, 33 

anke, elsie griffin 

ankenship, glenda sue, 277, 82, 94, 

I 15 

ansett, Julius ray, 277 

ass, b. f. 

edsoe, randy o., 33 1 

issett, david michael 

ount, buford charles, iii, 1 59 

ount, garry glenn, 235, 1 22 

ount, mike alien, 322 

ount, Virginia gayle, 305 

ue, martha kay, 277, 236, 237, I36 
boan, t. dean 
bobinger, James m., jr. 
bobo, mary dianne, 277 
bodden, jean ellen 
bodker, James e., jr. 
bodman, waiter kenneth, iii 
bogen, vesta ann, 33 1 
boggan, luther theodore, 277 
boggan, mary ann, 239, 230 
boggs, bernice 
boisdore, John leslie 
boland, charlie jack 
boler, peggy waynette, 305 
boler, therrell glen, 278 
boles, dovel, 278 
boles, linda ann, 305 

22, 26 1, 



305, 93 
I 58 
33 I, 245 









boles, mary Wallace, 305 
boleware, glenda dianne, 33 
boleware, linda nell, 305 
boling, danny glenn, 278 
boling, Janice callender, 278 
boiling, James neal 
boiling, norman 
bolton, Judith anne, 278 
boltz, robert carl 
bond, giles wood, jr. 
bond, peggy ruth, 278 
bond, phillip clyde 
bonderer, david warren, 33 1 
boney, James elwood, 1 59 
bonham, lane elwyn 
bonnabel, alfred e., iii 
bonner, edith elaine, 305 
bonner, marie louise 
bonner, michael Stephen 

23 I, 260 
bonnett, clarice marie, 93 
bonnett, danny lynn 
bonney, James elmer 
booker, danny royce 
booker, richard donald, 278 
boone, carolyn sue gandy 
boone, frances paulette 
boone, george carrington 
boone, linda barbour 
booth, marjorie adin, I25, 278 
boothe, donald lynn 
boothe, donald ray, 305, I 14 
boozer, eva jean, 305 
borden, James thomas, iii, 
borden, roberta dare, 322, 
boring, janie 
boroughs, bill thomas, 
bortone, gary h., 322, 
bostick, James edwin, 
bostwick, diane marie, 
boszor, katherine maudine 
boteler, richard h., iii 
botter, eugene s., 278 
bouchillon, laura elizabeth 
boughan, gerald wayne 
boughan, ramona lynn n. 
bounds, barry kyle, 1 59 
bounds, don harrison 
bounds, eileen p., 322 
bounds, hugh m., jr. 
bounds, jimmie thomas 
bounds, larry 
bounds, mimi, I30, 322 
bounds, thomas, 305 
bourdette, jay russell, 95, II6, I55 
bourgeois, Joseph allan, 305 
bourgeois, linda elaine 
bourgeois, lloyd henry, jr. 
bourne, irene elaine, 239 

larry c, 305, 255 

lovell eugene 

ronnie shelby, 33 I , I 58 
vernon lee 
bouthilet, mary agneita, 24I, 230, 

I 22 
boutte, margaret ann 
boutwell, bettye blair I. 
boutwell, brenda gayle, 278 
boutwell, colen josse, jr. 
boutwell, donald claude, 305, I0I 
boutwell, martha eleanor 
boutwell, minnie elizabeth, 322, 92 
boutwell, tommy, 278 
bowden, e. ann, 305 
bowen, ann mathilde 
bowen, jerry lynn, 33 1, 1 57 
bowering, gus hall 
bowers, william boyd 
bowie, dorothy jean, 278 
bowlin, george edwin, 33 1 
bowman, hoi I is lynn 
bowman, j. daryl, 25 I , I 57 
bowton, robert elsworth 
boxx, dixie lee, 305 
boyce, lana kay, 305 
boyd, bettee gandy, 278 
boyd, betty yarbrough 
boyd, carolyn joy, 33 1 
boyd, jerry lynn, 278 
boyd, John steven, 322, II6, I28, 1 55 
boyd, Judy ann 


boyd, mary leslie, 322 

boyd, michael connely, 278, 109 

boyd, ronald paul 

boyd, thomas flynn, 261 

boyd, tohmas h.,' 127, 305, 90, 159 

boyd, willis clay 

boyer, doris jeanette 

boykin, ralph a. 

boylston, louie cecil, jr. 

boylston, sabra ann m. 

bozeman, colon atwood 

bozeman, curtis edwin 

bozeman, danny, 278, 263, 90 

bozeman, linda faye 

bozeman, louis elton 

bozeman, patsy nell t. 

bracy, lewis fletcher 

braddock, larry wayne, 305 

braddoclc, sheila lorraine, 130, 305 

bradera, edward alfred, jr., 322 

bradford, gordon wayne 

bradley, cynthia, 278 

bradley, donald o., 274 

bradley, george lee, 278 

bradley, henry saltonstall, 274 

bradley, jane elizabeth, 305 

bradley, Joseph kimble 

bradley, kathryn ann 

bradley, mae atrice, 305 

brady, david Julian 

brady, linda carol, 33 I 

brady, paula margaret c. 

brady, richard ralph, 278 

brake, patricia anne, 322 

bramlett, James lawrence, 117 

branch, cecelia jo, 305 

branch, Joyce dean, 305 

branch, samuel david 

brand, manny, 331, 155 

brand, ralph a. 

brandon, frederick david 

branning, peggy ann s. 

branning, thurman louis 

brant, Judy ellen, 331, 239, 96 

brantley, cindy lou, 130 

brantley, donald scott 

brasfield, bonnie gaye, 305 

brashier, arnold rogers 

brashier, dorothy ann, 331 

brashier, ames harold 

braud, blanchard Joseph, 278, 138, 

83, 114 
breakfield, edward ray, 305, 255, 231 
breakfield, marion I. 
breakfield, michael wayne 
breard, martha bres, 331 
breaux, Catherine I., 322, 245, 94, 92 
breazeale, Johnnie ruth y. 
breazeale, Judy carole b. 
breazeale, leslie greer 
breazeale, lynda ann 
breckenridge, charles h. 
breeden, James c, jr. 
breeden, virgil, jr., 33 I, 158 
breland, bertha nell h. 
breland, donnie g. 
breland, jerry richard, 158 
breland, laurence eduard, jr., 278 
breland, n. kathy, 331, 233 
breland, rodney clyde, 278, 118 
breland, Virginia c. 
brent, patricia dianne, 331 
brewer, Carolyn, 322 
brewer, Christopher ammon, 278 
brewer, ralph 

brewer, ruby ann, 331, 247 
brewer, thomas george, 159 
brewer, travis earl, 305, 159 
breyer, John stewart 
briant, John philip, iii 
bridges, donald morris, 331, 158 
bridges, johnny leslie 
bridges, russell wayne, 278 
bridges, william parham, 159 
bright, elbert e., jr., 159 
brignac, mildred trances, 278, 94, 

brignac, william r., jr., 257 
brinegar, bonnie e. carter 
brinkman, billy, 305 
brinkman, michael patrick, 305, 158 

138, 157 

l r - 

briscoe, gladys 

britt, pearlie albert 

britt, ruthie juanita, 305 

britt, shelia ann, 305, I 10 

brittain, thomas herschell, jr., 274 

britton, charles edward, 278 

britton, susan I., 322 

britton, teddy joe, 331, 157 

broadhead, maxie glenn 

broadus, delores ann, 278 

broadus, marvin lee, 158 

broadus, ronald keith 

brocato, carol ann, 243 

brock, bethany ann, 322, 240, 241, 

brock, dorothea kay, 322, 239 

brock, j. d., jr. 

brock, thomas floyd, 331 

brode, william edward 

brodtmann, noel vincent, 

brody, lynda suzanne 

brody, sharon betty, 305 

brogden, shona marie 

brooking, ruth laverne g. 

brooks, barbara j., 305 

brooks, brenda faye, 322 

brooks, claude michael, 278 

brooks, dennis wayne, 278 

brooks, gloria sue, 305 

brooks, marvin dennis 

brooks, Virginia diane, 278 

broom, g. joy 

broom, gregory kendall, 139, 278 

broom, robert terrell 

broome, carroll d., 278, 157 

broome, James tony, 158 

broome, kenneth edward 

broome, raymond e. 

broome, robert cecil, 278 

broome, roger dale 

brou, philip edmond, jr. 

brouillette, robert e., iii 

brown, alan robert, 157 

becky alice, 305 

billie jean, 305 

curtis James 

gary lee, 274 

gene alien, 322, 157 

harvey j. d. 

ilse muller 

James donovan 

James michael 

jimmy franklin 

Joanne h. 

John francis, I I 9 

Joyce diann c. 

kathy ninette, 305 

lawrence atwood 

lawrence audie, 278, 119, 116 












leslie morris 

linda anne 

linda carol 

lowell Stanley, 279, I 19, I 16 

marilyn trances, 278 

martha easterling, 278, 91 

nolan michael, 278, 253, 93 

pamela faye, 279, I I 7 

patricia irene, 279 

patrick marion, 257, 122, 157 

peggy otheal, 139, 305 

randy morrow, 279 

rejohnna belle r. 

richard b., jr., 279, 137, 102, 

brumfield, miriam delores 

brumfield, patsy ann, 322, 247 

brummet, harry James 

brummett, trances waldine, 305 

bruneau, alfred w. 

bruner, ronald paul 

brunson, joycelyn s. 

bryan, elton oneil 

bryan, grady earl 

bryan, thomas dark 

bryan, william cullom 

bryant, emily a. 

bryant, kenneth wayne, 279 

bryant, malone everett 

bryant, jo, 146, 125, 273, 305, 235, 

136, 101 
bryant, patricia kaye, 305 
bryant, thomas leigh, 261, 158 
bryant, willie yvonne, 305 
buchanan, John howard, 305 
buchanan, melba olive g. 
buchanan, steve 
buck, gayle 

buck, John I., 322, I 19, I 16, 155 
buck, lena kathryn, 305, 239, 96 
buck, richard arlen 
buckalew, louis w. 
buckelew, betty jane a. 
buckley, edwin lawrence, jr. 
buckley, Judy elaine, 279 
buckley, laurence bernard, jr., 279 
buckley, susan juanita, 279, 96 
buckley, tim d., 257, 158 
bueso, francisco jose, 279 
buffett, James william 
buffington, sonja eu r. 
bufkin, billy george, 274, 95 
bufkin, linda ann, 279, I 15 
buie, joe I., 305 

larry o., 305 
sally kaye 

arhonda jo, 322 

roy william 

sherman wayne 

william larry, 305 
bultman, norwood anthony 
bunch, James I., jr., 33 I 
bunting, charles thomas 

rita sue, 279 
sam piazza, 89 
Sandra kay, 322 
sharon ann 
shirley, 279 
sterling newton, 95 
Sydney galloway 
thomas edwin, 259 
wayne, 305 
willie darrel, I 58 
browne, ^ay temple 
browne, william clifton 
broyles, Judith eileen 
bruce, larry eugene, 331, I 
brueck, patricia ann, 322 
brumfield, henry m., 279 
brumfield, marilyn sue, 279 


h, John cecil 
ch, phyllis carol, 322, 239 
ch, reba boone 
ch, rodney Joel 
cham, larry leroy 
dette, James Wallace, 305 
dine, robert e., 279 
ge, patricia e., 331 
ger, keary elvin 
ger, william leroy, 305 
gess, david edwin, jr., 331 
gess, James armaund, 279 
gess, smokey m., 305 
gess, michael scott, 157 
gin, ellen rebecca, 322 
ke, charles matthew 
ke, linda jean 
ke, mary carol, 306 
ke, patricia jean 
ke, robert d. 
ke, wayne roy, 306 
ke, william Joseph, 306 
kett, donald c, 279 
kett, linda fay, 306 
kett, vivian alice I. 
khalter, donald ray, 306 
khalter, John charles, 261 
khalter, larry e., 331, 261 
ks, herbert k. 

lingame, roger alan, 255, 231 
58, 231 

master, dennis g., 33 I 
nett, douglas, 279, 251 
ney, bob gerard, 322, 158 
nham, Joan marie 
nham, paulette dianne, 279 
nham, Stephen calton 
ns, carlos monroe, 279 
ns, david perry, 306, 159 
ns, sammy glenn, 279, 118 
ns, sylvia home, 279 
ns, william alien, 279 
r, robin L 331, 159 


burr, Virginia ann, 142, 279 

burrage, martha lynn, 306 

burrage, william larry, 306 

burris, genevieve Janet 

burris, george arthur 

burris, linda sue 

burris, raiford, jr. 

burris, shirley mae, 306 

burroughs, keith lawrence, 279, 119, 

I 16 
burroughs, richard desmond 
burrus, wayne lee, 261 
burst, becky Joyce, 306, 245 
burt, donna lee 
burt, Julius william, 306 
burt, m. victoria 
busby, david marvin 
busby, peggy louise, 279 
bush, barbara lou 
bush, george r., 33 I 
bush, jack ross 
bush, James f., jr. 
bush, joe edward 
bush, lucy gladyce k. 
bush, owen edward, 323 
bush, paris keats, 306 
bush, rita louise, 279 
bush, thomas wilson 
busick, gerald eldon, 279 
butcher, vera r. 
butler, anner grace t. 
butler, camille s., 273, 306, 240, 241 

256, 173, 101 
butler, david tolson 
butler, edwin luther 
butler, linda diane, 331, 96 
butler, marvin g. 
butler, richard anthony 
buttles, carolyn jean, 279, 233 
butts, John wesley, ii, 158 
buxton, ronnie wayne, 279, 90, 157 
byars, william strain 
byers, theodore k., jr. 
bynum, diane, 279, 94 
bynum, harry kenneth 
byrd, alfred leon 
byrd, david ernest, 157 
byrd, elizabeth ann, 279 
byrd, trances ann, 306, 117 
byrd, gerald clyde 
byrd, glenda smith 
byrd, hoyle a., 279 
byrd, James keith, 158 
byrd, Judith elaine, 139, 331, 96 
byrd, laurence charles 
byrd, michael henry 
byrd, oliver wayne, 323, 158, 95 
byrd, patricia ann 
byrd, paul wesley 
byrd, thomas Carroll, 279, 116 
byrne, estelle o'quinn 
byrne, John waiter 
byrnes, drew, 257 
byron, James thomas, 332 

cabibi, John vincent 

caceres, edgar 

cade, robert burr 

cadle, John Joseph 

cadwallader, manch Stanley, 323 

cain, bobby neil 

cain, brenda diane, 279 

curtis lamar, 306 

hugh elery, jr. 

Joseph remy, jr., 332, 157 

ladye susan, 323, 235, 92, 89, 


120, 108 
cain, robert anthony, 257 
caison, Joel albert, 158 
caison, Julia ann 
calcote, clemois lizette, 279 
caldwell, kenneth w., 306, I 19 
caldwell, phillip m., jr., 279 
calhoun, charlotte marie 
calhoun, gene gilmore 
callahan, michael John 
callahan, albert fisher 
callaway, jolynn, 323, 237 
callaway, rebecca Joyce, 323 
callia, anthony alex, 279, I 14 


calloway, James martin, jr., 279, 93 
calvert, pamela dare, 323, 235 
calvery, bobby lee, 306 
camarda, John francis 
cameron, jimmy charles, 152, 323, 

cameron, Julian roger 
cameron, robert arthur 
cameron, sibyl byrne, 280 
cameron, william felton, 274 
camp, barry russell, 323 
campbell, bobby weldon 
Campbell, c. ray 
campbell, cynthia m., 323, 233, 92, 

campbell, debbie elaine, 332 
campbell, elsie cheryl, 306 
campbell, frank Joseph, 252, 253 
campbell, gail mac 
campbell, george randall 
campbell, gloria jean 
campbell, James clarence 
campbell, janis elaine, 280, 236, 237, 

82, 96, 80, 105 
campbell, John huffman 
campbell, mary mosal, 306 
campbell, rosemary, 323, 235 
campbell, ruth a. batton 
campion, mary faith, 119 
canavan, elizabeth ann, 280, 94 
canavan, robert c, 280 
canfield, elmer arthur 
canfield, pamela e., 280 
cannady, norman alexander, 280 
cannon, James kent 
canty, glenn alan 
capers, gerald harry, 306 
capley, thorn, a., 332, 157 
cappaert, rae maire 
cappenbarger, jack, 149 
capps, charles lamar, 263 
capps, david e., jr., 280 
captiva, jo katherine, 306, 119 
caraher, patricia m. 
caranna, James ronald 
caraway, melton hayes, 280 
caraway, bill j., 332, 159 
carey, donald edward 
cargo, patricia sue, 323 
carley, michael lee, 159 
carlin, kathleen elizabeth, 323, 92, 91 
carlin, william b., 332, 157 
Carlisle, arthur dale 
carlson, carla eva jonette, 332 
carlson, charles w., jr. 
carmichael, mary ann 
carnes, jonelle, 332 
carney, hilda lou, 306 
carney, James edward, 280, 108 
caro, annie lucille, 130, 280 
carpenter, lee marion, 255 
carpenter, roger greene, 306 
carr, anita kay, 280 
carr, betty lee, 332 
carr, ervin earl 
carr, hulon dewitt, 306 
carr, James Carlisle 
carr, s. Wallace 
carr, sharon lee, 332 
carr, tommy I., 280 
carra, marie willoughby, 280 
carrol, arthur I., jr., 332 
carroll, brenda anne 
carroll, geraldine, 306, 108 
carroll, opal evans 
carroll, shirley marie, 332, 138 
carrubba, frances h., 323 
carruth, janis ellen, 332, 243 
carruth, Wallace earl, jr., 158 
carruth, william c. 
carson, holly darlin 
carson, kenney ray 
carson, richard norward, 259 
carter, alex boyd, 332 
carter, ann 

carter, denver lamar, 323 
carter, george henry, iii 
carter, janis lea, 306, 233 
carter, joe mcleod, 306 
carter, larry george, 257, 157 
carter, linda olivia m. 

carter, margaret merle, 280 

carter, marie joy conn 

carter, mary scott, 280 

carter, ralph eugene, 261 

carter, ralph lee, jr. 

carter, rebecca ann 

carter, ronald pearson, 306 

carter, terrie f. 

carter, valda lorine 

carter, warrene hyner, 323, 92 

cartier, Joyce j. 

cartier, waiter p. 

cartwright, george michael 

casano, jerald glenn, 261, 158 

casano, ronald jean, 158 

cascio, robin smith 

case, deborah madeline, 130, 306, 

I 15 
case, ernest willy, 1 52 
case, James doyle, 306 
case, James edward 
case, Jeanne c. 
case, John royce, 306 
case, karen lynn, 306, 239 
case, lillian helen 
case, lola jean, 280, 90 
case, michael francis 
casey, James milton, 159 
cash, Jackie mae 
cass, dale karen 
casse, robert m., jr. 
castaneda, jose v. 
castellon, sergio 
castle, Jennifer kay 
castleberry, bradley king 
caston, artrie levanda g. 
caston, larry scott 
caswell, donald lynn 
cathey, william alien, 258, 259 
catlett, wayne preston, 280, 93 
caton, charles eugene, 155 
caud ill, orley b., jr. 
caughman, donnie, 306 
causey, david hicks, 306 
cauthen, charles alexander 
cave, chris s. 
caver, sharon sue, 306 
cavin, vernon anthony 
cegelski, alien Joseph, 280 
centorina, barbara faye, 280 
cerami, fred I., 323, 159 
cermak, george frank, jr. 
chacon, jose miguel 
chaffin, suzanne marie, 306 
chain, billy darrell, 280, 93 
chambers, leah martin, 233 
chambers, Sylvia elaine, 323 
chambliss, Julius cecil, jr., 280 
champion, cary Jackson 
champney, edward henry, 108 
chan, ernest, young, jr. 
chan, sik-por xavier, 332, 95 
chan, william hung rong, 274 
chance, jack byrnes, jr. 
chance, robert merritt, 273, 332, 253, 

137, 165, 105, 101 
chance, tony glen, 323, 257, 157 
chance, william hannah 
chancellor, brenda carol, 306, 241 
chancellor, rebecca, 280 
chancellor, sarah Catherine, 332 
chancellor, william lee, 93 
chandler, carl alien 
chandler, elizabeth ann 
chandler, larry mitchell, 118 
chaney, James terry 
chang, chun-chuan 
channell, carroll david 
channell, ronnie eagle, 280 
chapman, clayton James, jr., 323 
chapman, edward paul 
chapman, James malcolm 
chapman, linda gail, 306 
chapman, mike w., 332, 158 
chapman, wayne lott 
chappa, nancy ann 
chatham, elgie earl w. 
chatham, eva iris m., 93 
chavez, ricardo 
chawgo, charles clarence 
chaze, Jessica susan 

chaze, kim turner, 156 
cheek, James wilson, 127, 159 
cheek, william park, 323, 157 
cheesman, robert dale, 119, 116, 128, 

chen, fang-kuei 
chen, yun shan, 274 
cheng, mei zon 
cherry, James david 
chewning, hugh claudius, 257, 158 
childre, aubrey mitchell, 306, 101 
childre, laura esther, 332 
childress, annie laura, 332 
childress, jimmy sadler, 157 
childs, James beverly 
chiodo, frank thomas 
chirico, michael anthony 
chisholm, debby, 332 
chisholm, mary jane, 280 
chisholm, mary roberta, 306, 245, 

122, 96 
chisholm, scott douglas, 306, I 14 
chittom, murry lafe 
chrisco, carla faye, 323 
christensen, christine marie, 280 
christensen, david nels 
christian, carolyn mignon, 273 
chrysler, robert edward 
chunn, waiter mclaurin, 157 
church, robin eric 
cionek, david paul, 280 
clann, thomas george 
dark, bette lynn, 280 
dark, brenda sue 
dark, danny joe 
dark, don, 323, 261, 260 
dark, donald robert, 95 
dark, dora sue, 142, 306 
dark, elbert leon, 280 
dark, ethel claire, 306 
dark, eulalyn wilson 
dark, evelyn h., 280 
dark, h. durvan, jr., 1 52 
dark, howard alien, 332, 157 
dark, jack b., jr. 
dark, jasper dillard 
dark, jimmie 
dark, John saunders, 251 
dark, Judy annette, 323, 233, 92 
dark, katherine m., 323 
dark, leonard robin, 280, I I I 
dark, linda louise, 306 
dark, louise marie f. 
dark, martha k., 323 
dark, m. jane, 280, I 10 
dark, randa kay dyar 
dark, roger leon 
dark, ruth kappner, 280 
dark, sharron anne 
dark, sheryl leslie 
clarke, william Julius 
clarke, douglas i. 
clarke, georganne, 306 
clarke, thomas nelson, 257, 158 
clawson, darrelyn gayle 
clay, John louis 
clay, shirley ruth, 306 
clay, Stephens devaul, 332, 158 
clayton, donald hershel 
clayton, sherie anyce, 280 
clearman, joe mack 
clearman, susan n. carter 
clement, oscar eugene 
clepper, victor roy 
cliburn, ellen marie, 306 
Clifford, bruce wheeler, 306, 90, 159 
clifton, murline benadette, 332 
dine, nancy v., 280 
clinton, lucy jean 
clotfelter, william r., jr. 
cloud, margaret causey 
dower, olivia jane 
cloy, danny wilson 
duff, nancy frances 
clyburn, esmond steve, 280, 129 
coats, lauren bruce, jr., 134 
cobb, beverly paull 
cobb, Joseph lynn 
cobb, nellie marie, 332 
cobb, robbie e., 280, 245, 244 
cobb, robert lynn, 90 

cobb, Stephen edward, 332, 128 

coburn, corbett b., jr. 

cochran, burett ward, 280 

cochran, cathy e., 323 

cochran, freeman martin, jr. 

cochran, James alien, 332, 157 

cochran, william c. 

cockerham, rodney wayne, 306 

cockerham, roy william, 306 

cockrell, oletha meyer 

cockrell, sturgon randolph 

coco, philip anthony, 332, 253 

cocran, suzanne marie, 332, 113 

coffer, donald s. 

cofrancesco, alfred francis, 323, 158 

coggin, perry 

cohen, diane marsha 

cohen, ouida beatrice, 332 

coke, w. florence, 306 

coker, John bryce 

coker, lanelle lauren dunn 

coker, nancy ann 

coker, Stephen dixon 

coker, timothy columbus, 280, 87 

colclough, barbara jean 

coldewey, m. christie, 306 

cole, betty jean, 306 

cole, cecile annette 

cole, frank d., 323 

cole, frederick I. 

cole, James avery, jr. 

cole, John harrison, 323, 155 

cole, lynda ann, 323, 233, 137 

cole, sherman terry, 306, 94 

colebank, weeta rebecca, 332, 237 

coleman, beverley d., 332 

coleman, e. rebecca 

coleman, flossie Virginia c. 

coleman, Jackie w. 

coleman, James jerry, jr. 

coleman, James m. 

coleman, nola m. 

coleman, william edward, 306, I 19 

coley, johnny leonard, 280 

collard, cindy, 323, 243 

collins, ann patrick 

collins, arthur david 

collins, benjamin alien 

collins, jenner lee, 257, 231 

collins, mini lois I. 

collins, patricia d. 

collins, robert lamar, 255 

collins, t. frank, 152, 280, 253 

collins, william c. 

collins, william gates 

collum, aubrey lawrence, 281 

collums, gerald wayne 

colton, mary penelope, 332, 247 

colville, delia faye, I 1 7 

coman, marsha marie 

combest, James floyd, 306, 159 

combest, martha kaye 

combs, Joan carole c. 

comfort, albert jerry, jr. 

compretta, david arthur, 332 

compston, everett s. 

conerly, clinton earl, 127, 137, 255 

conerly, lionel e. 

conerly, peggy anne, 332, 235 

conerly, perry stewart 

conerly, robert cecil 

conerly, rodrick evan, 323, 158 

conley, patricia ruth, 332 

conly, Judith ann 

conn, tommy louis, 158, 95 

Conner, carroll eugene, 155, 128 

Conner, david James 

Conner, david megee 

Conner, linda diane, 237 

Conner, rudolph lee, 157 

Conner, william John 

Connolly, marc regis, 158 

conrad, mikel frank 

conrad, Virginia anne, 306 

con+i, eleanor victoria 

converse, Joel robert, 323 

cook, alfred gilmer, jr., 152 

cook, chippy guy, 323 

cook, darrell o'neal, 281 

cook, frances edith 

cook, James michael, 306 


cook, jane hendricks 

cook, jerry don, 306 

cook, John Joseph 

cook, kathy e„ 323, 235, 101, 103 

cook, marion hale 

cook, michael royce 

cook, mildred eloise p. 

cook, mildred marie 

cook, norma lynn, 281, 85, 93, 89, 80, 

105, 102, 104 
cook, pamela louise, 94 
cook, rebecca ann, 281 
cook, virgil g., jr. 
cook, william calhoun, 259 
cooke, frances jean, 281 
cooley, charlene, 323, 233 
cooley, earl eugene 
cooley, ginger sue, 323 
cooley, Joseph preston 
cooley, lynn allison, 130, 281, I 19 
cooley, patricia jean m. 
cooley, sara rebecca 
cooley, willie earl m. 
coon, homer lee, 28 1 
cooper, brenda gail 
cooper, donna ruth I. 
cooper, gary o'neil 
cooper, leslie carol, 306 
cooper, mary tivis 
copeland, Joyce eloise, 332 
copeland, melaney, 323, 237 
coppejans, mark g., 332, 158 
coppenbarger, jack olson, 306 
coppinger, martha l„ 326 
corban, david albert 
cordero, leon jose a. 
core, randolph foster 
core, susan irene f. 
cork, wilbur earle t. 
corkern, henry earl 
corley, howard larry, 306 
corley, tommye, 332, 233 
corneal, charles f., 332, 158 
cornelison virgil van baren, iii, 281, 

261, 260, 93 
Cornell, shirley ann, 332 
corns, frankie karen, 245 
corns, jerry david, I 10 
cornwell, gerald gene, jr., 332 
correro, anthony Joseph, 323, 119, 

I 16, 155, 128 
corsetto, richard florio, 158 
corts, frances ann, 281, III 
corum, voncile drennan 
cosgrove, laura ann, 332, 239 
cote, bob edward, 81, 306, 259, 165, 

159, 105, 102 
cothern, clyde shirly, 281 
cothern, kenneth preston, 332, 157 
cothern, patricia marie, 307 
cottingim, gary alien, 323 
countryman, linda gayle, 157 
Courtney, John david, 323, 263 
Courtney, leona, 281 
Courtney, paula teresa, 323, 92, 117 
covington, mack wayne 
cowan, Judy ann, 332 
cowan, melvin derwood, sr., 281 
cowart, glenda c. miller 
cowart, michael 
cowart, robert otto 
cowles, marguerite rose, 89 
cowling, melissa kathleen, 323 
cox, david wayne, 307, 138 
cox, everett lawrence 
cox, howard raymond 
cox, Janice carolyn 
cox, John, 323, 157 
cox, John scott, 123, 281 
cowan, Judy ann, 332 
cox, margaret ford 
cox, margaret lynn, 281, III 
cox, mary wynette, 307 
cox, norman houston 
cox, pamela Joan 
cox, raymond webster, 119, 116 
cox, susan gwen 
coxwell, linda elizabeth, 332 
coyle, twyla raye, 332 
crabtree, nancy boice, 281, 110 
craft, cheryl christine, 307, 115 

craft, cynthia dianne, 323 

craft, vloria jeannette, 307, 262, I 10, 

craft, ronald michael, 323, 157 
craig, barbara j., 323 
craig, Jodie hammond, 281 
craig, latimer weldon, 307 
craig, margaret ann, 307 
crain, harold dewitt, 307 
crane, jane elizabeth h. 
crane, sherry ann, 307 
cranshaw, alice verna r. 
crapon, harry d. 
craven, jerry wayne, 307 
Crawford, a. e., 307 
crawford, cherie, 323 
Crawford, claudette demant, 307, 

235, 91 
crawford, ivan don 
crawford, mary louise 
crawford, terry lee 
crawley, mary ellen, 281 
creel, evelyn t., 307, 233 
creel, samuel Sylvester, jr., 307 
creighton, claude t., jr. 
crenshaw, larry keith, 307 
cress, terry wayne, 281, 109 
cressman, James byron 
crews, h. martin, 281, 258, 259 
crews, william franklin, 281 
crider, sheila rose 
crislip, richard roy 
crocker, Jeffrey robert 
cromwell, harvey, jr. 
cromwell, Virginia p. 
crosby, levernis faye e. 
crosby, marsha lee, 307, 235 
crosby, mary teresa 
crosgy, waiter charles, 332 
crosland, charlotte a. 
cross, gerald wayne 
cross, irma eleanor, 242, 243, 89 
cross, James ronald 
cross, John Joseph, 332 
cross, lana faye, 307 
cross, shirley ann, 323 
crossley, linda 

crosthwait, kathryn Joyce, 323 
crowder, James durell 
crowder, kathryn elizabeth, 281, 234, 

235, 85, 80 
crowell, glenda lou, 323 
crowley, terrence p. 
crowley, timothy francis 
cruise, billie sue c. 
crum, charles raymond, 307, 119 
crum, johnny lynn, 307 
crumbley, Janice olivia 
crumpton, brenda nell, 332 
crutcher, James r., jr., 323, 157 
cruthirds, alien, 307 
cruthirds, Sydney e., 332 
cubley, alice patricia, 307, 237, 155, 

cuccaro, robert v. 
cuevas, laura jane, 323, 92 
culberson, James houston, 281 
cullefer, anna I., 323 
cullefer, robert hilton, jr. 
culotti, flavio scolaris 
culotti, giulio deluca 
culpepper, harry ben 
Culpepper, jack thomas, 119 
culpepper, kenneth parker, 136 
culpepper, robert dean, 281 
culpepper, thomas Joseph 
culver, paula sue 
cumbest, harvey benard, 281 
cumbo, charlotte e. 
cummings, nancy e. barker 
cummings, nickie 
cummings, robert ray 
cummins, rancie lynn 
cummins, robert alien 
cunniff, j. kevin, 157, 253 
cupit, edna earle a. 
curenton, sheila dianne 
currie, billye bob m. 
currie, emma helen s. 
currie, helen p. pfeffer 

cyr, si 

william r., 307 
edward b. 
glen david, 143, 

James robinson, 
John b., 307 
marian ellen, 93 
marty, 307, 237 
mitchell thomas 
william neil, 307 
carla charleen, 332 
helen louise, 281 
paula ellen, 323 
sue harriette, 239, 

gerard paul 

James harold, 


donna ann 
mone elizabeth, 

281, 137, 90, 

257, 231 




dabbs, hugh kelly, 323, 138, 157 

dabbs, norma kathryn 

dabbs, richard, 307 

dabbs, robert donovan, 152 

dabbs, william fran, 307, 159 

dacus, rita gail, 323 

dafferner, Judith ann 

daggett, martha victoria, 323 

dahlgren, emily anita 

dailey, larry alien, 307 

dalton, Stanley roger, jr. 

dameier, dana jo, 323, 235, 122 

dameier, Joanne muntz 

damon. wilhelmine s. teu 

dampier, alfredia veronica, 332 

dampier, patricia ann, 332 

d'andrea, aris fay, 274 

d'andrea, nicholas edward, 274 

dangelo, James charles 

dangelo, Joseph michael, 138, 157 

daniel, billy joe 

daniel, hal Jefferson, iii 

daniel, martha elizabeth, 274 

daniel. nancy, 307 

daniel, pamela 

daniel, patricia ellen n. 

daniels, george randall, 157 

daniels, hobart dan 

dansby, carol sue, 281, 137 

dantzler, steven andrae 

daquilla, Sylvester j., jr. 

darby, perry Jake • 

darienzo, John anthony 

dart, Jonathan t., 307, 134, 159 

daubin, John louis 

daughdrill, douglas colin, 281, 114 

daughdrill, herman larry, 281 

daughdrill, linda archer, 281 

daughdrill, terry wayne 

daugherty, Joseph ray, 307 

daughtrey, annie kay, 307 

davenport, dicky, 323, 157 

davidson, billy paul 

davidson, faye kidd 

davidson, kent lee, 158 

davies, rita ann, 332 

davis, albert w., jr. 

davis, andrew ganes, 281 

davis, anita reed, 281 

davis, barbara ann, 332 

davis, betty diane 

davis, betty jean hill 

davis, bobbie sue, 274 

davis, carolyn gayle 

davis, cathy lucinda, 332 

davis, cecil p., 89 

davis, cheryl jacquelyn, 332, 239 

davis, dark Stanley, I 16, 155, 128 

davis, cloy ore, jr., 281, 118, I 14 

davis, curtis alien, 281, 157, I 19 

davis, david alien 

davis, debra sue, 239 

davis, dorothy, 281 

davis, dwight moody 

davis, eleanor sue, 307 

davis, elwyn lee, 307 

davis, evelyn ann b. 

davis, floyd douglas, 332, 157 

davis, george Joseph 

davis, glen frederick 

davis, helen marianne 

davis, houston darwyn 

davis, huelene, 307 

davis, Jacqueline o., 332 

davis, James barrett 

davis, James ethan, jr., 261, 158 

davis. James r., 257 

davis, jay lyman, 158 

davis, jerry powe, 255 

davis, Jesse lamar 

davis, jim heyward, 159, 307 

davis, John william 

davis, juanita anthony 

davis, kathryn ann, 281 

davis, kenneth Joseph, 323 

davis, leo earl 

davis, linda sue 

davis, louwill e. 

davis, marinell, 281, 239 

davis, marvin eugene 

davis, nelson everett, 281, 108 

davis, omega cecelia ward 

davis, ottis lee, 281, 109 

davis, ouida sue r. 

davis, paula ruth 

davis, richard hulon 

davis, richard Joel, 282 

davis, sam calvin 

davis, sherrye yvonne 

davis, sidney fred, iii, 249 

davis, steve randall, 282, 259 

davis, sue, 323 

davis, thomas j., 323 

davis, timothy Joseph, 130 

davis, victor arlington, 261 

davis, waiter kenneth, 158 

davis, waiter kenneth, 158 

davis, willard j., 130, 307 

davis, willie elliott, 307 

dawley, harold henry, jr. 

daws, linda lurline, 307, 235 

day, barbara ann 

day, charles edward, 158 

day, charles norman, 323 

day, david robert 

day, James delos, 332, 158 

day, mary evelyn, 282, 89 

day, robert gordon, 282 

day, ronnie, 255, 157 

dazet, rebecca lynn, 332 

deakle, John mitchell, 255 

deal, jon leslie, 274 

dealy, James paul, 332, 155 

dean, alan ross, 307, I 19 

dean, candy g. oden 

dean, celia kay, 282 

dean, clinton randolph 

dean, don earle, 282 

dean, harlan g., 307 

dean, larry ryan, 307, 159 

dean, pamela diane, 282 

dean, william I. 

dearman, diann 

dearman, grady edward 

dearman, henry ted, 332, 157 

dearman, vivian annette, 332 

deas, robert o. 

deaton, gwen harris, 282 

deavers, betty I. brister 

debarre, Stephen robert, 158 

debuys, michael fox 

dedeaux, John randle, 282 

deegen, uwe frederick, 94 

deer, kirby tilton, jr., 307 

dees, clifton marland, 323, 261, 158 

dees, fred h., jr., 157 

dees, Judith lane, 282 

defee, James leslie 

defranco, roy James 

degeorge, linda Catherine, 143, 323 

degolia, jonette gay 

de la fuente, richard, 128, 155, 323 

delaney, robert jerald, 282 

delee, James 

dellaripa, leanna marie, 332, 245, 113 

dellinger, harvey clinton 

delong, billy r. 

demedicis, Judith clair, 142, 323 

demeranville, samuel Joseph, iii, 253 


denicola, ani+a therese 

dennis, John francis 

dennis, m. ed, 307, 251, I 14 

dennis, raymond douglas 

dennis, ronnie Joseph 

dennis, theresa wagenheim, 332 

denson, lloyd durward 

denson, Virginia rea, 323 

denson, william howard, 274, 157 

dent, george edward, 157 

dent, mary Catherine 

denton, danny, 259 

denton, harry eschol, jr. 

deornellas, anna kathryn, 323 

deornellas, leo anthony 

de ratmiroff, mercedes andrea, 332 

derrick, william david 

deruiter, betty jane c. 

destefano, gerald cyril, 282 

dethloff, margaret lee, 307 

deusch, waiter larry 

dever, James edward 

dever, william h., jr., 282, 95 

devereaux, ray w., 307 

devine, elton alien 

devine, sara jo bazor 

deweese, sarah e. chalk 

dews, lorraine, 323, 237 

dews, robert carrington, 



diabin, victoria christine, 

diamond, lorenzo patrick 

diamond, patricia m., 282 

diaz, marie geralda 

dickens, hugh leonard 

dickens, larry guinn, 90, 159 

dickenson, william george, 157 

dickerson, gerry eugene, 282 

dickerson, thomas charles 

dickey, leleen, 323 

dickey, marilyn anne, 239 

dickey, martha sue, 332, 235, 230 

dickey, william p., jr., 259 

diethorn, dale mitchell, 323 

difatta, brenda Joyce, 323, 122 

different, paul r. 

different, paula dianne. 332 

diggs, barbara marie, 282, 88, 94 

dill, adrianne, 282, 90 

dillon, alien duane 

dillon, carolyn faye 

dillon, donna lynn, 282 

dillon, James glendon 

dillon, melba holmes, 282 

dillon, william arthur 

dillon, willie jean, 324 

disharoon, elizabeth linda, 307, 241 

distin, bob m., 282, 248, 249 

dixon, agnes jefferds, 324, 235 

dixon, carolyn dianne 

dixon, carolyn elizabeth, 282 

dixon, harry lamar, 282 

dixon, James flynn, 307, 128 

dixon, lucy diane, 332 

dixon, michael I., 282 

dixon, wanda ruth s. 

dobbins, robert norman 

dobbs, carlin thomas, 307 

dobbs, linda rae, 307, 234, 235, 105, 

doby, gregory James, 249 
dockstader, steve walker 
dodge, paul sheldon, iii, 157 
doerr, richard rowland 
doherty, barbara leigh c. 
doherty, charles michael, 307 
doleac, donald I., 251 
doleac, malcom ronald, 307, 258, 

259, 231 
dollar, nancy elizabeth, 332, 96 
dollarhide, william byron 
domergue, c. regis, 249 
donahue, william Christopher, 282, 

donald, James patterson, 307 
donald, kathy sue, 324 
donald, robert waiter 
donegan, ricky w., 157 
donnell, linda faye b. 
donohue, rosy ellen, 307, 233 

donovan, James michael, 130, 307, 

doolittle, donald gerald 
doonan, suzanne maire, 143 
dorsett, donald wayne, 324 
dorsett, sara frances 
dorsey, thomas elgin, 251, 157 
dorton, peggy sue, 324, 92 
dossett, betty jo mooney 
dossett, hugh alien 
doster, howard benjamin, 157 
doty, waiter ray, 307 
douglas, charles wayne, 157, 158 
douglas, deanna mae, 324, 94 
douglas, dinah lee 
douglas, larry brooks, 324, 157 
douglas, melissa dianne, 332 
douglas, robert louis, 324, 259, 158 
doumas, carol osth 
douville, jean m. 
dow, John 
dow, larry wilson 
dow, lilia martha, 324 
dowell, cam franklin 
dowling, beatrice elaine 
dowling, brian carl, 332 
dowling, joe thomas 
dowling, sherrye yvonne, 307 
downes, James edward 
downing, John richard 
downing, lawrence ross, jr., 282 
downing, paul eddy, 307 
downing, william Stephen 
doyle, James buckner, 257, 155 
drago, laurie anthony 
drake, evalyn k., 307 
drake, george raymond 
draughn, bobby joe 
dresser, cynthia ann, 324, 247 
drew, waiter francis 
dribben, John samuel 
drinkard, david wilson 
dronet, cheryl ann, 332 
drouant, richard alien 
drummond, suzanne marie, 282 
drummond, wade, 307 
dryden, Stephen ryan, 249, 158 
dubard, carolyn segrest, 282, 232, 

233, 230 
dubard, Josephine w. 
dubose, Joseph daniel 
dubuisson, gary edward, 282 
dubuisson, Julia dark, 332 
dubuisson, laura ann 
ducharme, pierre r., 333, 157 
ducker, william I., 142, 282, 263, 137, 

90, 89, 231, 156, 102 
duckworth, jane, 324 
duckworth, mike, 333, 157 
duckworth, richard charles, 307, 90, 

159, 102 
duckworth, wiley m., Iii 
duda, janette mary, 143, 307, 137 
dueitt, Jacqueline ann 
duerson, calvin w., jr., 307 
duett, pamela sue, 333 
duffey, lenne, 249 
dugas, sandra frances, 333 
duhs, michael linn, 282 
duke, edwin charles 
duke, maxine smothers 
dukes, laurie ann, 324, 245, 122 
dukes, robert lewis 
dumont, arthur bailey, 282, 119 
dumont, arthur, iii, 333, 95 
dunagin, louis michael, 308 
dunagin, martha alice, 91 
dunaway, James dean 
dunaway, mervin Iton, jr., 94 
dunaway, richard, 282 
dunbar, abram h., jr. 
duncan, robert porter, jr. 
dungan, larry elroy 
dungan, sharon aletha, 308, 92 
dunigan, nancy gail 
dunlap, anita 
dunn, christa lene, 308 
dunn, Judith ann, 130 
dunn, thomas michael, 158, 95 
dunnam, hazel r. 

dunnam, steven wade 

dunnaway, danny melvin, 259, 158, 

dunning, william paul, 282 
duque-estrada, alvaro, 333 
durbin, carloyn s. bond 
durbin, ronald wayne 
durham, bobbie Johnson 
durham, James alfred 
durkee, louise m., 274 
dutra, marly furtado d. 
duvall, arthur louis, 263 
dwight, lillie beatrice 
dwight, margaret I., 308 
dyal, benjamin franklin, jr. 
dyar, patricia mccain 
dyar, wilma Jefferson m. 
dye, craig wolcott 
dyess, gwynn I. 
dyess, janis, 282 
dyess, mary ruth 
dyess, unice vernice o. 
dykes, danny lynn 
dykes, nancy lynn, 282 
dyson, gerald w. 
dzierzanowski, carol anne 

eagar, margaret jean, 232, 233, 91 
earnest, charles lonnie 
easterling, beverly Janet, 308 
easterling, cecil 
easterling, claude nelson 
easterling, emmette d. 
easterling, James larry 
easterling, James michael, 282 
easterling, Jefferson sandy, 308 
easterling, shirley rose, 324 
easterling, talbert perry, 157 
easterling, tommie lou, 91 
eastland, celia elizabeth, 243 
eastland, James donald 
eastman, anthony finley 
eastman, carolyn jane, 333, 245 
eastman, myra sue, 308 
easton, Jill Johanna, 324, 247 
eaton, claude wayne, 308 
ebberman, ray e., 308 
echols, James e., jr. 
edgar, peggy ann t. 
edgar, sue el la , 333 
edge, mary ann 
edkins, william henry, jr., 112 
edlund, nancy k., 274 
edmond, georgette yolande, 333 
edmond, michael george, 257, 159 
edmonds, alan thomas, 157 
edmonds, larry william 
edmonds, phyllis ann, 324 
edmondso'ri, bobby wilson, 308, 251 
edmondson, elizabeth emile, 308, 108 
edmondson, william b., jr. 
edmundson, leonard b. 
edwards, gerald franklin, 333 
edwards, gerard James, 333 
edwards, harold esmond, 333 
edwards, kevin richard, 123, 308, 90 
edwards, laroy hobson 
edwards, mary patrice, 333 
edwards, mary patricia, 149, 282, 247 
edwards, sherry elaine, 333 
edwards, steven glynn, 159 
edwards, thomas a. 
edwards, Virginia lee, 308, 239, 96, 

I 17 
edwards, william w., jr. 
effinger, robert george, 231, 120, 

231, 159 
eggersman, hugh edward, 158 
ehlers, rhonda ann, 324 
ehlert, robin lynn, 333, 113 
ehrhardt, fred craig 
eichelberger, Jennifer, 125, 282, 233 
eidman, art, iii, 251 
eidman, bonnie s., 333 
eidson, william o., 308 
eien, connie kay 
elder, kimlyn ann, 333, 245 
elder, laurie anne, 245, 244 
eldridge, dorinda I., 324 

eleuterius, charles kemuel 

eleuterius, Jules d. 

eley, barbara helen m. 

elias, thomas marshall, 93 

eliott, roger frank, 308, 138, I 12 

elkins, e. russell, 282 

elkins, elton buzz, 308, 90, 159 

elliott, alien ross 

elliott, jack minturn, jr., 324, 158 

elliott, mary elaine, 240, 241, 122 

el I is, beverly anne 

el I is, gertrude elizabeth j. 

ellis, jacquelyn huggins, 235 

ellis, James, ii 

ellis, jane lois o. 

ellis, John charles, 273, 324, 261, 95, 

ellis, linda ruth, 308 
ellis, marvin leonard, 127, 118 
ellis, patricia I., 308, 235 
ellis, sharon kay, 308 
ellis, sherri sue, 333, I 13 
ellis, suzonne, 282, 242, 243 
ellison, david Jesse 
ellzey, richard michael 
ellzey, ronald harrison 
ellzey, wayne ewell, 324 
elmer, juliann b., 324, 235, 122 
elmore, lynda karan, 283 
elmore, william franklin, 283 
elsner, norma kay, 283 
elsner, norman robert, 283 
elward, peggy jean r. 
emerson, jack Sylvester, 128 
emfinger, Judy paulette 
emrick, susan lynn, 308 
enfinger, rhonda jescene, 243 
engell, apryl, 333, 129 
engels, antonius m. b., 257 
engels, mary jo, 283 
english, anthony Joseph, 134 
enloe, Jackie vann 
ennis, John robert, 257 
ennis, patricia e., 283, 101 
eno, ellen nail 
netrekin, gerald d. 
entrekin, wilmer c, 283 
eplin, ricky dale, 324 
erhard, dorotha sue, 333, 235 
ervin, dru karen 
ervin, gregory scott 
erwin, ada faye 
erwin, gayle dean, 138 
escobedo, kathy, 333, 241 
estep, terry, 308 
estes, billy wayne, 283 
etheridge, Judith ann, 308 
ethridge, John owen 
ethridge, sherrye louise, 125, 283, 88, 

168, 170, 176, 174 
etzler, henri chatet, jr. 
etzold, beatrice clair, 333, 245 
etzold, frances pauline, 324, 245 
eubanks, audrey f. cochran 
eubanks, hardy napoleon, iii, 308, 

eubanks, Janet waiters, 308 
eubanks, margaret annette, 143, 308, 

I 10 
eubanks, mark r., 308, 259, I 17 
eubanks, r. marshall, 308, 90, 159 
eure, carl e., jr., 308 
evans, andy bryant, 283 
evans, berta Joan w. 
evans, cassandra diane 
evans, cheryl eloise, 308 
evans, francis kay, 324 
evans, herbert barnes, jr., 283, 109 
evans, James marcus 
evans, jo dean, 283 
evans, John marlyn, ii 
evans, kenneth wayne, 283 
evans, max douglas, 274 
evans, patricia lois, 324, 235 
evans, paul martin 
evans, randy wayne, 283 
evans, ronald, 283 
evans, sue ellen 
everest, charles clyde 
everett, alien leon, 308 


everett, bill francis, 324, 101 

everett, douglas lavelle 

everett, James carroll, 130 

evere+t, John otis, 308 

everett, linda nell, 151, 283, 232, 233, 

137, 91 
everett, robert lee, iii, 283 
everett, victoria k. 
everitt, kathy, 333, 235 
everitt, thomas hendrix 
ewell, Jesse ray, 308 
ewer, beverly jo, 333, 247 
ewing, frazier Stephen 
ewing, John frederick 
ewing, william hugh 
ezell, mary annie w. 
ezell, mary helen, 93 
ezelle, betty g., 324 


fagen, edward spencer 

fagerberg, seigfred waiter 

faggert, susan carr, 283 

faggert, william earl, 308 

farmer, Joseph alan, 283 

faigle, Stephen charles 

fail, jasper e. 

fairchild, agnes, 96 

fairchild, daniel lamar, 308, 138, 159 

fairchild, elsie 

fairchild, Joseph leonard, 283, 119 

fairchilds, jimmy davis, jr. 

fairley, ethelyn p., 333 

fairley, karen 

fairley, patricia rae, 324 

faler, henry martin 

fall, amy, 333 

falldine, george lawrence 

falvey, danny ray 

falvey, joann I., 333 

fancher, douglas b. 

fannin, Joseph singleton, 152, 308 

fansler, richard harvey, 333, 128, 158 

fant, diane, 283 

fant, richard wilson 

farello, leonard Joseph 

farello, toni t., 274 

fargason, peter robinson, 251, 157 

farmer, ben rodney 

farmer, bettie Joan s. 

farmer, raymond g., 283, 120 

farmer, thomas mack, jr. 

farnsworth, robert wayne 

farr, terry davis, 333 

farragut, rosemary t. 

farrar, omah pittman, 157 

farrell, John thomas, 255 

farris, ronnie chad 

farve, James e. 

fasulo, louis michael 

faughn, sharon diane 

faulkinberry, John leonard 

faulkner, charles h., 308 

faulkner, sandra lynn, 308, 241, 230 

fauver, william thomas 

fava, alan hendricks 

favre, barry Joseph, 157 

favre, ronald Joseph 

fayard, carol lynn, 333 

fayard, david michael, 157 
I fayard, Joseph lionel, 324, 158 

feallock, william John, iii 
, feduccia, Joseph c, jr. 
i feigenbaum, dorothy sue, 308 
; felder, charlotte a., 333 
I felder, wayne lamar 

feldman, bruce jan, 159 

feldman, James michael 
I felsher, edwin harley 

felter, herbert edwin, 324 

fendley, peggy lynn, 283 

fendley, thomas lowell, 333, 158 

fennel, cynthia jean, 308, 243 

fennell, Constance c, 333 

fentress, marc louis 

ferguson, richard e. 

ferman, charles henry, 308 

fernandez, John wayne 

fernandez, sergio waiter, 152, 128 

ferrara, mary, 139, 283, I 15 

ferrell, jack g., jr. 

ferrell, James mitch, 257 

ferrell, louan gabbert, 324, 243, 122 

ferrell, milton j., iii 

ferrell, william b., 324, 137, 142. 159 

ferrell, william t., jr. 

ferry, william r., 324, 261, 157 

few, edward alien, 324 

fewell, teresa anne 

field, patricia lynn, 333, 233, 122 

field, patsy kay, 333, 235 

field, susan elizabeth, 333 

fielder, theresa diane, 333 

fife, polly sue, 333, I 13 

fike, archie I. 

fikes, sharon ann, 333, 239 






lare, annie lavern 
llingame, desma jean w. 
Ilingame, lyman donald, 283 
llingim, dave herman 
llingim, genie c, 324, 129 

finch, billy gene, 95 

finch, ellen, 308, 241 

findley, paul scott, 324, 158 

fink, shellie rae, 333 

fink, william lee, 94 

finnegan, Joanna g. 

fishel, ann mcwilliams 

fishel, doris jean, 333, 243 

fisher, bruce wilbur 

fisher, curtis patterson 

fisher, elaine, 283, 96 

fisher, Jacqueline 

fisher, John I., 308 

fisher, stella conway, 324, 235 

fisher, william ragon, 308 

fitts, bettye carol h. 

fitts, donald vincent, 149, 148 

fitzgerald, susan carmen, 143, 324, 

flager, d. kathleen, 333 
flaherty, lanny ray 
flanagan, robert clay, jr. 
flanagan, rodric wayne, 308 
flatt, sidney meigs, 157 
fleming, albert nickey 
fleming, cynthia Irene, 333, 96 
fleming, dorothy lain, 308 
fleming, James richardson, 130 
fleming, margaret ellen 
fleming, robert a., 159 
fleming, william reno, 251 
Flemings, annie s. stewart 
fletcher, fred harris 
fletcher, ibert warren, jr. 
fletcher, rita suzanne 
flippo, herbert jerald 
flowers, Cleveland hinton 
flowers, Jesse oneal 
flowers, michael lee, 324, 159 
flowers, rosabelle h. 
floyd, donald franklin 
floyd, Joseph edward 
floyd, sally, 237 
flummer, jerone skipper, 159 
flummer, sandra moon, 283, 94 
flummer, william terry 
flurry, elmer talmadge, 283 
flynt, e. sutton, 324 
flynt, James larry, 308 
flynt, John herrington, 324, 138, 158 
flynt, robert earl 
fodrin, wanda ann, 130 
foil, david lloyd 
foil, patsy kay, 308 
fokakis, Joseph s. 
foley, norma anne, 324 
fondren, david lewis, 263, 262 
fontecchio, giovanni, 130 
fonvielle, margaret Jordan, 324, 237 
forbes, Jamie vernon, iii, 257, 231, 

force, James william, 157 
ford, bettye renee, 333, 245 
ford, charles alien, 283 
ford, edward earl 
ford, Jacqueline anne, 333 
ford, James robert 
ford, jerry shelby, 283 
ford, Jesse robert, jr. 

ford, lynda a., 283, 235 

ford, marie jannette, 333 

ford, marilyn jean, 243 

ford, nedra, 333, 233 

ford, robert s., 283 

ford, ronnie wayne, 283, 117 

ford, thomas k., jr. 

fore, clara Janice 

fore, paul anthony 

fore, steve wayne, 308, 159 

foreman, cullie monette, 308 

foreman, mary susan, 324 

foreman, paul lenere 

forrest, charles phelps, 333, 251, 157 

forrest, dell hampton, 308 

forsythe, ronald Joseph 

fort, susan robin 

forte, debbie marie, 333 

forte, James william 

forte, linda Joyce 

forte, milton webster, ii, 333, 157 

fortenberry, betty sue b. 

fortenberry, beulah fay, 308 

fortenberry, billy don, 283 

fortenberry, frank shannon, 283 

fortenberry, grace lynn, 333, 245 

fortenberry, h. larry, 283 

fortenberry, John percy 

fortenberry, John robert 

fortenberry, larry noel, 308 

fortenberry, rachel gayle, 308, 235 

fortenberry, sarah c. 

fortenberry, susan ann, 324 

fortenberry, william glen 

fortinberry, sandra, 333, 233 

fortner, billy lee, 308 

foshee, craig wright 

foshee, jean dorlon, 243 

foshee, winston charles, 158 

foster, alice Catherine, 130 

foster, dennis earl, 308 

foster, James terry 

foster, James wilson, 283, 263 

foster, paul b., 255 

foster, robert dale 

foster, royce, ii, 256, 257 

Fountain, don loren 

fountain, elvin Joseph, jr. 

fountain, jean robert, 283 

Fowler, billy g., 333. 159 

fowler, donnie c, 324 

fowler, James robert, 255, 158 

fowler, John charles, iii 

fox, cynthia y. 

fox, earl Jacob, jr., 283, 116, 119 

fox, edith lynn, 233 

fox, John p. 

fox, michael ray, 324, 158 

fox, nancy d'aun, 308, 235 

fox, ronald evans 

fox, tony mack 

foy, dale aaron 

fraiser, mary susan, 308 

francis, deborah jean 

francis, don day, 257 

francis, mary pauline 

francis, rosemarie ilse, 274 

francisco, william henry 

franciskato, thomas Joseph 

franklin, george herbert, 284, 263, 

franklin, kay f, 324, 233, 159 
frankiin, mary elizabeth, 308 
frazier, Jeff, 308 
frazier, kay walker, 308 
frazier, louise davis, 284, 96 
frazier, thomas f., 308 
frederic, susan elizabeth, 308 
freeman, anita gail, 284, 94 
freeman, ann marie, 284, 117 
freeman, arnold royce, 309 
freeman, diane elizabeth, 284, I I I 
freeman, diane marie, 324, 92 
freeman, elliott martin, 284 
freeman, John sta Mings, 309 
freeman, robert wayne, 284 
freeman, rose marie, 324, 101 
freeman, vernon hall 
freeman, william granville 
french, azalea, 284 

french, emma maria 

french, judi marie, 324, 233 

french, martha carol, 333 

french, susan rose, 284, 232, 233, 230 

french, vicki lynn, 324, 241, 122 

frese, betty, 324, 245, 230, 137, 155, 

105, 103 
frese, jo anne, 273, 324, 245, 89, 

155, 101, 103 
freutel, mary kay 
frey, terry clay 
friar, Janice gale, 130, 239 
frierson, don lavell 
frierson, Janice ann 
frith, daniel edgar 
frum, ralph 

frye, curtis bruce, 159 
fuchs, sherry lynne k. 
fuente, nora ethel w. 
fulcher, waiter noel, 284, I 18 
fulkerson, richard fields, 309 
fuller, albert lawrence, 333 
fuller, gary ray, 309, I 19, I 16, 159 
fuller, James alien 
fuller, richard, 309, 94, 90 
fuller, richard a., ii, 309 
fuller, robert warren, 284 
funches, edward 
funches, janie ann b. 
funderburk, altha herman 
furfure, frank Stephen, 324, 158 
furman, dennis ralph, 333, 157 
furne, James donald 
furr, ethel mae, 284 
furr, glenn henri, 284 
gabucci, jimmie robert, 284, 157, 129 
gaddis, dale arden 
gaddis, James monroe 
gaddis, vera e. becky, 284, 233 
gaffeney, m. joelene, 324 
gahlenbeck, linda ann, 333, 241, 122 
gail, mary lemoyne, 333 
gaines, John w., 284 
gaines, terry s., 333, 159 
galafaro, robert truitt 
galbraith, robert w., jr. 
galdamez, carlos alberto 
gallagher, laura, 333, 235, 230 
gallaspy, elizabeth p. 
gallaspy, James bolan 
gallaspy, joe dewitt, jr., 157 
galofaro, diana gail s. 
galofaro, frankie joe, 284 
gamard, mary lucille, 241 
gamble, margaret jo, 284, 247 
gamboa, ricardo michelena 
gammel, dorothy lee, 1 46.- 309 
gammel, sharon louise 
gandy, david John, 333, 159 
gandy, James kent 
gandy, James william 
gandy, Janice carol, 309 
gandy, mary margueritte 
gandy, Virginia louise, 309 
gannon, linda elizabeth, 309 
gardner, b. jane 
gardner, carole jean, 324 
gardner, chester h., 274 
gardner, david miller 
gardner, donna lynn, 239 
gardner, eva elaine, 284 
gardner, James hardy, 253 
gardner, martha Janet, 284 
gardner, ronald lee, 324, 158 
garick, thaniel Jerome 
garner, alfred terreal 
garner, fay watts, 333 
garner, James h., 253 
garner, jean c. 
garner, lynda I., 324 
garner, robert thomas 
garner, ronald ottis, 324, 117 
garraway, charles william 
garraway, hugh pearce, iii 
garraway, sarah margaret, 309 
garretson, carolyn ann c. 
garrett, ben, 257, 94, III 
garrett, John bruce 
garrette, Judy kay, 237, 122 
garrick, ann elizabeth 



garriga, linda lee 

garvin, bobby selby 

garvin, jack ray 

garvin, joe edward, 309 

gary, alan davis 

gary, david arthur, 309 

gary, Judith lynn, 309 

gaskin, joe randall, 309 

gasquet, dorothy ann 

gasquet, marie ione 

gatewood, ellen sue, 309 

gatlin, donna faye, 130, 309, 237, 91 

gatlin, Jacqueline kay, 333 

gatlin, John leroy, jr. 

gatschenberger, John milton 

gauthe, roy Joseph, 284 

gautier, lynda jane, 274 

gautier, hermes quin, 309, 251, 122 

gautier, Joseph patrick, 324, 253, 231 

gautier, linda c, 324 

gautier, waiter warren, 251 

gavin, donald carroll, 157 




159, 156 

284, 90, 159 
:., 284, I 16, 

alice frieda w. 

gary g., 284 

josie karen, 324 

william richard, 

robert william 
geiger, florine w. 
geisel, wayne thomas 
gemeinhardt, charles 

I 19 
genin, ronald John, 122 
geno, alton r., 309, 253 
gentry, sherman wade, 274, I I 
george, danny mark, 234, 158 
george, fred anthony, jr. 
george, michael sidney 
gerhart, marilyn louise, 235 
gerlach, sandra lynn m. 
giancone, glynn barry, 333, 
giametta, lucille marie, 333 
gibbon, cynda gwen, 284 
gibbs, david wayne, 333 
gibbs, ira daunton, iii, 284 
gibbs, martha carol, 284, 246, 247 

95, 158 

bson, barton keith, 324, 158 
bson, carolyn dianne, 284 
bson, charles edgar, 309 
bson, floyd arthur, 324 
bson, erry wayne, 309 
bson, letha m. 
bson, lois m. lacroix 
bson, nelson hardy, 157 
bson, ray kelly, jr. 
bson, ronnie lavon 
bson, william emanual 
bert, beverly jean, I I I 
bert, danny leroy 
bert, robert wayne, 255 
der, ronnie lee 
es, gerald david, 309 
es, John wayne, 309 
, arthur michael 
, dcnald oren 
, norma ann 
, orin Joseph, 156 
aspy, william robert 
espie, Jeanne elizabeth, 
ette, jean glen, 284, 237 
ette, Joan vivian, 284, 237 
iam, joe alan, 309, 158 
is, sharon, 333 
is, warren t., 284, 134 
mer, barry wade 
more, evelyn ann, 324 
more, jerry bruce, 324, 
more, lyda annette g. 
more, rhomie, 333 
ngrich, william david 
nn, clyde neulan 
nn, Jennifer lynnette, 
uffria, madelyn carol 
146, 309, 235, 136 
givens, glen d., 263 
givens, walker mcmath 
glass, albert edgar, 333, 257 
glass, tommye lyn, 309 
glatzer, myrtle dolores w. 

158, 95 

284, 96 




324, 247, 92 
125, 122, 

aze, calvin edwin, 157 

eaton, medora jane b. 

eaton, thomas James, jr. 

enn, cheryl d., 333 

enn, rebecca h., 333, 237 

enn, robert norris, jr., 324 

ennon, thomas James 

isson, albert kennedy 

isson, pamela celeste, 309 

isson, william j., 333, 257, 122, 

oer, carroll louise, 324 

over, patricia ann b. 

over, wilton ford, jr. 
goad, versa, 284 
godfrey, candy lee, 324 
godwin, anne maris, 333 
goettge, christopher, 324, 158 

goff, cheryl ann, 284 

goff, denson eugene, jr. 

goff, edgar devon 

goff, edith ell is, 94 

goff, James neil 

goff, nancy lee, 309 

goforth, bruce scott, 157, 95 

goines, addie vivian, 309 

golden, sue ellen 

goldman, danny lee, 309, 157 

goldsmith, velma ann, 309 

golladay, caron ann 

gollotte, lorie kay 

golmon, James h., jr., 309, 137, 95, 

I 19 
gomez, arthur John 
gomez, jose m., 284 
gonsoulin, donna lynn, 309, 245 
gonzales, warren, 284 
gonzalez, raymond bourda, 93 
goodman, gayel ellis, 243 
goodman, James doyle 
goodman, larry b., 284 
goodman, rachel ann, 284, 129 
goodrich, Catherine ann, 247 
goodwin, robert wayne 
goolsby, billy arnal 
goolsby, louise logan 
gordon, cathy annette, 139, 309 
gordon, gwendolyn 
gordon, James david, 284, 251 
gordon, James richmond, 309 
gordy, al, 262 
gordy, joe c. 
gore, barry keith, 157 
gore, sandra lee 
gorney, leonard chester, 158 
goss, kathleen a. 
goss, patricia a., 309 
gould, barbara carol, 333 
gould, douglas randall, 324, 253 
govern, laura elizabeth, 333 
governor, richard paul 
goverski, richard francis, 284 
gowen, david eugene, 255 
gower, gerry laine, 324 
gower, william russell, 285, 116 
goyer, laura inez, 94 
grace, michael henry, 285, 138, 158 
grace, paul gilbert 
gracia, daniel, jr. 
gracia, jose luis, 285 
gracy, robert calvin 
grady, elizabeth diane, 333, 113 
grady, patricia annette, 92 
grafton, donald larry 
grafton, Judith ann, 285 
grafton, tommy doyle 
graham, barbara anne, 285 
graham, cindy I., 324, 242, 243, 230 
graham, cynthia leigh 
graham, david william, 285 
graham, don m., 285 
graham, evelene, 285 
graham, frances lenita, 324 
graham, george raymond, 258, 158 
graham, gloria daphne, 333, 241 
graham, Jennifer sue, 285 
graham, John, 309 
graham, lincoln palmer, 285 
graham, linda lee, 285 
graham, lynn b., 139, 285, 159, 156 
graham, malcolm j., iii 

graham, mary elaine 
graham, peggy ann w. 
graham, randall thomas 
graham, robert david, 325, 159 
graham, robert newton 
graham, ronald atly, 95 
graham, Stephen norris 
grammer, margaret faye g. 
granade, audrey pugh, 89 
157 granberry, elizabeth ruth 
granberry, melinda inez I. 
granger, linda ann, 309, 239 
grant, teresa ann, 325, 245, 122 
grantham, billy j. 
grantham, larry hansel 
grantham, mary grace, 285, 91, 110 
graves, deborah ann 
graves, ira green 
graves, jenny susan, 285, 157 
graves, Joseph lavon 
graves, mary ann, 334 
graves, mary jane, 325 
graves, mary Julia, 325 
graves, paul homer 
graves, ronald dark 
graves, susan r., 325 
graves, Virginia wood, 285 
gravett, darlene ruth j. 
gray, albert kirkwood, 309 
gray, carol lyons 
gray, david staples 
gray, herbert james, 
gray, michael james, 
gray, miranda alien, 
gray, susan kathleen 
grayson, vicky, 325 
grayson, wayne e., 90 
grayson, william eugene 
greathouse, dan gordon, 309, I 14 
greaves, peyton cook 
greco, donald Joseph 
greeley, lydia kay, 325 
green, ben lamar, jr. 
green, billy leon 
green, carolyn ann, 309 
green, charles francis, 90, 159 
green, charlie h., jr., 334 
green, christopher ray 
green, david henry, 285 
green, deborah gail, 325 

james arthur, 334, 261, 157, 



Joseph Stafford 
larry thomas, 334 
mason I. 
sandra sue 
william d., 309 
william f., 285 
greene, kathryn ann, 325, 237, 92, 89, 

102, 103 
greene, mary Janice 
greene, richard robert, 325 
greene, robert Julian 
greer, billy t., 127, 285, I 14, 108 
greer, david monty 
greer, eldon lindeal, 285 
greer, james larry, 285 
greer, Joyce berniece, 309 
greer, Judith stuard 
greer, robert dale, 334, 157 
gregory, ernest e. 
gregory, gerald charles 
gregory, michael david, 285, 86, 119 
gregory, paul, 285 
greig, janys alana, 334 
gremillion, ralph h. 
ce, claiborne m. 
ce, robert michael, 257, 158 
ffin, charlene marie 
ffin, charles oren, 309 
ffin, edna carolyn 

ffin, joe clinton, 274, 157 
ffin, ralph michael, 152, 325, 
ffith, james carl, 334, 157 
ffith, james lawrence 
ffiths, barbara jo, 115 
ffon, michael george 
II, lewis Joseph 
mes, Joseph darrell, 309 
mes, terry a., 263 


grimsley, linda e., 309, I 10 

grindle, diane rae 

grissom, david paul, 250 

grissom, jane elizabeth, 309, I 10 

grissom, rita diane, 285, I 10 

grosz, alden a. 

grove, rebecca ann, 245, 244 

grubbs, demery floyd 

grubbs, dyanna davis 

grubbs, frances gaye, 285 

grubbs, johnny neil 

grubbs, jon gary, 325 

grubbs, ronnie keith 

grubbs, sharon diane, 234, 235 

grubbs, tommy udell, 274 

guel, robert John 

guerry, mary patricia, 309 

guess, davie Stanley, 334, 158 

guice, John reed, 253, 158 

guider, george warren, jr. 

guider, patricia ryan, 325, 235 

guilbert, william y., 251 

gulledge, dexter eugene 

gulledge, yutana ruth 

gullo, rodney Joseph, 285 

gully, John v., 285 

gunn, jack gordon 

gunn, robert eugene 

gunn, vivia Catherine w. 

gunnoe, pierre dalphin, 334 

gunter, charles everett, jr. 

gunter, david hascal, 127 

gunter, robyn suzette, 334, 237 

guraedy, james burce, 334, 159 

gurdian, marco a., 309 

gurdian, roberto jose, 285 

guthrie, charles earl, 285 

guthrie, John franklin, jr. 

guy, albert mann, jr. 

guy, charles allston 

guy, ellen katherine 

guy, fred gary 

guy, william vaughn, jr., 309, 95 

guynes, david e. 

guyse, roger leon, 285 

guyton, patrick fleming, 309 

gwin, steven crew 

haas, barbara jean, 234 

haase, william alien, 142 

hadad, patricia gail, 325 

hadad, thomas elias 

hadaway, ann, 325, 235 

hadaway, mary carleen, 309 

haddad, fred s. 

haffey, alice anne, 285, 110 

haffey, mary louise, 309 

haffey, thomas edwin, jr. 309, 263 

hagin, janis evelyn 

hahn, Jesse c. 

hajduk, david Joseph, 309, 157 

hakes, doric debell 

hale, edda dolores 

hale, harold frederick, jr. 

hale, John w., 309 

hale, penny anne, 285, 234, 235 

hale, richard c, 334 

hales, james clarence 

haley, danny paul, 285, 112 

haley, pat I., 325, 243, 155 

halfacre, John ira 

halford, barbara gayle, 285 

hall, billy michael, 309 

hall, bonnie sue 

candis mae 

:harlene, 334 

charles wesley 

charlotte, 334 

ervin eugene 

gertrude peggy 

jack Stephens 

John estus, 325 

John robert, jr., 274 

John sheehan, 158 

kenneth alan 

larry benson 

sharon leigh, 334, 241, 137, I 

Virginia gayle 

halle, david harold 



hallenus, Judy kay, 285, 233, I 10 
halliday, sandra kay 
ham, sheila 
hamann, arlis h. 

hamann, beau holmes, 285, 102 
hamil, candis paule+te, 325 
hamilton, clifton o'neil, 158 
hamilton, dexter gawain, 158 
hamilton, harold wayne, 285 
hamilton, martha a. mckenzie 
hamlin, don larry 
hamlin, mary i. beech 
hamm, betty ann, 309, MO 
hammack, curry blair, 157 
hammack, bill, 309 
hammack, sandra faye, 138 
hammond, bobby o'dell, 285 
hammond, mary jane, 334, 245, 122, 

hammond, maurice edwin 
hammond, pamela de ann, 309 
hammons, beverly carole 
hammons, carylee phillippi 
hammons, John leonard 
hammons, waiter earl, 251 
hamner, shepherd I., jr. 
hampton, patricia ann 
hampton, rebecca lea, 334, 128 
hampton, thomas edward, 309, 109 
hamrick, betty s. 
hamrick, sharon lee 
hanbury, susan louise 
hancock, James rudolph, 309 
hancock, steven, 251 
hanna, donald richard, 158 
hanna, margaret suzanne p., 152 
hanna, ronald e., 334, 155 

edna r., 274 

John charles 

dea, 86, 96, 233, 285 

James major 

karen sue, 334 

vicki lynn, 3 10 
hardage, elizabeth carol, 130, 285, 

deborah elaine 

greg, 257 

charles william 

donna gayle, 286 

Julia m. 
harddovin, donna jean 
hardy, beverly enoch, 286 
hardy, charlotte ann, 310 
hardy, cheryl ann 
hardy, edna jane 
hardy, Joseph Jackson, 310 
hardy, nancy brendalene, 325 
hardy, susan 
hardy, william edward 
hariel, joe rogers 
harmon, nancy althea, 310 
harmon, norwood russell 
harmon, thaylia ann, 286 
harmon, wynne, 334, 245 
harper, baxter franklin, jr. 
harper, cheryl amelia 
harper, ella kay cooley 
harper, jimmy ray, 325, 157 
harper, John douglas 
harper, lexie, 310 
harper, rex Stanley 
harr, don glen, 286 
harrell, danny thomas 
harrell, edgar alien, 3 10 
harrell, ellen diane, 325, 92 
harrell, martha lou, 310 
harrington, brenda louise 
harrington, earnest I. 
harrington, James e., 310 
harrington, lonnie eugene 
harris, betty loraine, 286, I 15 
harris, claud vern, 253 
harris, danna christene 
harris, donald glenn 
harris, donna lynn w. 
harris, harvell, jr., 157 
harris, in/in david, 274 
harris, jack lynn 
harris, James duane 
harris, James edward 


hard in, 

harris, John beryl, 334 

harris, larry g., 3 10 

harris, martha ann, 286, 245, 244 

harris, milton canfield 

harris, norman bruce, 159 

harris, richard howard 

harris, ruth tomlin, 286 

harris, sandra I., 310 

harris, shelby I., 274 

harris, stanton lewis, 334, 155 

harris, susie ann, 3 10 

harris, vernon harold, 325, 157 

harris, wellie kropp 

harris, william michael, 325, 158 

harrison, alice ann 

harrison, charles lewis, jr. 

harrison, lawrence j., jr., 334, 259, 

263, 159 
harrison, mary ruth s. 
harrison, melton thomas, 325 
harrison, michael leon 
harrison, robert owen, 157 
harrison, robert ray, 286 
harrison, sandra lynn 
hart, dennis austin, 158 
hart, gary dale 
hart, peggy jean 
hart, richard dedrick, 157 
hart, ridley lee, jr., 130, 159 
hartford, huldah ann, 310, 96 
hartin, martha e. 
hartley, John alien 
hartline, robert alfred, 325, 158 
hartsell, coco, 310 
hartwig, geoffrey bryan, 88, 95, 90, 

hartzog, rickey terrell, 158 
harvey, candis mae, 310 
harvey, carolyn rowell, 310 
harvey, david mitchell, 310 
harvey, edward Joseph 
harvey, James edwin, 310 
harvey, John I. 
harvey, John ronnie, 310 
harvey, mack wayne 
harvey, mary kate m., 93 
harvey, mary katherine 
harvey, willis watts, 258, 259 
harvison, katherine marie 
harwell, george arthur, 286 
harwood, lief erick 
harz, mercer hawkins, 334, 157, 95 
haselden, betty Joan s. 
hasenkampf, John laurence, 286 
haskew, carl darryl, 325, 108 
hasson, dorothy bass 
hatch, robert dean 
hatch, susan, 334 
hatcher, rodney wayne, 325, 157 
hatcher, ronny joe, 325 
hatcher, suzanne, 245, I 19 
hatcher, weldon, 139, 274 
hatfieldr vi-rginia sue, 286 
hathaway, Constance ann, 286 
hathcock, mark pollard 
hathorn, merida, 235 
hathorne, Stephen michael 
flatten, billy ray, 286 
hatten, louis randy, 325 
hat+en, n. russell, 310, 102 
hattier, richard alan 
haughton, mary elaine, 143 
havard, david roy, 325, 159 
havard, jo irene, 325 
havens, raymond larry 
havens, zora jean, 286 
haver, linda kaye, 286, 239 
hawkins, ann marge k. 
hawkins, fred Jerome 
hawkins, george v., iii 
hawkins, harry Julian, jr. 
hawkins, joy 

hawkins, michael b., 334, 159 
hawins, trudy, 325 
hawpe, george lee 
hayden, charles edward, 158 
hayden, david randolph, iii 
hayes, Janice marie 
hayes, laura anne, 286 
hayes, loretta, 334 

hayes, peggy lynne, 310 

hayes, roger lee 

hayes, wirt ross 

hayman, kenneth harold 

haynes, James wyatt, 325, 158 

haynes, martha s., 286 

haynie, ted quinn, 255 

hays, claude pete, iii 

hays, dennis bond 

hays, patricia camille 

hays, patricia ruth m. 

hays, phillip darrel, 310 

haywood, rose anita, 325 

hazelwood, cherryl d. 

hazen, gary alan, 157 

hazen, maurice neal, 142, 134, 159 

hazzlerigg, shirley anne, 122, 286, 

239, 122, 87, 229, 80 
head, katie, 325 
head marjorie marie 
head, randolph lynn, 334, 257 
headley, cheryl lyn 
hearn, helen elizabeth, 325 
hearon, peggy jeanette 
hearty, John w., jr. 
heath, edward m., Iii 
heath, Jacqueline m., 286 
heath, John huddleston 
heathcock, sherman 
hebert, donald wayne 
hebert, lynn bernard, 310, 110 
hebert, thomas 
hebler, martin terrance 
hederman, janelle taylor 
hederman, robert michael 
hederman, sara smith 
hedgepeth, phyllis alyce, 245 
heflin, brenda, 286 
heflin, larry wayne, 286 
heflin, leslie, 334 
heflin, linda, 286 
heflin, linda sue, 325 
hegwood, cynthia gay, 310 
hegwood, Joseph leslie 
hegwood, sarah e. 
heidelberg, michael judson, 251 
heiderhoff, earl e., 255, 158 
heilbroner, sarah simona, 334, 247, 

heitzmann, raymond george 
helfrich, mary lou, 310 
hellmann, lily charlene, 243, 122 
hellpenstell, kathryn ann, 130, 246, 

helms, nancy rebecca w. 
helms, viicki suzanne, 310 
helton, david hugh 
helveston, lauren lamar, 159 
helveston, marsha lenel 
hemba, richard alton, 93 
hemphill, gerald floyd, 146 
hemphill, maurice leon, 159 
hendershot, jean dare, 325, 239 
hendershot, vicki g., 274, 239, 170, 

henderson, bettye jean 
henderson, jettie ann, 334 
henderson, martha carol, 310, 102 
henderson, merlin knight, jr., 286 
henderson, michael rogers, 310 
henderson, olin david 
henderson, patricia ann, 286 
henderson, thomas m., 310 
henderson, thomas waiter, 325 
hendrix, James marlin 
hendry, cynthia gail 
hendry, david wilson 
henriques, marie anne, 310 
henry, sherrie ann, 334, 237 
hensarling, david malcolm, 310, 90, 

hensarling, jean, 334 
hensarling, James kenneth, 325, 158 
hensley, earl eugene, jr. 
hentges, shilloy suzanne, 334 
henze, Judith marie, 310 
hepkin, Janet elaine s. 
hepkin, John louis 

herberger, cheryl ann, 334, 243, 122 
hernbloom, linda carol, 130, 286 

hernbloom, sandra kathryn, 310 
hero, Joan leslie 


lois sue, 3 10 
in, ralph herman, jr. 
in, sammy hugh, 157 

william alien 
ing, bonnie sue, 325 

edmond anthony, 286 
henry buford, jr., 157, 94 
John o., 254, 255 
Judith marie, 325, 245, 92 
kenneth earl, jr. 
lewis n., 158 
marsha ann, 245 
marye elizabeth 
rodney louis 
william Joseph 
ington, carolyn henson, 310 
ington, deborah k., 334, 241 
ington, hardy ray, 286 
ington, joe larry, 286 
ington, marquette, 310 
ington, mary jo, 334 
ington, maurice ghyn 
ington, rufus merle 
herron, johnny larkin, jr., 158 
hertel, John lewis 

hesson, robert wilton, jr., 286, 261 
hester, freida ann, 334 
hester, sidney el I Is 
hestle, g. jean, 325 
hethcox, James m., 310, 95 
hewes, gregory p., 152, 325, 134, 

hewitt, johnye ruth h. 
hewitt, lowe arthur, 251 
hewlett, marshal thorrvas 

cks, andy ray 

cks, hunter george 

cks, larry gorden 

cks, sandra anita, 235 

estand, marguerite, 334 

gdon, william travis, 310 

ggins, sally norris 

ggins, william 

gh, jane ellen, 286 

ghsmith, James larry 

ghtower, karen jane, 310 

ghtower, richard j., 159 

ghtower, terry leigh, 310 

Ibun, John larry 

II, boyd aaron, 3 10 

II, conrad farrell, 325, 136, 157 

david lipscomb, 152, 334, 157 

ellis dean, 253, 158 

eugene curtis, 334, 157 
II, francis anthony 
II, g. collette, 334 

henry clifton 

horace david 
II, James bernard 

'erry ray, 3 10 
II, michael c, 325, 158 
II, patricia taylor, 286 

robert kenneth, 286 
II, ruth elaine b. 
II, sue elliott 
llman, danny lane 
llman, donald eugene 
llman, myrion kay, 310 
lis, James parker, 250, 251, 159, 85, 


hilton, candace b. 
hilton, mae nell, 325 
hilton, ola rene 
hinckley, michael francis, 325 
hines, John carlton, 310 
hines, leo elgin 
hines, william ruben, jr. 
hinkle, linda diane, 334 
hinman, michael chauncey, 157 
hinson, alan lee, 286 
hinson, robert aldie 
hintersehr, christine ann 
hinton, bobby ray, 286 
hinton, carrie mae e. 
hinton, donald everett 
hinton, edward talmage, 149, 310, 

hinton, evelyn levaughn, 325 


hi nton , jerry lloyd, 158 

hinton, lawrence winston, 286 

hinton, noah blanchard, iii 

hinton, otha merwyn, 310 

hinton, patricia ann, 310 

hinton, patricia ann t. 

hinton, randy m. 

hinton, richard b. 

hinton, willie waiter, 325 

hintson, elsie loraine, 130, 325, 113 

him, kathy margaret, 334 

hite, verl John 

hitt, James edwin 

hixon, gilbert hifner, 325, 158 

ho, shou shuan 

hobbs, carol v., 286 

hocutt, cheryl ann, 310, 233 

hodge, della louise n. 

hodge, Judith ann, 286 

hodgekiss, randall w., 259, 157 

hodges, carol glynn, 310 

hodges, daniel thomas, 116, 128, 155 

hodges, Janet I., 3 10, I 10 

hodges, maxwell, jr. 

hodges, richard keith 

hodges, ronald patrick, 286 

hodges, william milton, 334, 155 

hoelscher, steve charles, 257 

hoff, annie gertrude I 

hoffman, benjamin f., jr. 

hoffman, ernest e., iii, 155 

hoffman, susan elizabeth, 247 

hogan, erroll ross, 325 

hogue, carolyn cecelia 

hogue, ethel geraldine, 237 

hogue, James larry 

hogue, ronald boyce 

holcomb, evelyn cheryl 

holcomb, glyndale gene 

holcomb, louis edgar, 157 

holcomb, louis f., 261 

holcomb, luther c, jr. 

holden, charles glen, 310 

holder, dixie rhetta, 286 

holder, edith kay, 334, 233 

holder, James donald 

holder, Julia carole, 310 

holder, mary diane 

holder, ray, jr. 

holder, wilbur f., ii 

holder, william arnold, 310 

holderfield, jacquelyn h., 130, 115 

holifield, henry o'neal, 274 

holifield, Judith faye, 139, 310 

holifield, neil leland, 310 

holifield, terry lynn 

holifield, william dale 

holland, richard wayne 

holland, william marion 

hoi ley, david reuben 

holliday, bruce alan, 251 

hollirnon, demaris phillips 

hollingsworth, beverly a. 

hollingsworth, george a. 

hollingsworth, Joseph k. 

hollingsworth, paul elliott, 286 

hollingsworth, peggy I. 

hollins, mamie lee 

holloway, carl maurice, 114 

holloway, mary gayle, 334, 233 

holman, mary katherine, 142, 287, 

238, 239, 137, I 13 
holmes, bennie g., 325, 158 
holmes, carolyn, 239, 334 
holmes, carolyn jean, 325 
holmes, dallas w., 127, 287 
holmes, John wesley, jr. 
holmes, larry t., 287 
holmes, linda ann 
holmes, linda Joyce, 325 
holmes, margaret scott, 287, 110 
holmes, paul russell, 310 
holmes, carolyn 
holmes, susan, I I 3 
holmes, winnifred kay, 287, 243 
holston, noel wesley, 3 10, 261 
holt, lee henry 
holt, robert o. 
holyfield, orrey curtiss 
hommel, robert michael 

honea, jack h., 310 

honeycutt, Janet mae, 334, 233 

honeycutt, Judith bryan, 93, 89 

hong, sherman, 128 

hood, angela dianne 

hood, helen carlyn 

hood, richard edward, 310 

hood, Stephen craig, 261, 90, 159 

hooker, sandra Johnson, 287 

hooks, barbara ann 

hooks, robert wayne, 159 

hooper, jerry alexander, 334, 157 

hopkins, lance waiter, 287 

hopkins, monica jane j. 

hopkins, neil paul, 325, I 19 

hoppe, george donald, 252, 253, 82, 

165, 94, 81 
horahan, william lorden, 325 
hord, lida louise, 334, 237, 122 
horn, Janet lee 
horn, leonard paul 
horn, susan, 146, 325, 235, 122 
home, brenda faye, 310 
home, charles h., jr., 310 
home, emily louise, 310 
home, frederick d. 
home, gregory milton, 127 
home, gene, 287 
home, tommy arthur 
homer, jean alliene, 325 
hornsby, benny Jackson 
horton, thomas lamar 
hosey, phil m. 
hosilyk, karl Joseph 
hoskin, robert John 
hough, theresa ann, 310 
hough, theresa jan, 287, 101 
houpt, michael duane 
house, charlie v., jr. 
house, wayne saunders, 251 
houska, faith d. bevon 
housley, harold loyd, 287 
houston, alice w. 
houston, phyllis jean, 287 
houston, reuben kidd, jr. 
howard, anna m., 310 
howard, douglas wayne, 287 
howard, edwin alvin 
howard, ellen kaye f. 
howard, hope, 287 
howard, James david, 118 
howard, mike, 255 
howard, murrel ralph 
howard, randall e., 253, 159 
howard, waiter lee, 287 
howe, alvin edward 
howe, marjo jeanette r. 
howell, beverly Joyce, 325 
howell, dorman mcarthur, 311 
howell, glenn roy 
howell, hershel a., jr. 
howell, hollis Jessie, 287 
howell, jane susanne 
howell, kinnon hunter 
howell, larry william 
howell, lee elma 
howell, lewis david, 287, 263 
howel, linda b., 287 
howell, lonnie ray 
howell, mary eva s. 
howell, nancy, 287, I 10 
howell, shirley ann, 325 
howell, taylor lafayette 
howell, wayne morris, 325, 253, 158 
howie, helen frances, 325, 243, 137 
howorth, charles I., 257, 231 
howton, william curry, 251 
howze, joann, 142, 287 
hu, chia chen 
hu, peng chia, 334 
hubbard, donna kay 
hubbard, Sylvia booth 
hube, Johanna karen 
hudnall, James harry 
hudson, beverly ann, 325 
hudson, carl t., 287 
hudson, charles norman 
hudson, dave comeron, 158 
hudson, linda e. keith 
hudson, margaret suzanne, 334 

hudson. susan christine, 92 

huerkamp, erwin george, jr. 

huff, rebecca ann, 334, 243 

huggins, James harris 

hughes, gloria jean, 325 

hughes, helen karlynn, 325, 243 

hughes, mark link 

hughes, timothy george 

hughes, wayne alien, 325, 95, 158 

huhn, hugh darryl, 127, 287, 259, I 18 

hull, Joseph franklin, 116, 128 

hullum, nancy dianne, 130 

hullum, ralph linton, jr., 130 

humphrey, carol, 325 

humphrey, priscilla grace 

hundemer, charles w. 

hunt, carolyn ann, 287 

hunt, jerry leath, 253 

hunt, joe paul 

hunt, John lawrence, 334 

hunter, clifton ray, 287 

hunter, James david 

hunter, martha carol, 142, 311 

hunter, richard howard, 259 

hunter, sue. ellen, 287, 93 

hunter, yolan avie, 325, 243 

hupp, carol ann, 311, 110 

hurley, mary jo, 334 

hurst, alice geraldine c. 

hurst, mary elizabeth, 311 

hurt, duane forrest, 252, 86, 93, 159, 

husser, karon beatrice, 311 
hutchins, carole bell 
hutchinson, sharyn lynne, 125, 311, 

235, 122 
hutto, James r. 
hutto, John robert 
hutto, suzanne, 311, 233 
hutton, marilyn rose, 325 
hwang, eddie lu 
hyatt, eugenia lanelle, 311, 235 
hyatt, robert morgan 
hyman, michael beaty 

dom, James ronnie, 253, 231 

ngram, bobby milton, 334 

ngram, helen marie, 287 

ngram, Joseph harold, 325, 155 

ngram, leonard lee, jr., I I I 

ngram, robert dewey, 311, 120 

nman, barbara ann 

nman, kenneth I., jr., 274 

nman, lorey jean, 325, 243 

nzaina, beverly ann 

nzaina, John raymond 

rby, paul daniel 

rby, ronald andrew, 257, 159 

shee, gaddis michael, 90 

shee, george earl, 287, 159, 156 

shee, gladys ray smith 

shee, linda faye, 325 

shee, patricia ann, 325 

sler, James alan, 311, 112 

srael, jewel may b. 

srael, kenneth davidson 

tsuki, hirazumi, 334 

vy, linda lee, 3 I I 


ackson, arnold, 109 

ackson, betsy, 239, 334 

ackson, bill f., 274 

ackson, bobbie louise j. 

ackson, daniel m., jr., 287 

ackson, david harris 

ackson, diana lynn 

ackson, donald, 109 

ackson, donna I., 311 

ackson, gary howard, 334, 95, 159 

ackson, iva bernadine, 325 

ackson, James Jerome 

ackson, James thomas, 130 

ackson, John clarence 

ackson, Joseph keith, 325 

ackson, linda kaye 

ackson, melvia susan, 334 

ackson, norman brent 

ackson, ronald 

ackson, toni cyrilia, 287, 239 

ackson, william b., jr. 

ackson, willie ruth, 326 

acob, thornton n., jr., 275 

acobson, noretta lynn 

ahnke, cathleen susan 

albert, charles william, 128 

ames, alice lindsey w. 

ames, carey sim 

ames, John burt, 89 

ames, Joseph hopkins 

ames, j. anne, 334 

ames, kathy marie 

ames, linda diane, 334 

ames, robert clinton, jr. 

ames, sidney Julius 

ames, william waiter 

ameson, James william 

ancik, joann j., 287 

anczewski, floria kaye m. 

arman, charles Wallace 

arvis, John j., iii 

aster, John frank 

ay, James abert, 158 

eanes, robert mathis, 157 

eansonne, ted John, 287 

efcoat, linda faye beard, 287 

efcoats, david austin 

efcoats, jimmy dale, 3 I I 

effery, mimi a., 311 

effus, raymond bunn, 311 

emison, bobby j., 334 

emison, richard howard 

enkins, jane cecille, 326, 237 

enkins, lena louise 

enkins, marks whittle, jr., 311 

enkins, marvin charles 

enkins, mary d. fitzgerald 

enkins, rebecca elizabeth, 334 

enner, christie ellen, 3 I I 

enner, James alan, 326, 157 

ennings, frank w., 287 

ennings, Jennifer 

ensen, edward duane 

ensen, esther ruth 

ent, esther lillian, 287 

erkins, Joseph larry 

erkins, richard douglas, I 14 

ernigan, eddy 

esse, dorothy camille, 334 

esse, vincent, jr., 287 

ett, linda susan 

oachim, david scott, 3 I I 

oachim, gary patrick 

ohns, Judith ann, 334, 138 

ohns, mary alice, I 13 

ohnson, arthur c, iii 

ohnson, a. stan, 287, 138 

ohnson, barbara cascal, 311 

ohnson, barry kevin 

ohnson, brian benjamin, 287 

ohnson, carol ann, 287 

ohnson, carole jane m. 

ohnson, charles patrick, 263, 157, 

262, 153 
ohnson, charles woodrow, 334, 157 
ohnson, charlotte ann, 311 
ohnson, cheryl lynn 
ohnson, connie jo 
ohnson, corinne h. 
ohnson, craig robert, 138, 158 
ohnson, c. Stephen, 287 
ohnson, david glen, 159 
ohnson, duane o'neil 
ohnson, gary dean 
ohnson, george carl, 287, I 19 
ohnson, glen norman 
ohnson, peter, 255 
ohnson, James donald, 311 
ohnson, James earl 
ohnson, jannie lee, 287, 138, 110 
ohnson, jaynie susan, 334 
ohnson, jean marie, 235 
ohnson, jeryl leroy 
ohnson, jimmy max 
ohnson, joe edward, 3 I I 
ohnson, johnny j., 288, I 12 
ohnson, Joseph mark, 311, 257 
ohnson, Joyce e., 288 
ohnson, Judy kay, 311, 233, 122, 110 


ohnson, karen m., 110, 122, 233, 311 
'ohnson, kenneth leon 
ohnson, labe bradford, jr., 311 
ohnson, leighton bland, jr. 
ohnson, lesley theron 
ohnson, linda anita 
Johnson, linda anne, 334 
ohnson, linda gae 
ohnson, lou alien b. 
ohnson, lynn, 245, 326 
ohnson, maggie, 3 I I 
ohnson, mamie karen 
ohnson, marcus ronald, 334 
Johnson, mark rankin 
ohnson, martha carol, 288 
ohnson, martha elizabeth, 334 
ohnson, mary azalean, 311 
ohnson, maude evelyn 
ohnson, patricia loraine s. 
ohnson, robin starr 
Johnson, ronald Jackson, 95, 90 
ohnson, ronald joe, 288 
ohnson, sharon r. 
ohnson, s+ephen frank 
ohnson, Stephen rogers, 108 
ohnson, susan ann 
ohnson, william andrew 
lohnson, william hugh, jr. 
ohnson, Jeff, 255 
ohnston, darryl James, 159 
ohnston, edwin rawls, 288 
ornston, floyd vincent, 311 
ohnston, frank alien, 288, I 12 
ohnston, jean clare, 311, 243 
ohnston, jolynn 
ohnston, ramon edward 
ohnston, rupert patrick, 288 
ohnston, thomas alexander 
oily, alex glenn, 3 I I 
ones, alma loraine, 3 I I 
ones, barbara w. 
Jones, beverly ann, 3 I I 
ones, betty lee, 243 
ones, bill lloyd, 326, 253, 122 
ones, brenda kay, 334 
ones, cassie robert, jr. 
ones, charles michael, 261 
ones, charles richard, 288 
ones, charlie vinson, 311 
ones, charlotte ann s., 91 
ones, cora annette 
ones, creighton ann, 288 
Jones, cynthia diane, 326 
ones, daniel Joseph 
'ones, dainel patrick 
ones, david f., 311 
ones, deborah lenora, 334 
ones, della ruth t. 
ones, donald ray, jr. 
ones, douglas eugene 
ones, elizabeth lee, 334 
ones, elizabeth r. 
ones, ernest fox 
ones, gary e., 311 
ones, gerald wayne, 288 
ones, hansel anthony 
ones, harry earl, 257, 158 
ones, houston b., 311 
ones, jack r. 

Jones, jacq lynn, 288, 233 
Jones, James lide, 3 I I 
ones, James ronald, 288 
ones, jerry charles 
|ones, jerry wilson 
ones, Joel chanin, 3 I I 
ones, John howell, jr., 311, 95, 129, 

Jones, karen n., 130, 326 
Jones, kenneth fred, 3 I I 
Jones, lana kay, 326, 94 
Jones, larry dean 
Jones, larry neil, 334, 159 
Jones, larry royce, 326 
Jones, linda faye, 3 I I 
Jones, larry wayne 
Jones, linda kay pruitt 
Jones, linda marie, 335 
Jones, margaret ann 
Jones, margaret trances 
Jones, martha diane, 288, 238, 239 


311, 239, 230, 


I 10, 


ones, meridoth stuart chipper, 

ones, nancy lee 
ones, needham 
ones, newman e., iii 
ones, pamela rose 
ones, patricia louise, 

ones, paul hilary 
ones, rebecca ann, 326, 94 
ones, richard thomas 
ones, robert earl 
ones, rosa lynn, 288 
ones, sammie faye, 288 
ones, samuel gordon, 251 
ones, sandra nell, 241 
ones, sara elizabeth, 288 

ones, shari lee, 326 
ones, sherry lanell, 326 
ones, Stanley cameron, 288 
ones, thomas e., 158 
ones, thomas lenville, jr. 
ones, thomas willie 
ones, ursula ruth, 335, 233, 137 
ones, william, 157 
ones, wilmer rodney 
ordan, brenda Joyce m., 91 
ordan, byron everett 
ordan, candace elizabeth h. 
ordan, daniel gervis 
ordan, dwight g. 
ordan, emma lurlean 
ordan, frederick p., jr. 
ordan, gwendolyn doris, 335 
ordan, harriet d. 
ordan, jane lynn, 288, 108 
ordan, janis ouida, 335 
ordan, Judith gale, 288 
ordan, kenneth ray 
ordan, laurel ann 
ordan, lillian louise, 3 I I 
ordan, linda ann, 288 
ordan, marjorie waggoner, 93, 8' 
ordan, marshall lamar 
ordan, rebecca m. 
ordan, troy, 3 I I 
ordan, wilbert frazier, 335, 157 
ordan, wilda s. 

osey, evelyn gaynell, 311, 110 
osey, wayne robert, jr., 326 
oyner, gene cayce, 263 
udy, bryce bradley, 90 
uen, jolynn marie, 335 
ulian, tommy earl 
ussely, david hatten, 326, 
ussely, jo ann 
ustice, rickter scott, 263, 






kahler, sherry lee t. 

kajdan, timothy paul 

kalagian, samuel, jr., 263, 157 

kalehoff, marjann, 335 

kanady, cathy ann, 3 I I 

kandaswamy, kunchithapatham, 94 

kandaswamy, vijayalakshmi 

karabetsos, maria, 3 I I 

kaster, william peter 

kay, david lewis, 3 I I 

keal, kevin 

keels, John inglis 

keen, benny lever 

keenan, elizabeth sue, 335, 233, 122 

keene, doris I., 288 

kehoe, william d., jr., 326 

keifer, margret ruth, 92, 102 

keith, charlotte ellen, 326 

keith, cynthia lee, 326 

keith, edwin monroe 

keith, robert david, 288, 138, 109 

keith, wilmer curtis, jr. 

kellar, becky, 326 

keller, ronald edward, 326, 157 

kelley, betty j. latham 

kelley, donna earle 

kelley, michael dennis, 335 

kelly, augustus f., jr. 

kelly, dixie lynn, 91 

kelly, dottie June, 288, 247, I I I 

ly, georgia beth, 326, 242, 

ly, gloria jean, 288 

ly, gordon earl 


y, herbert newell 
ly, James m., 288 
ly, phillip lamb 
ly, rex eugene 
ly, sarah maud, 288 
lly, sheryl lynn 
kemp, caray lee, jr. 
kenamond, mary dayne, 326, 235, 92, 

89, 105 
kendrick, naomi rutland, 
kendrick, ronnie jack 
kennard, david alien 
kennedy, claudette, 311 
kennedy, danny h. 
kennedy, linda j., 288, 235 
kennedy, sue pace 
kennedy, susan ann, 3 I I 
kenney, donna nel, 335 
kennon, brenda dianne b. 
kennon, william jon 
kent, carl edwin 
kent, marilyn martha, 288 
kern, irene terrell, 311, 241 
kern furher, h., 157 
kernop, james luther, 311 
kerr, kenneth fred, 288 
kersh, gerald Jones, 95 
kervin, John doyle, Iii 
kerzee, william lee, 3 I I 
kesler, bette r., 288 
kessinger, sarah lewis 
keveryn, al w. 
key, charlotte cooper 

james michael 

John wilton 

Joseph arnold 

radell, 311, 112 

russel welsh 
keyes, charlotte faye, 335 
keyes, elizabeth dell d. 
keyes, rhonda kaye 
kidd, anne cheryl, 3 I I 
kidd, Stephen charles, 95 





e. alfred 
angela marie, 326, 

335, 241, 170 

130, 142, 

david e., 251 
ruby anastasia, 
melba louise 
John wilson 
frank leroy, jr 
116, 128 
Igore, larry james, 288 
Ham, linda kay, 275 
llion, judi Catherine, 237 
Hough, patricia lynn, 335, 241, 122 
Ipatrick, jo carolyn, 288 
Ipatrick, mary helen, 335 
mball, francis floyd, jr., 275 
mble, ernest randall 
mble, linda Joyce 
nard, hugh street, jr. 
nard, winford olin 
nchen, francis e., jr. 
nder, kerry neil 
ng, andrea lynn, 326 
ng, arthur irving, 3 I I 
barbara ann 

deena jean, 335 
dewey glenn, 3 I I 
eddie mitchell 
emma lou, 326, 102 
evangelist william 
ng, gerald thomas 
ng, Joseph william, jr., 231 
ng, karen patterson 
ng, linda baxter, 125, 311, 240, 241, 
136, 116, 115 

243 kirk, carlton kendall, 257, 157 

kirk, kathryn loraine, 335 
kirkfield, carolyn w. 
kirkfield, charles estess 
kirkwood, kirn wheless, 157 
kiser, evelyn louise, 326, 129 
kiser, Jeanne rue, 335, 129 
kiss, helen theresa, 326 
kitrell, dona loraine 
kitrell, Catherine jane, 326 
kittrell, dona elaine 
kittrell, vivian h. 
klabunde, marilyn, 288 
kleiman, carey david, 155 
klein, jo ann, 149, 326, 92, 89 
klein, ralph dennery, jr. 
klein, thomas h., 335, 159 
kleinhans, franklin bruce, 311 
kleinke, herman carl 
klobe, charles ernest, 288 
klock, John elmer 
kloman, frederic william, 148, 288, 

klos, gene f., 326 
kloss, william marshall, il, 114 
kloth, oscar, 311, 109 
klutts, cecil m., 326, 255, 158 
klutts, Joyce causey 
knapp, william martin 
knight, barbara ann, 275 
knight, brenda carol, 335, 241 
knight, c. m. 
knight, darrell lane 
knight, douglas e. 
knight, linda gene, 311, 241, 122 
knight, robert alien 
knoll, michael james 
knott, robert alien, 3 12 
knox, edwin b. 
knox, mary m. 

koberger, karl edmund, 326, 158 
koch, karen kathryn 
kolb, david michael, 158 
kolger, katherine grayson, 312, 237 
kolman, philip Jacob, 289, 85 
kondrat, ihor m., 289, I 12 
koo, ann jean 
239, 122, koos, eddie jean h. 

kornfuhrer, harold j., 253 

kornrumpf, louise Cleveland 

kostmayer, karen kathleen, 326 

kouba, cheryl lynn, 335 

kouns, diana eugenia, 326 

koyiades, charles gregory 

kramer, edward nicholas, 312, 102 

kramer, John marvin, 158 

krauser, John burg, 289, 95, 90, 81 

krebs, susan marie, 326 

kroha, robert james, 289, 118 

krohn, daniel alfred 

krumbeck, vincent michael, 312 

kryter, laurence h. 

kuehn, donald charles, 289, I 14 

kuhn, jeffery randolph 

kuriger, mary trances, 335 

kyker, fannie lavelle 

kynerd, nancy alford 

kynerd, thomas e. 

kyser, robert j., 251, 157 



ng, martin I. 

ng, melton c, 288, 253 

ng, melvin leon 

ng, raymond thomas 

ng, wanda ann, 288, 239, 

ng, wanda kay, 326 

ngsafer, John richard, 311 

rby, wanda gayle, 239 




la cuesta enrique 
lacoste, alan daniel 
ladner, berlin a 

carvin John, 


elizabeth k., 241 

ernest edwin 

h. patrick 

james ronald, 127 

Janice cynthia, 146, 3 1 2, 

kathie, 312 

lucien james, 289 

marilyn ruth, 289, 94, III 

michael, 326 

richard owen 

robert donald 

toni, 312 
122 ladner, wendell larry, 158 

ladnier, glen bernard, 326, 157 

I 14, 



ladnier, mary e. cowart 

ladnier, royce c, 127 

lafevers, iames ronald 

laqraize, earl paul, 289, 256, 257 

laird, henry f., jr., 335, 261, 158, 95 

laird, John henry, 335 

laird, linda rae, 312, I 10 

laird, margaret jo 

laird, richard hugh, 253 

lamb, milton earl, jr., 157 

lamb, robert carl 

lamb, shirley ann 

lambert, bobby glenn 

lambert, James louie, 312 

lambert, kenneth charles 

lambert, larry lyle, 289, 105 

lambert, lois elaine, 289 

lambert, patricia louise, 289 

lambert, steve, 3 I 2 

lambert, terry a., 289, 253, 95 

lambert, william b. 

lambeth, kathy m., 312, 235 

lambuth, warren gerald 

lamey, donald charles 

lamey, robert edward 

lammel, Julie katherine, 326, 247, 230, 

lammons, michael ray 
lamonaca, caesar anthony 
lamothe, david mackie, 326, 159 
lampe, henry carl, 158 
lampion, Stephen ford 
lancaster, vivian Joan 
land, Judy marilyn s. 
land, m. ann 
land, olin franklin, jr. 
landress, John robert 
landrum, carlton Janet, 139, 312, 110 
landrum, dorothy j. shows 
landrum, gerald wayne 
landry, Janet sue p., 130 
landry, Joseph darrel, 326 
landry, michael Juan, 117 
lane, bettie jean, 243 
lane, joann, 312 
lane, sylvia dianne, 326 
lang, hoi lis leroy, 289 
lang, huey parker, 289 
lang, milton gardner, 159 
lang, paul william 
lang, shelley elizabeth, 326 
langdon, James gilbert 
lange, mary Constance, 239 
langford, barry eugene, 289, 261 
langford, jerry wilson 
langford, John thomas 
langlinais, frances, 312, 91 
langrand, marcelo f., 326 
langston, deborah paulette 
langston, sarah ann, 326 
langton, edward Joseph 
lanier, becky jo, 289 
lanier, jean carol, 289, 243 
lanier, sandra lorene, 312 
lanius, dale, 146, 312, 239, 137, 96 
lankford, James henry 
lankford, John robert, iii, 326 
lankford, mary ruth, 289 
lansing, James n., 312 
laroux, cabbot s., 335, 157 
larsen, James donald 
larsen, Janet elaine, 312 
larsen, maxie j., 312 
larson, richard kent, 312 
lassiter, argel pigford 
latham, Carolyn susan, 335 
lauderdale, leonard louis, 312 
lauderdale, melvin v., 259 
lavender, freddie clarke 
law, david young, 326, 157 
lawler, barbara ann m. 
lawler, Stephen roy, 289 
lawless, charles david 
lawrence, cheryl lane s. 
lawrence, gwendolyn, 289, 117 
lawrence, John william, 312 
lawrence, lynda lee, 247, 89 
lawrence, thomas eugene, 123, 326 
lawry, douglas eugene, 312 
lawson, cornelia v. 

lawson, donny lee, 326, 95, 158 
lawson, robert elmer, jr., 108 
lawson, sharyn kathleen, 312, 237 
lawson, william eugene, 142, 289, 90, 

lay, nancy ann, 326, 237 
layton, carolyn diane d. 
layton, guy anthony, 312 
leach, dorothy sue, 289, 94 
leach, linda ann, 289 
leach, rita jane, 289 
leake, raymon quin 
leard, richard lynn, 326, 157 
leard, robert ernest, iii, 289, 83, 95, 

leblanc, John reader, jr. 
leblanc, larry w., 289 
leckie, John andrew, 275 
leder, rise sylvia, 335 
ledlow, James harold, jr. 
ledlow, linda diane, 312 
lee, claude ernest, 157 
lee, Constance loraine, 289 
lee, curtis cordell 
lee, dorothy loraine, 326 
lee, elton chun-ming 
lee, esther jane, 326, 239, 122 
lee, ezell gullion 
lee, george ernest, 312 
lee, James edward 
lee, James herron 
lee, James wendell, 289 
lee, Joseph michael 
lee, Josephine mason 
lee, Joshua e., 289 
lee, Joyce swan 
lee, larry keith 
lee, lesley wayne, jr., 158 
lee, lynda noble, 289 
lee, mopsy, 326 
lee, marvin e. 
lee, mary carol, 289 
lee, mary m., 312 
lee, rachel elaine 
lee, robert alvin 
lee, ronnie larue 
lee, ronnie w., 289 
lee, thomas houston 
lee, thomas lindsey, jr., 289, 263 
lee, wayne carlton, 127 
lee, william alton, 312 
lee, william douglas 
lee, william henry, jr. I 
lee, william max 
leedy, richard alien, 117 
lees, dorothy anne 
leggett, george burwell 
leggett, georgiana risk 
leggett, James ronnie, 326 
leggett, lawrence h. 
leggett, lee david 
leggett, lee simmons 
leggett, mary Virginia, 326 
leggett, richard bernard, 289 
leggett, thomas albert, jr. 
lehecka, Jacqueline pearl 
lehman, Joan beryl, 326 
leiker, frank j., ii 
lemox, sherry victoria, 243 
lenoir, anita irene 
leonard, alexa, 335, 241 
leonard, frances louise, 312, 110 
leonard, mark h., 152, 312 
leonard, michael howard 
leonard, susan 
lepre, linda sue, 3 I 2 
leritz, leonard andrew 
le roy, frances gertrude, 312, III 
leskovec, John raymond, 289 
lessner, ronald dennis 
lester, sandra lee, 335, 247 
letchworth, betty irene, 289 
letort, fred michael, 312 
levens, roberta sue, 335 
leverette, Jesse eugene, jr. 
levine, david warren 
lewis, alice dale, 312 
lewis, alna christine, 312 
lewis, carolyn Joyce, 312 
lewis, cecelia ann starr 

lewis, charles aaron, 158 

lewis, charles wesley 

lewis, danny wayne, 289 

lewis, eddie miley 

lewis, frances robbins, 335 

lewis, fred h. 

lewis, frederick norton, 326, 251 

lewis, genny, 312, 245 

lewis, georgia mae 

lewis, harry david, 95 

lewis, jack robert 

lewis, jean alice, 3 12 

lewis, John south, 259 

lewis, linda irene, 335 

lewis, linda jo 

lewis, linda I. 

lewis, luther darias, 257 

lewis, margie dell, 3 1 2 

lewis, mary evelyn, 289 

lewis, michael b., 257 

lewis, randall s., 152, 326 

lewis, robert lynwood 

lewis, ruth annie, 290, I I I 

lewis, sally mae, 312, 96 

lewis, w. carroll, 290 

ley lau, jose antonio 

ley, rene, 335 

liberto, shirley faye 

lide, r. dennis, 326 

lieke, pamela Virginia 

lightsey, judyth h., 290 

lightsey, mary louise, 312, 110 

lightsey, william t., jr. 

ligon, James adam, 251 

lilly, James alford, 259 

limerick, cecelia Jones 

limerick, curtis van 

lin, grace jinn 

lin, yueh-li bonnie 

lindley, bettie gail, 90, 312 

lindley, mariquita, 290 

lindsey, deborah jean, 335 

lindsey, helen lydia 

lindsey, mary ann 

lindsey, warner michael, 109 

lipscomb, John p., 290 

lirette, charles elliott, ii, 155, 335 

little, ann darbey, 290 

little, beverly ann, 335 

little, ellen m., 108, 290 

little, freda elaine, 312 

little, harvey roy, I 14 

little, linda kay, 312 

little, nancy rebecca 

little, pamela, 237, 290 

little, regina ann 

little, vickie lynn 

little, wilton alexander, 159 

littlepage, thomas david, 137, 231, 

262, 263, 312 
litton, kenneth e., jr., 290 
liveakos, richard krudop, 122, 128, 

130, 158, 257 
liverett, albert I., 157 
lizana, leroy 

lloyd, aletha anne, 91, 119 
lloyd, John henry, 90, 159, 312 
lloyd, karon jane 
lloyd, linda hulse, 96, 290 
lloyd, nancy elizabeth, 94, 312 
lloyd, robert benson 
locke, James r., 122, 157, 253, 326 
lockhart, jack raymond 
lockhart, susan, 3 I 2 
loeffler, James reed, jr. 
loflin, kenneth h. 
loftin, bernadette k., 93 
loftin, sam hinton, iii, 159 
lofton, jan 

lofton, joe Cleveland 
lofton, patricia calcote, 290 
lofton, roy devon, jr., 290 
logan, donjre b. 
logan, gerald wayne 
logan, Janice taylor, 290 
logan, linda mae 
logan, Stephen craig, 158 
logan, willard douglas 
loggans, evelyn ann, 92 
loggins, sarah will is 

lomax, forest kent, 158, 335 

lomax, Joseph lester, 253, 290 

lomax, rhea peary, 321 

lombardo, charles t., 290 

long, brenda gail, I 10, 299 

long, charles larry, 158 

long, dannye wayne, 91, 159, 290 

long, diane marie 

long, frank t., jr., 3 12 

long, ginger, 152, 312 

long, sachia, 82 

lonnborg, Janice m., 96, 312 

loomis, robert steven, 312 

loos, cynthia helen 

loper, alfred leon, 157 

loper, barbara frances d. 

loper, patricia lucille, 89, 91, 290 

loper, sammie joe 

loper, tommy ralph, 90, 156, 290 

loper, wanda gail, 290 

lopez, Janet gayle, 326 

lorona, manuel 

losasso, James philip, 312 

lott, brenda, 335 

lott, carolyn I., 290 

lott, dorothy n. dark 

lott, dorothy sue 

lott, hershel woodley 

lott, howard anthony, 290 

lott, jerry a., 290 

lott, Joseph clifton 

lott, linda ann, 326 

lott, lucy kathryn 

lott, margaret v. crosby 

lott, mary lou 

lott, nelda Jackson 

lott, odell I. bond 

lott, priscilla carolyn c. 

lott, robert alien 

lott, rossie edwin 

lott, sarah jane b. 

lott, sharbert k. 

lott, sheryl theresa 

lott, susan Irene, 312 

lott, terry wayne, 158 

lott, theron edgar, 90, 154, 159, 290 

lott, vernon eddie, 290 

lott, willis hulon, jr. 

lott, winston edgar, 158 

loudermilk, alvin earl, 157 

loup, John andrew, 263, 312 

lourtney, John david, 263 

love, patricia ann, 87, 290 

lovelace, mmarion edgar, 159, 335 

lovelace, v. dianne, 326 

loveless, terry mac 

lovett, alice joahan g. 

lovett, fred r. 

lovett, rosemary, 326 

lovette, James kenneth 

lovette, lil, 335 

lovitt, norma sue, 245 

lovorn, John murrah, 231, 255 

low, eva henrietta, 290 

lowe, James roland 

lowe, patricia kay 

lowe, rodney c, 157, 261 

lowe, william terrell, 158, 335 

lowen, georgianna heywood 

lowery, dian marie 

lowery, herman douglas, 158, 335 

lowery, howard rankin, 263 

lowery, laverne dewitt t. 

lowery, thomas franklin 

lowrey, eme'ie roberta, 93, 99, 125, 

236, 237 
lowrey, erik m. 
lowrey, quin collier, 109 
lowrey, william olson, 87, 95, 101, 

13 7, 290 
lowry, ralph kelton 
loyacono, mary frances 
lubke, norman John 
lucas, James collins, 290 
lucas, jim w. 
luckie, donald ray, I I I 
luckie, lynda ann, 290 
luckie, yvita yvonne, 110, 312 
luke, chris rena 
lukens, ronald ray, 158 


lumm, gerald william 

lumm, katharine r. hammond 

lumpkin, lou ann 

luse, hal douglas 

lusk, frank richard 

lusk, randolph carter, 312 

lutenbacher, david a. 

luter, Jesse crawford, 128, 157, 326 

luther, Jesse ray 

luther, roger lane, 326 

lutrick, g. dianne, 130, 233, 290 

lyell, gordon garland 

lyerly, belinda rae, 245, 335 

lyle, Joyce marie, 247, 312 

lyle, roger bren+on 

lynn, James wiley, 158, 335 

lynn, Jerome clifton, 3 13 

lyon, James s+ephen, 158, 335 

lyons, Joseph +. 

lyons, wendell hartman 

lyter, fern leigh m. 

mabry, James cleaborn 
macarthur, donna lynn 
macdermott, thomas James, 313 
macdonald, fred gray, 335 
macdonald, skipper, 313 
macdonald, James calvin 
macdonald, steven j. 
macdowell, kathryn claire, 91, 290 
macey, kevin John, 157, 335 
macgregor, barbara jean 
macias, michael anthony, 143, 326 
macintosh, frances ione, 326 
mack, rebecca ann 
mackin, william henry 
maclennan, margaret angela, 241, 

madden, John boykin 
maddox, martha cheryl, 335 
maddox, susan leigh, 247, 290 
maddox, thomas norman, 116, 119, 

madison, Jerome 
madison, sherry ann, 155, 156, 238, 

239, 290 
madsen, jon phillip, I 16 
maestri, donald dennis 
magee, barbara kaye, 335 
magee, carolyn, 290 
magee, charlotte marie, 313 
magee, donald robert 
magee, martha ann, 113 
magee, martha bridgett, 335 
magee, mary nell, 96, 290 
magee, nola faye, 313 
magee, priscilla lou 
magee, rita j., 335 
magee, robert earl 
magee, robert van 
magee, robert wayne 
magee, Stephen roy 
magee, vernon gary, 326 
magenheimer, edward fred, 157 
maher, Judith lynn, 101, 245, 335 
mahnen, herman alton 
mahon, ronny lee, 157 
maida, george norman 
maily, gustave Joseph, jr., 113, 313 
majure, terrence charles, 313 
makamson, ronald gene, 290 
malanchak, John edward, 313 
malanchak, richard michael, 335 
malchow, mary dark, 93, 275 
malinoski, timothy s. 
mallette, avon norris 
maloch, mary elizabeth, 239, 335 
malone, carmen colleen, 290 
malone, dianne, 149, 233, 313 
malone, edward Cornell, 158, 335 
malone, edward phillip 
malone, emery earl, 290 
malone, Johnnie earl, 109, 291 
malone, lucy kathryn 
malone, terry patrick, ii, 326 
maloney, kathleen mae, 313 
malovey, linda diann 
mamrak, philip thomas 
manberg, martha gail, 326 

manchester, nancy lee p. 

mangum, charlotte dianne, 335 

mangum, david ernest 

mangum, shirley jean, 243 

mann, f. carleen n. 

manning, clayton b., 291 

manning, merleen 

manning, robert ronald, 259 

manning, vennis cartwright 

manton, elizabeth dianne 

manton, william douglas 

maples, cecil alia n, 116, 158, 335 

marble, James marion 

marbury, eugenia ruth, 313 

marchant, guillaume h., jr. 

marchant, larry wayne 

marcy, valerie jean, 291 

marencel, william anthony, 158 

marin, suzanne brown 

marinovich, james b. 

markiton, robert irvinex 

markley, carolyn diane, 313 

markos, demos pete 

markos, linda bess s. 

marlette, christopher remle, 291 

marling, patricia ann, 102, 291 

marquez, illona marie, 335 

mars, lynita, 291 

marsalis, ronald keith 

marsh, leon willis, jr., 137, 291 

marshall, barbie ann, 122, 237, 335 

marshall, donna gail, 313 

marshall, James brett 

martin, anne elizabeth 

martin, charles cecil, jr. 

martin, douglas rex 

martin, ernie, 254, 255 

martin, frank, I 18, 291 

martin, gerry charlene, 291 

martin, margaret I., 243, 291 

mmartin, mariam Janet d. 

martin, marilyn kay, 313 

martin, mary elizabeth, 91 

martin, michael a., 157, 326 

martin, percy frank, jr. 

martin, perry wayne, 102, 127, 154, 

159, 291 
marty, sybil ann, 80, 88, 94, I 15, 

244, 245, 291 
mashburn, n. kay, 122, 241 
mason, craig boyd 

mason, dennis charles, 119, 158, 235 
mason, gary lamar, 313 
mason, linda belle 
mason, linda diane, 110, 122, 233, 

mason, robert e. 
mason, robert louis 
massengale, johnny winston 
massengale, marvin h., jr. 
massey, commie paul 
massey, connie lynn, 335 
massey, david dark, 291 
massey, david heil, 326 
massey, david longino, 159, 291 
massey, larry w. 
massey, paula lynn 
massey, sylvia anita, 313 
massucci, robert carl 
matheny, donna jean s. 
matheny, edwin michael 
mather, thomas bryant, 159, 255 
matherne, Joseph donald 
mathes, larry a. 
mathews, miriam h. 
mathis, amos donald 
mathis, howard francis, 158, 255, 326 
mathis, richard derrell 
matthew, ken lee 
matthews, brooks cowden, jr. 
matthews, elana ruth r. 
matthews, John richard 
matthews, menton John, jr., 313 
matthews, ruth ellen, 335 
mattox, carole lorraine, 91 
matulich, frank peter, jr. 
mauldin, charles collette 
mauldin, gloria clay, 275 
mauldin, linda gayle, 291 
mauldin, talmadge lamar, 275 

maupin, Judy kaye, 291 

maurer, Stephen Joseph 

maurio, louis vincent, 326 

maxey, gloria annette s. 

maxey, william scott 

maxwell, herbert d., 142 

maxwell, sara lane 

maxwell, terry ken, 259 

may, albert earl 

may, jane vivian 

may, joy elaine, 3 I 3 

may, paul edward, 291 

may, sharrie ann, 327 

may, william david 

may, william neal 

may, woody herman 

mayfield, david cook, 116, 119 

mayfield, donna kay, 91, 125, 146, 

235, 291 
mayfield, janis elaine, 313 
mayfield, peggy louise a., 94 
mayfield, billy bruce, 95, 158, 327 
mayhall, c. ray, 137, 231, 248, 249, 

mayo, betty jean, 92, 327 
mayo, charley sue, 313 
mayo, debbie sue, 122, 239, 335 
mayo, Jennifer douglas 
mayorga, freddy 
mazzanti, patricia anne 
mcadams, michael, 113, 313 
mcadams, patricia elizabeth, 291 
mcadory, James travis, 152, 313 
mcalister, robert franklin 
mcalpin, jack murphy 
mcalpin, Judy c. 
mcandrews, anita faye, 313 
mcarthur, charles m., 291 
mcarthur, John Sidney, jr., 327, 157 
mcbay, albert carroll 
mcbride, frances m. 
mcbride, susan claire 
mcbroom, linda elaine, 335 
mccaa, barbara 
mccain, jean celeste, 291 
mccain, wanda janelle, 335 
mccain, william d., jr., 89 
mccall, hazel gwen 
mccall, joe wiley, 257 
mccall, sandra lynn 
mccallum, herbert don, 291 
mccandless, Joseph donald 
mccandless, william ronald, 95 
mccann, James nolan 
mccann, John howard, jr., 90 
mccarthy, robert milo 
mccartney, James patrick, 89, 93 
mccarty, John edward, 146, 291, 261 
mccarty, Judy carole, 92, 327 
mccaskill, annette renee 
mccaskill, June elizabeth, 244, 245 
mcclain, william boyd, 157, 335 
mcclammy, allan keith, 157, 327 
mcclanahan, barbara kaye b. 
mcclary, James emmett, jr. 
mcclatchy, mary elizabeth, 327 
mcclellan, kenneth wayne, 291 
mcclellan, paul harden, 291 
mcclintock, susan k., 115, 239 
mcclinton, susan, 3 I 3 
mcclure, allan I. 
mccollum, jerrald douglas 
mccool, cynthia Inez, 237, 335 
mccool, elizabeth p. 
mccord, maxine, 313 
mccormick, richard hill, 291 
mccormick, robert hill, jr., 231, 256, 

mccown, sharon, 291 
mccown, Stanley c. 
mccoy, dean downs 
mccoy, norma lee 
mccoy, sylvia lynn, 89 
mccracken, david russell, 122, 291 
mccraney, sharon kay, 94, 291 
mccrary, martin ellis 
mccraw, ambrose b., iii 
mccraw, Stephen connor, 313 
mccree, onell 
mccrory, donald patrick, 250, 251 


michael alexandr 


mary frances 


ellen welch, 145, 3 



ann elizabeth 


betty ann, 335 


brenda Joyce, 291 


danny marvin, 249 


jimmy dale 


johnny b. 


Joyce carol, 313, 96 


kathy elaine, 3 1 3 


kenneth ray 


perry wade, 3 13 




lawrence howard 


dale henry 

mcdill, edward francis, jr. 

313, 235, 

mcdill, jim d. 
mcdonald, addie ann, 327, 235 
mcdonald, alien robertson 
mcdonald, david warren 
mcdonald, harold owen, 291 
mcdonald, laura elizabeth 
mcdonald, mary cecele p. 
mcdonald, michael t., 122, 291, 252, 

253, 84, 94, 81 
mcdonald, mildred s. 
mcdonald, william barry 
mcdougall, gregory vaughn 
mcdowall, frances ozella, 313, 129 
mcdowell, wendell 
mcduff. alan rea, 3 I 3 
mceachern, raymond gibson, 253 
mcelhaney, John clarence 
mcelhaney, winifred e. scott 
mcelreath, thomas layton 
mcelroy, brian James 
mcelroy, John turner 
mcelwee, charles v., iii 
mcfadden, robert frank 
mcfalls, douglas bruce 
mcfarland, betty, 327, 239, 122 
mcfarren, lloyd eugene 
mcfatter, dianne lee, 313 
mcferran, barbara ann, 313 
mcferran, James c, iv 
mcgarity, carolyn victoria, 3 13, 237 
mcgee, betty iwana 
mcgee, virgil wayne, 291 
mcgehee, michael glenn, 327, 157 
mcghee, jerry aubrey 
mcghee, micky yvonne 
mcgilvray, richard earl 
mcgonical, theodore James 
mcgowan, bobbie diane, 335 
mcgowan, ronnie foster 
mcgowan, terry robert 
mcgowen, jane merritt 
mcgown, eleanor June s. 
mcgown, william perry 
mcgrath, John r., 313 
mcgruder, delores, 291 
mcguffee, ben harmon, 257 
mcguffee, david earl, 158 
mcguffee, mary bettis mcvay 
mcguire, jimmy dale 
mcguire, pamela anne, 313 
mchenry, James douglas, 263 
mcilwain, charlotte ann, 291, 241 
mcilwain, david ishmael, jr., 327 
mcilwain, faye Jewell, 313 
mcilwain, martha sue, 313 
mcinnis, adrian kelly, iii 
mcinnis, carey ultha, 291, 159 
mcinnis, jonee louise m. 
mcinnis, linda ann, 273, 291. 240, 

241, 84, 80, 101 
mcinnis, linda diane, 3 1 3 
mcinnis, m. kay williams 
mcinnis, ned gadsby, jr. 
mcinnis, patty shelton 
mcinnis, thelsa faye 
mcinnis, verna diane, 291, 247 
mcinnis, william thomas, 252,' 253 
mcintyre, James patrick, 159 
mcintyre, michael dean, 291 
mcintyre, thomas oliver 
mckay, johnny lee, 327, 157 
mckay, macy linda, 313, 235, 230 


mckay, martha e. baker 

mckay, shel+on eric 

mckee, archibald s. 

mckee, billie jean h. 

mckee, dewey eugene 

mckee, raymond otto 

mckellar, nancey ru+h, 241 

mckendree, John newton, 313 

mckennon, James curtis 

mckennon, larry wade, 159 

mckennon, lynda ann 

mckennon, mignon smith 

mckenzie, dorothy joe 

mckenzie, george b. 

mckenzie, June a., 335 

mckenzie, peggy sue c. 

mckenzie, robert John, 292, 129 

mckey, beverly ann, 335, 233 

mckey, maxwell dane 

mckinion, betty jean, 292, 117 

mckinley, karen kay, 335 

mckinley, rache! louise, 292 

mckinley, richard samuel 

mclain, brenda darnell 

mclain, patreecia jo, 247 

mclean, cappie 

mclean, harold arden, 95 

mclean, margaret, 327, 245, 122 

mclellan, charles eugene 

mclellan, thomas roy 

mclelland, jerry alan, 158 

mclemore, dianne carol 

mclemore, george scotty, 1 58 

mclemore, robert seay, 292 

mclendon, marilyn elizabeth, 142, 292 

mcleod, gloria anne, 292 

mcleod, paula patricia, 335, 243 

mcleod, reggie eugene 

mcleod, rita inez, 327, 235 

mcleod, silas wayne, 114, 120 

mcleod, theta faye, 245, 122 

mcmahan, brent edwin, 292 

mcmahan, emily ann, 90 

mcmahan, pauline haynes 

msmahan, sandra sue, 327 

msmahn, vrgn dleiaa a3f26 

mcmahan, Virginia dale 

mcmahon, horace edgar 

mcmanus, brenda kay, 327, 122 

mcmanus, jan elizabeth 

msmanus, marian marjo, 335 

mcmaster, beverly ann, 292 

mcmichael, perry alien, 158 

mcmichael, william hollis, 335, 253, 

mcmillan, felix norman, 313 
mcmillan, nancy merle 
mcmillian, terry lee, 292, 157 
mcmillin, andrew noble 
mcmullan, bonnie bell m. 
mcmullan, janie lee, 292 
mcmullan, e. jeannene, 146, 292, 235, 

mcmullan, janis ruth, 327 
mcmullan, susan, 335 
mcmurchy, ruth anne, 292 
mcmurry, gary wayne, 335, 255 
mcmurtry, roger amos, 292 
mcnabb, donald wayne 
mcnair, clayton wayne, 313 
mcnair, henry lawrence 
mcnair, karlene s., 292 
mcnair, ronnie earl 
mcnamee, robert lloyd, 119 
mcneal, John ralph, jr. 
mcnease, lamar edgar, 159 
mcneece, billy charles, 292, 158 
mcneece, connie ray, 159 
mcneer, beverly king, 313 
mcneese, gregory m., 335, 261, 158 
mcneil, donald wendell 
mcneil, michael John 
mcneill, dora katharine, 313 
mcneill, James vinson 
mcphail, louie larry 
mcpheeters, hal 

mcpherson, blayne suzanne, 243 
mcpherson, Jacqueline louise, 327 
mcpherson, John noel, jr., 292 
mcphillips, thomas henry 

mcqueen, jean evelyn, 313 
mcrae, trances elizabeth, 327, 243 
mcraney, carolyn diane, 313, III 
mcraney, Cecil archie 
mcraney, deborah gail, 336 
mcraney, harrell dwright, jr. 
mcraney, iva doylyn 
mcraney, James madison 
mcraney, kenneth alien 
mcraney, ola Jones 
mcswain, elizabeth ruth 
mcswain, e. charlene, 336, 235 
mcvadon, carolyn jean, 336 
mcwhirter, paul douglas, jr. 
meador, marjorie louise, 336 
meador, mary Virginia j. 
meador, nancy anne, 273, 336, 235, 

165, 101 
meadows, d. mark, 158 
meadows, glenda cheryl, 327, 235, 

122, 159, 155 
meodws, June kay, 292 
mears, mary crowe, 292, 93 
meier, harry alva, 336, 255, 23 1 
melanchak, richard, 159 
melancon, bradford b., 292 
melancon, Stanford george, 327 
melander, kathleen mary r. 
melhado, millicent morgan r. 
melton, donald glen, 336, 158 
melton, John elvis, 313 
melton, veronica piazz"a 
mendieta, edmundo, 313 
mennell, william fredrick 
menton, John matthews, jr. 
mercer, charles p., jr. 
mercer, James harold 
merlini, george raymond, jr. 
merrell, gary w., 292 
merrell, linda louise, 336 
merrill, charles Christopher, 313, 159 
merritt, betty b. 
merritt, gwendolyn leresa, 313 
merritt, Joseph renford, 155 
merritt, king 
merritt, peter bryant 
merriwether, James I. 
messer, fred c, 292 
messina, cecilia a., 313 
metaxas, milton e. 
metcalfe, ed buchanan 
metzen, James d. 
metzler, John a., 313, 157 
meyer, Judy beth, 122 
meyers, linda johnell 
michael, ronald e., 336, 134, 158 
michaels, anthony Joseph 
michel, raymond Joseph, 275 
michel, rex John, 252, 253, 231, 159, 


chel, samuel carlo 

ddleberg, ira Joel, 313, 120 

ddleton, alice susan 

ddleton, david louis 

ddleton, iva nell 

ddleton, jim scott, jr. 

ddleton, mary kay, 313 

ddleton, mary vie, 239 

ddleton, sandra clara, 336 

eczynski, charlotte e., 313 

ers, marilyn clarice, 336 

kel, billy wayne, 327, 157 
mikell, John edward, 292 
mikell, rebecca ann, 336 

les, linda louise, 327 

les, russell eugene, 313 

les, sheila jane, 327, 237, 122 

ley, Judy carolyn 

Her, alice ruth 

Her, avigail, 314 

Her, cecelia faye, 314 

Her, christopher gerard 

Her, curtis e., 314 

Her, dana fagan 

Her, daniel steven 

Her, david boyd, 336 

Her, donald lee 

Her, edith faye, 292 

Her, elmerlene, 314, 129 

Her, helen dianne, I I I 

Her, James madison, 327 

Her, James randolph, 257 

Her, jimmy h., 158 

Her, John alien, 158 

Her, John wayne, 336, 158 

Her, Johnnie lou w. 

Her, leighton smylie, jr. 

Her, margaret louise, 336, 96 

Her, marilyn gail, 314, 247 

Her, marilyn marie, 275 

Her, marla jo, 336 

Her, martha faye, 292 

Her, mary elizabeth m. 

Her, mary lynn, 292 

Her, melvin alien, 336, 159 

Her, michael louie, 314 

Her, natalie palermo, 336 

Her, norman darnell 

Her, richard cecil, 336, 159 

Her, william thomas 

lling, marilyn d., 327 

Ilis, trances kay, 314 

Hoy, daniel calhoun, 158 

Hoy, donald cox, 336, 95 



alien clyde 

lis, george decatur 

lis, harry lee, jr. 

lis, jerry lee 

lis, kathy anne, 91 

lis, lizzie jane, 230 

lis, mark e. 

lis, mary linda, 169, 176 

lis, myrtle g. greene 

llsap, debbie jean, 243 
stead, phillip lee, 292, 134 

Isted, Josephine e. 

Iton, glen michael 

ms, charles m. 

ms, elizabeth marbury, 314 

ms, John torn 

ms, lloyd lee, 336, 95, 116, 158 

ner, wilmer lee, 336, 157 

ngledorff, daisy marsh, 327 

nter, larry steven 

rabile, carolyn elaine, 292 

rick, rick anthony, 336, 261, 231, 


tchell, danny f., 273, 314, 261, 159, 

104, 103, 101 

tchell, darlene, 327 

tchell, derita ann, 292, 96 

tchell, douglas kennedy 

tchell, eugene aubrey 

tchell, gary cooley 

tchell, gloria jean 

tchell, James b. 

tchell, mary elizabeth, 314 

tchell, rosemary, 3 14 

tchell, sherrie maria, 292, 91 

tchell, Virginia ann, 3 14 

xon, bobby e. 

xon, cynthia ann, 327 

xon, edgar alien, jr. 

xon, mary estelle 
moak, janey karen, 327, 237, 
moberg, richard k. 
mock, david franklin 
modling, louie winfred, 327 
moen, donald James, 336, 116, 
moffett, david byrd, jr. 
moffett, joe russell, 314 
moffett, Virginia grayson, I I I 
moga, danny edwin, 314, 118 
mohler, david grigsby 
monaco, eric graf, 263 
donna reece 
jean elizabeth t. 
rebecca eloise, 327, 233, 92, 

122, 92 


theodore wrenn 
thomas crain, 327 


monroe, william david 
monroe, william lee 
monsour, edward brooks 
montague, robert h. 
montenegro, alvaro e., 336 
montfort, monty clayton 
montgomery, brenda sue, 292, 110 
montgomery, charles david, 314 
montgomery, danny wayne, 292 

montgomery, ina lynn, 314 
montgomery, jane e. windels 
montgomery, joy ann, 292 
montgomery, linda ann s. 
montgomery, michael edward, 259 
montgomery, noel paul 
montgomery, richard paul 
montgomery, robert earl, 255 
moody, gerald 

moody, margaret k. marshall 
moody, oscar hardee 
moody, robert lloyd, 130, 158 
moody, thomas preston, 127, 292, 

159, 90, 156 
moon, marilyn, 314 
mooney, talmadge dewitt 
moore, alec wayne, 327 
moore, barbara ann, 292 
moore, betty lou, 314 
moore, bruce dark 
moore, carolyn edna, 314, 247 
moore, connie delong, 327 
moore, david patrick, 327 
moore, debbye leigh, 273, 327, 235, 

176, 165, 101 
moore, diana lynne, 314 
moore, donald earl 
moore, donald luty 
moore, frederick william, 292 
moore, glen alien 
moore, harold ray 
moore, harry fredrick, 157 
moore, helen redmond 
moore, jack youngblood 
moore, James darrell, 249 
moore, James howard, jr. 
moore, John elbert, 139, 314 
moore, kathleen ann, 336 
moore, kay diane, 292, 233 
moore, linda emily, 314, 92 
moore, mark van 
moore, mary lee, 292, 246, 247 
moore, nancy carole a. 
moore, pat a., 336 
moore, patricia ann, 146, 314 
moore, percy crump, jr. 
moore, robert, 249 
moore, rodger clay, 127, 292 
moore, sharon kay, 314, 241, 122 
moore, shirley ruth r. 
moore, susan rae, 139, 314, 246, 247 
moore, t. delton, 336, 158 
moore, william ralph, jr. 
moorehead, jerry p., 314, 159 
moran, alden reginald 
moran, rita edna, 292 
morehead, elizabeth ann 
moreland, michael david, 292, 109 
moreton, bruce todd, 261, 158 
moreton, Stephen alan 
morgan, carolyn ann, 314 
morgan, chester monroe bobo, 123, 

95, 158, 103 
morgan, clarence, jr. 
morgan, dan parkman, 327 
morgan, dennis eugene 
morgan, donnie g., 130 
morgan, homer, 336 
morgan, James w., 251 

jimmy hugh 

John calvin 

John henry 

Julia carwile 

kenneth d. 

richard marivn 

ruth ann 
morgan, william leroy, jr. 
morgan, william richard, 293, 93, 159, 

moriarty, James michael 
moriarty, mary Catherine, 314 
morreale, martin arthur 
morris, david roy, 293 

emmett woodrow, jr. 
forrest m., iii, 159 
trances m. myers 
glenn farrell, 314, 90 
gordon leigh 
James kenneth 


morris, |oe ric 



morris, michael m. 

morris, russell d., 314 

morris, sherry lyn, 327 

morrison, albert clay 

morrison, anaise cecilia 

morrison, cheryl, 336 

morrison, gloria jean, 336 

morrison, James william, 93 

morrison, robert I. 

morrow, patricia 

morrow, thomas dark, jr., 336 

morse, george wray, ii 

morton, bubba, 254, 255 

morton, James macmillan 

morton, o. franklin 

mosby, mary Jackson 

moseley, francis m. 

moseley, James kenneth 

moseley, mildred roby 

moses, frances elizabeth, 293 

moses, georgene 

moss, sara maureen, 139, 314 

motes-conners, James s., 155 

mott, donald ray, 157 

mottern, joy lisbeth s. 

mottern, william Joseph, 293, 251, 

moulds, william clifton, jr. 
moulton, charles larry, 327 
mucarzel, Javier e. 
muldoon, melodie m., 336 
mulholland, donna pratt 
mulholland, jo nora, 314, 130 
mullins, charlotte kay, 314 
mullins, frank arthur, jr. 
mullins, Jackie w. 
mullins, lyda grace, 235 
mullins, robert louis, 293, 259, 117 
mullis, jerry arthur, 293 
munn, John max, 293 
munn, linda ann, 293, 96 
munsell, richard william, 116 
munton, george richard, 314 
murphree, albert daniel, 257 
murphree, carl mckay 
murphree, linda elaine, 336 
murphree, marjorie e. 
murphy, charlene sarah, 314, 110 
murphy, harry f., jr., 127, 95 
murphy, jeannie larue 
murphy, michael shawn, 336 
murphy, philip joe, 314 
murphy, robert michael 
murphy, samuel patrick, 327 
murphy, thomas James 
murphy, wayne eugene, 128 
murray, eleanor jane, 293, 241 
murray, hilton, jr. 
murray, irene 

murray, martha kay, 314, 242, 243 
murray, suzie mae 
musgrave, anna myrtle p. 
musgrove, brenda anice, 314 
myers, dainel b., jr., 336 
myers, danny roy, 157 
myers, esther Virginia, 336 
myers, gayle karen, 3 14, 102 
myers, henry lee, 336, 158 
myers, ima mae riley 
myers, James ray 
myers, jimmy guy, 293 
myers, Joan davis 
myers, John david, 327, 250, 251 
myers, keith william, 327, 248, 249, 

231, 165, 101 
myers, ken, 273, 327, 248, 230, 137, 

myers, leonard c, 293 
myers, loran leon, iii 
myers, marilyn ann, 293, 244, 245 
myers, mary jayne b. 
myers, robert donald 
myers, tommy eldridge 
myrick, byron denham, 293 
myrick, robert lamar 

nabors, linda gay, 293 
nadolny, James paul, 95 
nail, jasper monroe 

nail, James lewie 

napier, Wallace glen, 336 

narut, thomas e. 

nash, charlia rae, 336 

nash, jerry lee 

nash, patricia rhode, 130, 3 14 

nasif, donna marie, 327 

nasif, Judith lynn 

nation, hoyt allan, 259 

nauman, david arthur, 157 

navarro, manuel minarro 

naveda, luis miguel, 336 

naved, miguel, 293 

naylor, william chastain 

neal, James huston, jr., 293 

neal, vivian kyzar 

nealy, donna jo, 146, 327, 237, 137, 

necaise, loren clinton 
neel, yvonne carroll, 336 
neely, ann elaine, 327 
neely, ann, 293, 243 
neergaard, claudia alice 
negri, phil j. 

nellums, michael allan, 314 
nelson, betty rose 
nelson, billy steve 
nelson, brenda [ill, I 19 
nelson, donna ruth, 293, 233 
nelson, Judith ann, 336, 239, 96 
nelson, mabel elaine, 293 
nelson, mary elizabeth, 238, 239 
nelson, paul roderic 
nelson, sylvia ann, 293 
nelson, vicki,, 245, 92 
nelson, welborn ray, 314 
nesossis, conrad anthony, jr. 
nestelroad, forrest w. 
netherland, brenda jane 
netterville, mary therese, 314 
newcomb, leslie 
newell, daniel baker, 314 
newell, david william, 314 
newell, gayle hart 
newell, sidney charles, 151, 275 
newman, donald lee 
newman, harold lamar 
newman, hilton lamar, 275 
newman, Judith rebecca c 
newman, j. dempsey, jr., 314 
newman, leslie david, 259 
newman, merlin joe, jr. 
newman, nancy marie, 293 
newman, shirley lynn 
newton, george Joseph, iii 
newton, Joyce p. 
newton, karen sue, 336 
newton, linda carol 
newton, mary edith, 293, 93 
newton, robert melvin, ii 

cholas, george lewis 

cholas, michael e., 327 

cholls, barbara ann 

cholls, Catherine jean 

chols, brenda Joyce, 314, 91 

chols, dale hunt, 314, 251, 159 

chols, parricier ilene, 314 

cholson, James alien 

cholson, larry casey 

cholson, ronald, 142 

chovich, daniel Joseph 

ckelson, sarah rosanne, 327, 247 

elsen, sally torn h. 

mocks, cordelia ann j. 

olet, veronica ann, 314, 102 

ssen, marion faye e. 

x, carolyn elizabeth, 93, 91 

xon, connie jean, 3 14 

xon, elaine, 3 I 4 
nobile, richard eugene, 314, 259 
noble, brenda faye, 137, 327, 233 
noble, edward coleman 
noble, Janet king 
noble, nancy, 327 
noble, otway b. 
nobles, david ronald 
nobles, geraldine christa w. 
nobles, Jacqueline d. 
nobles, James doug., 336, 253, 158 
nobles, janie maria, 293 

nobles, peggy aniece 

nobles, wilborn percy 

nobles, zelda anne c. 

noland, linda angeline 

norman, travis edwin 

norris, iva jo, 293 

norris, Joan faye, 327, 96, 92 

norris, richard dennis, 259, 158 

norris, thomas James 

norsworthy, rebecca mccall 

norton, charles eugene 

norton, ernest edwin 

norval, gary lee 

norwood, beverly sue, 336, 235 

norwood, fay adam, jr. 

norwood, larry maurice, 293 

notter, perry edward, 157 

novak, andre Joseph, 157, 95 

novas, m. victor, 127, 293 

nowell, marcell rowell 

nuckols, James andrew, 152 

nuckols, juanita louise, 293, 94, I 1 5a 

nuessen, daniel Joseph, 259 

nuessen, donna marie, 314 

null, charleen ann, 3 1 4 

numnum, thomas Joseph, jr., 293, 249 

nunez, Joseph w. 

nunn, jerry, 158 

nunnally, harry lynn, 158 

nunnery, hattie pearl, I I I 

nutt, michael owen 

oakes, marie klyce, 327, 239, 155, 158 

oakes, robert carl 

oates, paul mmichael, jr. 

oates, william edward, 255 

oatis, mary coll ins 

obeirne, noreen dorothy 

oberlin, sam marcus, 336 

o'brian, betty sue, 336, 101 

o'brien, michael rory 

o'brien, paddy corral, 259 

o'bryan, Joseph michael, 259, 158 

o'cain, carole marie, 314, 96 

oddy, frank herbert, 336, 157 

o'dell, terry Joseph, 327, 158 

oden, martin mitchell 

oden, mary annette, 293, I I I 

odom, charles garvis 

odom, gary, 253, 159, 101 

odom, John thomas 

odom, larry joe, 293 

odom, louie w. 

odom, mackie edward, 336, 95 

odom, william farrell, jr., 90 

o'donnell, martha lynn 

oefinger, John mark 

ogden, emalyn elizabeth, 314 

oglesbee, michael t. 

ogletree, b. f. 

ohr, paula marie, 314, 110 

o'keefe, annette longeway 

o'keefe, Jeremiah Joseph, jr., 95 

o'keefe, John thomas, jr. 

o'keefe, Virginia mary, 336 

o'kelley, michael a., 293 

olieu, ralph steve, 314 

olivent, william preston 

oliver, charles michael 

oliver, hugh karl, 336, 158 

olsen, harold george 

olsen, richard paul 

olsen, ruth raby h. 

olson, thomas leon 

o'mara, colleen elizabeth, 315, 237 

o'neal, Judith trapier, 315 

o'neal, reita faye, 327 

o'neal, tamara lynn, 336, 241 

o'neil, janelle ann r. 

orange, linda elizabeth, 336, 245 

orrell, John sharp, 293 

orvis, Stanley philip 

osborne, deborah ann 

oswalt, shirley hughes, 293 

otero, Julian ignacio 

ott, sara lee 

oubre, alan j., 336, 249, 157 

oubre, william keith 

ousley, d. jane, 336 

ousley, mary beth, 130 

oustalet, arthur jean m., iii 

overal, peggy lee, 315 

overby, r. donald, 315 

overstreet, barbara jean, 327 

overstreet, harry 

overstreet, patty, 327, 243 

overton, gayle lynn, 243, 122 

owen, barbara ann 

owen, dorothy dale y 

owen, frank larue 

owen, genevieve rice 

owens, carolyn janette 

owens, claude edward, jr., 293 

owens, emma nan, 293 

owens, harve aymare 

owens, James gerald, 327, 157 

owens, John d., 327, 158 

owens, reine, 327 

owens, theresia diane 

owens, tommy lee, 315, 90, 159 

owens, wilton price, 315 

oyler, deborah kay 

ozerden, halil 

pace, anna jean, 336 

pace, e. leo, 336, 158 

pace, gail, 293 

pace, gina, 245, 122 

pace, Jacqueline, 293, 235, 96 

pace, jimmy I., 158 

pace, pauline c. 

pace, thomas d., iii, 257 

pachmayr, william v. 

pack, carlyle hastings, 159 

pack, carol h., 327 

pack, Clifford harrison, 327, 159 

pack, dianne, 336 

packer, willie jabe 

padgett, clifton o. 

padgett, James luther 

pagano, michael anthony 

page, carol margret r. 

page, cindy e., 315 

page, James richard 

page, rita, 293, 93, 91 

page, ronald floyd 

page, thomas earl 

pailet, howard I., 120 

palm, John frederik, 294 

palmer, danny warren, 327, 138, 158 

palmer, margaret ellen 

palmer, waiter allan 

palochko, william eugene 

palumbo, John ferlise, 157 

pansano, whitney j. 

pape, Janet Catherine, 315 

pape, william c, jr. 

papizan, bruce 

pardee, John s., 294 

paredes, luis f. 

parish, billy randall 

parish, brenda Joyce, 315 

parish, gerald, 294 

parke, phyllis gail, 315, 237, 230, 

122, 117, 101 
parker, charles steven 
parker, don 1., 315, 254, 255 
parker, emeldia elvira 
parker, grace helen r. 
parker, jimmy edward, 315 
parker, Johnnie belinda, 327 
parker, leo franklin, jr., 255 
parker, mary patricia, 327 
parker, maureen e. 
parker, melvin selby 
parker, raymond louis, 294 
parker, robert Joseph, 157 
parker, Virginia lynn, 3 I 5 
parker, william lester 
parker, william randolph 
parkinson, terry lee 
parkman, douglas taylor, 3 15, 158 
parkes, herman larry 
parmelee, brenda gail 
parnell, charles gerald, 327, 157 
parr, dorothy c. 

parr, juneria theresa, 294, 248, 260, 


parra, aquiles segundo 

parrino, Joseph william 

parris, rebecca Jamison 

parrish, william o., jr. 

parsley, charles ersel 

parson, Jerome george, jr., 315, 90, 

parsons, charles merritt, 155 
parsons, linda kay, 142, 294 
partridge, claude Joseph, 253 
partridge, jack andrew, jr. 
partridge, nancy lee, 294 
parvin, philip neil 
paskel, robert wesley 
passmore, cathy eileen, 315 
passon, ruby helen s. 
paterson, donald m., jr. 
Patrick, billie n., 294 
Patrick, elizabeth lane, 336, 237, 122 
patrick, fredrick hayes, 327 
patrick, katherine cecelia, 327 
patrick, sandra lea 
patten, rodney lyndel 
patterson, barbara anne, 143, 315, 

patterson, cecil jr., 294, 108 
patterson, edgar Joseph, jr. 
patterson, eileen may, 294 
patterson, elizabeth k\, 246, 247 
patterson, harold John 
patterson, Joseph James, jr. 
patterson, paul glennon, 249 
patterson, richard glen, 294 
patterson, susan lynn, 315 
patterson, wendy anna 
pattillo, sandra sue, 315 
patton, howard k., 93 
patton, william byron 
paul, donn robert 
paul, gregory 
paulson, linda ann w. 
payne, charlotte diane, 294 
payne, christine joy 
payne, frank d., 294, I 14a, 108 
payne, die, 315, 234, 102 
payne, martha ruth, 336 
payne, w. a., jr., 249 
peacock, Caroline elaine, 315 
peagler, terry charles, 327 
pearce, charles curtis 
pearce, evelyn coleman s. 
pearson, anne elaine, 125, 294, 237, 

87, 80 
pearson, charme marie, 336, 237, 122 
pearson, dallas I., iii 
pearson, eric lennart 
peck, chris angela, 336 
peddicord, peggy wehunt, 327 
peden, ginger, 130 
peden, margaret louise, 115, 294 
peden, richard lee 
peden, travis ray, 3 1 5 
peel, celeste diane 
peel, ellen morton 
peel, emily lyon, 336 
peet, robert James, 251 
pela, mary ellen, 336, 122 
pelt, michael albert 
pelton, Stephen paul, 294 
peneguy, ann louise 
peneguy, bonnie lee m. 
penn, richard michael, 251 
pennington, buford t. 
pennington, karen mcleod, 327 
penny, guy dee 
pentecost, glenda fay eaton 
pentecost, nathan b. 
penton, patricia gail, 315, 101 
percy, wendy shelley, 294, 235 
perdue, elward gregg 
perdue-, I. elizabeth 
perez, louis a., 327, 155 
perkins, cynthia a., 294, 243 
perkins, Judith faye 
perkins, louis ronnie, iii 
perkins, patty, 315, 232, 233, 137, 

122, 96 
perkins, sandra ann, 315 
permenter, roger f., jr. 
perritt, bonnie eugenia, 294 

perrone, william James, 157 

perronne, leroy robert, 294 

perry, carolyn, 294, 93, 91 

perry, debbie f., 336 

perry, donna jean 

perry, florence I. 

perry, gary wayne 

perry, martha nell, 294, I 10 

perry, ronald van, 259 

perry, waiter b., 294 

perryman, nickie steven, 294 

perryman, patricia louise 

person, brenda bernice 

persons, charles m., 315 

persons, wayne brown, 336, 116, 158 

peterman, thomas d 

peters, Joseph e., 294 

peters, michael william, 294 

peters, patsy e., 336 

peters, richard alien, 327, 157, I 13b 

peterson, bruce lester 

peterson, Caroline isabel, 3 15 

peterson, donna rose 

peterson, Jens peter, iii 

peterson, robert morgan, 294, 255, 

petro, freddie anthony 
petro, pamela joy, 336 
pettis, martha jeanette 
pettis, thomas pharoah, 315 
petty, James edward 
pevey, linda, 336 


P h 
P h 


an, patrick henry 

ps, terrell mckenzie 

ps, alan victor, 315 

ps, becky, 237, 337 

ps, carol Jill m. 

ps, cynthia d., 336, 243 

ps, daniel brian, 259, 158 

ps, daniel g. 

ps, dorothy ann b. 

ps, ernest reid, 95 

ps, gerald dee, 294 

ps, ginger, 3 I 5 

ps, James dark 

ps, Janice lynn, 315, 235 

ps, janis 

ps, joe carl 

ps, John harrison, 315 

ps, larry wayne 

ps, martha jane, 337 

ps, maureen ponder, 315 

ps, nell crumby 

ps, paul henry, 315 

ps, riley floyd, 337 

ps, robert edward 

ps, ronald denman, 152, 294, 


ips, shauna lee, 337 

ips, w. t 

ips, william ervin 

phipps, edward tyson 

azza, Salvador Joseph, I 14a, 102 

ccinati, camille foil 

ckard, andrea gayle, 96 

ckel, larry elwood 

ckel, maridale temple 

ckering, James harold 

ckering, John wilson, 275, 93 

ckering, nancy elizabeth 

ckett, ben h., 327 

ckett, Joan m., 294, 91 

ckett, martha nelle, 294 

erce, billy lamar, 294 

erce, brenda sue, 92, 90 

erce, charlotte dolores, 315 

erce, glenda zell, 337 

erce, jean marie tanner 

erce, josie marie k. 

erce, larry amasa, 155 

erce, robert eugene 

erce, robert k., 257 

erce, robert tyrone 

erce, ronnie arthur 

erce, sherry francine, 294, 237 

erce, theophilus atwood, 251 

erce, wayne howard, 315 

erce, william Jessie, jr. 

erle, carol beatrice 

etrangelo, John j., jr. 

pigott, doris jo, 294 

pigott, jane pittman, 315 

pigott, jerry I. 

pigott, marilyn louise, 337, 233, 96 

pigott, martha marie s. 

pigott, penney, 327, 243 

pigott, wilton dupree 

pikul, Joan elizabeth 

pikul, peter Joseph, 337, 253, 158 

pilgrim, monica gretchen k. 

pinkerton, frank h. 

pinkerton, paul vernon 

pinkerton, phyllis ann, 146, 337 

pinkerton, robbie leslie r. 

pinkham, paula ann, 315 

pinkston, paul david, 256, 257 

pinnix, James edward, 251 

pipa, alan, 257 

pippen, cheryl anne, 315 

pippin, frank edward, jr. 

pirkle, margaret thornton 

pisnieski, henry Joseph 

pitt, david maxwell, 294 

pittman, bennie earl 

pittman, charles daniel, 315 

pittman, daniel sayle, jr., 315 

pittman, dennis ray, 259 

pittman, elizabeth ann, 315, 238, 239, 

96, 117 
pittman, harold e. 
pittman, Judy dafferner, 294 
pittman, susan gale, 337 
pitts, James morris 
pitts, Joseph m., 337 
pitts, ralph, 315, I 14a, I 10 
pitts, robert gerald 
pitts, sarah allman 
pleasant, John miley, 155 
pless, nancy allison, 245 
pleune, John russell 
plunkett, michael harbenson 
plunkett, redus grady 
pobjecky, robert michael, 337, 95, 

podyma, Judith yvonne, 315 
pogue, James ewell, 127, 315, 90, 159 
poirier, william harvey 
poirrier, paul murry 
poitevin, phillip alton, 294, 137, III 
polen, william donald, 315 
polewoda, janise green, 315, 242, 243 
polk, betty rennette 
polk, John alien, 155 
polk, John wayne, 3 15 
polk, lucille marie, 315 
polk, m. jean 
polk, oscar ray, 158 
polk, samuel ottis, 337, 157 
polk, shelton randolph, 327, 157 
polk, willard o'neal, 315 
polk, william leslie, iii 
pollard, anthony womack, 275 
pollman, mary jo, 125, 122, 294, 236, 

237, 83 
ponder, charles arthur 
ponder, gary robert 
ponder, jimmy, 315 
ponder, paul henry, 315 
pool, kathryn evelyn 
poole, bonnie o. killian 
poole, carolyn dolores, 328, 239, 122 
poole, don ratliff 
poole, John hugh 
poole, medora faye 
poole, pamela, 151, 91 
poole, paul sumrall 
poole, robert grady, jr., 158 
poole, william harvey, iii 
pooley, gus, 337, 251 
pope, charles clifton 
pope, charles ennis 
pope, curtis earl, 294 
pope, darwin martin, 95, 159 
pope, harold clay 
pope, henry hurd 
pope, kelly eugene, 130 
pope, margaret elyse, 328 
pope, martha ann 
pope, sharron dianne, 315, 110 
porcari, arthur Joseph, 294 

porter, al jack, 315 

porter, donald edward, 315 

porter, sally, 337 

posey, angeline agnes guy 

posey, jacque d., 295, 237 

posey, rubin scott 

pospicil, martin eugene, 159 

post, kirby farmen 

postma, c. henry 

poteat, freddy delano 

potter, buddy, 258, 259 

potter, lester ray 

potter, peter hayward iv, 295 

potts, penny jo 

poulos, roger dale, 120, 81 

pound, marilyn margie 

pounds, preston donald 

powe, jerry mack 

powe, marilyn, 337 

powell, barbara a., 315 

powell, donald richard, 295 

powell, Janice m., 295 

powell, Joanna shaffer 

powell, jonnie lou, 337 

powell, Joyce Jeanne 

powell, mary ann 

powell, michael glen, 257 

powell, mike 

powell, pamela marie, 315 

powell, philip 

power, rebecca anne 

powers, keith parker, 315, 158 

poynter, lou ann, 295, 108 

poythress, John michael, 328 

prater, dora hettie 

pratt, James jefferies, 146, 328, 116, 

I 19, 155 
preece, gary martin, 157 
prescott, John c, jr. 
prescott, juaan diane, 295 
presher, dorothy gertrude 
preslar, marvin s., jr. 
presley, waiter kenneth, 328 
pressley, mary gene, 295, 91 
preston, carolyn d., 295 
prestridge, hamilton s., jr. 
prestridge, John h., jr. 
presutti, donald henry 
prevost, Virginia beth, 241 
pribila, John charles, 328, 158 
price, arthur davis, 295 
price, david James, 328, 157 
price, david sterling 
price, dennis elman 
price, florce matthews 
price, fred alban 

price, henry escoe, 152, 295, 134, 118 
price, joe henry, jr. 
price, robbie foley, 295 
price, susan elizabeth, 315 
price, tommy ray 
prichard, janna, 328, 237, 230 
prichard, lex stewart, jr., 257 
primeaux, carl alvin 
prince, charles robert, 315 
prine, martha jane 
prine, thomas clifton 
pringle, Wallace dumont, 328, 159 
prisock, sandra gail 
pritchett, nelson v., 127, 295, 102, 

propst, nancy carolyn, 328 
prosser, lynne, 295 
prothro, sam s., 316 
prothro, toni suzette, 337 
prunera, mario enrique 
pryor, melinda r., 125, 295, 243, 230 
pryor, sandra Joan, 295 
psencik, marilyn ann, 316, 238, 239 
puckett, anthony Jesse, 157 
puckett, dianne lee, 316, 243 
puckett, eddie darnell, 295 
pucylowski, John franklin 
pugh, beverly gail, 337 
pugh, deneice, 328 
puhle, John gus, 257 
purcell, James rolland, 249 
purdy, jacquelyn summers 
purvis, barney byron 
purvis, charles dickens 


purvis, gaines patrick, 158 

purvis, joy m. 

purvis, larry I., 295 

purvis, ronald wade, 337, 158 

putnam, John a. 

pylant, nancy suzanne, 316 

pyles, alan Iceith 

pyron, jerry wayne, 250, 251 

quave, norbert andrew 
quave, Stephen a. 

ck, charlotte ann, 295 
ck, henry louis, 3 16, 138, 
ck, patricia gay, 337 
ck, sandra, 295 
ck, susan elizabeth, 3 1 6 
gley, donald thomas 
gley, faye anne, 328, 243 
gley, millard a., jr. 
n, jack e., 1 52, 316 
n, william craig, 295 
nn, terry alton, 295 
nnelly, rita paulette 


aabe, robert ralph 

abby, kathleen ann, 316 

abby, mary frances h. 

abby, patric dodge 

agland, carole Jeanne, 295, 247, 90 

agland, merrilyn jane, 142, 295 

ahaim, donald milheim, 316 

ahaim, ronald palmer, 316, 253 

aines, leon I., jr., 261, 157 

ainey, cheryl ann 

ainey, don rowe, 316 

ainey, larry earl, 316 

ainey, roy lynn 

ainwater, charles f., 295 

ainwater, izabel c, 337 

akes, margaret louise 

aley, melvin Joseph 

alston, fairfax bates 

alston, harriet eugenia 

amsay, ariel ruth, 337, 241, 137 

amsay, norman Wallace, iii 

amsay, paul douglas 

amsay, robert glenn, 316, 257 

amsay, vicki adair, 241 

amsey, rebecca a., 337, 245 

andall, barbara sue s 

andall, elizabeth jo 

ndall, kenneth russell 
andall, richard henry 
andall, robbie elizabeth, 316, 247, 

ndall, teresa gunter, 316 
andle, brenda gayle, 328, 92 
aney, bill a. 

ankin, james ronald, 337, 253, 157 
ankin, joe david, 316, 253, 137 
ankin, joe marvin, 116, 1 55 
ankin, martha r., 275 
ankin, roger a., 295 
ankin, william curtis, 337 
anney, kenneth david, 328, 116 
asco, george edward, 127, 295 
asmussen, diane amelia, 337 
atcliff, clifton edwin, 316, 255, 95, 

atcliff, larry edmund, 316 

tcliff, sandra kay v. 

tcliff, vivian jewel 
atcliffe, wanda florece 
atcliffe, copeland russell, 337 
atcliffe, warren e., 295, III, 110 
ater, mary ann, 3 16 
ath, alfred gary, 295 
ath, george richard 
ath, nancy lee b. 
atliff, bill g., I 14a, 120, 101 
awls, benjamin ray 
awls, bobby, 249 
awls, bruce stewart, 337, 157 
awls, dorothy dee majure 
awls, glenn p. 

awls, martha a., 316, 237, 122,. I I 1 
awls, richard daniel, 295 
awls, sammie rayford, 255 

rawls, sharon louise 

rawls, vance quitman 

rawson, bennie glynn 

rawson, joy west 

rawson, ronald wayne 

ray, betty jo 

ray, ora lee lindsey 

ray, rose marie, 295, 237, 250 

rayborn, betty jane, 295 

rayborn, leonard da lias, 152 

rayburn, gary scott, 316 

rayburn, georgina, 316 

rayburn, james robert, 295, 120 

rayburn, jerry paul 

rayburn, kenneth marvin, 157 

rayburn, lonnie elwood, 159 

rayfield, rebecca marie, 295, 246 

247, 122, 91, I 10 
raymond, claudia anne, 243 
rea, kenneth roland 
read, dorothy gwinn, 139, 295 
read, susan ann, 337 
read, william hays, jr. 
reagan, jette, 295 
reagan, nancy elizabeth, 
reams, larry james, 158 
reber, hamilton dykes, 3 
rebold, suzanna nicholas 
rebold, thomas edwin 
reboul, susan h., 328 
reddin, charles henry 
redmann, naomi ruth 
reece, gary, 143 


16, 134 

149, 139, 295 


james daws, 130 

james william, 3 I 6 

lester humphrey 

lonnie patterson 

ollie lee, jr., 3 I 6, 

steve eugene 

william michael 
reeder, waiter ralph, 93, 89 
reeks, gigi daniels, 337, 247 
reel, louise m. cowen 
reeves, andrew raymond, iii, 257 
reeves, clara r., 295 
reeves, geneva davis 
reeves, james leslie 
reeves, james m., 316 
reeves, cozette, 337 
reeves, percy alien 
reeves, ralene, 328, 237, 92, 89 
reeves, Virginia diane 
reeves, vivian brewer 
reeves, wanda susan, 295 
regeher, coby b., 295 
reid, cheryl anne, 142, 239 
reid, robert michael, 316 
reid, truman terry, 157 
reid, willie von, jr., 158 
reiman, william louis, 316 
rein, sandra kay 
reitzell, laurence roberts 
renaud, Joseph joffre, jr. 
renegar, mary kay, 328, 237 
restom, mary ann, 328 
reuter, george eric 
revette, larry neil 
reynolds, brice, 261, 128 
reynolds, marvin othell, 130, 328, 158 
rhodes, billy dean 
rhodes, c. w., 316 
rhodes, donald marshall 
rhodes, dorothy dianne 
rhodes, frances jan, 243 
rhodes, Joseph gasper 
rhodes, martha webb, 328 
rhodes, monti Joseph 
rhodes, patsy Joyce 
rhodes, terry ray, 328, 138 
rhodes, virgil bertrand 
rhodes, william a., jr. 
rhymes, John gary, 108, 158 
rials, lillie I. 
riccardi, salvatore, 296 
rice, carolyn betts, 235 
rice, carolyn jo 

rice, james harold, 316 116, 128 
rice, nancy marguerite, 316 
rice, raymond thomas 
richard, martha elizabeth 

chard, ramon julien 

chards, robert tandy 

chardson, albert mitchell, 119 

chardson, alice I. 

chardson, betty jo, 328 

chardson, douglas e. 

chardson, lyn c, 316 

chardson, mary martha 

chardson, ronald Stephen, 296 

chardson, torn r. 

chardson, william Joseph, 316 

chbourg, blair little 

chbourg, kirk monroe 

chmond, bonnie caldwell 

chmond, earl glen 

chmond, Judy anne, 108 

chmond, sue beth, 328, 239 

chmond, wayne otis 

chmond, william david, 257, 101 

chter, elizabeth kathleen, 316, 232, 
rickles, james everette, jr., 316 
rickner, John william 
ricks, jean lowrey 
rideout, bo, 337, 263 
ridgeway, nancy sylvia, 328 
ridout, janis carole, 296, 235 
riedel, william c, 261, 122 
riels, charles edward, 316 
rietti, John ambrose rev. 
rigby, katherine mary, 337 
rigby, larry aubry, 316, 95, 

I 16 
, I 19 
6, 253, 


rigdon, wilbern amos, |r 
riggs, frank earl, 127, 316, 253, 95, 
159, 81, 104, 99 

ggs, paul michael 

ggsby, thad steven 

ley, grady ray, 296 

ley, John garrett 
riley, Judith eileen 
riley, rebecca n., 296 

mes, dwight larue, 316 ^ 

mmer, betty ann, 316, 236, 237 

mmer, elizabeth 

nehart, marie elizabeth, 296 

nkle, mary anne s. 

shel, marcia lynn 

sher, david ray, 3 I 6 

sher, deborah sharon, 152 

sher, james alan, 3 I 6 

sher, thomas h., jr. 

sher, william elizah, jr. 
roan, thomas v., 316 

ns, charles b., 296 
ns, david larry, 3 16 
ns, james lewis 
ns, rita Joyce, 316 
ns, thomas van, 296 
ns, wanda jo, 337 
robbins, william eugene, 337, 159 
roberson, nelda jean, 328 
roberson, phyllis smith, 296 
roberson, randolph bruce, 316 
roberson, ronald wayne, 337, 158 
roberts, barbara beth, 316, 236, 237 
roberts, billy clyde, 255, 127, 159 
roberts, billy dean 
roberts, billy herbert, 296 
roberts, billy stubbs 
roberts, bruce lee, 296, 109 
roberts, carl rayford, 316 
roberts, edwin jack 
roberts, elizabeth anne 
roberts, gloria I., 316 
roberts, linda gail, 296 
roberts, louise, 245, 328 
roberts, lucy gwinn m. 
roberts, mackie wayne, 316 
roberts, mary elise 
roberts, m. mollie, 3 I 6 
roberts, nancy marie, 328 
roberts, percy leroy 
roberts, raymond henry 
roberts, renee Joyce 
roberts, rosa linda, 3 I 6 
roberts, ruby frances, 296, 247 
roberts, steven eugene, 296 
roberts, thomas keith 
roberts, victor jerald 
robertson, bernard thomas, 316, 119 

robertson, jimmy wayne, 296 

robichaux, ronald james 

robichaux, vicki lynn, 328 

robin, jerry lynn 

robinson, alden watkins 

robinson, alfrederic 

robinson, anita kaye, 316, 120, 108 

robinson, benjamin eric, 328 

robinson, beverly nelle, 241 

robinson, danny marlin, 337 

robinson, diane lynn 

robinson, dorothy v. crowe 

robinson, earl ray 

robinson, frances hulen, 316, 243, 

94, 90 
robinson, gary andrew, 337, 257 
robinson, John alien 
robinson, lacreta h. 
robinson, larry eugene, 296 
robinson, nancy carl 
robinson, nancy charlene, 296 
robinson, robert edward 
robinson, ronald edward 
robinson, sherrill michele, 296, 129 
robinson, suzanne, 337, I 13a 
robinson, vergie I., 316 
robinson, cynthia ann, 247 
robison, william bruce, 251 
roblin, diane rebecca p. 
roby, dana g., 316 

rockwell, gary norman, 123, 316, 122 
rodgers, John andrew, 316, 159 
rodgers, marcia p. 
rodman, george, iii 
rodney, donna faye 
rodney, joy bethany, 337 
rodriguez, domingo, 316 
rogers, amanda, 337, 235 
rogers, diane faye, 296 
rogers, glen rayford, 316 
rogers, james arthur 
rogers, Joan e. 
rogers, martha carol 
rogers, melvin karl, 116, 155 
rogers, myron wayne 
rogers, neda gayle, 328 
rogers, theresia lynn, 316, 237, 122 
rohan, donald j. 
roland, herbert lee 
rollins, beverly ann, 317 
rollins, felix lloyd, 337 
rollison, larry I., 159 
rollison, ronald richard, 317, 95, 90, 

roman, michael alien, 317 
rone, barbara lynn, 328 
roney, barbara jo 
rook, martha carole, 328 
rook, william nial, 127, 296 
roper, edward benson, 151, 95, 93, 

ros, douglas wayne 
rosales, arturo 
rosamond, jo carol, 337 
rose, cheryl lorraine, 3 I 7 
rose, clyde d., 90, 159 
rose, Julian francis, 158 
rose, ginny elise, 337, 235 
rose, wilfred Joseph, 328 
rosenberg, dianne king 
rosenberg, marvin, jr. 
rosenzweig, rebecca pauline, 317 
rosetti, Jake, 328, 157 
roshto, joey faye 
ross, addie, 3 I 7 
ross, barbara lee, 328, 245 
ross, beverly ann, 328, 245 
ross, cynthia ann, 317, 235 
ross, gaynell, 337 
ross, gelnda faye 
ross, jack douglas, 296 
ross, jerry hubert, 263, 159 
ross, John I., jr., 317 
ross, John lamar, 152, 296 
ross, lane m., 3 I 7 
ross, paul kenneth 
ross, margo, 146, 3 17, 102 
ross, william burkett, jr. 
round, barbara lou 
round, ricky cato 


rounsa vi lie, carolyn rae h. 

rounsaville, wanda carol 

rountree, John michael, I 14a 

rountree, wllliam dermis 

rouse, douglas wesley, 328, 138, 95 

rouse, harold david 

rouse, joe lee 

rouse, larry harrison 

rouse, mary ellen c. 

rouse, richard arlen, 296 

rouse, thomas Cleveland 

rowan, rubye del h. 

rowan, webster harry, 116 

rowden, marjorie ann cole 

rowell, larry edward, 158 

rowell, michael alien, 259, 158 

rowell, michel alien 

rowlands, susan, 328 

rowley, lynda gale, 317, 91 

rowley, sandra mabel, 337 

rowzee, rita jean, 317, 91 

rubio, charles tuyes 

ruby, rodney robert 

rudd, mary louise 

rudder, glenda sue, 317 

rude, mary temple, 243 

ruff, karen lee 

ruffin, kathy karen 

rumore, vie hugh, 296 

rumsey, susan, 328 

runnels, brenda Joyce, 337 

runnels, cynthia c. 

runnels, John carroll, I 1 3 

runnels, Judy margaret, 328 

runnels, pamala dianne, 337 

runnels, ruby g. 

rush, Joseph bass 

rush, sally louise, 337 

rushin, thomas r., 122, 249, 137 

rushing, bren kimble, 317 

rushing, carolyn p. 

rushing, margaret a., 317 

rushing, robert luther, 296 

rushing, shirley m., 337 

rusling, linda ann, 245, 94 

russ, howell asa 

russell, bonnie sue, 296 

russell, calyce darnell, 296 

russell, charles douglas, 157 

russell, dorcel ann, 146, 296 

russell, dorothy dale, 317, 237, 230, 

russell, edwin earl 
russell, John earl 

russell, John lamar, 328, 137, 123, 151 
russell, mary kathryn 
russell, rhe+t ralph 
russell, ronald, 255 
russell, ruth lynn, 317, 241 
russell, susan, 243 
russum, patti, 337 
rustin, woodrow c, 317, 102 
rutherford, James j. 
rutland, robert larry, 296 
rutland, treva gail, 130, 296 
rutledge, billie jean 
rutledge, david lowell, 159 
ruzic, susan, 328 
ryals, antha dianne, 296 
ryals, gerald gene 
ryals, nancy priscilla 
ryan, michael James 
ryan, nancy marie, 317, 239, 96 
ryan, susan marie, 328, 92 
ryan, thomas russell 

saab, anthony george 

saab, elaine salemy 

sabater, francisco j. 

sadka, dewey grant, 296 

sadka, linda gayle, 296 

sadler, cynthia elizabeth, 337 

sadler, robert a., 253 

saffer, alan leonard 

saget, gary lynn, 157 

sakalarios, anthony, 158 

sakkis. John nicholas, 296, 249, 109 

salathe, stanton wayne 

saliba, mose michael, 158 

saliba, patty ann 

Salomon, ralph arthur 

Salter, erin faye, 296 

Salter, leo g. 

salter, mary jeanette h. 

salters, imazelle, 296 

sampley, Stephen gary, 296 

sanchez, Jorge antonio, 337 

sanchez, m. gemma, 296 

sandel, percy, jr. 

sanderfer, william g., jr. 

sanderford, michael edward 

sanderford, tony dean 

sanderlin, betty frances s. 

Sanders, barbara gail, 317 

sanders, helen elaine, 337, 113 

sanders, jane, 3 I 7 

sanders, Joseph edward, jr., 296 

sanders, larry eric 

sanders, richard spencer 

sanders, shirley jean, 317 

sanders, william butler, 152, 317 

Sanderson, earl conrad, jr., 296 

Sanderson, martha lee, 275 

sandifer, beverly ann, 297 

sandifer, e. fayetta, 317 

sandifer, Jamie louise. 3 I 7 

sandifer, philip keith, 328, 157 

sandifer, samuel thad, jr. 

sands, margaret ann 

sanford, frances gayle, 328 

sanford, paula, 337, 102 

sansing, James p., jr. 

saravanja, kenneth william, 3 17 

sarrat, allan j., 317, 263 

sarratt, Jackie lee 

sartin, fred robert 

sartin, winfred eugene, 259 

sasaki, beverly kay, 337 

sasser, betty, 297, 94 

sasser, ralph gordon 

satterwhite, Jeff, 255, 102, 157 

saucier, elizabeth cecile 

saucier, James keith 

saucier, Janet marie, 337, 96 

saucier, Judith diane 

saucier, melanie patricia, 337 

saucier, stuart I., 317 

saucier, thomas wayne 

saux, roy leonard, jr. 

savage, debbie elaine, 337 

savage, deborah lynn, 337 

savage, ralph lee, 275 

savage, robbi lyn 

savage, steven bond 

savant, kirn b., 337, 261, 231, 158 

savell, linda lou 

savell, quinton wayne 

savell, robert douglas 

savell, willoughby tingle, 328, 158 

sawyer, earline frances c. 

scales, ray taylor 

Scarborough, charles b., iii, 151 

Scarborough, bruce, 297 

Scarborough, edward d. 

Scarborough, francis b. 

schabilion, alan robert, 337, 96, 155 

schanrock, lula, 317 

scharfenstein, leslie lloyd 

scheel, maria vicci, 337 

schell, david Stanford, 328, 116, 119, 

schevermann, david henry 
schexnayder, suzanne p. 
schilling, John a. 
schilling, sharon irene 
schledwitz, kathryn ann, 152, 297, 

244, 245, 84, 80 
schmidt, william theodore 
schneeflock, robert donald 
schnepp, sarah mary, 328 
schoeneck, harry Joseph, 297, 138, 

I 13b 
schrader, david a., 317 
schroeter, george h. 
schuenke, charlotte ann, 337 
schuldt, Jesse martin 
Schuster, Stephen carl 
schwandt, patricia smith, 297 
schwandt, robert Jerome, jr., 297 

Schwartz, charles michael, 152 

Schwartz, diane, 317 

schwinler, donna j., 241 

scifres, robert lynn, 317 

scoggin, charles d., 317 

scoggins, James andrew 

scoles, rickie lee, 157 

scordino, philip John 

scott, betty ruth, 337 

scott, frank slade 

scott, george ronald 

scott, gilbert david, 297 

scott, Judy lynn, 317 

scott, lynda sharon 

scott, madelon redd, 328 

scott, michael duff 

scott, michael justice, 158 

scott, onis merl, 297 

scott, patricia elaine 

scott, raymond frank, 297 

scott, thomas leroy 

scott, wanda rita h. 

scruggs, gross, jr., 146, 297 

scruggs, j. douglas, 249, 231, 158 

scruggs, robert earl, 317 

scruggs, sharon lynn, 297, I I I 

seal, betty sue, 3 I 7 

seal, etta marie, 337 

seal, James waiter, 297 

seal, lena vermel r. 

seal, oren lawson 

seale, ariette white 

seale, kay, 317, 245 

searcy, linda elizabeth, 317, 129 

searle, charles robert 

seaton, thomas nelson 

seefeld, dana mae a. 

sehon, peter christian, 328 

seitzinger, robert I., 252, 253 

selig, Joyce w. 

sellers, betty jane 

sellers, James grant, 249, 158 

sellers, jo ann 

sellers, kathryn June, 317 

sellers, mary julane, 241 

sellier, dana leigh, 3 I 7 

selman, billy, 328 

senften, linda carol 

sennett, doris davis 

senter, david lesley 

serafin, mary, 125, 297, 243, 230, 87 

serio, trudi margaret, 337 

sessions, debbie ann, 337 

sessions, ray, 337, 257 

sessions, patricia ann c. 

sessions, richard charles 

sessoms, brenda kay, 337 

settles, daniel ross, 130 

seward, wanda gaynell, 328 

sexson, richard h. 

sexson, sue ann thompson 

seymore, patty anne, 328, 245, 122, 

Seymour, James marshall 
shaddock, anne b. 
shafer, carlie Joyce c. 
shafer, paul 

shamblin, thomas marion 
shamburger, James vincent, 157 
shamoun, charles david, jr., 317 
shank, Judith ann 
shanks, beverly, 337, 233 
shanks, linda faye, 317 
shannon, aubrey lamar 
sharp, kate darnell, 237 
sharp, mitchell curtis, 317 
sharpe, barry tyler 
sharpe, ronnie, 255 
sharpling, nancy quin, 317 
shattles, rainer webster, 328, 157 
shatus, erwin I. 
shave, linell grace, 297 
shaw, barry lloyd, 317. 128 
shaw, carroll, 159, 328 
shaw, diana ruth, 317 
shaw, diann, 297 
shaw, kent davis 
shaw, laverna estelle I. 
shaw, linda dell, 328 
shaw, nancy jo bickham 

shaw, nina batson c. 

shaw, patricia dianne, 94 

shaw, ralph w., jr. 

shaw, richard dale 

shaw, robert 

shaw, shirley elaine, 297 

shaw, waiter royce, 317 

shearin, John willis, 155 

sheeks, John daniel, 317 

sheets, robert ross 

Sheffield, barbra cecile, 338, 233 

Sheffield, merle worthy, 328 

Sheffield, morris taylor, 157 

Sheffield, william bryan, iii, 317 

shelby, glynell, 297 

shell, linda louise, 338 

shelton, lillian kay, 328 

shelton, waiter lee, 338 

shemanski, frank david 

shen, hsiao shen 

shepherd, carl a. 

shepherd, daniel craig 

shepherd, joy ann, 3 I 7 

shepherd, robert thomas, 317, I 13b 

sheppard, bonnie jean 

sheppard, thomas edward 

shepperd, rebecca lynn 

sherer, Stephen harvill 

sherman, jane brunetta, 338 

she mil I , george waiter 

sherrill, Joseph waiter, ii, 317 

sherrill, Stephen douglas, 157 

shiau, liang-rong 

shiel, James virgle 

shields, sylvia anne 

shifalo, tony elmo, jr., 158 

shirk, calvin russell 

shirley, bee bee, 328, 243, 158, 155 

shirley, donald odis, 317 

shirley, george norman, jr., 338, 95, 

shirley, lydia rebecca, 297 
shirley, sandra lynn, 297 
shivers, John e., 297 
shivers, linda faye g. 
shivers, ronald charles 
shoemake, brenda ra, 317 
shoemake, edith roberta, 317 
shoemake, elizabeth w., 297 
shoemake, haynes michael, 328, 158 
shoemake, James david, 297 
shoemake, nancy marie, 317, 242, 

shoemaker, James o'farrell, 317, 231 
shoemaker, jan, 125, 297, 92, 91 
shoemaker, mary elizabeth bagby 
shoemaker, robert edward, 317 
sholtis, darlene 
short, william davie 
shorter, charles thomas, 317 
shoultz, lonnie trice, jr., 328, 95 
shows, frederick daniel, 317 
shows, James franklin 
shows, nancy pickering, 317 
shows, paula lavonne, 137 
shows, Stephen harold 
shuff, berna kaye, 297 
shults, wanda diane, 338, 137 
shumaker, jimmy lee, 255 
shumski, edward j., jr., 94, 90, 159 
shumski, william david, 328 
shurden, diane, 297 
shurtleff, william ralph 
shultze, charles edward 
shutlze, Judith b. 
sibley, Catherine mccraine 
sibley, John nixon 
sibley, shannon gayle, 328, 157 
sievers, margaret linn, 317 
sigler, william mclemore, 318 
sikes, helen louise c. 
sikes, leon, jr., 338, 158 
sills, cherie dianne, 338 
sills, elizabeth louise, 130, 318, I 15a 
simm, robert waiter 
simmons, adrienne chaille, 247, 122 
simmons, c.ynthia ann, 338 
simmons, delos albert, iii, 109 
simmons, gene steven, 297 
simmons, gloria gay, 338 


simmons, helen ane+a, 93 

simmons, henry I. 

simmons, James alien, jr. 

simmons, juanita hull 

simmons, kathy marie, 338, 239 

simmons, I, b. 

simmons, mary elizabeth 

simmons, mary ellen 

simmons, nell elizabe+h, 328, 94 

simmons, william sidney, 318 

simms, david michael 

simpson, al+on franklin 

simpson, annie ruth j. 

simpson, barbara gayle, 338 

simpson, irene douglass 

simpson, jimmy talmedge, 127, 159 

simpson, larry barton, 318 

simpson, martha marie, 297 

sims, calvin miller, jr. 

sims, charles ralph, 297 

sims, larry ray, 338 

sims, larry w., 328 

sims, marshall ronnie, 297 

sims, michael gough 

sims, ouida Jeanne, 318 

sims, shirley grace m. 

sin, thomas wai-tung, 275 

Sinclair, david w., 328, 157 

Sinclair, robert neil, 157 

singletary, larry thomas, 318 

singley, glenda marie 

sipes, oscar alan, 95, I 17, I 19, 159 

sipes, waiter edwin, 297, 158 

sison, alan earl, 297 

sisson, gaylon arnold, 318 

sistrunk, emily ann 

skelton, ann hope 

skelton, dana william, 119, 155 

skelton, danny deloy, 258 

skinner, earl eugene 

skinner, edna e. 

skinner, elver george, 318 

skinner, Judith ann b. 

skinner, richard ronald 

skipper, John hardage 

skipper, steve 

skrmetta, alex nick 

skrmetta, dennis michael 

skrmetta, peter v., jr. 

skrmetti, michael paul 

skrnich, danny John 

skrnich, deborah antonio, 297 

slack, david thomas, jr. 

slade, celita, 297, 91 

slade, phyllis anne 

slaughter, kathy sue, 338 

slaughter, peggy sue 

slaughter, scott wilson, 157 

slaughter, william thomas, 127, 318 

slayton, william erskine, jr., 318, 134, 

I 16, I 19, 128 
sloan, margaret angelyn 
sloan, marvin hunter, jr., 297 
small, william robert 
smalley, charles lewis 
smaley, charlotte ann, 91 
smalling, robin, 297 
smallman, elizabeth anne, 313 
smelcer, harold r., 297, 259 
smerz, dennis roy, 297, 134, 117 
smith, alice hyde 
smith, alison pearson, 338 
smith, alvin lake, 298 
smith, annie a. bailey 
smith, betty jean 
smith, beverly g., 298 
smith, bevon joe 
smith, bobbie dean b. 
smith, brenda elaine 
smith, brenda sue, 318 
smith, camille f, 241 
smith, candace laredo, 298, 91 
smith, carla ann 
smith, carolyn kay, 298 
smith, carolynn jane 
smith, charles alien 
smith, charles alton 
smith, c. gordon, 338, 95, 116 
smith, charles martin, 159 
smith, charles merrick, 298, 318, 90 




















































































































































































328, 239, 96 

charles wayne, 89 
charlotte ann, 3 18 
charlotte rose, 338, 243 
christina handjis, 298, 91, 89 
cindy lou, 338 
daniel blood, 298, 261 
danny bruce, 328 
david wayne 
dennis paul 
dolly marie, 3 18 
donald alien, 273, 254, 255, 
, 105 
donald keith, 257 
donald lloyd 
donna jo 
doris ruth 
douglas irving, jr., 298, 90, 

douglas waiter, 275 

elizabeth ann 

evelyn ann 

freddie leon 

gary wayne 

gene a. 

george daniel 

gerri, 96, 318 

glenn leslie 

glenn sheldon, 298, I 14a 

gregory t., 318 

gretchen margot, 298, 243, 91 

harold wilbur, jr. 

ames alien, 298 

ames danny, 3 I 8 

ames fredrick 

ames henry 

ames william, 

aneane, 298 

anie kaye h. 

erry wayne, 

immie jewel 

immy c. 

o ann, 142, 
John david 

ohn robert, 

karen lanita, 

larry wade, 338 

lawson alien 

lee gibson 

linda gail 

lorinda g., 239, 

maureen, 318 

mendel Wallace, ii 

michael lynn, 159 

michael ray, 298 

nell clayton 

nita sue 

noel douglas, 298 

ottis r„ 159 

pamela sue, 338 

pam elizabeth, 338, 

patricia ann, 328 

patricia ann m. 

peg torn, 151, 298, 233, 91 

phillip r., 328 

phyllis ann, 298 


rebecca d. 


richard brinson 

robert edward, 3 18 

robert elmo, 338 

robert norman 

roger w., jr., 253, 

ronnie keith, 318 

ronny kayne, 318, 

rose marie, 298 

roy wayne 

sandra m. 

sarah sue 

shari theresa, 338 

sharon kaye, 328, 

Stanley edward, 338 

Stephen lee, 338, 159 

Stephen m. 

susan rebecca 

thomas albert 

thomas albert, 

thomas larry 






237, 122 

smith, tommy eugene, 318 

smith, william henry, jr. 

smith, william otis, 159 

smith, william samuel, 298 

snellgrove, dina faye, 142, 298, 93 

snodgrass, jeanie 

snowden, dianna lynn, 328, I 13a 

snowden, mary alice, 328 

snowden, robert donald, 298 

snowden, william kenneth 

soberoski, edward alan, 328, 158 

soderquist, david william 

sojourner, John demon, 338, 159 

solomon, elbert d., 338 

solomon, jeffry, 95 

solymos, richard b. 

somerville, James, 338 

sones, James martin, 318 

sonnenfeldt, maurits w. 

soper, James nicholas 

Southwell, jane ellen, 298 

sowell, ronald allan, 329, 134 

spackman, clifton a., 318 

spangler, margarett ann, 338 

spann, charlotte elizabeth, 329 

spann, gail lowry, 338, 237 

spann, linda ann, 338 

sparks, linda kay, 3 I 8 

sparks, steven reed, 329, 259, 158 

speairs, florence ann, 298 

speakman, rebecca lyn 

spears, James rudolph 

spears, jerry lynn murff, 91, 89 

spears, lynne dale c. 

spears, raymond I. 

speed, peggy hughes 

Speights, betty lou, 3 18 

Speights, bobby darrell 

Speights, donna ree, 338, 239 

Speights, ella karen 

spell, cora, 329, 245, 230, 122 

spence, harold watson, 318 

spence, johnny calvin 

spencer, linda ann 

sperance, James ronald, 318 

sperance, william anthony, 318 

spieler, charles lawrence, 318, 159 

spiers, durant ross, 298 

spiers, reagan robin 

spiers, rebecca marie, 338, 137 

spillman, gerald merton 

spillman, Judy ann maxey 

spinks, howard gully 

spitchley, drenda Joyce, 298, 242, 

243, 170, 174, I 14a, 154, 155 
spraberry, Johnnie katherine, 298 
spratley, william martin, 329 
sprayberry, billy g., 257 
spreemann, gale marie, 318 
spruill, patrick gale, 338 
spurlock, sylvia karen 
squires, James n. 
stabler, elizabeth ann 
stagg, lois kathleen, 338 
stahler, ann p., 298, 240, 241, 86, 80 
stahler, sharon lee, 241 
stainken, william august frank, 298, 

sta Mings, deborah sue 
stallings, robert dale 
s+a Kings, thomas lynn 
Stallone, lawrence adrian, 157 
stalvey, linda June 
stamps, pamela lowery, 338, 237 
stander, alice jo 
stanfield, gordon lee 
Stanford, elizabeth madella, 130, 298 
Stanford, larry lavelle, 318 
stange, f. charlie, jr., 252, 253, 95, 

Stanley, charles lavelle 
Stanley, larry daniel 
Stanley, rachel carol, 130, 318 
Stanley, robert c, 127, 253 



Stanley, robert lee, 95, 
Stanley, thomas k., 318 
Stanley, yolanda len 
stanovich, deborah ann, 
staples, John t., 318 
starks, william paul 







329, 95, 158 


I I I 


starnes, genevieve c. 
staton, iane, 338, 233, 230 
stauffer, sharron cecilia, 338 
stauss, marie, 145, 318, 104 
stauter, paul louis, 3 18 
steadman, betty ann t. 
steadman, Stanford dark, 
steed, barbara ann, 338, 
betty ivy 
keith wesley 
John conrad 
teresa ann, 3 18 
stegenga, debra Joyce, 338 
stein, calvin charles, 298 
steiner, James robert, 259, 158 
stennett, jacquelyn e., 318 
Stephen, percy hayes 
Stephens, alva hazel, 338, 235 
Stephens, fred bush, 298, 157 
Stephens, henry woodward 
Stephens, ruth essie n. 
Stephens, wayne dustine, 318 
stephenson, francis Joel 
stephenson, jon gilbert, 
stephenson, linda koen, 
sterling, jerry bruce 

william r. 

belinda joy 

brian ellsworth, 

carol ann, 318 

charlotte elizabeth, 298 

earnest henry 
stevens, ernest lynn 
stevens, gary lynn, 3 I 8 
stevens, harold Wallace, 
stevens, hugh ward 
stevens, Jesse lee, 318 
stevens, larry eugene, I 14a 
stevens, linda sue, 298 
stevens, martha lynn, 318, 233, 122, 

I 10 
stevens, richard wayne 
stevens, sidney harvard, 
stevens, Virginia I., 338 
stevenson, gerald alien 
Stevenson, Joseph e., jr. 
stevenson, sidney Suzanne 
stevenson, william reece 
stewart, bennie w. 
stewart, david roy, 3 I 8 
stewart, gerald arnold, 298 
stewart, harmon gary 
stewart, Janet, 329 
stewart, John west 
stewart, lynda faye, 3 18, 94 
stewart, mary emily 
stewart, mary kay, 318 
stewart, paul c. 
stewart, randall thomas 
stewart, randy william, 157 
stewart, steve warren, 329 

thomas James 

william Joseph, 

william m. 
stiebohr, kenneth alien 
stiles, william alonzo 
still, janie elizabeth, 318, 
stillions, rita sue 
stockett, lei la bruce 
stockstill, glenn norman 
stockstill, tish gayle, 329 
karen cecile, 329 
beverly lynn 
stoessel, Joseph raymond, 298 
stogner, linette, 329 
stokes, gail eloise, 329 
James lundy, 298, 
patricia ann, 338 
:arlton dewitt 
:lifton nelson 
ohn douglas 
stonestreet, cheryl marie 
stoudenmire, John a. 
stouder, richard lee, 158 
stouter, jane rose, 318 
stovall, yvonne maxine 
stover, gary douglas 
strahan, albert earl 
strahan, ina jo, 299, 232 






250, 251 



strahan, ronald curtis 

strange, ernest donald 

strange, thomas wayne, 318 

straub, barbara anne, 338, 245, 230, 

137, 101 
strawder, larry calvin, 318 
strawitz, peter bernard 
strebeck, bessie j. I. 
street, harold carlton 
street, Joyce ann, 329 
stretcher, sally elizabeth, 338 
Strickland, carol lois s. 
Strickland, charles vernon, 318 
Strickland, edward michael 
Strickland, Joseph lynn 
strcikland, marilyn, 3 18 
Strickland, winfred r. 
stringer, Caroline annette, 299 
stringer, cynthia, 338 
stringer, gloria, 329, 92 
stringer, glynda sue, 299 
stringer, James wiley, 329, 159 
stringer, Jesse laray, 299 
stringer, marilyn sue, 329, 92, 89 
stringer, michael 
stringer, russell weare 
stringfellow, edward 
stringfellow, jackaline d. 
stritzinger, rudolph p., iii 
strohm, harry jack, ii 
strohm, larry alien, 318 
strong, cheryl jean, 329 
strong, cynthia vonceil 
strong, irma grace, 318 
strong, jimmie I. 
stroud, amaryllis j. 
stroud, roland ray, 275, 91 
stroupe, robert emerson 
stuart, hayes laverne 
stuart, Janet hope 
stuart, jeanette seal 
stuart, jimmy dwight 
stuart, leroy j., jr., 130, 116 
stucker, robert tourne 
studeny, robert louis, 151, 318, 122 
stumbaugh, Joan mayer 
stumbaugh, richard earl 
sturdivant, lee curtis 
sturgeon, charles ellis 
sturtevant, leslie o., 299 
suarez, ronald clifton, 159 
sugg, meredith, 329 
suggs, charles david, 338, 158 
sullivan, allan ray 
sullivan, billie warren 
sullivan, charles leonard 
sullivan, cynthia ann m. 
sullivan, frederick byrd 
sullivan, george dewey 
sullivan, James robert, 299 
sullivan, jerry glenn, 93 
sullivan, kathleen rebecca, 338 
sullivan, margaret katherine, 329 
sullivan, nancy kay, 319 
sullivan, rodney dale, 3 19 
sullivan, roger dale 
sullivan, ronald duane, 299, 94 
sullivan, sandra lee 
sullivan, sharon ann, 3 19 
sullivan, susanne, 3 19 
sullivan, willoughby aaron, 299 
sumblin, gary timothy, 157 
summer, louis Stephen, 243 
summerlin, deborah ann, 243 
sumner, bonnie jane, 329 
sumrall, charles russell 
sumrall, doyle frazier 
sumrall, larry nelson, 319 
sumrall, peggy dianne, 329 
sumrall, rebecca lynn, 299 
sumrall, william randy 
surace, richard carter, 329, 157 
Sutherland, John duke, 338, 231, 158 
Sutherland, katherine I., 299, 235, 80 
Sutherland, mary Josephine, 243 
sutter, david edwin 
sutton, anthony howard, 319, 261 
sutts, marjorie carol, 338 
swain, deborah c. 
swan, James randolph 

swan, steven curtis, 158 

swann, fern bird 

swanson, dorothy dee, 319 

swanson, richard paul, 299 

swartzfager, James h., iii 

Sweeney, cynthia louise, 319 

swetman, chevis dark, 299, 263, 157, 

87, 262 
swetman, terry jane, 329 
swift, John arthur 
swindle, robert shairron 
swinney, deborah elaine, 299 
switzer, jerry w., 299 
switzer, John robert, 157 
swontek, darlene anne, 143, 299, 91 
swontek, michelle marie, 338 
sykes, david lamar, 90, 159 
sykes, James ronald, 299 
sykes, John michael, 299, 101 
sykes, mary anne, 143, 314 
sykes, philip bartholomew, 157 
sykes, sue ann 
sylvest, ellie jo lee 
symmes, edgar poe, iii 

tabor, barry I., 248, 249, 231, 157 

tabor, Jesse arthur 

tabor, martha I., 329 

tackett, sherryl lynn, 299 

taconi, august bernard, 319 

talbert, brenda alicia, 329, 170, 174 

talbot, vicki 

tallant, Janice beth, 299 

tannehill, donald s. 

tanner, brenda kay, 329, 245, 122 

tanner, carol elise, 338 

tanner, glennon jerald 

tanner, pamela g., 299 

tanner, raymond h., jr., 157 

tanner, thomas douglas 

tanski, thomas Stephen 

tapper, John rufus, 138, 158 

taranto, janey Catherine, 299 

tarbutton, ronald James, 263, 158 

tarezanin, anna, 299, 243, 254 

tarleton, sandra faye, 299 

tartavoulle, nick beverly 

tate, larry grady, 329 

tate, pamela anne, 299, 237 

tatum, craig kimball, 249 

tatum, danny peyton 

tatum, James e., 255 

tatum, nancy o'neal, 338, 102 

tatum, patricia ann, 299 

tawam, nada, 329 

taylor, billy earle 

taylor, cheryl ann, 338 

taylor, donald louis 

taylor, d. remel, 299 

taylor, douglas evans, 158 

taylor, equilla h. 

taylor, elizabeth ann, 329 

taylor, gloria m. bruemmer 

taylor, gregory andrew, 319 

taylor, Janice marie, 319 

taylor, jeannie, 329 

taylor, joe edgar 

taylor, John I. 

taylor, joy Carolyn, 275 

taylor, lamar roberts, 251, 231 

taylor, linda r., 329, 241 

taylor, lowery mike, 157 

taylor, martha jean 

taylor, mary jo, 338, 235 

taylor, kitty, 299, 243 

taylor, nettie Jewell, 338 

taylor, pamela sue 

taylor, shari patricia 

taylor, Stephanie fern, 338, 245 

taylor, suzanne lynn, 241 

taylor, thomas henry, 319 

taylor, wayne hudson 

taylor, william arthur 

taylor, william graham 

taylor, william harry, 299 

taylor, william, jr., 329 

taylor, william robert, jr., 329, 263, 

teasley, sylvia ann b. 

easter, lloyd binford, 319, 259 

edford, david price 

emple, Janice elaine 

emple, lydia ann, 3 19 

erkeurst, robert d., 319, 94 

erranova, melanie f., 329 

errell, dorothy a., 299 

errell, jerry wayne 

erry, James lewis 

erry, michael bartholomew 

erry, roderick milton 

erry, rosemary, 299 

esson, pat anthony, 299 

estman, thorvald Jose, 261 

eston, harvey aubrey, jr., 153 

ewis, barry, 275 

haggard, james maurice 

hames, baron waiter, 108 

hames, billy howard, 299 

hames, james william 

hames, lawrence franklin, 338, 251 

hames, raymond f., 158 

hanawat, chakawn 

harp, christine deloris 

hatcher, margaret d. 

head, iris kay, 338 

head, jerry edward 

head, larry brent, 329, I 16, 155 

head, susan gretchen, 329 

heidel, marcia Jeanne, 329, 241 

herrell, John murray, 116 

homas, arnold elias, 329, 158 

homas, betty louise 

homas, elizabeth a. 

homas, hal lester 

homas, harry fannin 

homas, herbert w. 

homas, ivan leroy, 299 

homas, jack ratliff 

homas, james earl, 299 

homas, james everett 

homas, james Sidney, jr. 

homas, james windell, 319 

homas, Judy dale 

homas, lona b., 299 

homas, louis andrew, iii, 329 

homas, marchie p. 

homas, marion clair, 299 

homas, marjorie ann s. 

homas, martin miles 

homas, mattie mae m. 

homas, melanie rose, 237 

homas, phyllis louise h. 

homas, richard lucas 

homas, robert charles 

homas, robert wall 

homas, ronald r. 

hompkins, Stephanie ann, 92 

hompson, barry kenneth, 319 

hompson, jane, 319 

hompson, billy ray, 299, 249 

hompson, brenda sue, 338 

hompson, clyde nolan 

hompson, edward eugene 

hompson, eric dwight, 329 

hompson, frances glynn, 299, 93 

hompson, gary joe 

hompson, hugh alfred, 251 

hmopson, james frank 

hompson, jayne, 130, 239, 329 

hompson, Joanne, 329 

hompson, larry claude, 299 

hompson, linda katherine 

hompson, lois camille, 338 

hompson, lynn, 319 

hompson, marianne, 319 

hompson, patricia ann, 319 

hompson, paul franklin 

hompson, perry augustus 

hompson, robert makeba, 299 

hompson, susan dale p. 

hompson, sylvia ann, 319 

hompson, william nathan 

hompson, willis hope 

homsen, Jeffrey d., 319 

horley, wade rudolph, 329 

home, carroll louis, 142 

home, John fredrick 

home, william h., jr. 

hornell, nancy jean, 338 

thorn hill, alma inez b. 

thornley, gerald ronald 

thornton, aldon wayne 

thornton, david michael 

thornton, garland alain, jr. 

thornton, james c, 300, 119 

thornton, joe harold 

thornton, max wendell 

thornton, ruby nell, 275 

thornton, victor ernest 

thorsen, gavin e. 

thrash, edwin gary, 300 

thrash, james william, 329, 157, 95, 

I 16 
threatt, andy marvin, 319 
thurman, lavon, jr. 
tibbett, cheryl rose h. 
tibbetts, arthur morrill 
tillery, harry neal, I I 6 
tillery, tommie jean, 300 
tilley, richard howard, 146, 254, 253, 

95, 94, 90 
tillman, joann, I 1 3 
tillman, John I., jr., 329, 158 
tillman, ormsby bernard, jr. 
timmons, william mcneal 
timothy, larry d., 319, 159 
tims, manuel douglas, 159 
tims, yvonne 

tingle, ross franklin, jr., 300 
tinnin, ann barrett 
tinsley, Joseph edwin, 300 
tirello, gene, 319 
tisdale, keith j. 
tisdale, thomas terrell 
tittle, sandra sanford 
tolar, william austin, 300 
tolbert, james larry 
toler, donald wayne, 300 
tomasovsky, Joseph a., jr. 
tomlinson, robert scott 
tompkins, lise clinton, 319 
tompkins, marcia wells, 329, 92 
tompkins, william pierre, 300, 117 
toms, joe m., 319 
toney, mary ann, 329 
tonsberg, david william, 319 
toole, bobbie sue, 300 
tootle, geraldine laura e., 319 
topp, betty loraine, 300 
topp, clifton ray, 300, I 18 
torrence, carroll louise 
torricelli, emilia branda 
touart, george f., 319, 251 
touchstone, david mitchell 
touchstone, michael jurel, 319 
touchstone, robert lee 
townsend, bobby richard, 159 
townsend, deborah lynn, 319 
townsend, donald gaye, 319, 90, 159 
townsend, philip curtis 
tracy, warren francis, 300, 89 
tracy, william f. 
trahan, garey maurice 
tramel, debbie, 338 
trask, beverly ann, 319, 235, 230 
trautman, david fredrick, 319 
trautman, stewart emery, 300 
travis, betty katheryn, 319 
travis, johnny maurice, 158 
travis, ronald reed, 300 
traylor, harold Stanley 
traylor, kenneth harlon, 300 
treadway, marcia eugenia 
treat, richard leowen 
tremont, james steven 
trest, larry Joseph 
treusch, vonbuttlar cordula, 319 
trice, larry frank, 275 
trigg, charles reed 
trigg, harberson e., jr., 251 
trigg, linda doris, 319 
trigg, marsha pauline 
trigg, rodger ray 
trigg, torn, 254, 255 
frimble, charles nelson, 259, 158 
triplett, carolyn dianne 
trochesset, jay dennis, 319 
troescher, william george 
trostle, mary patricia, 329, 243 


troxler, jenny anne, 329, 244, 245, 

122, 92 
max, jane harriet I. 
rue, cheri, 338 
rue, James robert, 93 
russell, alan lamar 
russell, arlyn, 300 
russell, James alexander, 300, 118 
russell, richard david, 329, 158 
rusty, jerry glyn, 329 
ucker, carol ann, 338 
ucker, charles david 
ucker, elmer kittrell, 319 
ucker, helen sue, 300 
ucker, jay wilfred, iii, 319 
ucker, mary antoinette, 300, 137 
ucker, michael Stephen 
ucker, susan I., 329, 92 
uggle, joe g., 329, 157 
ull, j. anthony, 300 
ullos, John lee 

ullos, Judy creceil, 130, 329 
ullos, ruth ann, 338, 243 
urcotte, John w., 319 
urnage, brenda gayle, 319 
urnage, roy barry 
urnage, sherry a., 300 
urnage, william c. 
urnbough, jacquelyn e. 
urner, ann adelle, 329, 241 
urner, carlton edgar 
urner, Catherine, 338 
urner, frances priscilla 
urner, gordon danny, 338 
urner, j. gary, 256, 257, 158 
urner, jay arthur, 3 19 
urner, jenna sue, 329 
urner, lewis howard, 319 
urner, margaret renfrow, 338 
urner, michael patrick, 338, 253 
urner, nancy lee, 338 
urner, roy lavelle 
urner, steven lee 
urner, willard cully, jr. 
urner, william beall 
urner, william wade 
urnipseed, barbara e. b. 
utterow, patricia a., 300 
weddle, donald leroy 
yler, louis ira, iii 
yler, rogers orel, 3 19 
yler, tress alwin 
yner, glenn carroll 
yner, thomas w. 
ynes, marthalane 
ynes, s. kenneth 
yra, rebecca Josephine, 338 
yvoll, John lee 
yvoll, rozanne 


ugarte, maritza 
ugolini, gerald ray, 143, 319 
ulmer, a. chris, 339 
ulmer, howard willie 
ulmer, James william, 300 
ulmer, peter francis 
umbdenstock, peter j., jr. 
umbert, enrique, I 14 
underwood, jean ellen, 241, 122 
upchurch, mary evelyn, 300 
upchurch, nancy marie, 339 
upshaw, kaye frances, 319 
upton, Jackie mitchell, 300 
upton, nelda kay 
upton, neta ann, 319 
usher, leslie wayne, 300 
ussery, larry gurod, 300 
ussing, Judith stratton, 300 
utroska, thomas franklin 
utz, martha jane, 300 
uzee, melvin Joseph 
uzzle, mary leona, 319 

val, mary kay, 300 
vail, michael harwood 
valbuena, edgar g, 
valentine, charla denise, 329 
valentine, James alien 

valentine, James milfred 

valentine, linda sue 

valentine, sherry Judith, 275 

valverde, anthony kenneth, 329 

van deusen, mary ann n. 

van devender, thomas milton, 329, 

van egmond, Virginia steen, 319 
van hoose, Virginia douglas, 339 
van houten, pamela m. 
van rossum, phyllis ann j. 
van slyke, jean, 339, 245 
van swearingen, John 
van wick, martin a., jr., 329, 155 
vanburen, phillip w., 257 
vance, toby g., 319, I 13b 
vandegrift, gail elizabeth, 339, 113 
vandegrift, guy Stephen 
vandover, susan elizabeth 
vann, John wayne, 3 19 
ventrease, william david, 339, 255, 

vanzandt, paul ryan, 155 
varga, kay frances, 300 
varnado, emily anne, 117 
varnado, glen waller 
varnado, mager alton, jr. 
varnell, charlene, 300 
vassar, vicki Virginia 
vasselus, kathryn Stephanie, 339 
vaughan, John ray 
vaughn, bethney gail, 339, 239, 96 
vaughn, donald mahlon, 300 
vaughn, douglas a., 255 
vaughn, emma ruth pugh 
vaughn, hazel oclair 
vaughn, linda carol, 329, 239 
vaughn, rayford b., jr., 300, 159, 90, 

vaughn, vicki amanda, 300 
vaughn, victor roy 
vaughn, wiley neal, 253, 113 
veach, ronie lee, 300 
vedrenne, edwin albert, jr., 143, 319 
velazco, antenor, 300 
verant, peggy ann, 339 
verner, david lee, 259 
verner, david lee, 259 
verner, michael dee 
verner, Virginia t. witte 
verzone, fred f., 329 
vesa, nicholas victor 
vestal, nelson c, jr. 
vice, jack lee, 139, 300, I 17 
vick, janie louise, 319 
vickers, carol r. farish 
vickers, Sylvester 
vickery, glendy burke, 319, 120 
vieira, joe, 300 

vincent, frank Stanley, 253, 157 
vincent, James lewis 
vincent, robert p., jr., 252, 253 
vincent, william thomas, 319, 263 
vinson, sandra marie, 329 
vinzant, kenneth michael 
vise, beverly kay, 300 
visser, tammy christi, 339 
vital, daniel ernest 

vitrano, johnny henry, 138, I 13b, 159 
vix, kerry henry, 253 
vogle, nancy elaine 
von sprecken, richard fredrick, 301 
vonderhaar, alexia leigh 
voss, philip dane, 301, 252, 253 

waddell, mary lee, 339 

waddell, myron cook, 339 

wade, bruce Clifford, 319, 261 

wade, Janet, 130, 319 

wade, John d., 329 

wade, Judith ann 

wade, linda theresa 

wade, roger gibson 

wade, roma I., 319 

wages, richard arthur, 152 

waggener, sherrie 

waggoner, christine claire, 339 

wagoner, c. dennis, 339, 257, 158 

wainwright, chris michael 

waite, charles alan, 116, 119, 155, 

waite, wendy lynn, 319 
waites, robert guinn, 253 
wakeland, jim gordon 
wakeland, pat carlton 
wakstein, gary, 259, 159 
walden, thomas e., 320, 90, 118, 159 
waldon, ellie hugh 
waldrop, thomas bishop, jr. 
waldrup, jerry glen, 158 
walker, audrey kay 
walker, charles keith, 250, 251 
walker, chloe ford, 301, 243 
walker, cynthia ward, 301, 243 
walker, david rankin, jr., 156 
walker, douglas lee, 152, 301, 118 
walker, edward k. 
walker, ernest edward 
walker, george d., iii 
walker, James bryan 
walker, James franklin, jr., 251 
walker, jerry len, 301 
walker, Julius charles 
walker, laura sharon, 233, 137 
walker, maurice r. 
walker, michael bruce, 320 
walker, nathan, jr. 
walker, patricia anne 
walker, pat d., 329 
walker, pleas michael 
walker, richard wayne, 320 
walker, robert h. 
walker, ronald lee, 320 
walker, sheldia marie, 320 
walker, susan joy, 329, 235, 122, 92 
walker, vivian lee, 301, 101 
walker, wayne p., 329 
walker, wendell e. 
wall, edna earle, 329 
wall, gregory glenn 
Wallace, alden mcclellan, iii, 320 
Wallace, charles wesley 
Wallace, danny wayne, 118 
Wallace, dot louise, 389, 237, 230 
Wallace, gary conley, 301, 159, 154 
Wallace, monroe alvin, jr. 
Wallace, rhonda theresa, 320, 241 
Wallace, Virginia kay, 320 
Wallace, william b. 
Wallace, william warren, 158 
waller, george alvin, jr. 
waller, janie clarice b. 
waller, John franklin 
waller, nancy gale, 320, 245 
waller, william lamar, 159, 101 
walley, Constance carol s. 
walley, jean diane 
walley, michael eugene 
walley, olen lloyd, 320 
walley, will deavors 
wallis, margaret lanette 
wallis, thomas michael, 301 
walls, patricia lynn, 301 
walrath, russell clyde, 329 
walsh, John kevin, 329 
waiter, sarah irene, 329, 247 
waiters, billy wayne, 95 
waiters, Carolyn edelle, 301 
waiters, charlotte lynn, 152, 301, 93 
waiters, fred irvin 
waiters, garey dale 
waiters, james harry, 320 
waiters, kent louis, 301 
waiters, larry macon 
waiters, lawrence h. 
waiters, linda diane 
waiters, michael edward, 251, 158 
waiters, robert alan, 339, 158 
waiters, sheila ann, 301, 243 
waiters, shirley margaret, 301, 243 
waiters, william carl 
waiters, james rudolph 
waltman, jerry nelson 
walton, hugo william 
walton, jane dowell 
walton, thomas edward, 320, 249, 231 
wanek, james harry 
wanek, John william 
wang, gloria tsuey shing 

warbington, george urithon, 301 

ward, annette irene, 320 

ward, barbara ann, 243, 230, 122 

ward, larry mitcheal, 339, 157 

ward, patricia glynn, 329 

ward, richard deen, 320 

ward, roger ferrell, 157 

ward, ronald edward, 157 

ward, theron I., jr. 

ward, wanda, 339, 102 

ward, william a. 

ware, bettye jean o. 

ware, carol sue, 320 

ware, danny joe 

ware, dell, 235, 320 

ware, gary lamar, 329 

ware, james t. 

ware, vicki lynn, 239 

waren, eleanor rose, 330, 237, 122 

warnack, karen lee, 247 

warner, hilda gayle, 301, 108 

warner, jan anderson 

warnock, frank b. 

warren, barry ann, 329 

warren, bennie thomas 

warren, carol Jeanne 

warren, charlotte ann, 301, 241 

warren, david michael, 320 

warren, deborah lynn, 329, 241, 122 

warren, elizabeth ann, 320 

warren, emmette lee, 301, 255 

warren, jack b., 301 

warren, John thomas, sr. 

warren, Julia alice 

warren, richard grady, 301 

warren, sara kathryn, 241 

warren, Virginia darling, 339 

warrick, shirley malinda, 301, 237 

warriner, anne fowler, 320 

warriner, charles f., jr., 320 

warrington, james d., jr. 

washbish, leslie alien, 339, 155 

Washington, waiter 

waskey, andrew Jackson I., jr. 

waskey, martha gillham 

watkins, dianne a., 330, 96 

watkins, george steven 

watkins, larry elliott, 301 

watkins, warren hinton 

watson, g. reid, 339, 159 

watson, margaret luree, 339 

watson, ramon karel, 320, 159 

watson, waiter kent, 142, 301 

wattigny, robert lyle, 157 

watts, cynthia kay, 301, 96 

watts, hazel stringer 

watts, jeraldine I. banks 

watts, opal warrene 

watts, ronald 

watts, thomas parrish, 330, 158 

weathers, douglas louis, 320 

weathers, jon mark, 255, 231 

weathers, richard wayne 

weathers, william I. 

weathersby, clara mae 

weaver, archie h., jr. 

weaver, charles lee 

weaver, david carroll 

weaver, donna kay 

weaver, kathy patricia, 339 

weaver, wayne carl 

webb, byron lynn, 320, 241 

webb, dan wayne, 157 

webb, james richard, jr., 152 

webb, larry eugene, 330 

webb, leslie marilyn, 96 

webb, linda faye, 339, 241 

webb, sarai ann 

webb, sherry louise, 320 

webb, thomas hilton, jr., 320, 253 

webb, thomas lowry 

webb, thomas robert 

webber, malcolm rell, jr., 130, 330, 

webber, robert merrill, 301 
webber, susan elise, 320, I 10 
weber, james raymond, 301, III 
weber, robert edwin, 320 
webster, katherine lynn, 301, 89 
weddle, george raymond 


wedel, Stanley lee 

weeks, ernest Stephens, 330 

weeks, thomas charles 

weems, anthony lee, 301, 117 

weems, daniel louis 

weems, fred w. 

weems, richard lawrence 

weger, gregory andrew, 159 

weidman, donna fay, 301 

weidman, Stanley e., jr. 

weilepp, suzanne elizabeth, 330, 94 

Weinberg, philip scott 

Weinberg, sandra lou r. 

weiss, kenneth daniel 

weissmiller, thomas jay, 330, 261, 159 

welborn, dency michael 

welborn, Julia carroll, I 13a 

welborn, marianna, 301 

welborn, sherry kay 

welch, barbara dale, 301, 137 

welch, betty victoria 

welch, edward lamar 

welch, frank townsend, 259 

welch, Janice adele 

welch, michael bruce 

welch, rachel Janet, 301 

welch, ruby e. 

welford, eddie katherine, 301, 245 

welford, Joseph p. 

welford, linda diane, 301 

welford, robert ford, 94 

welford, sarah kathleen, 301 

wellborn, charles henry 

wells, alfred John 

wells, jack goebel 

wells, paula jane, 339 

wells, phyllis anita b. 

wells, rebecca sharline, 320 

wells, robert claude 

wells, ronald hugh, 301 

wells, sandra kay, 339, 243 

wells, susan b., 275 

wells, teena, 330, 92 

wells, thomas arnold, 330 

wells, thomas Christopher, 320, 259 

wells, william burton, 301 

welsh, sara patricia 

wentworth, meredith, 339, 235 

wentworth, lawrence drake 

wesley, hansel franklin 

west, ann g., 339 

west, cheryl jean 

west, jane f. 

west, Judith ann 

west, patricia e. 

west, rose gayle 

west, william creekmore 

westbrook, Virginia sue w. 

westerfield, melvin f., 320 

western, ellen suzanne 

westfall, lyle bruce, 158 

Westmoreland, steve, 330 

wetherell, richard harold 

wetzel, Joseph ronald 

whalen, rosann elizabeth, 301, 93 

wharton, joice ann, 245 

wharton, phillip duane, 301, 116, 119, 

wheat, doyle f. 
wheat elwyn glennis 
wheat, francis byrne, jr., 259 
wheat, dale, 339, 159 
wheat, margueritte helen, 339, 102 
wheeler, deborah ann 
wheeler, paul david, 253 
whiddon, gerald taylor, 302, 157 
whitaker, John edward, iii 
whitaker, Joyce elaine 
whitaker, robert boyd, jr. 
white, alice bernice b. 
white, carol ann, 302, 94, 93, 91 
white, curtis carroll 
white, david oscar, 320, 90, I 14a, 

white, dennis leon, 95 
white, edward ray, 158 
white, elmer ellsworth, iii, 330 
white, frank earl, iii 
white, gaylon clyde, 339, 158 
white, glenda rae n. 

302, 120 



I I I 


te, hazel ramsay 
te, herman kellogg 
te, Jacob william, jr., 
jerry beason 
John moyers 
Judy carolyn, 302 
Judy carolyn, 339 
Judy louise, 339 
lawrence ray 
linda lee h. 
lydia elise, 302, 233 
margaret anne, 320 
te, marilyn carter, 320 
te, mary frances 
te, mary louise 
te, olivia carol, 320 
te, pamela gayle, 320, 241 
te, paul 

roberta annett, 320 
ronnie earl, 330, 157 
sandra lee, 130 
thad edgar, 330, 
theresa ann 
Virginia ann, 302 
w. devan, 330 
tecotton, darl jene 
tehead, johnny kurtz 
tehouse, george e. 
tesides, terry wayne 
tfield, James bryant 
tfield, ronald ray, 263 
tley, elton faulkner, 302 
tley, william haywood, 330, 
tmarsh, linda carol, 302 
tten, homer wade, jr., 157 
tten, patricia ann, 339 
ttington, bobby leroy 
ttington, norma j. 
ttington, phyllis ann, 302 
ttington, sharon kay, 302 
ttington, warren d., jr., 249 
whyte, margaret diann, 320 
wicker, barbara sue, 302 
wicker, david m., 302 
wicker, samuel terry, 320 
wickliffe, david ogden, 302 
wickliffe, thomas nash, 302, 

91, 81, 104, 98 
wiggins, frederick wayne, 95 
wiggins, Jackie harold, 302 
wiggins, myra elizabeth s. 
wiggins, robert gene, 275 
wiggins, robert gerald, 302 
wiggins, robert o. 
wiggins, Sydney ann s. 
wiggs, sandra kaye, 320 
wigington, annette, 320 
wigington, beverly lane 
wigington, william gerald, 302 
wilberding, Joseph lee, 158 
wilcox, rodney bruce, 251 
wilder, harold lynn, 302 
wilgar, cheryl diane, 125, 302 
237, 83, I 15a, 80 
Ihite, patricia dianne, 
Ikens, william John, jr 
Ikerson, jeanette b. 
Ikerson, ralph 
Ikes, priscilla elaine, 330 
Ikes, sonja carol, 302, 237 
Ikins, Catherine ruth, 330 
Ikins, deborah joy, 339 
Ikins, lynda elizabeth, 330, 239 
Ikinson, bevis gordon 
Ikinscn, suzanne, 339 
Hard, louis eugene 
llemoes, robert anthon 
lliams, alphanso 
Ilia ms, anna rhoads 
lliams, betty faye 
lliams, bobby eugene, 302 



83, 167, 


22, 302, 241 




ernest russ, jr., 89 

fay breyer 

frank h., iii, 330, 158 

fred e., 320 

gene clarence 

georgie anna, 302 

gladstone e. 

hazel v. hobby 

jack gregg 

jacqulyn karen, 330 

James barlow, 330 

James gordon 

jan ann, 302, 245 

janis carol, 330 

Jeanne myrle w.. 

jerry bill, 320 

jerry thomas, 320 

Joan aleane, 302 

Joel alien 

John elvin 

lohnny walker 

kenneth dale, 302 

larry glenn, 330 

linda gail n. 

lionel, 302 

malcolm ray 

marcia elizabeth, 245, 137, 

margaret louise, III, 102 
martha helen, 339, 233 
martha lynn, 330, 235, 96, 

brenda gayle, 339 

danny joe 

diane marie, 320 

don garvin 

donna dee, 320 
lliams, e. bragg, 320, 257, 93 
lliams, elbert cain, 320, 256, 257 
lliams, ellen m. wood 
lliams, elwin James 


mary elaine, 302 
m a ry linda 
morris clair, jr., 257 
nora lee, 320, 243 
ollie edward, 157 
patsy jane, 302 
paul Jackson, jr., 157 
ray turner, 302 
robert nelson, 302, 119, 116 
ronald keith 
sandra fay, 320 
shirley Jeanne, 302, 96 
Stephen hill 

Stephen ray, 339, 134, 158 
wendy sue, 339, 241 
william andrew 
william ralph, 302 
winnie p., 302 
iliamson, dudley, 330 
lliamson, ellen elizabeth, 330 
Iliamson, emmitt ray, 339, 157 
lliamson, frank michael, 339, 158 
Iliamson, jerry howard 
lliamson, Judy kathryn, 320 
lliamson, kenneth larry 
lliamson, mildred delores, 320 
lliamson, patricia kay, 339 
Hie, ralph lee j., sr. 
His, david harlan 
His, henry h., 275 
His, philip farrell, 142, 302, 137, 
I 16 
willis, richard david, 339, 95, 157 
willis, sarah f., 320 
willis, sharon marie, 330 
willoughby, conni suzanne, 339, 245 
willoughby, cyndi dorothy, 330, 237, 

willoughby, martin earle, 302 
willoughby, patsy housley 
willoz. frank Joseph, jr. 
wills, Joyce lynn, 330 
wilson, billy roy 
wilson, bobby clarence, 320 
wilson, carol elizabeth, 330 
wilson, charles andrew, 302 
wilson, charles thomas, 320, 159 
wilson, Clifford e., iii 
wilson, donnie parks, 330, 158 
wilson, dorothy louise 
wilson, edith joy turner 
wilson, gene, 257 
wilson. gloria ann 
wilson, harper berry 
wilson, James rickey 
wilson, Joan elaine, 302, 92 
wilson, John Stephen 
wilson, katherine lynn, 302 

Ison, larry James 

Ison, lee delle b. 

Ison, lela m. 

Ison, lettie faye, 320 

Ison, linda fay 

Ison, martha jan, 339, 241 

Ison, norma lucille 
Ison, patricia ann, 339 

Ison, roberta kay, 303 
Ison, samuel earl 

Ison, vaughn f., 330, 157 
Ison, vennie peel 
Ison, william browder 
Ison, william thomas 

iman, richard payne, 339, 155 

indham, bill alien 

indham, brynda kaye, 303 

indham, ina louise p. 

indham, linda Joan, 320, 96, 102 

indham, milton earl 

indham, rodney el I is, 303, 86 

indham, russell sidney, 320, 138 

indham, sandra kaye, 303 

ingard, dixie hill 

ink, richard eugene 

instead, sandra kay, 330 

inter, John wilson, jr. 

inter, patricia ann, 245 

inters, John andrew 

interstein, richard lynn, 81 
alan charles 
carol sue, 320 
frances louise 
wiseman, mary evelyn 
wisner, jane carolyn, 330, 241 
witt, John robert, 330, 157 
witte, florence maria, 339 
witters, susan Irene, 320 
wittman, James david, 275 
wittman, william paul 
wodrich, barbara b. 
wodrich, glenn earl, 303 
wofford, george william iii, 330, 158 
wolf, sheldon howard, 157, 155 
wolgamott, roy david, jr., 303 
womack, g. ruth, 330 
womack, noel catching, iii 
womack, robert, iii, 320 
womack, robyn faye, 339 
womack, sam turner, 303 
wood, beverly dianne, 320 
wood, elbert homer, jr. 
wood, george charles 
wood, george david 
wood, James powers, jr. 
wood, Judith elaine d. 
wood, Judy gay walker 
wood, lucille 

wood, richard alonza, 330, 157 
wood, robert James, jr. 
wood, robyn 
wood, sheila Janet, 303 
wood, thomas James, 157 
wood, wilton easley 
woodrick, norman earl, 330, 119, 155 
woods, karen jean 
woods, linda sue, 303 
woods, spencer roy, 330, 157 
woods, thomas albert 
woods, william carl, jr., 330 
woodson, janora francenne, 130 
woodward, loyce mae 
woolbert, henry edward, 330, 157 
woosley, ralph turner, 330, 261, 157 
wooten, connie sue, 320 
wooten, ronald lee, I 13b 
word, sam foster, jr., 157 
word, susan e., 339 
worthy, andrea gayle, 339 
wright, beverly evelyn, 303 
wright, glenna carole 
wright, jerry wayne, 330 
wright, kenneth arnold 
wright, linda ann, 320 
wright, norman philip 
wright, patricia ann 
wright, polly, 320 
wright, ronald dale, 321 
wright, sarah rosa b. 
wright, shelton thomas, I 14a 


wright, susan paule+te, 339, 233 
wright, william r., 303, 84 
wrighton, waiter skip, 330 
wroten, charlotte susan, 321 
wucher, jay r., 330, 261 , 116 

155, 128 
wyatt, tommye jean, 321 
wynn, John thomas 
wynn, sidney herbert 
wynne, linda sue, 321 
wynot, susan elaine 

yampolsky, paul harris 
yancey, anita Virginia r. 
yao, shun hua 
yarbrough, jimmy wayne 
yarbrough, kathy louise 

yarbrough, linda marie, 321 
yarrow, wayne h., 321 
yates, elizabeth ann r. 
yates, herbert spencer, 303 
119, yates, James Stanley, 303 
yava, glenn alan 
yawn, jimmy dale, 321 
yeager, shirley lavasta 
yeary, elizabeth arlene 
yeates, philip whitworth 
yeates, ronald gene, 339 
yelverton, donna jo, 339, 233, 230 
yelverton, linda gail, 321, 233 
yelverton, sylvia diane, 330, 237 
yelverton, tony lionel, 303, I 13b 
yenni, michael j., 157 
yentzen, Joseph a., jr. 
young, william James, 321 

yerger, william purnell 

yerkes, jack meredith, jr. 

yi, chaeha 

yonko, phyllis ann, 330, 94 

yorty, ann louise 

youens, charles ernest, 303 

young, david ray, 303 

young, gerald lee, 330 

young, gloria, I I I 

young, harold a., jr., 303 

young, James henry, 321 

young, James hubert, jr., 303 

young, linda kimble, 303 

young, paula suzanne, 91 

young, richard harris 

young, robert melvin, 330, 253, 157 

yuran, richard 

zachary, thomas mack, 303 
zahrt, hilda e. bouck 
zappariello, donna lynne 
zappariello, trank John, 158 
zeringue, jerry anthony 
ziegler, darrell robert, 339, 159 
zimbrick, donald lee 
Zimmerman, merle charles 
zisa, John robert 
ziz, george anthony, jr., 159 
ziz, mary frances 

ziz, nora marie, 143, 330, 137, 92, 89 
zumbro, carol hinton, 303 
zupko, John eugene, 321, 253, 119, 


LXIX is 69. 4fltt 

you the student body of southern have 
made this annual what it is. the academic 
year of 1969 has come to a close and with 
one more turn of a page so will the 1969 
southerner, an incorporation of a mood, a 
search, a student body, an institution — on 
paper between front and back covers, but 
the original concept of this book was not 
just to portray people; it was more than 
that — to show people being people, just as 
they were, some actually wore suit and tie, 
but the majority of the inhabitapts of 
southern played frisbee, wore sweaters, 
went to classes, and ate in the commons, 
southern is sturdy enough now to stand on 
its own without facades, true, this is a dif- 
ferent approach, but southern has made 
many changes, many improvements, and 
hopefully there is more progress to come, if 
you found a slight note of sarcasm that you 
felt was directed at you, it probably was. 
but don't criticize change, until you know 
what the changes were, read it. enjoy reliv 
ing it. you can only get out of this book 
what you yourself put into the year. 

special acknowledgements: 

campanile staffs, rice university, houston, 

mr. irving lloyd 
mr. jim ellis 

— 3PS&& 


■ -